34DDD with a Bad Shape-lift, removal of tissue, then implants

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I'm 36 years old, I have one daughter who's 10. I...

I'm 36 years old, I have one daughter who's 10. I nursed her for 14 months but my boobs have always been big and kinda low. I got married a year ago (we've been together for 7.5 years) and I guess we're not having any more kids. We talk about it every once in a while but we agree the time isn't right. Well, I'm not gettin any younger so the cutoff time is quickly approaching! Obviously I know people have babies all the time in their late 30's, early 40's-I just personally don't want to do that, especially with a daughter who's so much older. Anyway, the point is that I'm ready to get a breast lift, I've wanted to do it for years. I first had a consultation in 2008 and didn't have the $ and didn't want to go into debt for it. I've had two consultations this year and definitely preferred one surgeon over the other-the staff and the whole office experience. I know surgeon # 1 is good, I have 2 friends who have had beautiful BA's with him, but the office experience was not good which was a big deal to me.
So now I'm scheduled with Surgeon #2 for 5/22. We discussed a slight reduction with a lift and implants. I love the shape of adding implants although I'm really nervous about adding something foreign to my body. We also discussed Lipo of the abdomen. I've gained about 12 lbs since I got married last year but it's stress and diet. I go to crossfit 4-5 times a week, I just can't get my eating in check. Anyway, I'm hoping to lose the weight before surgery and NOT get the Lipo. My weight fluctuates about 10-15 lbs and I'm so sick of it. I'm only 5'2 so it makes a huge difference!! I had smart Lipo in 2010 on my flanks and arms and really regretted it. I can't tell any difference on my arms at all, they've always been heavy. My flanks are ok but with my stupid weight fluctuations, the lbs I put on all went to my front stomach. When I did the smart Lipo, I wanted to get my front tummy done but they said I had an umbilical hernia (must've been born with it) and they couldn't do it. This surgeon said that's not a problem, they just avoid the hernia area.
I have so many thoughts running through my mind about the whole procedure, and I'm grateful for this site. My husband says every night when I'm on my ipad, "you lookin at boobies again?", haha. I'm just learning so much from you ladies and I'm the type to want to be completely armed with knowledge!!

Here's the saggy DDD's

Wow, so hard to take a picture of myself but I think my husband would think I'm a weirdo if I asked him for help! I hate the veins, but obviously that's just genetics. Hopefully my tummy chunk will decrease in the 6 weeks before surgery!


More pics

Can't be any worse...

I was talking to my husband the other night about being nervous about going under, nervous about making a mistake and spending all this money, worried about having a horror story to tell afterward...he said to me, "Well, answer me this-TO YOU, can they look any worse?" Hmmm, I guess not. But I'm still scared about all of the above! Plus we're supposed to move out of our rental house by June 30 (surgery is May 22) so I'm worried about 1. where the hell we're moving to and 2. If I'll be recovered enough to help move.
Still working on the belly but I've had a challenging food week :( Gotta get back on track-I really don't want to spend the money and go through an additional surgery. This is the heaviest I've been in a while and I hate it. Definitely worried about taking 3 weeks off of crossfit too. Ok, I guess that's all my venting of fears for the night :)

Wish boobs

I am such a need-to-know person, which is why I love this site. I love hearing each detail about what everyone has been through so I can be ultra prepared. Thank you to everyone who's shared their intimate details and TMI, it's been so helpful.


