1yr post op Sientra 400cc textured classic shaped mod profile. 5'6'' 130lbs

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So where to start... I have been wanting a BA for...

So where to start... I have been wanting a BA for at least 10 years now. Turing 30 this year and am done having kids. Breastfeed for a total of 2 years and now am a small B/A I think :). Went up to a D when breastfeeding and would like them back. Minus the milk part :). I go between 125-129 and am 5'5". Thought I was 5"6" I guess I'm shrinking. I called a million Drs and finally found one who uses Sienta implants. I worrying about rupture and leaking and the form stable makes me feel a little better about having silicon in my body. My Dr is Dr Movassaghi in Oregon. I'm planning on textured maybe 410-450cc under the muscle. I'm worried about being too big and lean towards the 410cc but I have read a lot about people always wanting to be a little larger and my husband says go big or go home... Anyone else wear the rice sizers and think about the weight your going to be carrying around? Maybe I should start working out my back haha. I'm going to post photos of before and after just need to get the guts to do it :)


I went to the Natural local hippie store and bought some Arnica tablets to take 2 weeks before my surgery( My Dr. has you take it post op). I have read that it helps if you start taking it before. Lady who helped me said not to use any peppermint with it because it counter acts the Arnica.... Hmmm wondering if anyone else has ever heard of this. Also got the cream to put on after surgery. I'm trying to make sure that I have a quick recovery. Picking a size is kind of driving me crazy........ Cant wait to talk to my Dr and hear what he recommends.

Getting my weight right for surgery

When I first decided to start calling Drs I was 122lbs... Now 130. Just lost 2lbs this week. Feeling more motivated to work out and eat better because I'm spending so much money on my boobs. Might as well make everything else look good :) Did my measurements today and my rib cage is 32'' and boobs 34.5'' waist 26.5'' bum 36''. I'm hoping to get back down to my normal weight so when my Dr and I decide on size it will be right. I have moved a lot and let myself go for the last 3 months. Started detox tea a few days ago. Hopefully all of this will help with recovery. That's my biggest concern now. May needs to hurry up and get here :) Going to post before photos when I lose some LBs, maybe I should post now... lost weight... then new boobs.

Wish pic and photo of me

So... I'm trying to loose some lbs before my surgery. Was 133 last week or so... today in photo 130, hopefully 122 soon(my normal weight) I think I can do it before May 29th

Hmmm Photos seem to be having trouble uploading...

Another before pic

I keep going back and forth on wanting to be a C or a D. Seems like such a hard choice. I think a D would be obviously fake on my body and a C more natural but I'm seeing all these boobs on here that are Ds and they look good. If I don't want anyone to know and just fill out my clothes better then maybe C..... Ahhhh wish I didn't even have a choice. I think my husband is tired of hearing about boobs. May seems so far away. I'm trying to get all my things together and ready so I don't forget anything. I am flying out of state for my BA and don't want to be last min shopping the day before my BS in a city I'm not from. About 6 weeks more to go and I will be heading out for boobies. Yay!!!
I bought a bunch of zip up sweaters/hoodies. Wondering if I will be able to put a t shirt on.

Wish pic

Its almost May!!!

Went to my Gyno Dr to get a boob exam and check everything else out. Talked to her about implants. Nice to hear a second opinion from someone who has examined them a lot. Had her check my height because I can't seem to figure it out :) I am 5'6'' and 129lbs. Goal is to get back to 122lbs by the time of surgery. My tickets have been bought for a while now just waiting until May 23rd to fly out and begin my crazy boob journey.

Before photos 5'6'' 129lbs 32 a/small b (depends on bra)

15 more days until boobie time!

Getting excited. Feeling more real like its actually going to happen. I fly out in 9 days. Still need to book one more hotel.

