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Just starting this exciting process. I'm at my...

Just starting this exciting process. I'm at my second doc meeting ...going to see the one i'm really hoping to go with tomorrow. I've always wanted to at some point but knew I would only do it after having kids ...Now with 3 boys 8-7-5 its time . I don't want to wait anymore because i dont want the boys to be too old or notice too soon that I did. I am so excited to get my new Boobies !!! Once I start looking, I though i would go with 250-275cc .....Im 34 AA ...breastfeed my 3 boys 12-14 months each (ya I know ..so long but worth it ) . My breast are small but no sag at all.....just so darn small. Im very active so i really dont want anything big . So after meeting some doc, I think im gonna go for 300-325cc . Lets see what he says tomorrow.

So I'm not Even an A cup ...

So ...I should say my little boobies haven't change since i'm 16 years old. I nurse my 3 kids for 12-14 months each . My nipple are a little droppy , I should say the one on the right side is more since i nursed at night and would nurse more on the right breast . I don't have droopy skin or fried egg breast ...i just don't have any ! See the pictures? So i'm thinking about getting large B's or very small C's . So with all the research i did ...I think my best bet is 300cc or 325cc MAX !!! so I did the rice bag test !!! so the picture with the black bralette is 325cc rice bags :) what do you think ?

Doc opinion !!!

So last week I saw a Doc ...he said that my pocket is too small and i don't have skin to work with ....and I though I was lucky to not have saggy breast after kids and nursing ....was I WRONG ! Now he sudgested they enlarged the pocket and use tear drop implants about 350cc....hiiiiii yikes thats sound big to me . And the tear drop scare me because if it shift ...i have crooked breast !
SO, I went and saw another Doc today ....fell in love with the staff and Doc was the most amazing , funny , very helpful Doc I've seen since i started the process. He sudgested also to ENLARGING the pocket and making my breast fold lower. I
He explain that if I dont , ...my nipple to my collar bone is 19cm and my breast pocket/fold is 2cm below that ...if i don't extend below my exixting fold, my new breast implant will sit in my face !!! i totally understand now . Who would of though that having my little boobies still up there would be a problem ? Rrrrrr he also sudgested 300cc-325cc Max to acheive a large B's small C at the most . So i was estatic that he sudgested what I though I would want witout me saying one thing about it . He also recomended under muscles smooth moderate implants going trough areola and to see what would happen to the nipple ( If they would lift a little ) . I agree with him , why not waiting and see and if it bother me I can see what we can do then after the surgery . so we tried Implants and these pics are with the 350cc since they dont come in 325cc to try . these look big on me but I think the day of the surg I'll tell him a window of 300cc to 325cc and let him pic whats best . He says he needs to see how my skin do with them since my upper chest is so thin . And I don't have a lot of breast tissue and that i want a really natural look . we shall see :)


Here's what i'm looking for ...What I love but Knowing that these are natural breast I won't achieved these 100% after My BA surgery. Im just being realistic here and not expecting something I CAN'T have . But these picture are what I showed my surgeon and what I am looking somehow.... as close as i can with implants to look like after my surgery next month.

Pre op appointment in the AM

So I'm getting soooo excited ! 3 weeks away and tomorrow is my pre op . Final sizing and blood work . I can't for get about trying medical tape just to be sure I'm not allergic to it . I was allergic to the paper tape they use to tape my IV when I had my babies ... Itch like heck and burning really bad . I do not want that feeling around my nipple ... No thanks !
I wonder what else I should ask ??? You girls have any ideas .
They are going to give me my prescriptions too so I can pick it up before the surg day . I can't stop thinking about my future boobies ! I am so excited and I really think I am choosing a great size for my frame . I would be terrified if they were too big ! I think I will tell him a window of 275cc to 325cc ... And he can decide as he try them out the day of surg ..... He ask me to bring my wish picture the day of the surg
so he can bring it in the OP room to be sure of what I want ... Or I guess the LOOK I really want ! Let's see how it goes tomorrow !