So I already mentioned that I've only been married to my husband since May of last year. He adopted my daughter and it's been wonderful for her to have a dad and feel like a normal kid with a normal family. We've just been going through SO much stress lately and I'm afraid that this surgery will add to it. My husband had shoulder surgery in February, which has been really tough on him. He has a very physical job that he's supposed to be off of for 3 months plus he can't rodeo for 6 months to a year which is like torture and misery for him. He's a business owner so no work=no $. He's had helpers doing most of his work so he makes a little bit but not nearly what he's used to making. So add all of that to the stress of trying to figure out where the hell we're going to live by June 30th when our lease is up, plus the normal transition stress of the first year of marriage. He's wanting to get into the bull and cattle business so we need land. But everything around us is so expensive, and everywhere we look we can't find something to make everyone happy. If we find land that's affordable, it's in a rural area (I have a city-based job) and my daughter would be way far from soccer. So I'd be spending my week in the car commuting. But every piece of land that is close to a city or at least close within the outskirts is crazy expensive. I almost feel like he wishes he never married me and wants to be free again so he can live where he wants without having to worry about making sure my daughter and I are near our stuff. We're close to narrowing down a place in TN, and I could transfer my current job to an office there, but I feel like he now doesn't want to do it. We're going up there to look around at the beginning of May then I'll really have a feel for all of that. If I feel like it's a good fit for my work and a good place for my daughter, I may just go even if he doesn't want to then let him figure out what he does want. She's going into middle school so now is the time to move her to a new place. I have nothing keeping me here now that my mom is gone. Then here I go adding a surgery into all of this on May 22 when we have to be out of our rental house on June 30. Am I crazy?? It's just that I really like this doctor and I want to do the surgery with him before we move anywhere. I also want it to be before summer. I feel like if I don't just do it I'll keep putting it off and never do it. But maybe it's just too much more stress to add on. I will say that taking care of my husband after his shoulder surgery brought us a little closer to each other so maybe my surgery will help with that too? Or maybe I'm just a nut-job for thinking that, like someone who thinks having a baby will make a weak marriage stronger...Sorry for the outburst but I'm really a mess.

Paleo challenge

My crossfit gym is having a 30 day paleo challenge from 5/9-6/9. You can get points either added or deducted for the foods you eat and the workouts you do. I wasn't going to enter because my surgery is scheduled for 5/22, right in the middle of the challenge, and I'd have no workouts to get points for 3 weeks. The coach said I should do it anyway, but then there's another girl who has different extenuating circumstances during the month of May so we're starting together early tomorrow. It will be really good for me. I also have an appt scheduled for Monday with a doctor many of my friends have raved about him changing their lives. He does hormone testing (obviously from my emotional breakdown this week I have some of that going on) and natural treatments. I had bloodwork done like 6 weeks ago and I've been waiting for this appt. I'm excited to see what's going on and get it fixed.



My haircut

Da beach

Nice day today, my daughter had a soccer tournament with just 1 early game so I went to the beach with a friend while my daughter went to her friend's house. If you ever get to go to FL and you're going to the beach, try to go for April or early May. It was so beautiful today. The sun was just right, the breeze was perfect, the water was super clear. I fell asleep in my chair, and I NEVER take naps. I wore an Old Navy bikini that I got a few months ago-it fits so awkward at the top with my saggy boobs. I bought it for like $7 and the print is really cute-I had a breast lift in mind when I bought it knowing it would look so much better with perky boobies and hoping to have some before I wore it! The halter strap dug into my neck so bad from trying to hold them up, just like all my bikini tops do. I'm limited to triangle tops only in size XL because everything else looks ridiculous. I can't wait to see how the upgrades look in other kinds of tops. Just need to get rid of this belly and I'll be good to go! But paleo challenge day 2 was completed today so hopefully I'll get it off. I've had a headache for 2 days but hopefully the withdrawals will get better soon :)

Generic coobies

I had never even heard of these things before RS and to be honest I can't see how they'd ever work out for me. But that's because I can't imagine having anything but the big ole saggy DDD's I have now. I bought these two today for $4.50 each. They obviously aren't made to be support bras so I'm just a hangin in them. But I'll be curious to see how they fit after surgery.


I had an appointment today with a very well regarded alternative/natural medicine doctor to review bloodwork I had in March. I have high estrogen, which is causing a lot of my problems. Progesterone and testosterone are low, so is iron and thyroid. It was really interesting and I'm so happy and encouraged that I'll most likely be feeling so much better in about a week but more importantly in time for surgery. All of the results explain why I'm holding onto weight too. Please God, let fixing my hormones and completing this paleo challenge help me deal with stress better and lose this belly weight. 3.5 weeks until surgery, let's get this belly lookin good so Lipo isn't even an option :)

Pre Op Paperwork

I got a packet in the mail yesterday from the surgery with pre-op instructions. Most of it was for face lift patients with about 1 page on breast surgeries. I just started this protocol to get my hormones back in balance so I was really studying the list of medications/supplements to discontinue 2 weeks before surgery. The only one I saw that was on there that I take was fish oil. But the list said fish oil CAPS. Sounds nasty, but I take a concentrated fish oil liquid I got at my crossfit gym. It's not that bad and supposed to be so much better than the caps bc it's just straight fish oil in serious concentrated form. So I'll stop taking that tomorrow and start the arnica and bromelian supplements in addition to all the other stuff I'm taking. No idea if it will work but it's worth a try. I was reading through the paperwork next to my husband and I was sighing and getting all anxious. He's had so many surgeries, he actually likes them and gets excited for them. He was kinda laughing at me for being so nervous. I was saying what a bad time it is to have surgery in the middle if getting ready to move in like 6 weeks, etc. He said it will be fine and if I don't go through with the surgery then he doesn't ever hear me bitching about my boobs again! Well, that ain't happening until they get fixed so I guess we're good to go for May 22!


