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Yay! I'm now in the club of scheduled or already...

Yay! I'm now in the club of scheduled or already had surgery! Took only 1 week for ins. to approve--got that Mar. 10th. Pre-op is April 15; surgery April 21 and will be outpatient. I could have had the surgery this week, but needed to get some things done/processed at work before taking off. And time to get my sister's travel plans made---she's going to come from out of state to be my "nurse" for the first 2 weeks. She said she wants to help me, but really just wants a vacation too! I'm currently 44DDD. Dr. asked what I'd like to be and told him a B. He said that might be too much so we agreed on about a C. I told him a "small C"! Although I was a bit apprehensive at first, now that I have ins approval and a surgery date set, I'm getting so excited! I'm working on getting stuff done around the house so I don't have to worry about that and stocking up so I don't have to leave the house if I don't feel like it for the 1st week. Thank you all for sharing---it's such a big help and reassurance to hear about the experiences of those who have already had BR and those of us getting ready for it!

Early tomorrow morning!

Well, my surgery will be taking place in less than 24 hours! I'm so ready to get this over with to start the healing process. Trying to get everything finished up this afternoon, yes on Easter afternoon! Things like laundry, washing/changing out bed sheets, Nairing my legs, trash out for trash man, getting the new blue bird box up, and checking my paperwork for in the morning. I report to the surgery center at 6:30 a.m. and he said he would start surgery about 8:00 a.m. I should be home around noon or 1:00 p.m. Got meds lined up in the kitchen and enough food stocked for 2 weeks!
I woke up this morning thinking about the fact that this will be my last day forever with these gigantic boobies. Kinda sad feeling, but also glad that I have the opportunity to feel and look better with more proportionate ones that don't cause constant pain.
I took my own "before" photos; can't wait to compare them to my "after" photos! I never realized my nipple placement was so asymmetrical until the PS pointed it out. Geez, and I thought I was always perfect!

Day 8--Post Op Visit, Drains Removed

I had my 2nd post op visit today with PS, at 8 days out. PS was very happy with how I'm healing and looking. He and his asst. both said everything looked great and was healing just as expected. Although I can still barely look at the incisions and bruises without getting a bit queasy! Oh, oh, the best part of today was getting those drains removed! I had been counting down the hours for that. I walked in the door telling them I was getting them removed today, right? Well, my PS walked in the exam room and said okay, looks good, we'll get those drains out in about another 2-3 weeks. He, his asst, me and my sister were all talking so he didn't think I heard his joke! Well, I did. He then told me if looks could kill, he'd be a dead man! I told him he better have meant today! He laughed then starting singing, then said maybe he needs to keep his day job. I told him maybe we could book him at the local comedy club! So, he's snipping the stitches holding the drains in place, I'm holding on for dear life, then he says take a deep breath, and pulls the drain tubes out. &@#$@*%---man, that burned like the dickens. Ouch, ouch, ouch. In all this, he somehow removed the nipple bolsters also. My sister said she saw him do it while he was talking to me; and I didn't even realize he'd removed them! So, that was what the comedy routine was for! So, now I just have to change bandaids with antibiotic ointment on the drain wounds until they close---can take from 12 -72 hrs. Also, he has me change the dressing over the nipples twice a day using non-adhesive large bandages fully covered with antibiotic ointment. They are held in place by my front hook sports bra. Just bought 3 more of the Fruit of Loom ones that are most comfortable (at Walmart, $10). My next appointment is in one week, then we'll skip to 2 weeks. One more word on the healing process----I'm having ZINGERS coming and going especially in the nipples---ouch, ouch! PS's asst. said I would be having all kinds of new feelings in the next month! And she raised her eyebrows so not sure what that meant, other than things similar to zingers! I am daring to put one of my post op photos up, so you can see what I refer to as "my winter squash" boobies---they look flat on the bottom. But PS promises they will round out over the next few months!

Cockle Bur Bra! Oh My!