Best cream ever

So here's the deal , one of my really good friend who also had a BA told me to start putting lotion or cream on my chest prior to surg ! She used bio oil and swears by it ! I love it too but I like this one even better ! It's called EGYPTIAN MAGIC ... Not cheap , about 32 $ a jar but goes every where !!! It has olive oil -honey-bee pollen-royal jelly....just natural good stuff . So we shall see how good it goes till I get surg :)

Post OP updates

So I guess I forgot to post something about my post op appointment I had last Tuesday . It was great . Just an amazing office and the nurse and everyone that works there is wonderful . So they give me my soaps for the night before and morning of the surg . Give me my prescription for soma - pain killer and zofran for the nausea .
Sign the last paper works . Told me to stop pill a week before . ... And so on on the basics of surg day for BA . The I tried the sizes again without knowing the cc amount ! .... It looked great but to find out it was 350CC!!! Rrrrrrrrrrr !
So frustrating trying to not make a mistake on choosing size ! But I will stick to 300-325 CC RANGE AND DOC/surgeon can pick for best results the day of. He ask for some of my fave pictures to bring in OP ROOM . Wich I think is smart and made me feel good about him knowing exactly what I want . Here's some pics of the 350ccs .... What do u guys think ??? I think if I would go that big .. Wich I won't , it would look too round n big on me and not the natural look I want !

One more!

I forgot to put that front view of the sizer ...350cc.....a little bigger then I want ... I'm sticking to 300cc or 325cc max !

48 hrs away !

Ok , I'm 48 hrs away from the big day . I'm super nervous ...just about getting the right size . I'm totally fine with the surg and have complete trust with my fabulous surgeon and team !
I just don't want two coconuts on my chest since I have no tissue to start with ! I'm sooo excited for Tuesday morning . Kids are away for a week ...I'm making homemade yogurt and prepping food in advance . Today I'm getting the house ready and making a comfortable place in my bedroom so it's all ready when I come back from the surg . Does any of you has last minute suggestions ? I got all my meds ready n stool soften ears n arnica cream n tablets ..... Doc smudges red papaya juice for good healing .... I got all the good stuff !
I know I said I'm giving him a window of 275-325 but I'll think I'll tell him on Tuesday that my magic number is 300 cc I think .... Rrrrrrrr , I have been hung up on the CC's lately ! I know I shouldn't but I can't help it !

New boobies

Ok , got surgery yesterday am .... Went really good ! I'm so happy with them . I'm not even really swollen too much . Not much pain either . I did pain meds n muscle relaxer yesterday , then last night took meds n relaxer at 11pm then .... Nothing all night n was comfortable when I woke up at 7:30 am ... Took meds n med relaxer again . Went to post op at 9 am and all was good !!! I am so thankful I trust doc with size . No bruising n not really sore . I feel really good n go to bathroom with no problem ! I took a bath at lunch n I did it myself . I hope I keep getting better everyday . I am so happy with the size n the new lower pocket ..... I look so proportioned !

Day 2 more pic !

Here's some more pictures ! I feel good ... Left side breast is a little sore . I hv no bathtroom problem ... I took a laxative yesterday just in case .... Big mistake ... Went to bathroom 9 times ! So I ain't taking it anymore that's for sure ! I took pain meds n muscle relaxer but only one at time ... I'm allowed 2 but no way I need it ! Took it last night at 10 pm and dint take it till 8:30 am this morning ! .... I'm tired but I'm laying low ... Eating good and doing nothing . Not really even got swollen ....last night I did a little after dinner when pain meds wore off .... I'm icing really good every half hour since surg and put peas before bed till am .... I'm on it ! Here's some more pic of day 2 ! Thanks for the support girls !