I **may** have gone a little overboard with post-op bras. I got the two generic coobies above, four front close bras from wal-mart, and two real coobies. LOVE the coobies! The wal-mart bras not so much. The zipper in front one seemed like a good idea so I got two. It's black, it doesn't have hook/eye closure, and looked comfy. Well, the zipper is hard to operate now, can't even imagine how hard it would be after surgery. Plus my DDD's barely fit in there. Same with the other two wal-mart bras-I can barely fit. They didn't have cup sizes, just band sizes. I went up a size but I guess that didn't help. I know I'm gonna be a little smaller after surgery but I still don't think these will fit. I think my boobs are deceiving, when I'm in clothes no one would guess they're DDD's. I think it's the same when I'm not in clothes. I see some people that are DDD that look HUGE, not sure why mine don't appear like that. But I can't fit into anything, they are big and not cute at all.

Pre op done

First thing was pictures...the nurse and I went into a little room for pictures. Mortifying. I took off my shirt and walked over to the X on the floor for pictures. Then she gave me a robe and we went to a small exam room. She reviewed instructions with me for the day before and the day of surgery. Got the RX's for the antibiotic and the pain med. She also gave me 2 I've packs which I thought was interesting because some people's PS's have told them no ice. I asked where to ice and she said tops, bottoms, underarm-just to keep rotating them every 20 mins. Not overnight though. Decided it would be best for me to stop using the supplements I recently started just to be safe. I brought my recent bloodwork results with me so they could have them in the chart. She seemed excited about that. She went over with me what to expect before and after surgery. I already knew most of that because of my Real Self friends :). We talked about gauze and tape and how I need to wash with antibacterial soap the night before. I have to be at the surgery center at 11am so I asked if I needed to wash again in the AM. No, but I need to wash with 2 medical wipes the night before and the morning of. When am I supposed to shave? Morning before surgery too soon? Forgot to ask. The nurse said I may go home in a bra but she doesn't think so. We'll see I guess. Then I walked down the hallway (still in the robe carrying my bra and shirt) to the doctors exam room. I waited for a bit then he came in. I showed him some pictures of what I like and definitely don't like. He said he'd try to do a lollipop lift but said he doesn't always know until he gets in there. I said I'm ok with an anchor, just don't want scars that go up under my underarm. We talked size again-I didn't ever take off the robe but he had my pictures in the chart that he wrote notes on. He made me feel a lot more comfortable and less nervous by making me laugh. I feel super confident in his abilities as a surgeon and to achieve what I'm looking for. He didn't rush me at all and made sure my ?'s were answered. He's going to do a small area of lipo at my underarms too (I call that bra chunk) so I'm excited for that to be gone. Seems like no matter what weight I am I always had that. I went to the payment office, paid and left!

10 lbs gone!

I don't think I look and different but then again I never do when I lose weight. I still want to lose more but at least it's a start. My goal was 15 lbs before surgery. Don't think I'll lose 5 lbs (it's actually 4 and some change) in a week but that's ok. At least I felt like I could say no to tummy lipo since I lost some and I'll keep te momentum going (I plan to but i am worried about being out of crossfit for 3 weeks). I'm gettin my hair did today and Friday I'm getting a facial. I have a paper due today that I haven't started, then I'll have another one due Saturday. Beyond the paper, my plan is to pack and clean this weekend. Last weekend before surgery, not many more weekends left before we have to move. I can't believe how much stuff I seem to accumulate and don't have a spot for, yet don't want to throw away in case I need it someday. I know that just sounded like I'm a super-hoarder, I'm really not. I do have a lot of clothes, yes. But I got rid of truckloads of stuff when I sold my house last year. Anyway, I'm planning on "nesting" all weekend to get things semi-situated to where I'm not sleeping in the recliner staring at all the shit that needs to get done. But that's honestly going to be unavoidable a month before we're moving. Just part of the consequence of deciding to have surgery on May 22 before our lease is up June 30. But I think my choice of doctors will make it all worth it.