So a big big thing that I have been worrying about... My period is the week of my surgery. NOT good. So I went to my gyno Dr and asked if it was okay for me to take Plan B to make my period start so it will be done by the time I fly out. She said can't hurt anything so try it. Called Drs office and they said go ahead and take it but not a big deal if I'm on my period during the surgery BUT she did say that might make my boobs hurt worse after BA. So I went and got plan b and took it 1 week ago. Surprise I got my period yesterday! It worked!! well so far it has. Hopefully it won't keep going until my normal time. My friend who is a pharmacists takes it before vacation if its going to be that time of the month and works for her.
I haven't lost anymore weight but then again I am on my period again and usually go up a few lbs so maybe I have... After the 15th I'm going to start taking the arncia tablets 3X a day. Limit alcohol too. Excited!!!

Tomorrow pre op app!

Can't believe after all the months of waiting that tomorrow I am going in for my pre op and surgery Thursday. Flying into Eugene today. The plan b worked and made my period before this week. Was NOT fun and would never do it again but it worked how I wanted it too. Haven't had alcohol since last wed and stopping ibuprofen today. I have also been taking iron pills every day and some times 2Xs a day. Last thing I want is to fly all the way here and have the Dr say I have low iron. Anxious to hear what size the Dr recommends.

Pre op app

Tried on a few sizes. Decided on 400cc classic shaped textured Sientra implants. I will post some photos of the sientra sizers with and without them. They are on order! I am sooo excited.

Photo without sizers

More sizers and without photos

Pre op visit

So it's crazy how different drs all have different instructions afterwards. Things my dr said to do or not

Sleep flat on my back not on an incline.
Do not massage ever (textured)
Don't touch them.
No bra for 6 weeks then whatever after that.
No stretching above my shoulder hight so don't raise arms all the way up.

Have to shave and use some soap they gave me tonight. Finally this day has come. Wondering if I will be a D or a C after. Starting out with an A and adding 400cc. Need to be at the surgery clinic at 2:30 tomorrow. Might be bitchy because I'm going to be starving by that point :)

400cc Sienta textured classic shape

Post op boobie pics 4-5hrs post op

400cc classic shaped textured sientra implants

Surgery day

So yesterday I went to surgery center had my surgery probably around 9am. Nurse tried 2 times to get an IV in ( hurt really bad) then the anesthesiologist put it in on my other arm. Got marked up by dr then walk in surgery room. Woke up in recovery 10:30 am. Kept thinking the anesthesiologist have me too much. I was soooo sick but managed not to puke. Got a scopolamine patch and phenergian(sp?) shot with some pain meds. Needed wet cold towel and tried to take all blankets off me. I was sooo hot. Around 11:15 I was feeling better and my in home care lady showed up. Perfect timing. She drove me back to my hotel and stayed with me until 7pm when my husband got back from Bend OR. I took my norco 2 pills every 5 hrs. Did not want to be in pain. Slept for 2 hrs then went out to Chapals Mexican restaurant. Felt pretty good.

1 day post op.
Got up washed my face took pills and I feel pretty good. Waiting for my dr for post op visit. Can't believe I have boobies!! So far to me everything looks great. I'm so happy I chose dr movassaghi.
I put Arica cream on my boobs and have been taking the pills too. Wish I would have done some more ab exercises before this. Would have helped getting up from sitting and laying down position. Dr told me to sleep on my back. So happy I don't have to sleep on an incline. Will post day 1 photos when I get back to the hotel room. Right now the most pain is under my arm puts and ribs below boobies AND my tummy from being backed up. I have been taking colace twice a day for a while. Not helping. Might have to resort to docolax but that shit is harsh

Post op day 1

Hurray for boobies!!!!!!

Weird shadowing is from the iodine left over from surgery on my sides and ink all over. Some ink marks on my left boob too.

Under boob post op day 1

Under boobs. I think I need to leave these things on for a while. Can't remember how long. Have small burn from cauterizer but it's healing. I think it hurts worse than the incision cuts.

