26 Yrs Old, 5'6" at 98 Lbs, TINY FRAME, 360 Cc's Saline Submuscular

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4 Days Pre Op! As you can see I am tiny! I was...

4 Days Pre Op! As you can see I am tiny! I was blessed with great genes, but unfortunately not a pair of breasts! I am a mother of one, and I never experienced having a pair until I was pregnant with my daughter. Pre baby I have always been a 32/34 A cup. Pregnant I transitioned into a B cup, then after having my kiddo I breastfed for 8 months. Literally overnight once I stopped breastfeeding what little of my boobs I acquired disappeared! I no longer have been able to fill out bras or bathing suit tops, even the cami's with the built in bra are still big! I am an xsmall or small in shirts, tiny all around.

Let me backtrack through my decision on this!
2/20/14 Consultation: Having completely ruled out silicone I make an appt to really start this process. As by best friend & voice of experience of this have told me, you have to start somewhere. Like I said I am real tiny, my main concern is the look of the implants on me having such a tiny frame. Google images can only go so far for my research! I decided on Saline Sub muscular, no doubt about it, and having a "maximum size" suggested to me I try them on in a cami with a built in bra. Whoa, sandbags, next! I am glad I tried on the biggest suggested size to start with, and went down to 350 cc's, very comfortable size. I decide to add a bit to it, but not carrying out to a 375 cc's, a bit too much. Finding a comfortable in between size I am going with 360 cc's saline. I feel as if I don't go a tad higher than the 350's I will regret it and wished for the 375's lol. After scheduling my Pre Op appt I look over some papers they gave me, general rule of thumb Post Op, meds to stop taking, etc. Never knew there was so much into this!
My wonderful spouse is with me thru every step of this journey, from my consultation to my recovery, etc. Without him I couldn't imagine doing this. I am Wonder Woman daily, at work, as a Mom, and all around. My biggest battle will be giving control to him throughout the healing process!

2/26/14 Pre Op: After having a sinus cold and now having Laryngitis for day two I come into my Pre Op appt whispering! I have been so worried they will postpone my surgery date, but they don't yay! The nite before I wrote down any questions I had and needed answers for, my hubby was my voice thru the entire visit! I had my blood taken, size discussed, pictures taken, and have my four prescriptions to get filled. This is it! It's really happening!

3/2/14: I have started planning financially to take 5-6 days off of work. My job is not strenuous, but having sub muscular done I am mentally preparing for at least a full week of recovery before thinking of returning to my desk job, better safe than sorry, and what better excuse to take off of work to rest! I need to grocery shop for the next two weeks worth of stuff, seeing how the hubs will be in full control on meals, eeek! Having my 4 year old's routine sorted out I realize the timing of this actually works out really well for my work load, as well as her school schedule, she is approaching Spring Break... meaning a vacation to Grandmas house while Mommy heals! Tomorrow my hunny & I have quite a to do list.... Pillow shopping and shirt shopping lol! I am getting prescriptions filled tomorrow, and revamping our pillows for the bed, I hear there can never be too many pillows throughout this healing time!

I am on a birth control pill, it just so happens my scheduled week for my period ends the day of my surgery, so luckily my doctor said I can continue my pills as scheduled, obviously keeping in mind of my antibiotic coming up.

My day of surgery is in four days, Thursday 3/6/14, I know it is really going to hit me in these coming days! I have my shows set to record, and plan on sleeping and being as useless as possible during this! I return the next day Friday for a check up. Then back that following Monday to get my drainage tubes removed, that Thursday at a week marker for another checkup, and once a week for a full month for normal checkups on my new investment lol.

I 'm really looking forward to updating this!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

-My surgeons office is providing two medical bras for me to wear after the surgery, what do you ladies recommend me doing, wearing the ones provided as needed, or shopping ahead of time for the front clasp ones I've seen mentioned?
-How are the exercises working for you ladies? Is it physically painful to do, are the implants setting as you expected? Keep in mind I am choosing sub muscular and obviously it is different for each lady!

Final Countdown: 2 Days to go!

3/3/14: With two days until the BIG DAY my nerves are getting the best of me, everything is snowballing in my head! With the surgery approaching fast I have almost everything lined out. My Doctor didn't recommend any kind of special "diet" prior to or even after, I've read some ladies had "Low Sodium" for a few days?? I have my prescriptions being filled, I procrastinated grocery shopping yesterday so I HAVE to get that done.
*No red meat, lettuce, or celery the day before surgery.

Shopping Dilemma: I shopped for "bigger, loose, fitting" clothes yesterday. My hubby was definitely my strength in doing so and more help than I was to myself! Being the size I am, trying on anything bigger than my normal stuff was definitely a mental challenge for me. My idea of comfy was not his, I never realized how limited you are on easy, front, access shirts!!
After 3 attempts at stores I settled at Old Navy with the most success: Thin, long sleeve button down little cardigans on clearance!! Super, super soft, and bright colors to brighten my mood during the healing. A zip up, long sleeve tunic hoodie, super soft inside. My hubby wanted only soft on the inside, making cold zippers tolerable against my skin but also not getting hung on the bras and bandage strap. Bright ideas!
Purchased wonderful, king size pillows, with memory foam core so they wont be going flat!! All I thought squishing each option was "support... support.."

I've decided i'll wait until my tubes are out, which means getting thru Friday & the weekend, Monday when I go in i'll see how I'm feeling in the surgical bra's and clothing to determine buying semi-normal bra's some ladies have recommended. Also see what my Doctor releases me to wear.

