22 Year Old Asian Girl Getting Breast Augmentation 450/475 silicone under

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I've been reading many people's experience and...

I've been reading many people's experience and finally made an account. SOOOOO, I had my first consultation today and I have to say I was nervous and excited. My nurse Felicia IS so awesome, she made my time there so comfortable. She was very open and spoke to me like a BFF. The PS was so friendly and straight forward. Explained everything so well to me also. I'm 5'4 and weight about 123 lbs. and with the nurse's expertise we decided to do gel. I'm asymmetric and might do 450 with the left and 430/425 with the right. I'm still contemplating if I wanna go a bit bigger and do 475/450. Any suggestions would be nice. I was able to book surgery within the next 2 week so I'll be updating soon. :)

32a Preop Going for 450cc Gel

These are with my sizers in. They are 450cc gel. I'm usually about a 32a/b. I know that results will appear smaller once under. Should I go bigger? Any suggestions from anyone with this decision made or regretted? I don't have any kids yet and even after breast feeding, I know from genetics that they'll be flat as a board.

Pre-op lab today!! One week left to go!!!

So I went in today for labs and we played some more with the implants... I'm going 475r/450L cc mod plus... So excited... Went and got me some cream and silicone strips.. Haven't gone to shop for bras yet.. Got my pain med and nausea med today also.. Getting ready for my bigg day!! I'm not worried about cooking since hubby will be home to pamper me :) ????

The reasons... :/

So these are my pre op twins... Not too much there eh?.. lol so thankful that they'll be getting help my my PS doctor Jacobs and his staff.. I Don't completely fill a 32b.. But once he's done with it who knows what I'll be filling lol..

My recovery go-to

So I got my pain and nausea pills ready.. My nurse recommended silicone strips to prevent raised scaring.. Got my derma-e scar gel that prevents scaring and stretch Mark.. Mederma which I've always kept handy just for any kinda scars.. My clarins body treatment oil that fades away stretch mark.. This stuff works well it faded the marks on my booty even though I'm small I don't know how it got there lol.. And I have bacitracin ready just in case.. Being in the medical field I have a little of everything.. And last but not least DIY ice packs.. Sharing the secret... Use 2 parts water to one part alcohol (rubbing, vodka).. The stronger the proof the slushier it'll be.. Just like the real ones just cheaper.. I uses small sandwich bags and doubled up on it so it wouldn't leak out.. Alternate the bag openings to prevent leaking.. My husband and I are big on using supplements cuz we work out so I already have my multivitamins stocked up in my pantry.. I haven't shopped for bras yet and will just be sticking to the sports bra I already have since I'm not too sure about the size.. 2 more days y'all !!!

Ice packs


long lasting pain management/ COST

So I forgot to mention that I talked over with my nurse and MD about injecting long lasting pain medication to the incision site and that brought my cost up to 6192.00 which I think isnt bad at all for silicone.

Dun dun dunnnn... Today is it

Woke up more than excited this morning I don't know what to do with myself lol... Gonna take the dog out .. Get dressed... Make sure hubby is fed and the dog lol.. Then wait a little.. And be on my merry way to the ps office to see my awesome crew... Good luck to the other ladies' who's biggggg day is today also!!! See y'all soon deary!! Muahsssss ???? kisses

Late post if day 2 post op

I am still barley able to get out of bed and walk.. My appetite hasn't been great either .. Here are my day two post op pix

2day post

Today's picture

3days post picture

One wk post op

I can not tell you how much I'm hating recovering but I'm slowly getting there.. So after surgery my thumb has felt like its asleep and still feels that way.. I don't think that's normal.. Will need to mention that to my ps when I visit again.. My chest is still so tight and icing helps to the minimal.. My steri strips aren't peeled yet so I can't treat the scars yet either.. I stopped taking my pain meds about 3 days or so after surgery.. I was so groggy for those days I can't remember much.. My husband said I was talking crazy.. And don't get me started on bloating.. Still so bloated I hate it.. Looks like a melon inside me or something.. Sleeping is a pain in the ass also.. I miss sleeping on my side.. So far I am still sleeping on my back and I sweat a lot so I can't do much about it and there's a heat rash on my lower back.. Recovering is so frustrating... The bruises on my chest is getting better and massaging is also getting better... For some reason when I sleep on my back it's like I'm pulling a muscle in my back and it's gets so frustrating to sleep on my back also... Wishing for 3 mths to roll around and get recovery over with... Lifting my arm is getting better but still not strong.. Driving is also a bit complicated .. Can slowly maneuver the steering wheel and being very cautious..


Is it just me or does it feel like the implants are rising up when im walking.. Hating this feeling also.. Anybody having back pain or soreness? Am I doing to much and need to relax more?

