30 Years Old...Currently Preggo but Hoping for a BA in the Future!

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5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy...

5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy + 1 on the way!

Currently 30 weeks pregnant so clearly I will not be getting a BA anytime soon..sadly! But long story short, I was never blessed with bountiful breasts lol. Ive 'settled at a B cup most of the time (prior to pregnancy) now a FULL C and I love them :). Being tall this has always annoyed me not being able to fill tops, or really have any curves or cleavage without totally squeezing them in a padded bra. They used to at least be 'perky' but after my last pregnancy (not even BF'ing) they deflated and lost any perk they had! TMI, My DH is a TOTAL boob guy and loves them anyways and would play with them nonstop if he could, but I just don't feel sexy at all anymore...so that puts a damper on 'other things'..in the bedroom more or less :(. I want to gain confidence back and have a figure Im not afraid to show a little more of rather than feeling like an old saggy mom!

Just oogling over boobies....:(

Im so happy yet so jealous of all of you taking the plunge and doing this! Im to the point that I really hate seeing myself in the mirror and you had better bed...come time with my hubby in the bedroom...lights are off! I just long for the day I feel sexy again for him and put on a sexy little outfit without saggy boobs!

2 months post pregnancy...its so sad ;(

Wow I cant believe its already been 2 month since our little girl was born :) ! my body is recouping sooo much slower this time around and its going to be a lot hard to lose my belly fat..so that's a priority before any boobies Im afraid! I cant see spending any money until Im satisfied with the rest of my body. My boobs blew up to a nice full C cup again and they looked amazing after she was born...not to mention my hubby loved them lol .. but they have again QUICKLY deflated back to a small B with very little perk! My nipples are still perky at least but they just feel so floppy and especially..tmi..if Im on my back on the bed its like they disappear to the side :(!!! I just wish they stood upright so I didn't feel like a granny! lol

2017....another year to plan :)

Ive had quite a few ask if Ive gotten or planned for a BA yet, sadly no, but good things come in time:) With our son (4) and daughter (2) keeping us on our toes, Ive yet to make it 'my' priority per se' but I still love coming back here for inspiration + wish photos! Not knowing yet what this year holds, or the possibility for a #3 in the future, Im still just holding off until I can work off the...*sigh...baby-weight that has been haunting me for years! ;-/ Until then, ill continue to dream + follow the dreams coming true for so many! Love this site! :)

2017 - another year of planning!

No BA yet ! still in the dreaming + wishing stage - but as many know, with kiddos running around..it makes things tough :) Not sure if a #3 is in the future so Im just waiting to make sure I can dedicate time + energy to ME before committing finances towards a procedure. :)
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