I always look forward to getting on here and seeing the feedback, there are so many BEAUTIFUL LADIES with wonderful words of wisdom!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

-Constipation: With the numerous prescriptions I've been given to take: Celebrex for muscle spasms,Percocet & Robaxim for pain relievers & muscle relaxers, have you experienced any constipation? Or have any words of experience on smooth sailing with the meds? My main concern at first was the nausea coming off the anesthesia for the day and evening, but they prescribed an anti-nausea suppository to get filled in case I need it. My friend who has been my voice of experience told me she had to use it, but it ended up coming out during a bowel movement immediately after taking it. I have never had surgery or been in the hospital for ANYTHING so this is all new to me! I have been under anesthesia once and I was nauseated and vomiting all day and evening recovering from it. My doctor told me anything taken orally for nausea will more than likely not stay down or work as well as what he prescribed on the suppositories. I think many will agree handling that while sore and groggy is the last thing we want to do!
-I'm moving cups and simple items I may need while my hubby is at work the two days after surgery down low to waist level, pillows are handled, toilet seat will remain up, straws for cups are ready, any other things you ladies have encountered during home rest time that you can help me on? I am prepared to be as useless as possible!!
-Drain Tubes: What can I expect? I have only been told draining & measuring the drainage each 4 hours?? The day of they said they'll go over the process, but my friend who had it done had her husband informed while she was already in the operating room, so he had to brief her after the fact. My hubby will be in charge of things, but while he is at work the two days after will I be able to handle draining myself early on?
-Back to reality: It seems there's a magic number on being back into normal bras, what is the magic number coming out of the fog of surgery and physically feeling semi normal? My surgery is Thursday, having the weekend to rest completely thru, Monday tubes come out, after Tuesday I've been given the okay for showers & baths if I'm correct, and off work until at least Thursday or Friday depending how I am feeling. My job is strictly desk work, so I am prepared for a week off to start. Lots of rest & relaxation, any input?

Additional question on healing supplies

Being so tiny I didn't consider stretching what little skin tissue I have, are simple lotions recommended, or did you have any irritation on your skin that you could soothe?? Did your doctors give the okay for anything, maybe any creams for bruising or dry skin?

OH EM GEE, My Big Moment Is Just Hours Away Ladies!

NESTING LIKE CRAZY: Day Before The Big Day: Nerves have officially gotten to me, CHECK.
Laundry, child care, meals, cleaning, everything not noted, CHECK.
Prescriptions, CHECK. Antibiotic first dose.... (Gulp!) CHECK.
I feel like I've been eating everything in sight the past two days! Can we say anxiety comfort feedings?! I have text my best friend nonstop today, who is 5 yrs an implant veteran. I've kept myself away from the implant exercises to avoid discomfort mentally prior to my big day, scary Google images (one simple search can lead you into a whole new level), and bra & bathing suit shopping online, which has not been easy as an avid online shopper! I told my hubby this is what nesting looks like in crunch time! At work today I prepared my direct employee who is also my direct manager to be without me for a minimum of a week, you know, those just in case this comes up answers. Being a Wonder Woman/Mom giving full rein to my hubby has really been a challenge. Just the simple night before tasks tested me in more ways than I could've imagined! I have told him I am not to be held responsible tomorrow for things I may say coming off of the anesthesia! Fingers crossed I don't confess my love to my PS's staff! He's prepared to move things to lower levels for me while I am in La La Land tomorrow, and portion out quick meals I chose to tackle while he is at work the two days after my surgery. My munchkin is taking a vacation to Grandma's throughout tomorrow and the weekend to give me time to rest. I have always said sleeping is my favorite pastime before I had my daughter, any parent can agree. So I suppose I will catch up a bit over the next few days. =)

Lovely Ladies, I am most looking forward to crossing into the other side with some of you, and will be updating as much as I feel able to, with words of encouragement for the others joining me!


Surgery Is Done!

First and foremost, THANK YOU ladies for all the support and feedback you have given me, you beautiful women are great support!!!
Surgery went amazingly well, BUT being back at home to rest after had been hell for me. The nausea had been my worst nightmare & after 4 hours of vomiting my nausea suppository saved the day, I am just now keeping things down. I HAVENT BEEN ON PAIN MEDS SINCE I LEFT THE PS!!!! Everyone is different but it you are given a nausea prescription I highly recommend you fill it as precaution. I will update later, pain meds are working great now and chicken noodle soup is calling my name! Honest truth: I was mentally prepared for how it would be after the surgery, this is ten times worse than I imagined.
More later!!!

Was this worth it??

3/7/2014 Day one of healing: First and foremost I don't sugar coat anything ladies. Updates....
As most ladies have said its not a pain but a discomfort, sorry I cant agree! This is the worst pain I've experienced. The top of my ribs up to my armpit and curving up to my shoulders and chest are hurting the most. I cant even think of moving my arms let alone actually move them unless im on my muscle relaxer. After yesterdays nightmare the nausea suppository saved the day, and everything has stayed down since. Major Props to my hubby, there is NO way I could've done this without his help. Anything and everything he has done for me, moving food/drinks to my mouth, monitoring my medication schedule with alarms (yes even at 3 and 6 am), assisting me for potty breaks, and most importantly assisting with my nausea suppository! This has definitely taken our relationship to a whole new level! ;)
The hardest thing is getting in and out of bed, and moving from anywhere im sitting. Sleeping sitting up wasn't all that bad, but the pressure that moves on your chest and upper body when you wake up and get out of bed or waking up from naps to get up is the worst part.
Post Op Follow Up Appt this morning: My PS said everything looks good, I chose to keep the Lidocaine tubes inserted for doses one more day. For those of you who are curious, my incision and insertion for the implants was at the bottom of my nipple, on one side I have my drain tubes sewn in for security, on the other side is my Lidocaine tubes. I could've had them removed today, but I figure the more help you have bearing the pain the better. Plus my PS suggested I keep them in one more day. Tomorrow evening the doses will be up and I can have my hubby remove them, so then I wont have the syringes hanging from my chest. In two days I will have the drain tubes removed. I start my exercises for the implants today. Obviously only on my muscle relaxer, when he showed me how to do the exercise on my breasts within seconds of sitting up to leave the pressure filled up to my collarbone from irritation. The staff members there who had implants sub muscular said the recommended routine is 3 times daily, but they said 5-6 times a day will make so much more of a difference and stick to it. I was on bed rest all day yesterday, super groggy and nauseated so I mainly slept. Today I am up watching tv propped up in the easiest spot on the couch lol.
ADVICE FOR FUTURE SUB MUSCULAR IMPLANTEE'S ;) Whoever is helping you during recovery having them lift you at the waist is easiest getting out of bed and also lifting up and down from the toilet. Do NOT use your arms for any strength, you will feel it immediately!! Straws will be your best friend, add them to your list. Drainage from breasts is normal, I soaked the left side of my surgical bra the first nite. Thankfully I can change it tomorrow. They said its common the first couple of days so don't wear anything white or nice! Refreshing yourself with a soapy washcloth on your armpits and other areas will definitely make you feel better, showers will come soon enough. Set alarms and stay on your pain meds with serious business, and alarms for draining the bulb. You will repeat the same questions all day long, being so scatter brained throughout this can be exhausting. Simple things like pulling up your pants, sitting normally, it all becomes ten times harder during the healing!
I have the main question why during this... why why WHY did I chose to get this done... Everyone reacts differently to things, everyone handles things differently, just keep in mind you can only prepare yourself for so much.
Im off to attempt breast massaging for the first time. Once im able to move to change my bra I will try and have my hubby take pics to post.
Congrats to the ladies who have recently joined me in this journey, it gets better, but its up to us and our support team to welcome these boobies in the right way!