2wk update

Hi everyone.. So today makes my tatas officially 2wks old yippee lol.. I can't say how much I really disliked the first week of recovery but we all heal at different rates.. My bruises are slowly fading away.. My girls seem a bit softer but do kind of look the same.. I massage them everytime it comes to mind.. And that's quite often.. So far at this point I'm not having any complications or really bad pain.. Just the usual tightness and slight nipple sensitivity but not to the point where it hurts.. I've hate the fact that I wasn't able to do stuff around the house as I wanted to because I was slightly disabled due to the girls.. Carrying grocery is no fun either.. I live in an apartment complex on the first floor with a parking garage and am Parked on the 2nd floor.. Makes no sense right I know.. But yes it's horrible to have to walk what seems like a mile with light groceries in hand.. I'm just trying to help hubby out a bit and prevent him from doing two trips.. Nobody likes doing trips with groceries lol.. Walk with these girls are still very foreign.. Like there is something on my chest LOL.. But hopefully that feeling gets to be comfortable and the tightness in the chest goes away... I had a CPR class today and boy that was a bit awkward .. It was really a workout with these girls haha... The girls better get used to that.. I'm going to start working again this weekend and hope there isn't anything "hard" to do or I'm SOL.. I have my 3wk post op appt next week so hopefully the doc gives me an all is well and probably take out these sutures that hasn't dissolved and take off the steri strips that has stuck on so well... To all the girls with future BA .. Be excited, stay excited, and it's okay to feel like u want to back out.. But remember this.. You are doing it for urself at the end of the day.. You deserve it.. Im happy that I went trough with it and love my tatas.. I'm hoping for them to settle well and am looking forward to enjoying them once they've done so.. (Ok massaging now).. Will update y'all some more later

3 wks post op

So I'm about 3 wks now... I had my follow up on Thursday and was told I am okay to start working out again!!! Yay!! Was so glad to hear that.. He said I should lift comfortably, of course that's a given... I'm not gonna try to do anything to hurt me.. My steri strips weren't taken off and the ps said just let it peel on its own but my nurse was like oh you can take it off ... Haha so I'm slowly peeling them off just to peek but im sure I'll be okay... No pain any more.. Back aches only here and there now.. I can usually just take a pain reliever or just lay down for a bit and it'll go away.. I still wake up with some morning tightness but they settle after I massage them... My nurse was really proud of how my girls looked because of my massaging. Walking has been easier also.. I feel they don't ride up as much as I'm walking anymore and I just wear my strap when I'm home. I take it off if I'm going out. Running or even jogging is still uncomfortable and weird haha.. I have to hold onto the girls just cuz its so weird. The numbness in my left thumb is slowly going away and that "when ur legs are asleep " feeling in the thumb seems like the thumb is wakin up lol... So glad my healing process is going so well even though it didn't start off great I'm happy I'm here now... The nipples are still sensitive but no pain.. But I think they are working I getting their feelings back haha.. Showering and daily routine is almost normal now and hubby still taking care of me well.. Yay!

So I started having that booby greed gals... I know its normal... But on Thursday I looked and them and said to myself.. I should have gone bigger.. But then that night I stared at them again and was like omg they are so big.. So idk I think is just a mutual feeling for now..hopefully the feeling subsides.. Lol maybe it's because with clothes on it looks like I got nothing done but with my clothes off its like "BAMM hello " lol I don't know .. We shall see how I feel later.. As of now I'm happy..

working out and vaginal infection

I'm not feeling that booby greed this morning so thats a plus++.. :) Yesterday night I worked out with my husband doing T25... while he was going all out I performed the modified moves. I got a good workout out of it and got my heart rate up a bit... it feels so good to get back in shape again... I woke up this morning and the tatas are fine.. although i have a sore spot kind of right behind the armpit on my back.. no biggie though... during the workout i held onto the tatas when there was any jumping or too much bouncing going on haha. The workout turned out fine though. Im will be 4 wks this friday.

So its been about a week now since I started having symptoms of a vaginal infection. I'm sure it started before that after my surgery. But for this past week my vajayjay has been burning and itching and producing this thin and thick discharge that appeared like cottage cheese.. I've never had a yeast infection before and looked it up.. My symptoms were very consistent with a YI.. And women are very prone to developing a YI if they've had antibiotic use. I thought to myself "okay this has to be a YI because I did just recently get my BA". I could have gone and just gotten mono-stat OTC but because I've never had a YI before and wasn't sure I didn't buy it. Instead I went to see my primary MD about it and got a pelvic exam. He agreed that since I've never had a YI before I shouldn't buy it until we test and am sure it was YI so later on in the future if the same symptoms appear again we will know how to treat.. After the exam he said it looked to be very consistent with a YI and sent me out with a one pill fungus treatment and will call if lab results say its bacterial and/or yeast.. Hours later he called and said it wasn't yeast but bacterial.. so I had to run back to the pharmacy and pick up antibiotics for a vaginal bacterial infection. So not I'm on 7 days of antibiotics for that.. SO if any of you girls experience any vaginal itching, burning, or abnormal discharge after BA i suggest you go see your MD.. its probably due to the antibiotics from surgery..