Since about last Wed. (day 9 post op), with last Wed and Thur being the worst, I've felt like my bras were lined with cockle burs! Anyone living or have ever lived in the deep south and did any rambling in the woods for fields knows what cockle burs are. They are the seed pod on a rampant weed, and look like a puffed up almond covered in many barbed stickers. So my boobs have been feeling they have been attacked by stinging, burning, pinching feelings. Ready for this stage to end. But they look quite well! The skin glue is slowly peeling/falling off--dr said not to pick at it to get off, just let it come off by itself. My nipples still look awful to me--red & black places, with the glue trying to slough off. They had told me last week I might have some skin peeling that looked like sunburned skin peeling off. Still changing the non-adhesive pads with antibiotic ointment twice a day. Not having all the oozy stuff on them now; just a little bit sometimes. One thing I'm so tired of is having to wear a bra 24/7. I did give the girls a 3 hour outing yesterday morning. I did the usual cleaning with hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls then they got to just air dry and sit free for a while!

Oh, my drain holes closed in about 24 hrs or less of having the drains removed. I covered the spots with a dab of ointment and bandaids for several days, now just dab a couple times a day with the ointment, no bandaids now.

My next check up is tomorrow, day 15 post op. Can't believe it's only been 2 weeks. Guess that means I'm getting used to having these smaller boobies! And loving it! Tried on some more shirts from the closet and things that couldn't be closed before now can! Yay! I will go back to work Wed. and Thur. this week, then a long weekend. Already picked out clothes to wear those 2 days. And I'm wondering if anyone will notice there is something different about me! Only 3 people know exactly what kind of surgery I was having. I suspect most will just think I've lost weight! Fine by me!

Day 15 Post Op Dr Visit

I went in for my check up this morning with my PS. He said I was healing wonderfully and everything looked great. He removed the stitch under each breast at the T-joint. These were the only non-dissolving stitches he used except for those holding the drain tubes in place. Those got removed last week. I don't have to go back for 3 weeks now. They took my "after" photos also. Guess I need to do some also.

I told the dr. about the last 4-5 days of having constant burning pain, mainly around my nipples even though the nipples themselves generally have no feeling, and general hypersensitivity. He said this was just another stage of the nerves renewing/re-linking, and gave me a prescription for Lyrica to take for 2 weeks. I just took the 2nd pill, along with some ibuprofen, and hoping it starts to take effect!

The asst. told me another thing some women do is to place maxi pads under their boobs so the bottom of their bra doesn't directly touch the skin and healing incision areas.

It seems like my surgery was a month or more ago, not just 2 weeks. I've really become fond of these smaller boobies---love the new girls! And will be so glad when the healing is complete---I know, that is many months down the road. I forgot about the shoulder strap in the car today; but remembered quickly when it rubbed in the wrong place. Another thing I had forgotten was the back and shoulder pain---that I now don't seem to have! Hallelujah, that was the main reason I wanted BR surgery in the first place. This won't be fully apparent, I don't think, until the girls are fully healed and I can't blame any discomfort on this surgery.

Good night, everyone, and wishing you all a great week of healing!


The lady at the front desk of my PS was looking at my file on her computer when we were setting my next appointment this morning. She called the PS's asst. over to look. They said it looks like my insurance paid more than they thought and looks like I will get a refund of about $175 on what I had to pay for the surgery! Yippee!

Day 20---Ready to be completely healed!

Well, today is my 20th day since surgery and this is to update the changes going on. I'm having only a very few zingers now. The "burning" feeling and hot twinges are still occurring but today has not been quite as bad as the past week to 10 days. I did not take the Lyrica yesterday nor today---it just makes me sleep. I'm taking a couple of ibuprofen twice a day to tone down the burning/hypersensitivity, it helps a bit. I've also been "air drying" for a few hours the last couple of days and I really think that helps.

The underside of my breasts are still very very sensitive to touch. I know! I'm still only 3 weeks out (tomorrow) and know to expect these issues, from all I've read, to last for possibly several months. My nipples don't look quite as gross to me as they did last week. I have scabs forming that will, I assume, dry up and separate off at some point. They look smaller to me and the whole nipple area is looking so much better! The areola stitches which were originally black have now turned straw color (PS said they would) as the sutures/grafting lines heal and the stitches dissolve.