First Glance at the Gals, COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!

3/8/2014 Two Days Into Recovery: First off I took my pain medications before bedtime last nite, around 930pm, and did not take the next dose until I woke up at 930am, 12 hours with no meds. Im proud a bit, but almost wish I would've taken something. Gotta make progress in some places so I tried to cut down on meds for a start. I know you're all thinking nite time is the most crucial girl! As for this "morning boob" I have seen on posts, what exactly is that?! I just imagine maybe its hard, swollen breasts in the morning?? After eating fruit and taking my pain meds I waited for them to kick in and unbuttoned my top and bra, keep in mind I still have Lidocaine syringes with the tubes inserted, PLUS my drain tubes with the drainage bulb hanging from my chest and bra. I settled all that around to massage. My skin is actually soft to the touch in most areas, the worst spot is on my right armpit area, not so much rock hard, just super stiff. The massage my PS showed me is real simple, I'm not sure if I should look into other massages online, theyre a bit overwhelming. I also massaged my upper chest and sides of my ribs. I didn't realize the swelling wrapped around the sides of my upper rib area. Right between my breasts and super sore and around my sternum is tender to the touch. I gently massaged that as well. This is the first time I have actually looked at my breasts since surgery! Big moment for me, unbuttoned bra and all... and I couldn't be happier with the size!! =) My hubby said from the quick glance he saw at my follow up appt during the PS demonstrating my massage technique he knew I would be really pleased. Of course I had the question of should I have gone bigger running thru my head each day. I know swelling lasts for a long while, but once swelling goes down I wondered would I be happy. And yes I am! The last dose of my Lidocaine is tonite, so I will be able to remove the syringes and tubes, only leaving my drain tubes and bulb.
WORDS OF ADVICE REGARDING RECOVERY IN THE BEGINNING: Try not to hunch over, giving into your chest caving in, get in the habit of supporting your upper body by sitting up. I have noticed giving into my body and relaxing to the point where my chest is caved in actually strains my chest muscles even more and makes them sore. Before your surgery try and correct your posture to prepare for your recovery, then it will come more naturally.

The surgical bra they put me in is actually not uncomfortable, its front clasp, as most of us refer to them as "old grandma bras," ;) I have a new one the same type on hand to change into tonite.
I will be attempting to sit in a shallow bath to washcloth bathe myself while my hubby washes my hair, thankfully we have an extendable shower head on the cord.

I hope my fellow Post Op Ladies are recovering as well as possible. Day by Day!! With all the maintenance hanging from my chest I will wait for Post Op pics after the tubes are out and the new breasts are actually visible.

Well Hellooo New Boobies!

Today was a VERY big day! My drain tubes were removed yay!! I officially have no tubes dangling, no blub to secure to the bra, only straight boobage to maintain with massages!! A very exhausting day too if I might add whew.... Let me recap.

3/10/2014 Tubes be gone, let the new assets shine!! Today is Four Days Post Op, and boy has each day been such a progress! I am definitely proud I have come this far in this amount of time. Now I may not be doing balancing acts above my head, but hey, I've come from bed zombie to walking, talking, breakfast making, hot momma/ wifey in these loooong four days! SO..........:
-Went to another Post Op Appt at my PS this morning, quick tug and squeeze of the goods and I was out. Being on the go so early this morning my hunny & I enjoyed breakfast out, boy was the interaction with the real world nice, even the fresh air made me feel human again. Stopped into the store for lovely stool softener, I dunno about you other ladies but it seems no one has mentioned their lack of bowel movements... well I'll be the first to say at 4 days Post Op I need this pudge to be gone quick!! I officially had the "oh my gosh, I haven't popped in HOW many days??" thought last nite. So after a quick shot of Phillips Milk of Magnesia and an hours time, in & out of the bathroom in literally seconds with days worth left behind! Look, you got frontal nuddie pics out of me which is one for the records as is, so yes you can hear my advice on this: Buy a stool softener on your Pre Op shopping list, keep it handy and after THREE days take it, just once. Then see if any magic happens. You'll thank me for not having to be chauffeured to the store at a later date when your stomach is hating you looking three months pregnant!!
-I DROVE TODAY..... BIG MISTAKE! My kiddo returned home after being away for four days, yay.... but Momma over exerted herself in excitement... Don't worry I wasn't on any pain meds, that's the only reason I even thought about it, and I also kept it to 3 miles away from home, taking her to the park. After sharing this with the hubs... yea I wont be driving for a bit. After the slight struggle I had with the steering wheel just pulling out of the garage I should've known... but nope. I tasted freedom and couldn't stop!! Luckily we work together with the same hours, so going back to work with him driving Miss Daisy works out quite nice ;)
-Attempted to Buy a New Bra: EPIC FAIL. Maybe it was the three stores I chose to hit up, or the time of the year... not a single option to even try on. Oh well. I'll find one soon, I have to since I only have my surgical one, the one they sent me home in was trashed, drainage ruined it, so after getting a new one from my PS I've stayed in the same one day after day. I'll be on the hunt for a front clasp sports bra style soon enough, im feeling the "boob jiggle" more when I walk now. Time for a tad more support!
-Tomorrow morning is my clear for showers... woo hoo!!! Like I said, not only did I have Lidocaine tubes and syringes hanging down up until 24 hours ago, but drain tubes and drain bulb were hanging from my chest and secured up until today. I've been washcloth bathing in shallow water and having my hubby washing my hair every 2 days, but I NEED the running water down these warlocks, maybe not the pressure of hitting them, just water in general to feel normal again! I'll mentally attempt pics tomorrow morning while I prep for my shower, no promises. With the tubes out I need 24 hrs to allow for the incision areas where the tubes where to close up completely, I still have tape over the incision areas around the nipples, and dried blood from drainage around, its just not a real clean, pretty sight.
-Trying to describe how the new breasts feel to my sister was a bit complicated... but as a mother that breast fed, she is currently breast feeding, and she brought a new light into my mind: The "pressure" & "tightness" & "discomfort" that everyone describes... yes it is somewhat correct... I threw in pain too, but breast fed moms will understand this, listen carefully: If ever describing to a mom that breastfed how the new assets feel, when you miss a feeding or pumping, or sleep on one side than the other, that super tight, hard, ENGORGED feeling you get...... THAT'S IT! Exactly like it. The boobs get warm, swollen, expand on the sides under your armpits, skin is tight to the touch, that my girlfriend... is how they feel after. Some girls are like "oh it literally feels like your boobs are going to pop..." please stop now and go educate yourself. Please.
-The want for sex is officially back! No details shall be shared buuuut... obviously it felt better only one way than even considering another... mainly to cater to my comfort but hey... they get what they can at this point! Moving on...
-I've considered returning back to work tomorrow, my hubs says lets see how im feeling in the morning, because after today's rush out the door experience I took my pain meds right after waking up, little to no food with the meds (banana), made for a loopy appt this morning to get the tubes out, meaning no time for massaging, im sure my PS could tell from the warlocks sitting at full attention to him. Mornings are always the hardest, just physically strenuous til those meds kick in, and hey, I've been spoiled sleeping in kid free, no work, has my hubs home with me using vacation days (he soaked up the rest time too), but after late morning I feel great. Like I said no balancing acts but im moving far more than I probably should... and cut back on the pain meds, but then again after overdoing it today at the park, I would like a day alone to watch my recorded shows and sleep with not a peep in the house. We shall see come morning time. My munchkin is on spring break and has daycare to attend tomorrow with a field trip, so mommy will get quiet time.