Post op day 2

Woke up this morning in pain. Was close to my next does. My right boob swelling seems to be going down a little bit. The left one is bigger now. Left one feels like it has more fluid moving around in it. It also spasms twice as much as my right when I use it. I do the arm stretches that my Dr showed me and it stops the spasming. I took my scopolamine patch off yesterday and this morning my vision is a little weird and I feel dizzy/high. I think my eyes are still dilated from the patch. Ate breakfast and finally had a bm. I feel sooo much better and the pain meds are kicking in. Only real pain is the burn mark and the incision below boob where he made my boob creases. I am soooooo happy with my boobs. I have been sleeping great on my back. I don't have to be on an incline thank god. Last night I drank senna tea, 2 docusate/colace, and 1 docolax. Been drinking a ton of water/coconut water too.
I wish I would have done this sooner in my life. They haven't even settled and I feel like I look better. Finally my ass matches my boobs. I'm going to post pics today after we get back from our sightseeing and shopping. I bought a zip up track suit from VS before my surgery and wore it surgery day. Most comfortable outfit.

Post op day 2 photos

One is more swollen and lower than the other at this point

Not loading

Trying again

Post op day 3

Boobs look uneven and right boob incision very painful. Last 24 really bad nausea From the norco. So I stopped taking them and only taking 5mg of diazepam until I can talk to my dr.

Update on post op 3 and today (4)

So yesterday I was crazy sick. Like really really sick at 5:20am. Was due for a norco dose. I didn't take it. Dose before that was 12:20am. I decided that I should stop taking it because I was having every side effect and for the last 24 hrs trying not to puke had rashes blurred vision and extremely dizzy. So I just took 5mg of diazepam that I had left over from one of my c sections. I do not do well with Percocet and now for sure norco. Got promethazine from walgreens for my massive headache and nausea but it just made me pass out. Sleeping through that was probably the best thing for me. Went to dr and he said everything looks fine and gave me script for tramadol. I have the bottle but decided to see if I can go with out pain meds.
Post op day 4. Got up this morning and have slight morning boob and right incision pain only when moving in certain directions. I think I'm going to take a Celebrex and maybe 1/2 a muscle relaxer. I think the pain meds were making my recovery a lot worse. My husband and I are driving to the coast today so I'm going to bring everything with me just in case. One is still more swollen than the other and higher but I think that is normal. I will post pics this everning when I get back.

5 days post op

So my surgery was Friday at 8:30am and today is wed so.. 5 days? Whatever So I didn't post yesterday's because they looked just like the day before. I think they are still uneven because of the swelling hopefully. I am pain med free. Just taking Celebrex and docusate. I think my tummy bloat is on it's way down but it's still noticeable I am having a skin reaction to the paper tape over my burn below my boob. Going to leave it off today or maybe use tagaderm.

9 days post op

Been with my kids the last few days so I am a lot more sore than I was before and swollen again. I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. Traveling home today after this long boob journey. Happy I did this. Still can't believe I have boobs! Oh and my nipples are crazy sensitive. I have to put a gauze pad with tagaderm over it so nothing rubs on them. My burn is healing slowing and still putting silver cream crap on it.

11 days post op

getting confused on the post op days :) before and after swimsuit photos

forgot to add

Left for BA weighing 129lbs and after 2 400cc implants and 15 days of eating out every day and living in hotels I weight 132 now. Wondering how much of that is implant weight. Going to wait 6 weeks post op to start on treadmill and pilates again.


32DD don't look that big in clothes. I love them but if I need a revision I think I would go bigger.

Bra shopping

Sizing is crazy. Sometimes I fit into 32-34 dd bras and the one in the photo is a 36d..... I think I will just have to know the brand and what size I am in each. Need to get to a Victoria's Secret. I just tried this one on. Didn't buy it. Not suppose to wear a bra for 6 weeks.

More before and after

Big improvement from what I had before.

Few post op photos

5'6" 130lbs now. Can't wait to get on the treadmill and get ride of 5-7lbs.