I now have only a few very tiny spots of visible bruising left---mainly on the outer sides' incisions. Pretty much all the skin glue has come off also. I do feel some soreness still from what I think is inside bruising, and know it will get better day by day. I have really been surprised (shocked?) that overall, from day one, I have had almost no bruising. I had been prepared to buy/take bromelain or arnica based on info read here, but never got any of either. I just have not needed anything!

I had taken some pictures almost a week ago but apparently accidentally erased them from my memory card, so took new pics this morning. The underside ones were taken blindly since I couldn't see what I was aiming at! And that's the first I've seen how it looks under there. I'm very happy---think the seams are looking good. You can still see the spots where the 3-points come together; where PS removed the single stitch under each one this past Tuesday. I'm still looking a bit flat bottomed and hoping the girls will eventually round out when all the healing completes. Also, where my drains were attached are still red spots but they are actually completely healed. I can't feel them to touch; have to look to see where they were. I know these red areas will fade over time.

Ha! I pulled out a 44DDD bra I just bought a couple of months ago; I filled it full to overflowing pre-surgery. Now, it just bunches up over my new small upright boobies! It will go with all the other DD and DDD bras from my dresser into the donation bag! The green bra is one of the Fruit of the Loom front hook sports bras from Walmart; 2 pack for $10.95. I believe they are cotton. By the time I've had one on for a few hours with the ointment lined pads over my nipples, the ointment seems to bleed through. That is what is on the front. Also, the pink spots are where my new hot pink sports bra bled onto this on and a couple more in the washing machine. Oh, well.

Well, Happy Mothers Day to all of you in our realself world! I wish you all a wonderful day. If you've had your BR surgery, I send wishes for continuing and quick recovery and healing. If you are still waiting, I send wishes for a quick and positive result for you!

Quick Update---Day 25 Post Op

STILL having the burning/itching mainly around front and center/nipple area, even though there is no feeling directly on my nipples. When does this end? Also, PS supposedly removed the 2 non-dissolving stitches underneath on Tues. of last week. Well, from last weekend I kept feeling an odd "tag" under my right boob---thought it was another piece of skin glue come loose. Gently pulled several days but it wouldn't come off. It irritated because it was directly under the bottom of my bras. Tugged again Tues a.m. and it came off---a piece of the stitch! I don't have that irritation now.

I think PS must have put a much thicker coat of skin glue over my nipple grafts because a lot of it is still coming loose, especially when I dab/clean with hydrogen peroxide on cotton balls. That bubbles whatever glue is loosened so I can remove it. I think some of it is actually holding the couple of scabs down also. But the scabs seem to actually be getting smaller, so I think what comes off with those will actually be smaller than I originally thought.

Now, the bruising. How does internal bruising manifest to the outside skin to be seen? The underside of my boobs---about a 3"-4" wide area under the nipples---now has turned a rusty orangish color. I had a slight orange color in one small area a couple weeks ago; PS said it was bruising. I've just never had bruising that didn't go through normal coloring----purple, to green to yellow before fading away. What's with this rusty/orange color??!!

Car Seat Belt Question

At what point have those of you who've already had surgery been able to wear your car seat belt with the should harness across your chest? I still can not do that. So only have the hip belt attached. I just flip the shoulder harness over my head and behind my back. Each day I slightly lean forward to see how it feels and there is discomfort even just leaning into it. Are there any tricks I should know? Thanks everyone!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Okay, so only a few of my friends at work know exactly what surgery I was having---most, at least the men, have thought I was having surgery on my arthritic knees. Yesterday at work, while eating lunch in our break room, a lady I had not even talked to about my surgery sat down right up next to me and asked if I'd lost weight. That I looked a lot smaller in one certain area! So, I spread my arms out and said "really?" So, I ended up confessing everything to her! 2 others who knew were sitting there laughing their heads off. J asked if I felt better now, and I told her my back/shoulder/neck pain from the giant boobs is gone. So glad I had this done. I didn't ask her, but since she is large chested also, I wonder if she's now thinking about this surgery for herself.

1st Time in 4 1/2 Weeks---No Bra!