Silly questions

When should I start taking stool softener? Do they put me in surgical socks or can I bring some? Can I listen to music on my headphones while I'm going under to relax me then have them take it away after I go under? The surgeon never mentioned brand of silicone, high profile, moderate profile, ultra high profile, textured, smooth, etc. Do I care about that or trust him to make the best decision?

Great day so far

I got up to a quiet house this morning-my husband left early to go buck some of his bulls in the arena and my daughter was sleeping over at a friend's house. I thought about going to Crossfit at 9am, but I REALLY didn't feel like it. But I needed to because I ate a bunch of crap yesterday (Oreos, Reese's puffs cereal, goldfish, and a handful of chips-horrible!!) and gained 1.5 lbs on the scale. I finished a paper that was due today, I always feel relieved on Saturdays when that's done. Last night I sat and tried to work on it for a few hours and got maybe two sentences done. Then I knocked it out this morning! I decided that since I missed Crossfit I would take my two Jack Russells for a walk (we also have a French bulldog but she's not big on long walks). Today was the kind of day in Florida that I will miss when we leave. Bright and sunny with enough wind to stave off the humidity and miserable heat. I took them 5.6 miles and it was awesome-I turned my music on shuffle and was just alone with my thoughts and my pups. I ran for about 1 of those 5 miles-I hate running and the puppy is a little inexperienced on the leash. Anyway, now I'm going to work on some packing then get ready to watch some bull rides tonight-husband isn't riding yet because of shoulder surgery but I know tonight will give him the itch.


3 days left

I got a lot of packing done over the weekend, still have a lot to do but we also still have 6 weeks. 6 weeks sounds more manageable now that we started putting stuff in storage and I feel like I put a dent in things. I'm off today, work tomorrow, and I'm off Wednnesday. I have 2 papers to get done-1 due Wednesday and 1 due Saturday that I want to have done and over with so I'm not worried about it after surgery Thursday. Is it horrible that I'm looking forward to my husband taking care of me for a few days? Also, I read in my post op instructions no exercise for 3 weeks. I knew no crossfit for 3 weeks (noooo!! :(). but walking too? I thought walking was good for you? Low impact, keeps things circulating?

Day after

I took these pics after my post op appt waiting in the car while my hubs ran into the store. I want to write an update about my experience but I am so comfy where I am right now and all I have in front of me is my phone! I'll update later ;)