Day 3 photos updates :)

Took pain killer and muscle relaxer last night at 10:30 pm and though it would be the last ! When I woke up this am at 7 am , I had slide down on my pillow during the night . My chest was so tight around rib cage . Breathing was a little uncomfortable and I had a hard time getting up ...not because of super bad pain but I was really stiffed ! So I had to take one pain pill this am ....then withing 15 min , I was able to get up ! Then after that I only took Tylenol all day ... 2 at 10:30am and 2 at 4:30 pm .... I think I'll try to take 2 before bed .... Hopefully it won't do the same tomorrow morning ! 2 friend came and visit which was fun but for some reason I got really tired this afternoon ....
I am dying to wash my hair ... It's grossing me out but the though and the trouble sounds exhausting to me right now . I'll wait for a girlfriend tomorrow to help me out . I took picture today with my new bikini top .... Looks so good I think already and I'm very surprise how real they actually look after only 3 days .... Amazing to me !
I still put peas on and off all day .... I get really hot ... Like hot flashes witch I won't if it's rom the pain meds or me stoping the pill last week ?
I only have 2 more days of resting before my 3 little boys are back and I'll have to adjust carefully without them knowing what I have new !!!

More pic

I forgot to put more of the bare breast pictures

Picture! They are getting softer everyday :)

So went and got my stitches cut yesterday and they put a couple piece of tape on top again . Now they show me how how need to massage 5x a day and they'll get softer . Super important surg said . But it hurst ... Yesterday it did ... Now today a little better so I'm hoping with time it will get easier ! Anyone of you had experiences soreness n being uncomfortable doing the massages?

10 day pics n update

The massage are getting so much better ! I'm really doing them ...they are getting softer everyday I think ! I had bought some bras to get excited before the surgery ....was nice to try them all last night and I can't wait to wear them . It's so hard to wear the crappy front closure bra and hide it with clothes when it's hot in Cali ! I'm getting so frustrated getting dress in am . We can see it in some clothes or the front seems show trough tshirt and I look like I have cone boobs :)
Other then that I really feel so good that I forget that they are new ... That's until I need to make a u turn or chop veggies .... Then I know ..just the little things ! I need to really remind myself to sit and lay low ... Because my 3 little boys have no ideas I did that and nor I want to tell them . I just told them all week that my shoulder hurt and I need help .... That work pretty we'll !
Anyone has a good recommendation for a better after surg bra I can wear for the next month ? Tx girlies ... Always nice to have you're support and comments !

More pic , 2 weeks post op

So everything is doing well ...healing so good and they are part of me and I forget that I need to take it easy still sometimes . It's only been 2 weeks!!! I'm so tired of wearing the ugly bra ...I hv to wear it inside out because the the huge indentation it was given me . Now the past 2 days it's the aerolas n nipple burn and feeling super shaft !!! It feels like when you nurse a baby the first week . Like I need to air them out and have nothing touch them ....but I can't because I need to wear the post op ugly bra . The tapes fell last night ...now I can see the scars which I think looks great for just 2weeks . Incision is look smooth and healing good for now . Other then just taking it a little easy ...as much as I can with 3 young boys here ....I'm doing great and I'm still happy with my choice ! I can wait for them to drop though :)

Pictures 3weeks update

Yesterday , was my 3 week since surgery . I went on a nice long walk today . Doc had told me to not even go on a walk really before 3-4 weeks . I think it's because they had to lower my fold and they wanted to stiches to stay put ! I feel great not more to say ...they still are getting softer but my right one still a little higher and not as soft as the left one . I can't wait for them to drop ...will they ? My 4 week check up is coming up on the 15th so I'm excited for next week . I think I may go get measure this weekend , I think I'll be a C but we shall see . I spent the weekend at the beach and no one said anything ! I'm not surprise since my bikini top is a lace panel and the other one is like a bustier but I though it was soooo funny . My 3 boys still hadn't said anything or notice . Thanks for all you're comments again ....

I got fitted today ! 32DD???

