A New Year a new me:)

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I've been thinking about breast implants for years...

I've been thinking about breast implants for years. Now after having two children my breasts seem to be smaller, ok non existent! I know it's time for a change. Im 5'3 100 pounds and 25 years old. Im very well into fitness and i know a new set of breasts will give me the physique i long for.I'm still looking for a ps in my area. I have one in mind and I will be doing a consultation with him in September. Here's a pic of my wish boobs. I wish I haves saved the description with the picture, I cannot find it anywhere now :(

Im anxious and want my consultation now :)

The p.s. I'm thinking about going with wont be opening up his booking for consultations until September so here I am twiddling my thumbs!! I'm excited that he does 3d imaging so I can have an idea in what ill look like after. I want to from my a cup to a full c! I hope he doesn't look at me like I'm crazy or judge me! I know I have a small frame but I've seen big breasts on small girls and it looks good to me. I've been wanting breast implants since 13 but my mom said your not done growing! Lol little did she know I was. I hope to look more like a women in dresses and bathing suits rather then a twelve year old. Anyone in the Northern California area know of any great breast augmentation p.s?

Rice sizers

So I tried on the rice sizers up to 375 cc and that was still to small to me. Maybe it's the way I'm making them. I'm going to try them even bigger once I get more nylons. I want cleavage and since I have a short abdomen I believe I will need to get high profile implants. I will post a picture of me wearing the rice sizers as soon as I buy a sports bra and more nylons :)

Here's what I'm like now

So here's a pic of me currently and one of me before I had my second child. I lost a lot of weight after baby 2 and I breast fed,my breasts seem to have completely deflated eek! My husband likes me the way I am but I'm so uncomfortable wearing bathing suits. I wear padded bathing suits and bras but I can no longer get the little bit of cleavage I use to have :(

Research research research!!

So I've been looking for different ps in my area to go for consultations and I found 6 that I may go too. I still feel confident on going to the ps that is nearest to me but I'm going to see the others for their opinions and prices. Here's a few more pics of how I'd like to look after my breast aug.

Pre consult with the doctor I mainly had in mind today!

Although I didn't get to see the p.s. himself, that won't be until November for the actual consultation. I seen one of his patient coordinators. She kind of scared me away telling me I won't be able to go as big as I'd like, although she said if I ever wanted to go bigger I could have them redone! Didn't make since to me and why would I want to go under the knife twice and pay twice!!!!! Already pricey quoting me at 6,200. No way I'd want to invest in breasts twice if it isn't necessary! Anyways I tried on sizers and I was happy with 450 cc but I'd rather do to 500 since I'm planning on going under the muscle. She had me try 375 and said that's where they prob can get me and I was not happy with it at all. I'd rather stay flat chested than spend money on a size I'd hate! I don't even know why she is even saying anything about what I can do because she isn't the doctor. She just made me want to cancel all together with them :( I have another consult with a p.s. in my area on Thursday! I hoping the experience is more pleasant! I forgot to mention she showed me digital imaging of how they may look. Horrifying!!!!!!!! They were too small and my boobs were really far apart ick!!!!!

The time is close!!! Yay to the new me

My breast augmentation is set and scheduled! Dec 30th is the big day!!

Pre op date and update

My pre op date is set! Dec 16 and my surgery date is dec 30 2014 right before New Years! A new year a new me:) I'm going with silicone round and he won't tell me the exact cc's but it's between 300-400! I should be a c or small d! The incision is going around my nipples. Here's a couple wish chests. He said May not get as big as these pics because my skin can only stretch so far and I'm thin skinned, I understand since I'm a a cup

Less than a hour until boobies!!

I'm waiting for my surgery . They will be starting iv soon here's a before pic!