Surgery yesterday

My husband has been so funny about this surgery! He's always been an ass man, but he said my boobs were the first ones to make him be more of a boob man, haha. He said goodbye to them the night before surgery and I joked to one of my friends that he was going through all of the stages of grief. I've been worried that he won't like them as much after surgery but he said he will because they're on me, awwe. He tole me the morning of the surgery that they're so fun to play with, like a pair of SLINKIES!! Is that freakin hysterical?!
Of all of the nerves and anxiety I've had over the past month or so, the day before surgery and the day of surgery I was the most calm. I don't know if anyone else got these, but I had some medical wipes that came 2 to a pack that I was to wipe down with 2 hours after the shower with liquid Dial the night before. One wipe for all over my body and one wipe for just the surgical area. When I was trying to go to sleep my skin was kind of burning, it was the feeling like when you get a facial and the stuff on your skin burns. I took a klonopin and went to sleep. I got up yesterday morning and cleaned my house a little more, took my antibiotic with a sip of water, wiped down with the second set of two wipes, then left the house at about 10am. We got to the surgery center at about 10:45 (had to be there at 11) and they took me right back. My husband offered to stay but I knew he had to get some work done so I told him to go. I had to get completely naked except for white compression socks that looked adorable with my pink toes :) and a gown that tied in back. They had some magazines in there so I wasn't just staring at the walls. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions, repeated instructions I already heard, etc. She tried to get an IV in and that was an epic fail. She numbed it first, not sure why bc when she stuck the IV needle in it hurt so freakin bad I felt it in my toes. So of course that didn't work. She called in a different nurse, she had me lie down, squeeze my hand a bunch, did the numbing shot again, then got the IV in (opposite arm as the first). I think I thanked nurse # 2 like twenty times! They were giving me fluids through the IV so I asked about peeing and if I'd have a catheter. She said she didn't know since my surgery was right on the cusp of the timeframe to need one. I wanted to get up to pee before surgery if I wasn't going to have one! I told her my fear was being nauseous after surgery and needing to throw up. TMI alert, ever since I had my daughter I have a hard time fully holding my bladder when I puke really hard. The nurse said, "oh we've had that happen to people a bunch of times" and I was like, "well I don't want to be one of them!". Dr. Mobley came in and marked me all up, he joked that he was all warmed up for me after his last surgery, which was the same as mine. He said he was ready for me, just needed to eat. I told him to go have a good lunch to get his strength up. The nurse asked him about the catheter and he said he'd probably go ahead and do it, but I'd never know I had it done. I told him about my husband mourning the loss of my big playful slinkies, and he said in a few weeks he promised he wouldn't miss them at all!
The anesthesiologist came in next, he asked me a few questions, then told the nurse to go ahead and give me "the cocktail". They started that then wheeled me into the OR. I remember talking to the nurses about what size I was going to be, they didn't know bc there was a stack of boxes for him to choose from. I also remember asking them about the catheter and apologizing that they had to get all up into my junk! They thought that was funny and said they've been in worse junk than mine. When I woke up I think the first thing I said was that I was thirsty. The nurse (it was nurse # 2 from the IV) gave me a little cup of water then helped me stand up because I needed to go to the bathroom. She got me dressed really fast then scooted me out to my husband waiting downstairs. I couldn't be annoyed with her for it because she saved my ass with that IV and it was 5:30pm. Dr. Mobley anticipated I would be done at 3:30 and awake and ready to go by 4:30. I'm not sure if he took longer with the surgery or if I took longer to wake up.
The ride home wasn't bad, I put a pillow and a puke bucket in the truck but my husband came to pick me up with a different car. While I was waking at the surgery center up he ran to Macy's and bought me a pillow for the ride home. I don't remember much of the ride home but it didn't seem long. He kept talking to me, then later that night he told me again all the stuff he told me in the car, I was like "what??". At home I ate a few saltines, took a pain pill, and got in the recliner. I'm surprised but I was able to sleep a little. I think my husband gave me another pain pill during that time but I requested goldfish instead of saltines, getting all picky on him! The main pain I felt was my throat from being intubated (I guess?) and the center of my chest. Incisions didn't hurt so bad, just kinda like pressure and stinging on my boobs and in my underarms (that's where I had lipo). But I'm telling you, the chest pain and sore throat really sucked. It hurt so bad to inhale but I had to keep doing it. I had some cough drops, a popsicle, and lots of ice water that seemed to help my throat a little. I watched TV until about midnight in bed then took a pill and went to the recliner to sleep. I actually slept ok, only got up once and that was to pee. My husband has been wonderful, if not slightly overbearing. He had a physical therapy appt this morning from his shoulder surgery and he had our friend come over to babysit me since our daughter was at school. I wasn't too happy about that but didn't want him to cancel his PT appt. And he would've too, if I didn't let our friend come over. I had the post-op appt today at 12:40, I got myself dressed in Miss Me capris, whire compression socks, and a short sleeved zip up hoodie. I put some makeup on and pinned my bangs back I felt kinda greasy. My husband told me I looked cute and said I seem happier and look 5 years younger. Awwe, so now I look 31 instead of 36, ya'll! I didn't see Dr. Mobley at the office because he was in surgery but the nurse unwrapped the tape under my arms where lipo was and took the taped gauze off. She put some padding under my arms to kind of compress the lipo areas and put new gauze on, just inside the bra, no tape. I can take a shower today but I'll leave the steri strips on the nips. Pat dry or blow dry on a low setting after shower. This was the first time I saw them! This was also the first time I learned the size he used, 339 CC's. He originally expected to use 275's. I thought they looked good despite the swelling and just a little bruising. Yesterday my hubs said they looked smaller but I think he liked em today. I have kept reminding him that they're swollen and will change a lot. Dr. Mobley didn't do a full anchor, the nurse called it something else, I can't remember, but there is still an incision at the crease, just a really short one. And that was only on leftie, which was saggier. Rightie just has a vertical incision. I told him beforehand to do whatever he needed to do to get the best results. We're supposed to fly to Knoxville next Friday to look at places and properties, and Friday is when my next appt is supposed to be. I talked to two different nurses and they said I have to be a "princess" on the flight and the trip. No pulling or lifting any bags, no packing my own bags, wear the compression socks, walk around on the plane (it's only a 1 1/2 hr flight), and not exert too much energy. I'll go in next Thursday instead of Friday so I can get checked out. They said I could be at risk of internal bleeding and don't want to end up in a hospital in TN where they have no idea what was done to me. That all puckered my husband up a little bit, he said maybe we should cancel, or we could rent a one way car, drive there and fly home OR he could just go with our daughter. But, get this, he said if he flew there with our daughter then there would be no one here to watch me. What?! Watch me do WHAT a whole week after surgery? It's sweet though. I only took tylenol this morning, but I took a pain pill a few hours ago. The nurse said I would feel like supergirl today because I still have anesthesia in my system but I still need to take it easy. I've been icing and trying to get up and move when I can, usually it's when I have to go to the bathroom. Lots of peeing today and I'm up 5 lbs on the scale. The nurse said she tells everyone to avoid scales and mirrors the first few days, should've listened. I hope everyone is healing well and happy with their boobies!