As the day ends I'll partake on these pain meds for the evening and rest peacefully, I have a feeling I'll "accidently" miss my alarm to get ready for work with the hubs ;)


Oh how I missed my showers!!

3/11/2014 Day Five Post Op: after considering going back to work today I decided to take one more day of rest. My hubs returned back to work, the kiddo went to daycare all day and enjoyed a spring break field trip, Momma rested til noon!! Can't believe I put myself back to bed after getting them ready. I only took my muscle relaxer once so far today, just finished dinner, and I can definitely tell I physically still need my doses each 7 hours at least. Once a day has my warlocks heavy and super swollen all around.

-2nd Attempt at Bra shopping: SUCCESS! After checking Target, Walmart, Ross, Kohls, AND JCPenneys it dawned on me... Academy. It sport bra style, unfortunately not front clasp it's back clasp but it's super comfy, it was hard finding something NOT padded! I'll post pics of the bra choice. Returning back to work tomorrow so it'll be nice to be in a somewhat normal bra. Straight desk time!
-I was able to shower today, Lordy did I miss the running water over me!! The warm water really made my breasts feel a lot better too.
-I lost my pudge I had developed after the biggest bowel movement of my life. This morning I wasted no time!!

I keep using the term "torpedo like" when thinking of the breasts shape right now! I'll be so happy when they look normal, all in time!!


More Updated Pics

Continued updated pics

First Bra I bought

As expected my two attempts to bra shop this early on we're horrible but I had to find something to wear other than my surgical bra, I need support now!

$35.00 at Academy. It's a Champion brand Sports Bra style, back 2 hook bra clasp, wide straps at top and adjustable down below. NO PADDING, who needs that anymore! ;) No underwire, just a thick elastic band with comfy straps and hugs the new boobies quite nicely, not too tight at all, just keeps them cozy without compressing them.

One Week Celebrating My New Assets!

It's so exciting for me to think I have hit the One Week Marker with my new breasts! Woot Woot! I wanted to share more pics and will add more tonite after today's pics are taken.
3/13/2014 One Week Post Op! Hooray I made it! ;) Day two back at work, and man has today been better! Progress: -Last nite I slept braless!!!! Shhhh don't tell! IT. FELT. WONDERFUL!!!! First good nite of sleep I have had since the surgery. Wait it out ladies I PROMISE it gets better!! After changing out of work clothes yesterday evening thats when I took pics in the blue stretchy tank top, listen up.... That was with NO bra on, no padding, no nothing!!!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes. So duh I shared!
-***I'm able to move my arms a lot more freely, still no crazy lifting or straining them. I finished all my pain meds as of this morning, i've felt the best today discomfort wise which is awesome.
-I still have some surgical tape around my nipples which my PS will fall off on its own, the incision slits are fully closed up already just healing nicely!

My PS didn't recommend any specific bras, obviously just no underwire still, no sports bra's that compress, reason being he explained while im still real swollen even though they are softening a tad a compression sports bra will "squish" too much for my muscle healing and do more harm than good. I'll be making a trip this weekend to find some one's with good bottom support, i've noticed since the major swelling and shape of my breasts right now the band on this sports bra doesn't fit to my liking.

I hope all my fellow ladies are healing nicely too! I love sharing my progress with everyone and PLEASE dont hesitate to ask ANYTHING!!


The Nipples Have Made Their Comeback!

3/17/14 Reporting for updates throughout Post Op Day's 8-10: After my One Week Marker things are getting so much better! After being back at work for three days I finally wore a normal shirt! I work with ALL guys and only one female, so I chose a plain black tshirt, in hopes to conceal the new boobs a little from the wandering eyes! At Post Op Day 9 was the day I wore the black tee and let me just say that was the first day they weren't 'torpedo' like, I didn't feel like I was going to poke someone's eye out!! I'm still wearing the same back clasp sports bra. At nite im not sleeping in any bras, just have a pillow against my front side for support against the breasts.