Thought I would add this to my review. My left breast is 12.5 and right 13 if I am remembering correctly. I have the classic shaped textured Sientra implants. The oval were too wide and the round shaped were too short heightwise. So that made it easy to narrow it down to classic shaped. Then we looked at width. Dr Movassaghi gave me a range that he thought that I could go from. I think it was 310cc-400cc. If you look at the chart its kinda easy to figure out. The 450cc could have fit but it would have gone up another cm in height and I did not want it up that high on my chest. I tried on sizers and my husband took photos. Dr Movassaghi came back in the room and asked what we picked. We then asked him what he would have picked and it was what we wanted 400cc. I think the size evens out my butt and fits my body. I had almost no breast tissue so round was not an option for me. I wanted a natural looking boob. Next was textured vs smooth. The smooth implants tend to drop after a while and it appears that your scar rises up on the boob and nipples are no longer positioned correctly on the breast. I'm assuming if you wear a bra all the time that this might not happen but gravity is gravity. The textured adheres to where your Dr puts it and it stays put. I don't like to wear bras and want to limit my chances or needed a revision. Sientra has a Capsular Contraction guarantee it also has the lowest CC rates. With the textured it gets even lower.

Forgot to add before but I have scoliosis. My spine is not perfectly straight. My Dr noticed this and lowered my right incision to even my boobs out. They were technically even before but since I kinda lean to one side they look uneven. He fixed that. I will talk about this in my next update.

26 days post op photos

26 days post op udate

Sooooo where to begin.

In the post above I mentioned about my scoliosis. My right boob incision was lowered to accommodate that. I used to go to a chiropractor once a week in high school for my back. Always had it but never really cared but when you add a set of boobies to the situation it needed to be fixed. I'm only 3 weeks out so I'm not expecting it to look perfect. It was anchored down but I was worried that it may have lifted and so the scar is higher up. I called the Drs nurse Janet about it. Always makes me feel better to ask her my miscellaneous paranoid questions just to calm down some ocd I have :)
Dr said during my pre op that I had slight pectus excavatum. Meaning my rib cage kind of slants in. Hopefully that helps me with some cleavage and less boob gap.

Yesterday I was applying my scar gel after my shower and felt a pop on the right side(lowered incision side). Like cracking your knuckle. Pretty sure it was an internal suture that broke. They are meant to dissolve at 3 weeks but I still can feel all of them. Now I have a softer spot under where it was. I can only feel it when I put the scar stuff on. Not an issue at all as they all will go away just scared the hell out of me for a few min like WTF did I just do :) So far I think the scars are looking good. I pointed out a dent in my left boob. Pretty sure that my boob was like that before the surgery. Maybe the shaped implant will push it out. Wishful thinking :) I am happy with them exactly how they sit now. If they get better then hey a plus but I am soooo happy at this point. I look back at my before pictures and feel like it was someone else. They are kind of jiggly now and some parts seem like they are "fluffy". Skin is not as tight.
I still get morning boob every morning. Its not painful at all but tight and then it loosens up in a few minutes. Not a big deal. Worth every cc in these boobs. I still look at them every time I walk past a mirror in my house. Like I'm checking to make sure they are still there and I actually went in and got these things and not dreaming. Yay for boobies!!!! One of the best decisions ever.

Went and tried on bras

Didn't buy anything just went shopping and wanted to try a few things on. Sizing is weird... Need to go to nordstrom in a month and get fit for a bra. I'm sure they are not their final size.
34DD fits but I'm guessing they will shrink down to a 34D.

Over month post op

Last night leaning over on the couch to comfort my crying 2 yrs old I popped another internal stitch. Not painful but scared the sh*t about of me. I popped one before putting on the silicon scar gel. They are supposed to dissolve on their own at 3 weeks but none of mine have and only have 2 that are popped now...... hmmm. The other thing is that I'm really noticing my left is larger than my right. Enough to see it in a bra cup. I hope this evens out with time. My right side is the smaller one and I'm right handed. I am still sleeping on my back. I really want to sleep on my side but it feels so weird. I am a side sleeper. Enough of the bitch fest I'm going to get a glass of wine and tell myself everything will be fine

Photo update

Who said sientra implants are firm.....? I think they are very squishy as long as I take it easy. Can't believe it's almost 6 weeks. Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me and helped me through this process. I really really appreciate it!