wow that was long ^

But I forgot to say that seeing my once saggy DDD's up high and tight was almost surreal, like someone else's body! In a good way :)

Day 5

I had no pain pills yesterday until bedtime, just want to get the bowels back in order. I've been taking dulcolax, drinking miralax, organic laxative tea, and magnesium and nothing is happening. I think yesterday I had a small case of boobie blues, I was just so blah. I have a big paper due tomorrow that I worked on yesterday. My daughter had no school but she's been grounded for almost a week so she's been underfoot. I can't blame her bc she's bored but it was annoying to have her next to me at all times either when I was trying to work on the paper or just chill. Then I feel bad because I'm annoyed. I took a nap yesterday, I was surprised about that because I'm so not a napper without medication to make me tired. My eating hasn't been great and I know that's part of the blah and feeling yucky in the tummy. I feel like a fatty with nice boobs, not sexy. My husband got home from work last night at about 8:30 and I started to feel a bit better then. I slept well in the recliner and woke up with my usual rocks on my chest :). I have a nice quiet house now so I'm going to (hopefully) finish my paper so that's off my shoulders. I had a 3 week break from my classes and I originally planned to have surgery during that break. But I chose this dr instead of the other one I had a consultation with and he wasn't available during that time. It's not that writing a paper is physically exhausing, it's just that there's so much reading, research, and synthesizing the info that takes time and focus. I am halfway done with this class then I just have one more 5 week class to get my Masters. Must keep my eye on the prize. I sent my manager a text this morning saying I wasn't going to work on Thursday. I'm not cleared to drive yet and I work 55 miles away so it's not like someone can drop me off. This weekend is our trip to TN so I need to be well rested for that. We're supposed to drive around and look at properties (no big deal) but then we wanted to take our daughter to Gatlinburg on our last day to walk around. My husband is saying that's probably a no at this point. I'm gonna fight that one, because it's not a ton of walking and there are benches everywhere to sit on. He said we'll see what the dr says. Happy healing to all my friends, and happy preparing to my friends with surgery this week!

Some pics

1 week post op

Today I got the steri strips taken off (that wasn't too fun, lying down at an uncomfortable angle with the light shining on me while the nurse pulled em off) and new ones put on. I got some kind of blister on leftie, I'm not sure how but when I pulled gauze off the other night is when I felt it. It was like the gauze stuck to my skin and pulled skin up with it. My husband bought me some nonstick gauze and it was helping. The nurse today put a clear plastic thing on it today so it's protected and can heal. Dr. Mobley came in and said they looked good, he pressed down on the top of the implant to the bottom of the pocket (I guess?) on each side. Didn't love that either! He said no massaging yet, and I'm ok with that especially after having them pushed on like that today. The swelling under my arms where I had lipo is minimal they said, and I can stop wearing the foam pads under my arms. I'll probably still wear them at home though. I can wear different bras other than this surgical bra, thank goodness. Just no underwire (obviously). I can drive and he's ok with me flying tomorrow. I'll be back in two weeks so we'll see how much they change between then and now. I told him how huge my stomach is and he said that's not uncommon especially with all the fluids and anesthesia. And I know that from reading everybody's reviews but I also need to watch the food intake. So today was a good day for food and TMI alert, finally a decent poop. So hopefully this tummy will start going down, I'll feel sooo much better when it does.