So I got fitted today .... Hummm , the most confusing day so far ! They measure me at 32DD !!! I was like " are you sure , maybe we should measure again " the bras fit perfect and comfortable but for goodness ....32DD ? I do not look that big . I bought and tried unlined bras or lightly line so I don't have the nipples showing problems . I even got busted by the measuring girl ...I was picking a bra from the 34C DRAWER ! Hahaaaa , so maybe vs runs their size tags bigger then they should or maybe I need to go get fitted at nordstorms ? Any of you have input on this and getting size ? I will put up pics tomorrow

Photo update week 5

Had my one month check up last Friday ! Doc said they are sooo soft far ahead ! I was pretty happy with that ! Scar is barely noticeable . I massage all darn day ... In the am , in the car , afternoon , cooking diner ... Night , in the shower ! These puppies will not get hard on me ! Hahah
I am so happy with my doctor and my result ! It's like they've always been there ! No one notice still .... I think they think I have a good bra ! They still get stiff and super round when I get cold ! It's so weird . I wonder if they will settle and go over my fold ... Ever ... But I'm not sure if I needed bigger to do that ? But I'm happy I didn't go bigger .... They would of look super round and we would of seen the implants trough my skin I think . My 5 year old notice one morning .... I had a bra on and he said " omg , you're boobies got bigger "? I said " no , they've always been like that ... And he said " you're boobies grew "!!! I wanted to laugh soooo hard . But I brushed it off so I don't need to explain :) thanks again for all you're support ... I hope I'm helping some of you out there .

New pictures ! Ran this am

Not much to say other then I ran this am and felt great ! I was more worried about them falling off then feeling pain ... No pain at all .... Just worried :) just get a tight sports bra with high impact support that's what I would reconmend and just see when ur body's ready !

10 weeks today !!! Softer

So they are definitely getting softer even more ... They feel like they've been there forever already ! I'm still massaging a Lot . During the day and a lot before bed with bio oil or the Egyptian cream witch I like better ! Sometimes they are sore in the morning if I slept on my sides without a pillow under and in between them ... I thinks it's the muscles of the implant getting heavy . I'm swimming and wrestling with the boys without even honking of it ! I'm still wondering if I will have a fold under my breast ... Meaning like I can hold a pencil kiddo fold ? Or are they gonna drop more or get even more squishier then that ! I know it's only been 10 weeks and they look amazing to me already and could stay this way I'm happy ... Still glad on the size ... I don't think I could of went bigger anyway ... I think they would of show trough the skin and I would of really been mortified ! I love them ... Best money eve spent that's for sure ! Going to my 3 month check up in a couple of weeks and can't wait to see the before pics and the one month post op pic they took last time I was there ! Been wearing bikini almost everyday and feel so great ! Tx girls ... Sorry it took so long since my last post !

6 months !!! Feels like they always been there !

So it's been 6 months already ! Unbelievable ! They feel amazing ... Softer ... Still getting softer everyday I think ! They say one year and I'm starting to really believe it that it takes that long to get them where they got to be ! Nothing to report ... Still think it's challenging to figure out what bra to wear with what . I did not know their was a science for this . The slope is perfect and I'm not really sure if I'll have more then that as a fold ! At least I have boobies now ! Here's some picture teen last week . Hope it helps some of you as I search this site sooo much before my surgery ! I am sooo happy with the descision to go trough with it ... I'm still amaze how natural they look with the NO amount of tissue I had ! Happy with the size too ... Not that I could go bigger anyway to get the look I wanted . Tx for all the support girls ... This sites been amazing ??????
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roark and his staff is amazing ! My girlfriend had hers done with dr. Roark and I was soooo impress with her natural result that I went ahead with him too . He's very attentive on what you want and really listen to me from start to finish . His staff is just unbelievable . From the first call to get a first appointment to sending info in the mail to review everything with you and answer questions ... And after surgery .. This whole office team work and dr. Roark's work made this easy on me . I am more sooo happy with my result it exceed my expectation . I wouldn't never though I could look sooo natural with next to nothing to start with but dr. Roark made it happen with exactly what I had ask for . Even asking me to bring what I want and what I DONT want for picture and we discussed it together . He brouth my WANTED picture in the operation room the day of surgery wich made me feel sooo comfortable ! Thanks to dr. Roark and the whole team !!! I am soo happy :)

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