Day after surgery

I'm feeling fine and was amazed to find lady lumps on my chest when I woke. I'll post pics as soon as I feel better. My doc said give them 4 to 6 weeks before I start judging them. My doctor gave me get well flowers so sweet

My boobs seem to far apart:( opposite of what I want plus I don't think he used high profile like I asked

Day 2 of recovery and I'm freaking out. Not happy with how far apart they are. Doc said don't judge for 4 weeks let them fluff and drop but I can't help but be concerned. They should still look full at top. I wanted high profile rounded silicone gel

Feeling better surgery story

I arrived for surgery at 9:30 am and the ladies are so sweet and made me feel comfortable. While I was waiting to go in the back they brought me flowers saying they were from my doctor to sweet. Kissed my fiancé bye and they told him they'd call him when I'm ready to be picked up. My surgery didn't start until 11:30 am. They had me wash my chest and belly with this soap that smelled like rubbing alcohol and dress In my gown and socks. I went to my rollawaybed and they covered me with warmed blankets. 11 am rolled around and my doc went over what I wanted and how he was doing the incision made me feel confident. Then the anesthesiologist came in and started my iv he was very friendly and I didn't feel anything but a pinch. 20 mins later they rolled me to the surgery room and started the Anesthesia, it burned my arm and ached but then I felt drunk and the room started spinning. Kind of fun lol. I then woke up and was told I was in recovery. I felt my chest and was like woah that was fast but had a hard time staying conscious because of the pain med shots I believe. My doc called me that night to check on me and the next day. I called him once concerned because my left side is really bulgy and I get sharp pains but we believe it's fluids. I was surprised I was able to get ahold of him being they are on vacay until the 4th. Still I never had a problem getting ahold of him and he still calls although he's on vacay. Monday the 5 th is my next visit. I hope he is able to remove the stitches????. So far satisfied. I can't wait to try on bras and lose all this fluid retention it's bad! Who else had lots of fluid retention after surgery?

16 days post op!

Loving my new chest. My incisions should be healed all the way in one weeks time! Yaya showers again. My doc is having me keep the insicion sights dried until healed. I have 350cc and can fit in 34c or 32c Victoria secret brand! I'm not going to lie Im having boob greed lol. Here's how they are now. Still healing I can't wait to see final result! View looking down I feel like I'm a b but I love side view. These pics don't do them justice.

So what cc's d I have and implant? Answered!

The doctor said he would use between 300ccs too 400ccs, he ended up going with 350ccs he told me he'd go as big as my skin will let him. I have round silicone gel high profile implants. I believe the name of the brand is natrelle!

Post op week 3 incision site progress in healing!

So the last 3 weeks I've had steristrips covering my incisions and I'd go in once a week and the nurse would change the tape. Well today is the last day and I was told to use vitamin e and lightly massage and apply it on my scars. They look scary but it takes time to heal. Im back to work and I mopped boy that was a mistake because I'm super sore today! I was also advised at my visit I cannot mop anymore lol, for Atleast another 4 to 6 weeks. My job is very physical and I mop daily and use my arms a lot so I'm concerned to how they will feel about my restrictions. I'm also very active and I'm a gymrat and was told I can only walk for excercise boo! I'm a weightlifting, bycyling, crossfit, squatting fanatic so this is hard! Haha luckily I'm managing my weight but loosing muscle . Anyways here's a pic of my scars! Anyone here advised not to work out and be so restricted to do things like pushing pulling or lifting over 10 pounds? This is what I can't do for another 4 to 6 weeks! Very hard for me! Anyone have incisions around the nipples? What do you use for your incision scars??? Sorry lots of questions but I need support too lol

Update incisions and pics post up 1 month

It's been 1 month since my surgery. Implants are a little softer but not mobile. I was told it will take about 3 months until they will be mobile. So far I love the outcome. My left breast feels like there is air underneath the implant and also makes a whooshing noise weird! I researched it and read that my body will eventually dissolve it. I see my doctor on February 25th. I love them but wish they were bigger haha. Still I'm way bigger then when I started!! Here's a pic of progress

Boobies getting more mobile

I'm loving my new chest more everyday . I'm starting to be able to get cleavage being that they are softening and becoming more mobile. Here's an update pic in a strapless dress! Valentine's day and letting my girls be known lol
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