30 Years Old, Severe Overjet

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I have always hated my teeth and it's greatly...

I have always hated my teeth and it's greatly affected my self confidence but I was too embarrassed to speak to the dentist about fixing them incase they said they were too bad to do anything with. My dad gave me some money and then I saw an ad for 10% off invisilign and thought it's now or never. I emailed the dental surgery and was given an appointment for a couple of days later. The orthodontist explained what happens and gave me a booklet. I had some models taken of my teeth and was sent away to think about it. I went back and discussed it in further detail and saw the models. I had more precise models taken and a series of photo's and xrays. A week later, I was emailed a video simulation of the end resultsĀ and was amazed!! I was told this may not be 100% accurate but anything close to this would be great! I went back to the dentist, discussed the video and payed a deposit and was told the retainers should be back from Mexico in 2 weeks. However, they were ready in a week. I went in and the dentist showed me how to fit them and take them out and gave me a goody bag full of cleaners, toothpaste etc. For 2 days I was in agony! They were so tight and uncomfortable. I tried painkillers, teething gel, sucking ice, cold water which all gave a little relief. I also got an ulcer on my tongue and was told to file down any sharp bits. After 2 days it eased and after about a week or so, I barely know they're in! You get in a routine too with oral hygiene and eating out gets easier. I'm a bit apprehensive about putting the next set in on Monday but I'm well stocked up with teething gel, pain killers,mouth wash etc and I know it'll ease after a couple of days!

They really are barely noticable! Some people asked if I'd taken them out when I hadn't.
Can eat whatever you like.
Better oral hygiene.
Stops you from snacking and makes you drink more water!
My teeth are whiter from brushing so often.

Have to plan your meals and drinks so you can get to the bathroom quickly to clean your teeth.
Only got 2 hours a day off fron wearing them.
Ulcers and pain ... but it is short lived!
Possible "black triangle"
White buttons on teeth may be needed.
May need further retainers.

Set two!

I'm due to change to set two tomorrow but have been quite worried about it due to the pain and discomfort experienced with set one. I decided to put them in today for an hour at a time every few hours to break them in but was completely surprised how comfortable they have been! Slightly tighter than set one at the end of the two weeks but barely noticeable!

Video of Invisilign treatment

Invisilign to fix overjet:

Aligner 3/27 and attatchments fitted.

I was advised to put aligner no 3 in 24 hours before having attachments fitted to loosen them a bit so I put them in yesterday morning. When I got them out of the packet, I noticed big lumps on the aligners and they were really noticeable. The aligners were tighter than the previous ones too.
I went to the dentist this morning and was told the lumps were where the attachments were being placed ( on 11 teeth in total, some teeth have more than one attachment on) . Once the attachments were on and my aligners were in they were alot less noticable. The attachments were matched up to the colour of my teeth. Putting them on took about 10 mins and I had to have my mouth stretched open Wallace and Grommit style! I then had my bottom 2 front teeth skimmed so there's now a small gap inbetween them. Getting the aligners in and out is only slightly harder now. My teeth feel quite rough without aligners in now.

Set 5/27

A couple of people have noticed my attachments but generally people haven't known I have aligners in unless I have said. I have noticed that a couple of teeth with an attachment on have gone discoloured despite all the extra brushing! ! Have got a checkup in 6 days so will see what my ortho says

11 week check up and slenderising teeth

Today I went for a check up and teeth are moving nicely :-) . I was told that he is now leaving it to my discretion as to when my aligners need changing - as early as after 10 days or up to 3 weeks if a couple of teeth aren't moving as quickly as the others. He said I'll know if I need to keep them in longer as the new aligner will feel too tight on particular teeth if too soon. I also had a small gap filed between my 2 top front teeth. This was a really unpleasant sensation and the noise is off putting too. It didn't help that the tool used to do this in a sawing motion caught the roof of my mouth and it bled .... alot! All fine now though except for very slight discomfort. Have got to go back in 8 weeks.

photo without aligners

Due to change to no 6 in 3 days :-)

Set 9 - 1/3 way there!!

I went for a check up today and my ortho mentioned elastics which he never discussed at the beginning ... It's a good job I'd read lots of reviews on here! He then said everything is tracking well and I may not need them but do need a lot of slenderisation in about 6 weeks.

Treatment is finished !

Last week I finished treatment had had the attachments removed :-) I'm really happy with the end result which has taken 12 weeks longer than initially thought but my teeth aren't setting and move if I leave retainer out for 20 mins or more and I end up with a gap. I've been advised to wear retainers full time and to go back in July to see if this is working . The retainers feel noticeably thicker but soon get used to them and they are quite tight when 1st put them in .
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