Natrelle silicone 400cc textured uhp .UK

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Im 35 currently a full B cup, hoping for a...

Im 35 currently a full B cup, hoping for a natural but envious D cup lol. Iv had 3 children 3/9 and 12. I have been thinking about doin this for years, n i now finally have the chance... super excited and nervous to say the least eeek. I will be having 375 - 400 cc, under the muscle. Countdown is now 2 weeks to go so I am now trying to get prepared, I will add pics nearer the day ;)

Less than 48 hours 2 go...

not alot 2 say apart from the usual. Been shopping for sports bras, nothing glamours till i know my size. Natural healing remedy's and bits for my hospital bag. I do have one problem i havnt told my boyfriend, hes hard work and i would rather surprise him then he cant talk me out of it. He thinks im goin to my mums for a few days shopping for my bithday and easter for the kids.... guilt is seeting in, i dont know what 2 do...

1 more sleep...

Getting excited, traveling to my mums tonight with a friend. My mum will be looking after my daughter while im having them done, early start tomorrow will b leaving at 4am. Excited and nervous but still surprisingly calm?

All done;)

Well I was the first one down back in my room for half 10. Not really painfull at the moment, it's much as others have described, with a tightness and heavy weight on your chest. Dry mouth and very drained. Should be able to go home soon! I have ended up with 400cc under the muscle, high profile x

Happy birthday 2 me, 1 day post op;)

Well I am 35 today, looks like I will be spending it resting up. Only woke once in the night as it's hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in but generally feeling pretty good! Boobs r numb apart from in the cleavage area, very swollen so I'm just keeping the band n sports bra on and just gonna have a shallow bath.

Morning boobs a killer

Well i slept well again last night, yesterday was fine i even managed to walk down to the local for an evening birthday meal with my mum and daughter. I did wake in pain at about 6am took some meds and went back to sleep.
I am a bit concerned as i read my notes last night and i have ultra HP? I wasnt aware of this? is there much difference, i had asked for a natural look. So im panicking now that they are going to look ultra fake??
Im still numb, they dont feel like mine, i cant wait to feel normal again x

Softening up ;)

Well slept well again and getting up was much easier today, my bowels are working again as well!! I sat with ice packs on last night and they seem to have softened up a lot, im feeling much more comfortable today, but still numb?

Happy Easter ;)

Let's face the music and dance :)

Heading home today, my boyfriend now knows not happy but I'm sure he will secretly love them too lol

Feeling pretty good no pain meds today still swollen n tender but I think it's the strap causing most discomfort but it has to stay on for now at least.

Took some pics in the same pre op t shirt n u can see the difference lol :)

Twin peaks lol

Home now n got all my kids back, feels good to be getting back to normal I. Did enjoy the break thou.

Pretty much the same today tried on a few bras currently a 34 d, still feeling and looking bloated but I guess it will take time, hope ur all well :)

Feelin good;)

Fully mobile I had my 7 day check the nurse was astonished with how well I am? Straps doing my head in but it's not an option, only 2 weeks left, il grin n bare it. I can sleep on my side, nipple area is still numb but I have been having shooting sensations through both breasts so fingers crossed there rejuvenating. I'm a happy lady so far so good :)

Back to reality

Hi all, went back to work today, don't think any1 noticed anything different lol, I was well covered thou:) still doing really well, can't wait for the strap to come off, boobies are getting softer everyday and I have woken up on my belly for the last two mornings!

Boobilicious, 2 weeks old:)

On top form! Had my 2 week check early on Tuesday, girls are dropping well but they like you to wear the strap for 3 week, bummer! Incisions are granulated in the middle ( still a bit pink) so a special dressing was applied and they have to keep it dry for a further week, I cannot wait for a long hot deep bubble bath!!! Really happy with my size although boob greed has crosed my mind, I am really glad I got the uhp now they look really full and there's no way I'm going throu this again haha!