3/16/14 Post Op Day 10 (Backtracking for important event!): I removed the surgical tape over my nipple incisions! Im not sure if my PS will be thrilled but im tired of them peeling and getting caught on my bra and shirts, it tugs at them! So once in the shower I peeled them off, didn't use any soap or lotions on the areas, just plain running water over them and lordy am I glad they're off BUT boy are they beyond super sensitive!! I posted pics after removing them, the incisions are fully closed, just super, super tender, even certain shirt material grazing them I wince. Once home from work or even on my days off I don't wear my bra, only at home though! Rubbing my fingers just around the incisions its still pretty numb, I wonder if I'll have feeling around them ever again? My PS said some people have no feeling afterwards, some have the feeling comeback a month or more later, everyone is different.

-My upper ribs are still pretty sensitive to graze my fingers across, moving around to my back. The swelling has gone down so much, im not sure if they're still swollen or not, but they're settling in real nicely, my right side is still a tad bigger, and my left may be slightly fluffing better than my right, it seems a teensy bit lower now. No pain other than when I stretch my arms to points that tug on my chest muscles.
** MY PS HIGHLY ADVISED AGAINST USING ANY NIPPLE/SCAR CREAMS, so im only using Neosporin on them, clearly I can tell where the incisions were made looking at them, but there wont be any scaring bc they closed up really nicely, and no scabs whatsoever.
-Just sneezed and felt like someone hit my sternum with a hammer, YOW!!!!
-Still not able to bend over in the car to get my munchkin buckled up, thankfully she's 4 and a half and fully capable of doing it now, perfect timing on this surgery I tell ya! Can't bring in any normal grocery bags from the car, only super light ones. I'm almost able to reach to the top cabinet, but not quite, anything that stretches my chest muscles and having my arms fully extended hurts too much. I can fully extend my left arm out to my side to a 'T' but not my right arm all the way yet.
-3RD ATTEMPT TO BRA SHOP: FAIL. I went to Walmart to find all these super comfy bras everyone's raving about, nope, nothing in my size in the front clasp or front zip sports style bra. I found some back clasp lightly lined ones, with wide straps, maybe Playtex or something, fuller coverage, which fit awesome bc the cups actually wrapped around the sides of my breasts, BUT the way they are sitting its still pushing the bra out from my ribcage where the band sits, so its not sitting flat against me. Meaning nothing fits right!! My hubby recommended going to get fitted, which im not ready to do yet, I feel like the size may change once im fully 'fluffed' and they're normal, but I may just have to in order to confirm my 34C. Sports bra style, not a problem, normal unlined bras, problem!! All in time. Im so ready to bikini shop! ;)

With a few ladies surgery day's approaching im very anxious for them! The first 2 days are the ultimate test, but the first 5 days just leads to a much smoother recovery! I promise! I flat out questioned why I even did this, but now I know it was beyond worth it!


Two Week Marker Post Op!

Woot woot!! The ladies here have been beyond enjoyable and really make me love this experience even more! Today is my official Two Week Post Op marker and boy is it still surreal! Coming this far in this amount of time truly has me feeling blessed and loving being a woman more than I ever have. I never knew what I was missing out on, it is such a wonderful feeling!! I am SO anxious for warmer weather, tank tops and bikinis!! I'm beyond frustrated bra shopping, I'm not a patient person so this has really tested me having something new to enjoy! I know all in time it just gets better & better =)

I have great news to share on bras, pics included. I was BEYOND thrilled I found them.
My PS took my redone surgical tape off the nipple incisions. (Read more on my previous mistake further down) The nurse said rule of thumb is ten days with tape on, after that you're in the clear to remove them. If I'm uncomfortable with them off she said I can put strips back on just remove them at nite or at less movement times. Apparently my new breast are looking perfectly healed and sitting very nicely, that made me feel awesome to hear!! At once month post op I'm allowed to wear underwire. She has implants and said she can't stand underwire, us being bony and having small band widths they don't fit to her liking so don't be surprised. Good to know! She even agreed being able to go braless when certain clothing allows it! I do at home after I'm changing out of work clothes, and yes it's awesome seeing my new boobs sit high and pretty in perfect sync!! We shall see ;) Who would've imagined right?!

3/20/2014 Two Weeks Post Op: Four days ago I was measured at Victorias Secret for my new size. Still being this early on I'm so hesitant to get any sort of number, mentally I can't even get excited bc it's just going to change! I'm okay with it though. Having this frustration finding sports bras to fit or even attempting to try on somewhat normal bras I needed a measurement.
1st attempt: 34C (what I thought) Okay well I just tried on 3 and they weren't working to my liking, let's measure again for kicks and giggles...
2nd attempt: 32D Ummm... Maybe? Let's try one on in that size. Fit good, great coverage around the boobs unlike other try on's.... But I'm not certain bc the band isn't fitting against me like expected.
3rd attempt (poor girl, let's get it right this time please!): 32D again. The one specific sports bra choice I loved unfortunately wasn't measured in cup size, only s,m,L. Tried on a small, (this is NOT going to fit, I was a small before!) SHOCKING... It did... And better than the medium!!! What?! Sweet! I'm not doing well at all trying bigger sizes on, so this was way better than anticipated for this early on.
-Its still tight up front, muscles are healing wonderfully though. I can feel when I'm stretching them past the comfort point and the progress has definitely changed in how far I'm able to stretch them.
-I brought the new additions out for the first time yesterday, posted pics of that too ;) Nerve wrecking bc I work with ALL males!!! What a huge step physically & mentally, yay me!
-I took off the surgical tape around the nipple incisions a few days ago, regretted that after one day so I went and bought some at the drug store, cut the strips to my liking and applied them. Having clothing rub against them made them so irritated and puffy, I winced each movement until the tape was back on. It literally felt like steel wool rubbing on them!
-Still not comfortable to lie completely flat. That doesn't bother me but yes I do test it every now and then ;)
-I don't feel extremely limited to my activity anymore, that's a wonderful feeling. Bending over while standing up to kiss my hunny when he's sitting on the couch is still impossible, the weight pulls at my chest like crazy still. Just the gravity tugging is still strong. Still can't bend over front ways, I squat every time which works better sometimes.
-Pushing the new breasts together I'm at 2 and a half to 3 fingers width in the cleavage.

