Big Boobs. Big Problems.

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Everyone thinks big boobs are better, but as a lot...

Everyone thinks big boobs are better, but as a lot of people on this website know, bigger is NOT always better. With these large masses on our chests, us woman have a price to pay. Sure they are amazing and special and useful. But in this case there's to much of a good thing.
I am 18 years old and I am a 32H. As long as I can remember I have had big boobs and as long as I can remember I wish I hadn't. They cause so many problems, from back aches to depression and everything in between. I don't really need to tell any of you ladies out there what I go through. You know what I mean. Low self-esteem. Feeling like you don't belong in your own skin. PAIN. It comes with being part of the Big'O Tittie Comitee. And some of us just want out.
I honestly can't say my breasts suit me at all. I am 5'8" and weigh 165, but I have a small-ish frame and I basically feel like walking boobs. They are WAY to big for me. Because of this I have searched for ways to make them smaller. From creams to pills. And most likely you guys have too. And we all went through that "Oh my gosh! I found an answer!" and ended up reading something or watching something that made us say "Back to the drawing board..." IT SUCKS. You think your completely stuck with this forever. But wait. You know what you CAN do, but is it worth it?
BREAST REDUCTION. Then you get on that big kick, searching up EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT IT until you know almost as much as the plastic surgeon him/herself. So then you set it up and go to appointments and you have the surgery IF you have $6,000-$12,000 to spare. Which I do not and that's where I am left off.
I don't have a job and my parents don't have a lot of money. And that makes this so much harder. Now you have to depend on insurance. And here's where my story begins.
I made this blog/review thing on this website because through all of my research and such I read so many stories on here and they made/make me feel not so alone. SO I decided to make one as well. So maybe you all can help me and at the same time I can help you. Hopefully this will happen and if it does, all of you will be here with me.

One Step Closer

So yesterday my mom got a phone call from a physical therapy clinic. I'm going to be starting it sometime next week.
This should be making me excited right? It's not. I still feel like this isn't going to happen. It's still not completely possible. I mean, sure this is something most insurance providers require you to have in order to cover the surgery, but that still doesn't mean anything. Anyone that has gone through with this surgery that was covered by insurance, please let me know what you had to go through in order for them to pay for this.
I just feel like I'm going through all of this for nothing, but I'm going to keep on keepin' on because what's it gonna hurt! If this is something that will help me do this well then I'm doing it.
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