Bf met the girls! :)

Went well, he saw them nude this weekend. Didn't have much 2 say and was surprisingly shy with them, although I copped him having a couple of subtle groans wen he could lol!!
My dressings fell of so I have replaced them with spare, pics attached :)


Ment to say groaps not groans lol

3 weeks post op

Hi, well I've not had the best week, my right incision became slightly infected so I'm back on antibiotics for another week, it feels much better already thou! Was very worried at first. Straps off now :) girls have dropped nicely and softening slowly. Trying to take it easy as I feel the infection was caused by me being to active, as I felt well

Advice needed:(

Hi, so last week I had an infection starting in my right incision, I've been on antibiotics and went for a check up yestaday, I was told they looked clean and healing better. In the afternoon I became unwell with a temperature shakes sweats and every bone in my body ached. This morning I woke the fever had passed but my left boob has swollen a lot, and is quite painfull. I don't know what to think, has anyone experienced anything similar?


So the left breast has now started leaking a clear liquid with a yellow tinge to it, I have called the emergency number and she thinks it sounds like the swelling was a build up of fluid, she suggest i go to a&E if poss to redress the wound and attend the clinic tomorrow. My kids r all in bed sleeping so i guess im goin to have to wait till morning and hope 4 the best :(

feeling better ;)

Hi, made it into a&e today, the staff were great!! they were less than impressed with the after care i have so far received from surgicare, they said when they first thought there was a problem with my incisions ( 2 weeks ago!) my check ups should of been allot more regular and the dressings should of been changed every other day. The small pin hole the leakage was coming out of became bigger last night, i hardly slept scared to move incase i made it worse and the liquid turned to a puss, i was mortified and thinking the worst! ( im on my laptop, il upload a pic shortly of my phone)

Obviously i have an infection, but they think im through the worst of it, she was expecting it to look alot worse, she put my mind at rest and told me not to worry. My wounds were cleaned and examined, they have stuffed the opening with some special seaweed stuff that promotes healing from the inside and re-dressed them with extra padding for any further leakage, and told me to go back to the clinic tomorrow for the dressing to be changed and insist it be done they way they have, and also to make an appointment for every other day for it to be redone. I have also been given a weeks worth of super-dooper antibiotics ( i should of been given a week ago!) that should do the trick, fingers crossed x

5 weeks post op...

So my PS is out of the country till next week, i had 2 see a different PS he has recommended that i go back into hospital as an emergency case to have the wound re-stitched, he is happy there is no infection but concerned it will again and if that happens the implant will have 2 b removed :(

So its a 2 hour journey tomorrow to have stitches, so pissed off but well that's life

Change of plan...

Well op is now sataday there's no one available on Friday and there now removing my implant, cleaning the pocket and replacing it with a new one, I really don't think it's necessary but I suppose there acting on the safe side. I'm just hoping recoverys quicker this time and at least the pocket is stretched already, preying everything works out this time...

Implant replaced

Well surgery was yesterday, I was in quite a bit of pain when I awoke unlike the first time, I had 2b given 2 lots of morphine, the implant was replaced in the left breast, the pocket was cleaned and I drain has been put in and I'm told I have 2 have this for a whole week, it's got a massive bottle attached at the end, not impressed but what can I do? The left breast is harder but sitting ok, the only discomfort I have is in the incision. I'm on more antibiotics preying this works out :(

Saw my PS!!

So I saw my original ps after nearly 6 weeks since my original surgery, he removed that awful drain, thank god, and told me to do nothing for the next month no matter how well I feel! Luckily my new job doesn't start for 3 weeks I was planning on decorating but my health n boo boos must come first!

Lopsided boobies !

So my left one is 7 weeks tomorrow I think and the right is 10 days, they look very strange, u can see the difference in d &f lol I hope my right catches up quickly my holidays booked in July!

Healing well:)))

A bit scared 2 speak to soon but I have just returned from my check up and she said there doing great!! The left one is healed completely and the right has had the stitches removed and healing well... Yay, I don't need 2 go back for 4 weeks now and I'm aloud to have a proper bath!!! Just need the right to d&f as well as the left n I'm one happy girl:)
andrea giavante

Lovely man, very friendly and honest. I did end up with uhp instead of hp but I will trust his judgement for now, had an excellent recovery so far I cannot fault him.

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