Wearing normal clothing again is so nice! I was so scared stuff would be way too tight but I'm still in all my pre op sizes! =)

Happy healing and have GREAT patience to all my fellow gals crossing over!!! Amazing women who are looking even more beautiful day by day!!!


Wonderful Bras I Got!!

Victoria's Secret Pink Store: I bought the lacy one for less material on them and something easy to lounge in, and and of course feel sexy in on casual days ;) Super stretchy material without crushing them!!! I LOOOOVE The sports bra one! Going back for more ASAP!

More Bra Pics From Earlier

Oops the others didn't post!


3/25/14 Going on 3 weeks Post Op: I'm officially past bra shopping frustration!! I only shop at Victorias Secret or their Pink store, so being in between recovery stage and normal boobs stage finding bras right now brings a new level of frustration each week. I swear I'm trying to be as patient as possible, well really just settling on something I don't have control over... With some success I added another bra to my collection.
Almost three weeks in I know my progress has been huge day by day, there's moments it's still shocking to me.
-Im beyond ready to sleep back on my stomach!
-Since last week when the surgical tape came off my nipple incisions I've learned quickly new skin is so fragile and easily irritated by anything and everything! Anytime I'm able to use neosporin I do, later them babies up and it's so much better. Just FYI neosporin does ruin clothing.
-Anticipation is KILLING me, I miss sleeping on my stomach, I want bras to fit right, I want a definite size on bra, I'm ready for skimpy bathing suits, I'M READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I'm currently in another inbetween size stage with bras. In normal cut bras at 35C the cup either runs right over the middle of my breast, just covering past the nipple, so there's that huge bra line that can show thru my shirt looking like I'm crammed into something that doesn't fit, and fits at the band. Or in 34D I have great cup coverage but the band is huge and baggy. I'm thinking in the future I'll be 32D. Sitting with the 34C now in sports bra or somewhat regular cut bras (no underwire just soft material) it seems one day they fit and the next they're too small lol. Luckily right in time for Spring and full blown Summer I'll comfortably be in a perfect size bra and swimsuit! IMPATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Call it silly but the boobs can only tolerate being kept away for so many hours in the day! I kid you not!! I'm up and dressed for the day at 830am, I work til 6pm every weekday, by 4-430pm I'm ready to bust out and call it done with bras!! Mainly because my nipples are so dang sensitive from healing and the nerve damage I've had, clothing against them especially being tight just irritates them. By the time I'm home and changed they're flat from being pushed against the bras.
-Doesn't matter what clothing, bras, or layers I have on these nipples are having their spotlight everyday!! I tried one of those wireless soft bras that have the nipple petals for no show but the nipple petals are too tough and thick for my comfort. As my hubby put it before the surgery it'll be nipple city everyday lol. Indeed.
-Some areas on the side of my breast and around the top of my nipples are still numb, from the nerve damage and healing. I've heard other girls say they've had sharp pains starting around my timeframe but I haven't experienced anything yet. When I get chills it's a whole new feeling though!
-I'm over this "handicapped" feeling and shielding my front side from things, even just bending forward to play with my doggie on my bed I brace for impact lol! I keep repeating the mantra "2-3 months is your ideal time for perfection." =)))

Being this far in (or early in overall!) I'm amazed at the results an progress daily. I yest my body daily on simple stuff to mentally record progress on movement and such. It's crazy!!! I'm happy to share so much with everyone here and love the positive feedback =)


3 weeks Post Op

A bra I found at Kohls, wireless, non adjustable wide straps back clasp.

One Month Celebration Coming Up!

4/3/14 Creeping on to one month Post op wooohoooo!!!!! =)))))
Crazy how time has flown, even crazier to flip thru my pics seeing physical changes. It's almost as if I've forgotten the implants haven't always been a part of me, i have to remind myself not to push my chest and arm muscles too much, DAILY IM REMINDING MYSELF! The implants have settled super nicely, still a bit sore and painful when laying on my side a certain way, the side muscles by my chest and ribcage get squished depending on my movement laying down. I'm definitely not able to lay on my stomach still, no sleeping on the tummy. Still gives me that feeling I'm laying on two boulders lol. My incisions are almost fully healed, they're beyond invisible, just dealing with nerve recovery/ damage/ irritation. I feel like a broken record everytime I say this to my husband and best friend who's an implant veteran, the new breasts are only tolerable in my bra and shirt for so many hours of the day, by a certain hour every work day I'm tugging on the bras for relief. It's that strapped in feeling, then at the end of the day changing out of my bra and shirt to just a loose cotton tee saying "Ahhhhhhh!" Best part of my day no doubt ;)
I'm dealing with a lot of nerve repair now, reattaching and trying to function again. My friend completely lost feeling on the sides by her armpits for good, she's going on 6 yrs with submuscular saline like I did. I'm aware some people lost nerve feelings permanently others temporary, everyone's different with everything. That I'm okay with. Around the front of my breasts, really the surrounding areas around my nipples, it's itchy sometimes, like that itchiness you get from dry skin. My skin is back to normal, not dry like it was before in the beginning from being stretched in swelling and going back down. After my incisions were fully closed and healed and surgical tape was off for good I've been rubbing Neosporin on the incisions for moisture and also helping minimize any scar lining, once in mornings before wrapping them up in the bra and clothing, and once at nite before going to bed. I also rub shea cashmere lotion around the curves of my breasts for moisture the same times. Kind of a daily routine I really enjoy!! The itchiness started around the 2 and a half 3 week post op marker point. The first days I noticed it I almost didn't want to wear clothing it bothered me that bad off and on daily. Being busy throughout the day working I was distracted from it. Now it's tolerable but still there. No allergic reaction or puffiness around my incisions, keep in mind my incisions were at the bottoms of my nipples, not under the breast incisions. I noticed at the end of the day when releasing them, lol, the skin that is at the top of my breasts above the nipples and surrounding that's covered by the bras is flushed, not red just the patchy flushed looked, and it instantly goes away. Getting the chills is still hard to handle! Sensitivity to the power of ten nowadays!!!
I couldn't be happier saying they've settled in super nicely. I'm so antsy waiting for them to soften and squish together more when they are fully settled in and feel like like they're 100% me!
I had three weekly follow up appts and now waiting for my One Month follow up next week. I put in a phone call to my PS around the time the itchiness began, it was in between my last follow up and waiting for my one month appt, so rather than wait I checked in with them. The verdict is it's all from nerve damage. That's what I figured! Just the nerves way of telling me hey we're gonna start working and reattaching! Eventually it'll go away, it's just a matter of tolerating it! No pain at least so I'm good with that!
I'm okay being back in all my normal clothing, BUT it's a daily challenge figuring out what shirts to wear with what bras to avoid showing my high beams on!! No joke every single day since surgery these things can cut thru my bra, tank top, shirt, AND small thin track jacket!! I may have implants and display the new assets in some low cut shirts every once in awhile but I'm still modest when it comes to nipples cutting thru for the world to see! Luckily I have long hair to pull in front for backup coverage even when I question it! ;)
I always enjoy you ladies and hope everyone is doing wonderful!