Flexing update

Everything seems to be going great. Can sometimes sleep on my side. 5 weeks as of yesterday. I think my swelling is all gone and you can see where the implant is. Left is still larger. Hopefully my right will loosen up and be closer to the same size. Been using scar gel everyday. Got bio oil for when I run out of the gel. I posted some flexing photos. I was doing it as hard as I could in the last photo. Pretty sure this is normal when going under the muscle. I would take that any day over increases CC and less natural look of the overs(cause I have less tissue). I still can see the line under my nipples where the muscle is in certain light. Wondering if that is because it needs to loosen up still???? Anyone have this too?

Bra sizing

Went to Nordstrom and Aerie and got sized this afternoon. Still didn't buy anything because I want to wait until I'm 6 weeks post op. Less than 1 week away. At Aerie this young girl told me I was 36B based on measurements. 29.5'' ribs and 36.5" bust is NOT a 36B. Maybe she was new. I tried on her bras and showed her. I couldn't even get them on. Another lady came and helped me and said I am a 34DD and 34D depending on the style of bras there. Going to post some photos from there. Black sizing bra from there was my fav and super comfortable.
Went to Nordstrom after that. Damn I forgot how expensive Nordstrom bras are. I tried on 15+ bras and am a 34DD but the band is slightly loose and the 32DDD fit but band is slightly tight but the lady said that it would stretch a bit and I would be better getting the 32DDD. $68.99 was the cheapest bra I tried on there.
I really didn't understand bra sizing until recently. I can see how sooo many people can get the same implants but vary so much on bra size. It really has a lot to do with your rib measurement. If you are kind of heavy and have a 38'' rib measurement your a B or C but the same boob size on a 30'' rib measurement might be a DDD or DD. Its all relative to the rib measurement. Thats why other 400cc girls on here have different cup sizes than me. And if I loose 10lbs I might wear a smaller band and larger cup size. Correct me if I am wrong but this is what I have learned from nordstrom, herroom and other boob websites.
I will post the photos from today. Happy healing everyone.

Bra photos

So 34DD fits but the band is slightly loose but cups are good. Lady said to get a 32DDD.


No bra. Love my boobies!!

6 weeks and 3 days post op

I'm feeling really good in the mornings. Morning boob is gone and they are really squishy now. Still have not bought a bra. Have 2 sports bras but they are loose in the band and not supportive. I just wear them to hide my nips when I leave the house. I went to Aerie yesterday and spent and hr trying on bras. All of the 34DD seemed to small in the cup and that is the largest they make. I ordered 3 bras from zappos. I might get the 32DD next. Having a hard time finding a bra and really want to wear one. My right boob crease is not creasing yet and makes the boob lower and uneven with the other. I think if I wear an under wire bra that it will help make a spot for it to stay and settle. Other than that I'm pretty happy with my boobs. If I'm ever not I just look at my before photos and think OMG anything is better than that :) I will post some photos in a bit. Started working out again. Slowly getting back into it. Crazy how much 6 weeks and make your muscles into mush.

6 weeks 3 days post op

400 cc sientra shaped textured

Trying this again...

And the rest of the photos

Finally bought a bra

Today I'm turning 30.... Old body new young boobs hahaha. Finally got a bra in the mail from zappos 34DD. It's snug but I need something.

8 weeks 3 days post op

So I'm a little over 2 months now. I can sleep on my sides and kinda lay on my front but its not the most comfortable thing. I try to wear an under wire bra during the day to help make a crease on my right boob. I don't really think about them all the time, maybe a few times during the day when I pass a mirror :). My left is slightly bigger than my right but I think they were like that before my BA. I bought 3 32DDD bras but my boobs are still kinda coming out the top..... I have no clue what would be beyond that 32F?? Can't wait to go to Victoria Secret when I fly down for my 6 month app. I still don't have all my strength back in my pec muscles and can flex and distort them were they look bad. Hopefully I won't do that motion in a bathing suit haha. They have softened up but are definitely firmer than a real boob. I think they will get softer with time. I can get some cleavage now. I really feel like my boobs have balanced out my body and actually made me look thinner even though I have gained weight. My husband says my legs look smaller and my waist too. My left incision is healing well but right is more red and not as far along. My right is the side that he lowered the incision. I keep thinking how much this has changed things for me. I feel so much better about myself than before. I wish I would have done this sooner. I'm going to post some photos in a bit with some different clothes on and the bras I bought.