Quick update

The girls are 4wks today! I still have to sleep a bit elevated just so my back is comfortable and the girls don't get squished lol.. Still massaging maybe not as much as I should but I still am.. The steri strips are taking their sweet sweet time falling off .. Really wish they would fall off already so I can treat the scar..

Update update ????

Hey y'all... So it's been a little over 6 wks now since BA and I have to say time really flew by.. I've been massaging a lot but the girls a still a bit stiff.. But that isn't the biggest issue.. Last Friday I peeled the steri strips off and luckily I did be cause one side was irritated .. My nurse Felicia said that the steri strips liked me a bit much and stayed on longer than expected.. They didn't really look pretty this past Friday and look infected was still bleeding and was a bit warm so I went in early yesterday morning to get it checked out by the ps.. He said to put bacitracin on and cover it and to avoid the bra rubbing against it he gave me some nonstick bandage to place over them.. Today is 4 days of bacitracin tx and they are looking better compared to Friday.. Just washing it with unscented soap and water while in the shower and bacitracin 2x daily .. Hopefully it heals better and as well as some ladies on here that I've seen... Pray pray pray.. So far I haven't experienced any complications .. Just being careful with what I lift, pull, and push.. Although I can say I can do more than before.. Still slightly training my pec muscles to get to work again.. Sleeping has gotten so much better.. Not too many pillows any more and side sleeping is getting more comfy.. Still have to be a bit cautious during sex though lol.. Chest tightness isn't really there as much as before maybe a 1 out of 10.. It really comes and goes.. Sensitivity is also a 1/10.. Not bad at all.. I really like going braless and just stick on some nipple covers.. Makes my clothes look good and I don't have to worry about nipples poking out..

I've had very few time to take them out but should be able to this weekend on a girls date.. No alcohol for me thou lol.. I've bought about 5 bras from vs and all were lace.. None with padding or underwire cuz they just felt uncomfortable .. I can wait though I don't think I need any padding or wire at this time lol.. Lace is so much more comfy and soft

Omg can you believe it!!

2 mths is here can you believe it. It flew by so quick. I believe my girls have soften up a little bit compared to my last review. Ps also agreed when I went for my follow up yesterday. As of right now life is almost normal. My pec muscles still needs stretching and getting used to working out but were getting there slowly. I'm just working on healing these scars up as well as possible. I also noticed a little of asymmetry with my right boob, it seems like it isn't as full as the other.. Maybe I'm just worrying over nothing lol .. I hope future BA girls find my reviews helpful

Been a while

Hey realselfies!!!,

I just wanted to do a quick update on the twins. I think this is it for them, no more swelling or settling down. They don't look to have changed much from my last update.. Some thing was bothering me though, my nipples looks like the right is lower than the left!.. Yikes.. I asked hubby and he said they look like they are even.. I guess it's gotten to the point where I'm constantly looking for a flaw lol.. I'm still slowing easing into my chest work outs and the chest muscles still slightly twitch. The scars looks like they're healing well but I can see the small ones are slightly raised. I'll be placing silicone strip on them. I've found mederma and scar away gel/cream has helped the scars heal nicely. I'm told I still need to massage and I hope this helps with getting cleavage a little more lol please feel free to leave comments or question.. I'm here to help answer any questions I can

Birthday girl right hurrrr!!!

Yesterday, Sept. 1st, was my birthday.. So happy I was able to take my girls out.. Thee only thing that suck was that the nail salon I wanted to go get pampered at was closed for Labor Day. Booooo. But it's okay I get to go get them done tmrw and get more shopping done. I did however get to dress the twins in their new 32DD vs angel bra!!! I think they looked pretty good.. Lol don't mind my ugly tan tho lol. Please flaunt your twins when you get the chance ladies.. They are well worth it!!

expectations and the reality

I'm thinking about going under again. One, because I think I have mild symasstia and second because I want to change the profile. I liked that these look natural and that they didn't wave hi to the world. But also, I have self esteem issue and am ready to fix the symasstia. When working out I can see and feel mu pec muscle twitch. It's been about 2 years now and I think its about time. Love yourself girls. Will create a new post when that journey begins. :) live positively
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