Miss New Vixen Booty !!!...awaiting Journey!

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I've been researching , & goingback &fourth with a...

I've been researching , & goingback &fourth with a couple of dr"s, top rated of course in butt implants/bbl area .Drs who have done this procedure over a numerous of times w/great results.I've narrowed it down From Salama, to Lucerna, Ryan Stanton & Kenneth B.Hughes.my consult is 3/28/14 w/Hughes yay

Dr.soul searching !!!

hey loves, so one good friend of mine went to dr.Gongora just a day ago & I'm hoping to hear great news bkuz that's a freaking awesome discount price just scary being in Mexico across border and people always jack people etc too much I d channel for me lmao just everything better go awesome for my Chicka ! but any who's I guess dr.lucerna had called my phone but I never got a ring or missed call ,maybe my son was messing around on the phone watching netflix ,you know iPhones and kids .but yeah her office nice lady left me a voicemail ,so that being said ,I'm calling her back tomorrow to set another consult ,but as in my surgery date I was thinking May,14,2014 .i just need to find the right skilled and loving dr. & the right bang for my buck special from a top ranked dr. Of course ! I told u my 4options ,only thing is Salama probally is disqualified so it's between 3now. Since Salama could t get me in in May!dr.hughes , dr.stanton & dr.lucerna! I hope I could find a more affordable one ,since having three little ones ain't easy but I do love Life so hope we make the right decisions you know ,know regrets!

Still searching

Hello my r/s fam so constantly day and night I'm looking for a doc that is all positives in the booth region,So far gongora seems most workable for me in price ,even though I haven't got my full quote ,just every quote I hear from the girlies of mine who went to him they are affordable & results are good.just cohesive gel implants is nice for the softness &real feel in bottom but we have to remember it's not boobies and boobs are more protected since on chest,picture soft boob implants ...we always sit on bum,right? id think we'd want the O.G flexible but sturdy ones naw mean but being in my financial state and close to California no plane just drive ,even though with surgery it will all seem like a horrible drive or plane lol seems ok for sum ,just I'm super picky but I hear good things n c good results, so not saying it's a bad choice .need a buddy tho if interested . I haven't yet met dr Ryan Stanton ,but he seems nice & great, &hear he's the booty king. I did love one review I read of his patient butt something .I seen dr hughes in la but at the moment cannot afford the pricing and my sucky credit gets no cool points when it comes to loans even tho I could do payments ,but only curtain drs will work with u. I wish dr hughes would let me do payments bkuz he seems like he is an aggressor and could get all my fat to add me hips,he said he can do one at a time if want to cut payment down but I want all of my figure done at once . I know what I want just I wish I didn't want this surgery by a curtain time but it happens so now I gotta make a move ,then dr Salama don't have any closer dates available until after June/july. Jimmerson is booked til 2015 . So now it's between .lucerna waiting for my consultation a new one I rescheduled . And I have to meet dr Ryan Stanton maybe he could be the one but dr. Gongora my girly just went to him so now waiting but two days post op she says she loves him n his work so let's give a month. I hope all iswell I'm waiting on a full quote from gongora . Salama is worth the wait,if u have the patience ,As for this ,it seems I don't, since I want done in time for my fam vacation ,Fourth of July ! I also got very affordable quote from dr.castenada and campos but it just seems scary bkuz the stories I hear & seen scary implants gone wrong out of states . $5k is an awesome price they have gave me which is awesome ,just is it reliable? idk ,so I'm going with my gut instinct and pay for what u get but shouldn't have to pay so high endless ur doc is a celeb dr ,they can just do so ,so yeah and dr.gongora has alot of reviews to show for so I would go with gut instincts instead of most affordable experience &professionalism is best! Safety first right !but I wasn't saying none of these drs are bad I was just giving u my general experience and this is my journey readers and it's up to us to help eachither make right decisions and wise life choices , Can I get an Amen !

Updated wish pics

This is my definite vision I want but on my shape of course just my own body type but full figured as my wishys ;D send me the doc of my dreams please!