2 weeks...

I feel pretty good, except for feeling big in the tummy despite the fact that bowels are back in order. Just having a hard time getting my food intake under control, but I think maybe my hormones got out of whack again from not taking the medications before surgery. I'll get back on track...eventually I hope. I have limited arm mobility when I reach for things on high shelves and sometimes feel like I'll never get my upper arm strength back. I'm doing pretty well with sleeping on my back (in the bed, no more recliner) mainly because it's more comfortable since my boobs rock up at night. The small amount of bruising I had in the above pic is gone, I still have the area of skin that tore off (that they covered in heavy duty plastic) really red though. When I get out of the shower I can see the stitches through the steri strips and that kinda freaks me out. I feel the sunburn feeling that people talk about but the only real soreness I ever get is under my arms. I don't know if that's the muscle or if it's from that little underarm lipo I got. Speaking of the lipo, the area that got done feels lumpy, bumpy, and tender. Hopefully that's all normal but makes me kinda happy I didn't get it on my tummy right before summer. I really like how my boobs look and I'm glad I did it. They look the exact same size in clothes (which was what I wanted), just better shaped and I can wear cute little non-support bras instead of the old lady ones I had to wear before to try to jack them up. My only issue is that my husband still misses my old boobs :(. He was supportive of me getting the surgery and took great care of me afterward but he was honest and told me that he really loved them before and that "fake boobs" aren't me. He said it would be easier if I had my boobs done when he met me but he's known me all these years a different way. On one hand, I'm happy that he loved my body so much before, but on the other hand I'm a little disappointed. Of course we want to make our spouses happy, I guess this was just something that was to make me happy. I think it will be better once they're "back in action" and I know it will be better when he can see how much more confident they make me. I think this is all just part of the process and one of the psychological aspects of plastic surgery...

2 weeks 3 days

3 week post op

Well, it's more like 3.5 weeks but I couldn't get in last week. Dr. Mobley and his nurse couldn't believe my steri strips stayed on that long! One on each side was starting to peel off but the incision sites were still covered. So I saw them today for the first time in their full glory. Dr. Mobley said they were healing well and the scars look great. They gave me a sample of scar gel and I bought a tube of it for $45, use twice a day. I used some when I got home and it felt really weird to touch them. I really have barely touched by boobs at all since the surgery. They're a little scary looking with the areolas being funky looking but I know they'll get better. He said no massaging yet (he said we'll talk about that in 2 months), keep wearing bras, I can go back to the gym as long as it feels ok, and I can sleep however I want. I know every doctor has different opinions on all of the above but I trust mine and will listen to everything he says! I'll have to fly back into town for my 2 month appt. since we're moving in a month, kind of a pain but I knew that was the deal when I scheduled the surgery. Now to deal with finishing my last Masters class before graduation and moving to a new state and starting a new job! Unfortunately moving and writing papers will overlap a bit :(.

Almost 1 month

I wish I could take better pictures so you can see how they really look! Lots of upper pole fullness still but that's ok. The longer they take to drop maybe they longer they stay up over the years! So cool to be the same exact size I was before.
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I've been to three other surgeons over the years for consults and felt the most comfortable with Dr. Mobley and his staff. Every single member of the staff in this practice is amazing, which to me is huge. I went to a surgeon right before Dr. Mobley who was recommended to me by two friends. I liked the surgeon but didn't go with him because of his staff and the office experience. Completely the opposite at Sarasota Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mobley is incredibly talented and takes pride in his work. He has a reassuring and confident manner, which is what I needed, especially being scared to death of my first surgery. Here's something that may sound odd but that was a huge deciding factor for me: Dr. Mobley, unlike every other surgeon I had consults with, meets with you when you're fully clothed first before you get almost naked in the paper robe. I just thought that was so cool, because I get major anxiety being naked in front of a stranger, doctor or not! I felt like this gave him the chance to see me as I look every day so he could tell what kind of look to give me with my boobs. Some people may not care, but it just made me feel so much more at ease to talk to him when I was dressed. He takes all the time you need to answer questions and educate you without making you feel rushed. I'm very happy with the results of my breast lift with implants aside from an unavoidable areola size issue, but I wanted to get lipo anyway so I can get it fixed then. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Mobley to anyone.

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