2 month photos

9weeks a few days

Got some squishy boobs. My husband said he can only tell they are fake because I have the scars. Yay! When I lay in my back my right boob is straight up but now my left one goes a little over to my arm pit ;(. I started sleeping with my underwire bra and stopped sleeping on my left side. I hope it stops it from going that way. Still look good when I'm standing up. My right has fluffed more like my left. Wonder how much better they will look at 6 months.

Almost 12 weeks.

SO, I have been dealing with an issue with my right implant. I have textured and they are not suppose to move but my Dr and I are thinking that my stitches possibly failed on that side. I had post months or more ago about the stitches popping and I was worried blah blah... well the implant dropped. It was below its crease. I have been worried and was thinking this was happening the whole time and should have listened to my gut feeling and flown back to see my Dr. Well I have been wearing an under wire bra 24/7 and wear a band under my breast to keep them even. It has gotten slightly better but I think if I stop doing it that the implant will just slide back down. Who knows but I'm going to try to wear the strap thing for a few months and hopefully it heals back up that way. I will post some photos. I want to try to get it to stay in that position as much as I can before I'm 6 months. Not sure if it will work but it had already improved by half. Going to fly down and see my Dr in November/December and see where we can go from there. He told me on the phone that he would do a revision for free but I don't want to be cut again. Its not worth the added CC risk from re operation. I think it has gotten a lot better in just the past week. Fingers crossed that I can fix it

Almost 12 weeks

Left side of the photos are from a few weeks ago and right side is from last week after I have been trying to fix the dropped side.

Forgot to add

Forgot to add that I can't feel the implant. I know its there but I can't feel any edges and have no rippling what so ever. I ask my husband all the time if he can tell or he can feel it and he says no. Biggest give away is the scar. I had almost no breast tissue and am surprised how much your muscle can cover it up and hide the edges.

Almost 14 weeks. So 3.5 months? close enough

Been dealing with my right implant wanting to drop. Seems to be about 50% better after wearing a under wire bra and a band. I don't do it 24/7 because it drives me crazy. Before I had implants I would take my bra off as soon I got home. Wearing one 24/7 is torture but it seems to have helped a bit.
I have pains in my boobs. Almost achy. I think when I lay on my sides at night that the implants pull on my muscles or maybe my bra is too snug. I pop out of the top. Maybe its smashing them :) I will post some photos in a bit. I still think my left is larger than my right even though I got 400cc in each side. I think my right muscle was tighter and might just take a bit longer. Running still does not feel good. Seriously thinking I might not ever run again. Walking is fine though. Putting lids on tupperware is still uncomfortable.

Almost 14 weeks 3.5 months

Photos 4 months 3 days

Few photos. Been 4 months and 3 days. Been sleeping on my stomach for about a week. Sometimes it feels weird on my side because the weight of my boobs so I hold a pillow and it helps. Still not running because it feels terriable with boobs. I need to get a really good sports bra. Might help. I wear silicone strips on incisions 24/7. I think it has helped a lot. Was using the gel before and I don't think it did much.


Some photos

Cleavage with shaped implants

I don't have a problem getting some cleavage. I think it's a misconception about shaped implants. Had a question about it so here are some photos.

5 1/2 months post op

Been 5 1/2 months already. Going for my 6 month in 2 weeks. Been working out everyday. Kinda let myself go during the recovery time :( I'm going on vacation and want my body to look as good as my boobs :)

6 months post op photos

Going to over post some photos. Just had my 6 month post op in OR on Friday. Very happy about my boobies. I love them. Hope this helps some one with size choose and shape options if your completely flat to start like I was. Not anymore :)

About 6.5 months

Some new photos

7.5 months

Here are some photos from last week.