Bikini Ready ;)

4/27/14: It's been quite some time since my surgery. With 8 weeks Post Op approaching use the term "Post Op" seems so far in the past! Two weeks ago I took another drastic step as took my virgin brunette hair to the blonde side, hello Spring changes! With my mixed blonde highlights & lowlights I'm officially a transformed lady lol. My body has adapted to the physically changes amazingly well, I was blessed with wonderful female genes but I'm quite fond of my man made addition to complete my canvas. I recently moved so any heavy lifting I quickly eliminated, rather safe than sorry, I'm no dummy! But I was able to lift small boxes and get my first step of exercise back into my routine. It's been overdue but testing the waters I saw cardio was my safest bet in the meantime, now I'm taking another step from recovery yay! The side muscles from my breast muscles are still uncomfortable at times but it's just a matter of shifting my position, such as when I'm laying sideways to watch tv, sleeping at nite. I've caught myself sleeping on my stomach a lot. I didn't realize how much I missed it! A few weeks ago it was still impossible to lay completely flat on my tummy, now I'm able to lay majority of the time on my stomach slightly on my side... Hugging the side pillow I've adapted to from post op recovery sleeping! This past week from 7-8 weeks I've noticed I'm in need for more support than I've had from my sports bras and wireless bra I've been wearing. Maybe it was the sweat I had accumulated under my boobs that was a giveaway!! With the warmer Spring weather officially here I've busted out the capris and flowy tops, crop tops & shorts on order as we speak ;) So tomorrow I will be venturing to the wonderful Victorias Secret to be fitted, yet again, and score some wonderful goodies. I'm sure I won't be able to handle the discomfort of underwire, I've had one of my PS assistants tell me after her implants she didn't wear underwire anymore for the reason they don't fit right against her. I'll give it a shot, then again in another month and so on lol. Going into the third stage of bras since surgery I'm hoping I'll be able to find ones that work in my favor.
Possibly trying on some bathing suit tops while I'm there to feel out how things fit now and get some on order.
My breasts don't push together anymore than they have at one month post op, still tuggs on my chest muscles too much. Don't take that as they won't push together, they do, just not anymore than one month.
I felt so much sexier after getting back into the groove, seeing these wonderful breasts that were a part of me now, but even more so being tan and seeing actual curves on top!! I'm ready to enjoy bikinis!! Seeing how I went from barely A cup to C cup from surgery my pre existing bikini tops come no where near coverage for pics, so those will come later on. Yes even the full frontal progress pics beat out the boob spillage right now! Call me a perfectionist but I did spend quite a bit of money for this so I want to share great bikini pics! Until next time my lovely ladies, hope all is well for my boobie veterans!!


32DD... Say What?!!!

Lordy... Definitely got a number double what I thought!
How ca-ray-zeey!! I love it though! =0
Almost two months post surgery and I'm settling into the third round of bras. So let's share!!
After telling yet another girl my surgery path I relied on perfect measurements for proper support and also a size to bathing suit shop for. Low and behold... I LOVE my girls at Victorias Secret, I was measured.. Then double checked... And handed a stack of 32DD bras.. As I'm staring into the mirror all I'm thinking is whoa.. I have to text my implant veteran bestie!! And let me say: EVERY BRA FIT LIKE A GLOVE!! Ahmazing!!!!!!!!

So what I purchased from Victorias Secret: The new Tshirt bra, super thin lining, underwire, sleek straps and material. Opinion: in the store I was sold, thin, underwire, sleek, full coverage. At home... Not so much. The cup comes far up, into my armpit, it does have a wider band but the cup comes up higher than normal bras, possibly for more coverage... Either way it's going back. Good bra, but try and try again before buying.
Ultimate winner: Dream Angels Racerback front clasp lace bra. Some front clasp bras for better around the band and in the back for me, turns out they still do yay! Underwire, front clasp, racerback, all lace, the one I chose has thin lining in the cups ( great for nipple coverage!!) others are all lace. This is the BEST bra I've ever purchased. Not only do my boobs look fantastic but it fits like the name holds, a dream.
Pictures are followed!
Til next time my bossum buddies!

Continued Pics

Continued Pics

Continued... 8 weeks Post Op

Another One To The Collection

4/30/14 I took back the Tshirt bra from Victorias Secret, and yes I was right, the cups actually do come up higher and wrap around more for more coverage. After trying on numerous bras again I happily went with the same line as my new favorite... Dream Angels Demi. Normal back clasp, adjustable straps.
I feel as though the term "bubbly boobies" best describes the assets right now!