More wish pics

Workout dream look

Mind settling in

So after doing a lot of research and talking too people who have already had silimed implants in them and I decided to pass just bkuz I don't want to have a
Cancer unanimously and have to tell my kids it's bkuz. I chose to get implants , they at FDA approved but today's date is the FDA really looking forward to help us or just kill us anyway possible with the new world government they are tryna get going , so be wise and cautious and go with ur gut instincts from The Lord .anyways that being said Gongora is a great surgeon just not mine . My mind is more set on Salama now & has been there but the travel threw me off but hey if it's more affordable with an amazing dr then I guess I will travel . Dr hughes have given me a 15k quote which is ridicules especially if he's saying he had given me an awesome deal with a $1500 discount shhhpst boy please! I'll pass . Gongora quoted me $8000 & that's with a bbl,lipo all over & my big booty implants +let's not forget pick up an a 5day stay for u and a relative or friend to eat and get taken care of. Good pricing right. Dr. Jimmerson charged me $10k and he's the bomb just in atl and I'm in Cali and he is booked til 2016 if ain't gots the dough it's worth the weight! Salama charged me 11k for it all ,which is great just I still gotta come out pockets for flights and a 11day stay so might just comeout to 13k but atleast you know he's worth it , I'll work and wait until I can afford him bkuz he was honest with me and didn't charge me an arm and leg compared to others with the similar or exact procedure . & did I mention his work results lol outstanding !

Final decision deposit made 3weeks ago

Hey guys ok so last and final I said I wouldn't go with Gongora due to implant texture but I have spoken to my girly and she's 3 months post off her name on here is liizstar and she looks awesome and loving her results so why not plus heard great things on Gongora . Salama ???? if he were only closer bkuz I cannot stay a month in Miami and Gongora like I said is most affordable in the time being I'm getting impatient and want ASAP so yeah I'm anxious . Only thing was I was really sceduled for July 8but I ended up sticking my hands Into the cookie jar to do family things due to a family loss and just a spiritual battle bkuz sometimes I get tugged inside by my conscious & everybody has angels and demons so I listen and just stop everything I'm doing and go on the journey you know so yeah but now I was at $4,000 savings now I'm at $1,500 shaking my head ,all bad I know but also I've been in a rocky marriage so it can be tuff and my mind is up and down alot so you can see what I'm saying but yeah now I have to hustle real hard . I'm just saying like these guys be going crazy over others not knowing they have something awesome right here but watch me look bad and better and look who wish they never messed up you know what I'm saying lol so together in this journey or not I know my results will be great so can't wait , hope I save now and I shouldn't feel guilty for working so hard bkuz I've been spending on my kids for family time so let's make $8k in a month just only thing is I'm peeling all on my back so I hope it don't stop me from making what I usually make ! But my $800 10% is down and I'm sceduled 8/15/14 so one month to save I hope I make it otherwise I'll have to keep pushing back !;( let's do this this will be a challenge also in the mean time I'm going to stop smoking marijuana and try and eat better and not out and just be proactive so I'll keep u guys posted !

finally BOOKED & SAVED 8K

so its been awhile since i have been on here please forgive me ladies , i have had to help my mom well she lost her job and just i had changed my mind on getting this surgery, bkuz my inner angels talk to me but I'm not going to lie, i always thought about it, as i did my breast and tummy after kids so I'm going through with this and its final lol, i saved busted my buns off for this and just yes. my quote is 8k bkuz i put down my $800 last year so i get to keep my quote as i was told, plus i had lost my job 7 months ago but got a new one and did what i had to do to get what i keep wanting. especially when u see people and your like uh huh that could be me but even better lol my saggy ole mama dropped booty. 3 kids does change your whole figure, so maybe I'm not as selfish as i thought bkuz i have been doing my all for my family now its my turn and mommy feeling her new booty self time :) who's with me! so april 7tth 2015 this year is my surgery date, other then my girly mirelle from real self out of state who had hers i hear good things and she's actually going back same day as me for another surgery so we get to meet in person , just my worries and concerns are how many surgeries can gongora perform in one day bkuz her friend is getting surgery swell same day so thats 3 in one day;/ just hope all goes well and I'm excited!
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