7.5 month update

Boobs are doing really good. I don't even think about them anymore. Wireless bras feel the best. My incisions are still kinda purple and I am still using the gel on them. Guess I just take longer for the scar to turn skin colored. At least its under my boob and no one will see it.
So this month has been kinda bad for my weight. Well since thanksgiving :) Finally got on the scale last night which was probably a bad idea because I had been eating all day and it said 138lbs. I was on the treadmill for 30 min yesterday and am going to try to lose 10lbs or whatever gets me back into my clothes. I weighed less than 138 after each of my kids births!!! Ever since I got these implants I've been pretty lazy. So I'm going to work out every day and keep track of calories. I'm going on vacation in about a month in 1/2 and want to be in shape.

5'6'' 400cc Overflowing out of a 32DDD wire bra but wire free stretchy fit great. Probably cause I gained some weight.

12/28 138lbs
12/29 137.2lbs

goal -10+lbs. Think I look best between 122-125lbs

Thanks Boobs4momof3 for the motivation!

Clothed photo

Starting my weighloss.

12/28. 138lbs
12/29. 137.2lbs
12/30. 136.6 lbs


Well 12/31 and the 1st I was quite bad and am back to 137.2. Tried running yesterday and my boobs were soooo sore in the evening. Went on treadmill for 30 min today 3.4 speed and 3.0 incline. Maybe I will wait longer to run :). Back on my struck eating.

These are some photos of my tommy Bahama swim suit I just got. Size medium. Bottom is a skort that can be cinched up on the sides.

Cosabella soft bra

I forgot to post this one. From 6pm web site on sale. Size medium. Might need a large in this style. It has the bra hooks in back and straps can be changed to cross back or what ever you call it. Been back on track with working out and food journal/healthy eating

12/28/14 138lbs
1/4/15 135.8lbs

Yay!!! I know once I'm in the 120s that it drops off slower. But I'm happy so far. That New Years 1/2 pizza and 3 bottles of champagne was worth the delay haha.

Yay for boobies

Tried on some more outfits. Love this green one. It's actually a dress. Started Pilates 30 min last night in addition to 30 min on treadmill. Have a surgery on the 13th and not sure how long I will be out for. Have to fix some uterus stuff from having 2 babies. So going to try hard to stay on track for Mexico in February.
Started 12/28 at 138lbs
Today. 1/5. 134.4lbs

Going to post some of my diet. Only up to lunch. Will post diner and late night food later.

Photos didn't post

Swim suits

Got some swim suits yesterday. Blue stripped from Venus and the tester from nordstrom rack.

Forgot about bra pic

VS bra. 32DDD. I like it. Should have gotten matching underwear.

Hydro ablation

I had a hydro ablation on the 13th. Off the meds the next day BUT i had a scopolamine patch on and OMG I have been and still having bad withdrawals. I can't drive and am dizzy and weak all the time. My pupils are still dilated and seeing double everything. My husband thinks I'm having a bad reaction to the patch. He said its a normal reaction and I have to just wait it out. (hes a Dr) I seem to be very sensitive to meds. Everything else with the surgery is fine but holly shit. I feel like I took a ton of drugs and will never feel normal again. Its scary but I have been reading a lot about it online and it can take about a week or more to feel normal again. Watch out for that patch!!!!!!!! I will NEVER use it again. Medicine head times a million.

I haven't been working out or following my diet since surgery but I am 135lbs today and normally would start my period tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have one again :)

Side profile in sweater

Only in fitted clothes do my boobs look big. Probably a good thing so I can dress them up or conceal them.

Incision scars

Some photos of my scars. Still purple but that's just how I scar. Takes years to turn white. I use silicone treatment everyday but.... Can't hurt right :)

Almost 8.5 months.

Love this dress!! Small fit my body but got medium because the smalls top was too small. It has pockets! Can't wait for Mexico

Scar treatment

I got this scar treatment from my ps for when I go on vacation. He said this was better than the last scar gel he gave me. Has sun screen in it.