Okay it's been what, 3 weeks, since I last saw my PS. I go back in next Tues, May 27th, one day after 5 weeks post op. From day of surgery and including last visit, he told me I have to continue to wear a sports bra 24/7. WELL I'M TIRED OF THEM! Ugh, hate having to wear one while sleeping. Really just hate ever wearing a bra! So, last night I did not wear one and it felt wonderful! Since the girls have continued to be very sensitive I was afraid of them rubbing on the sheets but I had no problem at all. Even slept on my stomach with arms folded up under the girls. I think I slept better last night that I have in the last 5 weeks. Guess what? I'm not wearing a bra to sleep tonight either!

5 Weeks Post Op--Saw PS Today

It's been about 3 weeks since I last saw my PS; he said I'm healing very well. He said the redness/irritation on the nipple/areola areas appeared to be reaction to the antibiotic ointment. He said some people develop this sensitivity after prolonged use and then it can cause yeast infection! He said to stop using it and I no longer have to use the non-adhesive pads over them. They were calling in a prescription for some kind of gel that would aid the healing and help with scars. In the meantime, I'm supposed to use plain Vaseline. I told him I'd already stopped using the ointment the end of last week and was using scar oil that felt so much better. No burning itching with that. I think all the burning/itching the last couple of weeks was probably from becoming almost "allergic" to the ointment after what he said. He said the oil is okay to use also. Still have a few small red areas on areolas to heal properly.

PS also said I don't have to wear a bra every night now, but I should wear it when I can. Ha! I told him I'd stopped wearing one at night about a week ago. He just shook his head and said people do that----after he tells them they can stop doing something, they admit they've already stopped!

The place that had opened under/center of "lefty" was still not healed over. He said it was probably from a stitch trying to work out, and was snipping in that area. It didn't hurt; not sure if he actually cut/pulled anything off.

Shape of the girls----he said they would continue to re-shape and showed me the before picture of how assymetrical they were! I had forgotten. I wanted perfection now! Well, if God didn't make them perfectly symmetrical, I guess I shouldn't expect the surgeon to do so!

Overall, I am just feeling soooo much better, both physically and mentally. I wore the car shoulder belt, along with seat belt yesterday and today with no problem. No back/shoulder pains. I'm just HAPPY! (playing Pharrell's song in my mind). Anyone else now noticing other people, both in your area and on TV who could benefit from BR? I saw an ad on TV this afternoon with a very large breasted woman, and immediately thought "she's got to be having pain from those; she should consider BR!".

Well, pooh, I just looked at my before pics again, and immediately realized that, WOW, I look so very different. And I'm not really noticing the size difference in these new photos of righty and lefty. Think I'm being way too critical. Hey, I love these new girls! These are the way I should have been for many years.

Well, take care ladies, and once again thank you for all your comments, and advice.

Neurologist Cut Me Loose Today!

I had my appointment with my neurologist this morning to get the results of ultrasound on my carotids and update on status of neck/shoulder/back pain. My previous appt. with him was several weeks before my BR surgery. I did not tell him I was having the BR. Just doing this dual track medical thing to make sure that there wasn't a neurological or spinal issue causing all this increased/incessant pain of the last 6-8 months before the BR. He had not been able to find anything really significant from ENG/MRI/Ultrasound tests. All along I suspected the main problem was----big boobs! Since 97% of my pain has been gone post-surgery, my suspicions were verified.

I told him something really big had happened since I last saw him---I'd had BR and pretty much all my previous pain is gone. He said that was very good and apparently a source since he wasn't finding much else that was causing it. So I only have to see him if some issue happens to come up! And by the way, my carotids are completely clear (at 59 years old)! He said it was because I take a baby aspirin daily---have for over 20 years now. I told him I'd stopped the aspirin and Vit. E prior to surgery, but he said I'm far enough out to start them back up. And to start my baby aspirin a day today!

Uh. Oh.

Now I know why PS said to wear only the soft sports bras for several more months. Bad Me wore my last clean one yesterday so this morning I had to dig around in the dresser drawer to finally locate a formerly much too small bra that actually wasn't just overflowing the new girls with all kinds of wrinkles. And the shirt I was wearing to work was loose enough that I figured I could get away with this. Backtrack----For years, if I bought an underwire, I would cut the wires out because they always bit me! This was one of those bras. Well, I was okay until I had been at work for about an hour. Then, that trench of thicker fabric where the wire had been started rubbing right on my side incisions. It was uncomfortable all day. Yes. I now have ALL my soft sports bras washed and dried! Lesson learned.

