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Today I decided to stop lurking on this site about...

Today I decided to stop lurking on this site about other problems, recoveries and journeys that the woman of this site have posted , but to start my own. My name isn't so important so ill just be JustAnotherSize. I'm 24 and I am trying so hard to get my breast reduction approved by my insurance company. I am a size 38/40 G and I'm about 5'10 weighing 210. I am starting this journal (if you will) to give insight on what works what won't work and what obstacles you may face. I am starting from scratch and I haven't really seen many post that start from the beginning so here is my Cinderella story. I have strong belief that one way or another...THIS SURGERY WILL TAKE PLACE. I won't get in to my teen years ill jump right into the initial steps I have and must take to get a better answer from my insurance company. So I submitted a claim sometime last year (October) to try to get my breast reduced...I met with a surgeon and he said like many of you I am the perfect
Candidate for this. Shoulder grooves back pain, rashes under the breast, I even met the requirement on that scale that surgeons/Dr.'s use. Pictures were taken and submitted, seeing as though I'm not usually the type to run to my Dr. About every little pain (copay, copay,
copay)that actually hurt my claim. When my insurance got me back to me they said I needed more evidence (3 consecutive months showing that I have tried a particular treatment to get this problem resolved) ; chiropractor, heating pads, supportive bra, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory pills...JUST CRAP! I was devastated I was soooo positive that I would get approved. Instantly I asked to speak to one of their "doctors" on the board who was or possibly responsible for the decision. I got in contact with one of them(yes I did! I don't like the word no!) and I asked him how the hell was any of that supposed to reduce my breast...IT WON'T! So why make me jump through loops...he also admitted its ridiculous but it's I accepted and thought of my next master plan. 4 months later I'm here, I tried again I contacted my Dr. And asked her to write a letter of recommendation stating that I'm a perfect candidate, I also included my own personal letter and photos. Sadly, that wasn't enough to get them to feel medically sorry for me. So now I'm gonna give them what they want, more supporting evidence! So here's where my tips and suggestions come in potential breast reduction patients ..GIVE THEM THAT EVIDENCE! Go to the Dr. Complain and report your pain don't just let it slide, get a chiropractor, get physical therapy, do everything to show you've done something because you don't want to be tossed around because at the end of the day there's not an insurance company out there "HAPPY" to pay upfront. Not one. So I will start my physical therapy, I will report every and anything because I can't deal with these G's.
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