Almost week and a half ago I went in and got botox. Touch up with dysport. I wait about every 6 months to get botox and after I do i feel like it's night and day. I really need to go every 4 months . All my horizontal lines are gone and my frown lines too. I'm debating doing a review about my determologist who was doing my botox for years. I was up to 80+ units for just my forehead and a few above my lip! Crazy!! Cost a lot of money and it would wear off. Found out from a girl I became friends with who quit her office that she started diluting her botox a lot to make more money. Wth. I was spending like $800+ and it still wasn't as effective as when I first started going to her and getting only 20-30units. Well I went to another Dr not a ps and he only did 35 units and so far it has worked way better than the last few years of botox with my determologist. He seems way more knowledgeable about muscle anatomy and did a brow lift just using botox. So far very happy! Dysport still needs another 5/6 days to be in full effect but for some reason I feel botox works better. Too scared to do fillers. Maybe if I really need it in another 10years. I don't like the over done surgical look.

Another swim suit

Same pattern as my other Trina Turk bikini top but halter. Down to 134lbs.
Haven't worked out in a week or watched my diet too much. Trying to take it easy so I can heal completely from the hydro ablation. I'm thinking the first few lbs lost were water bloat. Might come back in Mexico from all the beverages lol but whatever. 134lb is good for me. Started at 138lb


Back from Mexico. Have some weird tan lines from the bikinis :). Weight the same which is weird. Probably lost muscle mass from sitting on my ass and having beverages. Time to get back into shape. No one could tell my boobs are fake. Probably cause they match my ass now haha man do they jiggle in a swim suit. Usually I wear supportive bras and don't notice it as much but in a sting bikini they have some movement.

9.5 months

Been a little over 9.5 months. Can't believe it's been that long. Slowly getting back to normal after surgeries and letting myself go.

December 138lbs
Today. 133.6lbs
Maybe I will lose 5 more lbs in another 3 months haha. At least it's not going up right :) I will try to post some more photos later. Not the best selfie taker.

11.5 month

Just wanted to add a few photos. Found a little lump in my left breast about 2 weeks ago. Can't find it again which is weird. Went to a dr where I live and he said to have my PS look at it. I'm going to fly to Oregon beginning of next month for my one year and have him check it out. Had a few uterus issues and a surgery in January so I think I'm just having some hormonal issues. We will see. Will post 1 year photos in a few weeks. Happy healing everyone!

1 yr post op

It has been one year now. Gone by really fast. I have been getting some feeling back on the lower half of my boobs and my left nipple more. Kinda feels like itchy tingling stinging but not all the time. I am very happy with my boobs. I'm going to post some photos. Bought nipple covers. Will give them a try on my trip to see my PS on Friday. I just had a sports bra on so there are some weird red lines in some photos :). Will post more later

Some photos not posting...

More 1 yr post op photos

More photos

Was 138lbs in December now 132lbs. Goal to get back around my normal range. 122 was my normal but I think at 125-127 and I would be happy. I might need those few lbs to balance out these boobs lol
400cc sientra shaped classic base textured under muscle

Laying down photos

Laying on my back.

Some more photos

New bra Wacoal 32F. Fits snug but says will loosen with wear on website. My scars are starting to turn white. Finally.

Some more photos

Lululemon no bra and a day bra from nordstrom for $10

I think a year and 4/5 months post op

Things are good with the boobies. I thought at a year that I didn't notice them and that they were a part of me. At over a year now I think that is more true now. They were achy over a month ago because I was wearing wire bras all day but now I do about 1/2 the time and they are not achy anymore. I don't think about them unless I get out of the shower and am like damn I love my boob :). Best decision ever. I'm thinking about a little lipo next but will see. Takes a lot of time and research and right now I don't have any of that. It still feels weird to close tight Tupperware containers but door closing and opening is fine.
I still wear 32DDD. They are still soft. I don't have any rippling or end of bag showing. I do notice that when I'm braless that my nipples and around that area gets cold!! Really weird. I have a lot more feeling back in my under boob area. My nipples are still more sensitive than they were before implants. Sometimes it hurts to shower. Wish I was one of those girls that lost all feeling in them. And they are always hard too. I wasn't like that before. Not an issue but just something that is different.

Been a while.

Boobs are good. Bought this sports bra from Nordstrom rack. It had an underwire. I have been having a hard time finding bras that fit well. Will do more of an update when I have some more time.
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