Compounded Prescription Cream?

Two weeks ago, my PS called in a prescription to a compounding pharmacy for specific percentages of specific ingredients for me to massage into my incisions and on nipples. It's supposed to be something stronger to help reduce scarring and also to help get rid of the "yeast Infection" from using the antibiotic ointment. The new stuff (expensive! as in $85 for small section of 2 pumps; ins only covered a small part) finally arrived by mail last Friday so I've only been using it about 4 days. So far I can't tell much difference. Has anyone else been given something similar? If so, has it really helped? I got the impression it will be up to me whether I want a renewal of the prescription.

8 Weeks Post Op---PS Cut Me Loose!

I hit the 8-week post op mark this past Mon., 16th, and has my check up with my PS on Tues., 17th. He said I'm doing great, every coming along just fine, and I don't have to come back for a year! Next April! Yay! Unless something really odd happens, then call them. I'm not expecting that at all.

Of course, I still have more healing to do and will continue to swap out using scar oil and Vaseline (doctor's suggestion). My side incision areas still ache at times and the seams still look dark. The incision lines underneath my breasts still have redness and sometimes get tender spots. Nipple/areola areas are "trying" to lose the redness but are not sore/tender at all, except when my car seatbelt pulls too tight directly over the top. The areola graft lines have some bumped up areas still, but my PS said those and the remaining redness will fade away. Now this may change, but one thing that has surprised me is that I do have a slight projection in both nipples, so they don't look oddly and completely flat (tried to get a photo to show). Before my surgery, the PS said because of having to have the full nipple graft that would leave no outward projection at all. Little bonuses count! The slightly different shape between the 2 breasts no longer bothers me as it did, just a bit, a month ago. I think it's because of just getting used to these new babies, and loving them for what I don't have to deal with any longer! Hey, they weren't completely symmetrical before!

My doctor told me I am now free to wear whatever kind of bra I want to, whatever is comfortable, but the underwires would probably still irritate for a while. And it was okay to continue with the sports bras if that is what I want. Right now, I'm comfortable with the 8 sports bras I bought to wear during this whole process and probably won't make any big investment in bras for several more months. But ladies, I saw some awful cute ones on Zulily's site last week. Never bought anything from them, but may have to try a couple of the bra styles. They aren't too expensive so if they don't work out, I won't have spent a lot. I figure by the fall, the "boobie girls" will be in their final shape/size then I can go get fitted to see what size I actually have ended up being.

I added some updated photos. Lord, next I've got to work on this belly! And I never knew I had freckles on my boobs and belly---the dangers of closeup photos! Overall, I'm very happy with my healing status. There's still a tiny bit of skin peeling, some redness, some incision lines with more time needed, but I'm so happy to be in the healing phase rather than the "I hate how these oversize boobs make me feel; I need to have BR surgery."

Wishing you all the best!

And Now I Know!

I'm now slightly over 3 months post-op and yesterday finally bought 2 bras with sized cups. I had no idea what size I am now. Before surgery, I asked my PS if he could reduce me to a B cup. He said that might be too much; that I might end up a C. Since I had been overflowing DDD cups, I told him a C would be okay. Since surgery, I've continued to wear my various sports bras that I've grown comfortable with. Well, I anxiously bought 2 different brands of more fitted bras with C cups yesterday. I thought about buying one with Ds to see if that was what I need. Glad I didn't! One of the new C cup bras was way too big; the cups wrinkled up---way too big for the new girls. The new photos I've attached show the other bra, also C, and you can tell that the seams are wrinkled a bit on that one. I think with a few more months of settling and a bit of weight loss, I actually will be that B size I had hoped for! Yay! Actually, I think I will go ahead and buy a B to see how that fits. With having such large boobs for decades, I've had no sense of what different cup sizes looked like--no way to judge. I am happy, happy, happy!
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