Asian 34 years old mother of 2 kids ready for new boobies - Doyles town PA

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Hello everyone ! I been thinking having BA for...

Hello everyone !
I been thinking having BA for last 15 years. Now my kids are little order I decide to go for it. I been checking this web site long time. Been reading everyone's experience and it's been nothing but helpful thank you very much everyone !
In same time I'm very scared about surgery . What if bad things happens ...
We'll I guess that's the risk I half to take ...
I had consultation with dr marchant in Doyle's town PA . I already made up my mind implant that I want witch it's saline For the safety reason. so Dr Marchant recommend How manny CC's I should get . Witch it's 350cc and up if I remember correctly . Originally I had in my mind no more then 275 cc so when I heard 350 and up I thought no way ! That's too big !
But I do have wide shoulder and no breast so 350 cc and up May not be bad idea.
My surgery date is set on 6/4 . I have one more appointment before surgery sometime in May . Witch I can't wait !

Oh I forgot to put little bit about my self .
34 years old mother of 2 teenagers . Breast size double A cup . Height 5.5 weight 120lb.

Only two days away !!!!!

So I'm not sure how manny people been reading my post but my sergery is only two days away , now I'm getting more nerves thinking what if worscase happens !?
I know I shouldn't be thinking bad thing and just focus for good outcome but it's not easy ...
How ever here is my before pics. Flat as cutting bord .

Can't sleep

My surgery is tomorrow .
I recived phone call today I need to be checked in by 8:30 at surgical center but I just can't fall sleep !
Im a night person and I do stay up in till 1:00 or 2:00 am anyways but I wanted to get good night sleep because of the surgery . We'll Its just not happening !
I'm not even sleepy at all . So now I'm thinking to paint my nail's . In form it did not say no nail polish so It's okay I'm guessing ?
How did everybody sleep night befor ? I m even thinking just stayd up all night then head out in the morning ...

It's finished !

First of all thank you very much for the kind words and wishing me luck everyone ! Because of you lady's my surgery went well . I got to the surgical center 8:30, taken to the operating room around 9:40. Once they gave me aka "Good stuff", It made me feel like I had a cocktail . Then dr taped my arm down and put a mask on me. I was gone gone gone !

When I woke up, not much pain. nurse gave a cookie (chips a hoy) and cranberry Juice. I finished two but that was it .
Nurse asked me if I was ready to go .
I'm not sure how long I was in the recovery room but felt pretty quick . Nurse was very nice but not gonna lie , I felt a little rushed . Dr came to see me, I asked him how many CC's he put he said 400. I have told Dr 350 implant over filled with 375 at the top so I was little taken by it. But they knew the best and now I looked in mirror I think 400 is right choice !

How ever shapes are not so pretty now . It dose not look even . Hopefully it look better tomorrow .

About the pain was what I expected .
I had moderate saline implant under the muscle put it through bottom of the breast. so far i took 4 piles and keep putting ice pack plus frozen pees on top of the chest.
Nipple burned feeling has started and this sucks !
It's like some one put needle in it :(

Can't wait in till all the pain goes away !

It's been 24 hours

Feeling much better compared to yesterday but still very sore . I took off bra so I can take picture but my incision hurts so bad !!!!! I don't know how some lady's take that bra off and take picture on day 1.

Sharp pain

Its been 5 days after my surgery . I can rise my arm with out no problem but chest pain is no joke . I have sharp pain like needle stabbing in to my chest . My Dr gave me 5 mm oxycodone and I do take it but even with pain medication I can still feel the sharp pain .
Is it anybody out there have or had same pain like me ?

One week after surgery

Its been one week after surgery .
I think swollen did go down a little bit or im just getting used to seen them everyday .

Btw i have green bluised spots all over on my breast . I took a closer look and it has a red dot in the middle . Its probobly from shots but why On the breast ? Anybody know ?

10 days after surgery still not sure it was worth it

It's been 10 days after my BA.
From the side my tops is still looking High and I hate this looks. I'm already thinking revision or take my implant out .
My bottom of the breast is smaller then top , I know it takes time implant to drop but I even think my bottom pocket is not big enough Implant to go down.
I do push implant down a lot but not sure that helps.
I have 3 more weeks off from my two jobs, In my head I can't hope it to think hurry up and make decision for revision or take it out, so I can do one of them and head to recovery quick and still make it dead line going back to work soon .

I worked double shift plus side job to save money and pay for my BA . Now I may need to spend more money to fix what I don't like .
It's very depressing thinking about .

2 weeks after surgery

Today I met with Dr .
Nurse ask me I have any concerned so I said I'm not happy with shape of my breast . Dr said it's normal and implant will drop . It's been two weeks after my surgery and for the first time Dr recommend breast band . I have seen this item and read it review so I really did not wanted to wear them but Dr said wearing breast band will help implant to drop. So I am wearing them now but oh boy it's so tight and uncomfortable .
I did ask Dr about what if band did not help implant to drop and I want revision . But he's answer was try this for now and let's see what happens . Witch I get it but I just can't stop thinking about revision or have them taking out even after I left Drs office . 6 months is maybe not super long time but my skin can be stretched and what if I want smaller implant to replace my 400 cc saline implant ?
Do I need a breast lift to cut extra saggy skin ?
So now plaice my be double ? This is driving me crazy !!!!!
I try to not think about this mater much as I can , so I can live normal life everyday . And try to be positive , how ever it's not easy but I won't give up !

After 6 months

Hi everyone
Its been little over 6 months after my surgery . I adopted so well that now i don't even think about i had surgery 6 months a go .

Right after my surgery my boobs was so high and hard and i was seeking re-do but I'm glad i waited . Because now I'm loving my new boobies !
If i can do all over again i will chose silicon over sailing and go 50cc bigger and request little more gap in the middle .

But over all I'm happy :)

Ps I do not know how to fix picture been side way sorry .
Hopefully no one gets neck pain looking at it .
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