Removal of Pip Implants That Are 14 Years Old and a Constant Source of Worry!

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Hi everyone, I'm booked in to have my implants...

Hi everyone, I'm booked in to have my implants removed. I had a lymph node removed when the implants were only a few years old and have had pain and worry since they were put in. I've now got quite bad capsular contracture on one side and the time has come to have them out, I'm not having replacements as I want this all over and done with. I don't know why I ever had them done but nows the time to get it all done and I can put it all behind me. I'm having it done privately as its taken me years to be brave enough and have the time to get it done as I have young kids so now I'm just going for it.Thanks everyone else for your reviews they make me feel much better xxx

Getting scared now!

Just over a week to go now and I am getting nervous about having the surgery and what I will end up looking like! I was only an a cup before having 330 cc implants. I was probably a d/dd at my biggest but they have definitely shrunk over the years and i wear a c cup bra now.I just want next week to hurry up to get it done with. My capsular contractured boob feels really lumpy and ridged and I've been having pain in my 'better' boob. Maybe they know they are getting removed! I feel so much more determined though and sure that I am doing the right thing after reading everyone's explanation stories so thanks to everyone who posts on here xx

They're gone!

Had my surgery on Friday morning, it took around 2 hours I had capsule removed on the right side only this is the one that had capsular contracture and where I had previously had lumps removed. It had ruptured but everything was contained within the capsule. The left one was ok and the capsule was thin so this was left behind. I had drains in both sides. No pain after surgery just felt very tired but could not sleep at all I think due to the stress and the adrenaline! The drains were removed the next day which I was dreading but it wasn't painful at all. I've barely taken any painkillers I'm only using paracetamol and ibuprofen very sparingly.
I feel so relieved it's all done, I wish I'd done it years ago! I haven't looked at myself yet as I'm covered in padding and wearing a bra and am just not brave enough! It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting and anyone who is sick of their implants for whatever reasons I would say go for it and have them removed. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted!
Sorry but I couldn't bring myself to take photos before but maybe one day I'll put the after photos on.
Thanks to everyone for your stories and photos who inspired me enough to take the plunge. I wish you all well and happy healing xxxx
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