Continued Pics

Sometimes You Gotta Give the Fans What They Want ;)

5/1/14 Just a week away from my Two Months Post Op marker. As my ladies have requested frontal progress pics how could I say no ;))
I realized there was a small window in between one and two months post surgery that everything just kind of blurred together. Everything began to go back to normal, regaining my strength, testing my capabilities to do things, each day is always an improvement down this incredible journey.
Currently at 8 weeks Post BA... Physically I'm still in the same size clothing in tops, definitely not bathing suits, (which I have yet to experience trying any on with the new additions). I felt WAY more top heavy in the very beginning, obviously because of swelling, but even after the initial first couple of weeks I felt a lot more top heavy then than now. I like to use the term "bubbly boobies" quite a lot when explaining fitting of bras or how they sit with bras on and the look of some shirts on. It's true!! No complaining over here because I've been blessed with thin genes, tiny waist and big boobs, what's not to enjoy right? I'm forever grateful of this body I've been blessed and truly enjoy completing this canvas I've been given.
The implants definitely feel a part of me physically, but at times they give me discomfort and keep me reminded 'yep you can't lay that way now!' Not yet anyways. They're nice and soft, definitely don't jiggle like natural ones, but yes do move. I'll never forget my PS assistant giving advice of "they're just kinda there mine don't move." Lol! Pushing them together I've seen physical progress that amazed me. I don't have the man made cleavage, possibly because I chose 360 ccs and having them filled to that with my size they obviously aren't as natural looking as they might be going smaller. In shirts I question people and they haven't a clue they aren't natural, but people who know tell me they're perkier and way more noticeable in a good way than when I wore push-ups before. Just knowing when I'm in clothing what you see is literally ALL BOOBS and no padding at all... THAT is what keeps me on Cloud 9. I check myself out a thousand more times than before that's for sure! Just seeing my results amazes me everyday. It changes you most definitely, but in such a good way.
The biggest struggle is the very beginning, then you move into another battle phase of seeing fully healed incisions and what not, then the fluffing and dropping results, and into the comfort zone... Where you're getting back to normal stuff that felt like ages ago, working our way back up to where you were teeny tiny bits at a time. You try on zillions of things and just giggle. Now I'm in the phase of settling.... Making them work as a part of me everyday. Weather it's adjusting bras throughout the day, constantly checking to see if you're showing too much cleavage or top bubbles as my concern is! I have yet to experience any regret, negative setback or thought, negative criticism, and that is what makes my experience reassure me this was absolutely wonderful to do for myself.
As I'm still healing with muscles and nerves the changes in my sex life haven't changed that much. In the beginning it came to a halt for sure! Around two weeks to 1 month I was more focused to not pop something in the process!! My hubby was so freaked out to even touch my breasts so sex was pretty straight forward. From one month to now things definitely got better. Physically I wasn't paranoid something would blow out doing the deed, I was aware how my body was able to move without feeling discomfort. Physically it took quite awhile for nerves to settle, graze my fingers around them or across, just touching and testing areas of my breast for feeling. Now I have all feeling back, no pain, my nipples definitely feel differently nerve wise than before. It feels the same when they're touched but knowing what they've been thru mentally you think well no it doesn't feel exactly the same as before, but real close! They seem "tougher" like they're able to handle touches better than before if that makes sense, not physically tougher like leather haha! My incisions were along my bottom nipples and tiny incisions in armpits.
I work with ALL guys so of course word spread like wild fire what I had done being gone from work for a week! I also work with my husband, I don't wear tassels and cut out shirts or anything so he's very comfortable with anything I wear now that's a bit more revealing than before.
I'm JUST now ready to start working out again. I don't do crazy bulky weights and run marathons, small hand weights, yoga, a lot of mat exercises to work up a sweat, light cardio. Now my biggest challenge is doing anything that requires me to squish my boobs like laying flat on my stomach, on my side straining chest muscles, running period. I'm slowly working back into my old routine, it's such a bigger challenge than I imagined.
Like I said I haven't tried any bikinis on but obviously that's next! I can't wait. I know in swimwear there won't be any way concealing them like before and that's okay, as long as it's appropriate I'm okay, after all
I AM A MOTHER. No spillage at the pool sorry! Lol.
I'm super conscious as is, but now I try to avoid being the tiny girl with massive boobs exposed ya know! Not the look I paid for. Everyday is a nonstop wardrobe check.
Like I said getting back to normal everything just sort of began to roll together, and before I knew it here I am pushing two months! Reading other posts on giving up surgical bras and sports bras and fluffing or the implants dropping I thought oh that's old news!
My highlight of the day each day: coming home to change out of work clothes, which is already everyday casual, into tank tops and sweats, no bra, and just seeing these wonderful breasts super perky and curvy.
I inspect every picture I take, everyone's their own worst critic, but this time I didn't. I added them and let them be. I love everyone here and the feedback you give, it's the sprinkles on the sundae no doubt!

Continued Pics at 8 weeks

Enjoying Spring Attire!

5/3/14 I busted out the dresses this week and wanted to share. Strapless obviously is a challenge now, but these are actually ones I had prior to surgery. What's crazy is instead of all strapless bra and padding it's ALL boob in there, no bras needed to fill them out!! I got approval from the hubs before leaving the house all week, all was fine, and added a little cardigan to one to start the revealing little by little. By end of the work week I was in full exposed low cut strapless dress. Eat your heart out boys lol. (I work with all men) my nipples took side stage for once so the dresses worked well for concealing them, they had those bustier lines directly down their paths sweet!! NO BRAS WORN, AHHHMAZING!!!
Hopefully we can ALL enjoy spring/summer attire together ladies =)))


Bikini Momma

5/20/14: I have to buy a couple new bathing suits this year, and one being "family/in law friendly." So here was my safe bet choice. Definitely challenging securing the boobs in!!

Second bikini purchase

5/27/14 After trying to squeeze into my life jacket unsuccessfully I had to run out for another attempt at a swimsuit, something that I wasn't "bubbling" out of. So here we are, another VS suit, thick band and straps, comes with the push-up padding in the cups but I took it out. It fit a lot better without the padding, and actually secured my boobs better. We just purchased a wave runner so I'm needing something for those days that can be water impact friendly but also be more snug against the ladies so my life jacket actually fits!!
Success =) Can't wait to get these new breasts well deserved tan lines!!


Where has the time gone?!

6/29/14 Creeping to Four Months Post Op: Happy Summertime! I hope all my fellow boobie veterans are enjoying their summer with the new boobs! Reflecting back on my surgery and healing it seems like a lifetime ago. Still healing but the progress has been amazing every step of the way. I'm on phase four of bras now and truly love my breasts. It's changed me all around!
Shared some pics, enjoy the summer ladies!
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