B Cup+ 440cc Silicone Modplus= ? (23yr Old, 5'5", 138lbs) - US

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I'm currently a 34B not sure what cup size I will...

I'm currently a 34B not sure what cup size I will ultimately be but I'm scheduled to have 440cc silicone implants, under the muscle with "underboob" incision.
I'm super indecisive about the size, I NEVER thought I would want anything more than a small D..but when we were putting the sizers in, I kept asking for the next size up. Knowing that they will look slightly smaller in my body, I think 440cc will look nice. Hard to tell though, just looking with a shirt on is one thing..but I wanna know what they will look like naked.

A little nervous about the pain/recovery.. this will be my first surgery. It's on a Tuesday and I have to work that Saturday so I'm hoping to be up and functioning without too much pain then.

Very excited/nervous!! I just wish I knew what they were going to look like!!

Second guessing my size choice...

I'm going in tomorrow for the 3rd time to look at sizers. I'm so nervous, I don't want to wish I went bigger like I see sooo many people say.. but I don't want to go too big and end up hating them. I think 440cc will look good, that is the biggest size implant they would allow after measuring the width of my natural breasts. Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures with the sizers in and post them.
I bought some wireless bras yesterday to wear during recovery and got my prescriptions filled.
I'm so anxious, I cant focus on anything else right now, ahhh!

Feeling better about size choice ... & Wish pic :)

I went in today and saw the pre-op coordinator again, she handles the sizing and goes over the pre-op instructions. My mom came with me this time because I wanted her to see I wasn't going with a HUGE implant which I think is what she was imagining. She isn't supportive of me getting a BA and I live with her right now so I've been hearing on a daily basis about how much I will regret getting implants -_- She and all the women in our family, except me, are naturally large chested (mostly all DD cups). I think she feels better about it now after asking a few questions and looking at the sizers.
Funny thing is, I almost thought the 440cc looked too small today lol boob greed already?? But I'm already getting the largest implant for my natural breast width so I can't really go bigger without having them go off to the sides. Also my mom took pictures on her phone, I didn't take photos last time. I looked at them when I got home tonight, the 440cc looks like plenty in the photo :) I only have one pic on my phone to upload, I'll get the rest from my moms phone tomorrow.

Night before surgery

... being the awesome procrastinator that I am I have left a bunch undone until tonight, like cleaning my house and getting the guest room ready for me to stay in there. Oh well, I probably wouldn't be sleeping right now anyway. Super nervous... I'll take a bunch of 'before' photos in the morning and post some updates when I can.

Post Op

So its been about 28hours since my surgery. So far everything is going well :) not a lot of pain but reeeally sore. They sent me home wrapped in an Ace bandage, and they took that off today at my post op appointment. Honestly, even with the swelling they look a little smaller than I was expecting, but I'm sure I'll love them once they drop. Uploading a few photos now. I've been using ice packs pretty much around the clock.

Post Op pictures/ Pain Question

I don't see any bruising :)
My chest hurts the most when I'm getting up after sitting on the couch. So I've been avoiding laying down completely because I'm afraid it'll hurt a lot more if I'm trying to get out of bed :( so I didn't get much sleep last night. It's really hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Anyone have any advice on how to get up and down off a couch or bed without it hurting so much?? I never realized how many muscles are attached to the chest area :/
How long did you need your pain pills for? I know everyone handles pain differently, but wanted to see what you ladies had to say. TIA

Post Op Day 2

So far today has been much better with less pain/soreness. They actually look bigger to me now ha.. wish I could just see the final size already!!! I've been taking my meds every 4-6 hours. I don't usually take pills or anything but I'm not going to risk being in pain by not taking the pain meds. My back is also sore, I think because of having to sleep and sit in a certain way all the time. My ribs feel a little banged up too, like right below my breasts. But no bruising, so is that just from the skin stretching?
Posting a few pictures from this morning. I'm super bloated but I wanted to show how high up they were so I can compare these to photos over the next few weeks.
BTW these ice pack things my mom got me are awesome (posted a photo), they're from Walgreens and have straps with velcro on them. They fit around my chest just right :) love them.

Left out pictures from the last update :/

Post Op Day 3

Not much to update.. I took a shower today and had my hair stylist shampoo my hair for me at her salon. Figured it would be easier than doing it myself lol. Pain/Soreness is MUCH better today.. in fact I only took 1 pain pill this AM, I have been at home and taking it easy since my BA though.
I took pictures today but they look the same as yesterday, even though I feel less swollen.
Going to babysit tomorrow for about 12 hours, we'll see how that goes and how it feels to drive.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Post Op Day 4/5

So yesterday (PO day 4) I worked 15 hours (mostly babysitting)... ugh, I'm sore today.. it was also my first time driving and that wasn't bad except for when I had to turn :/ Taking it easy today at home and trying to get some homework done. I'm off the pain meds and muscle relaxers. My antibiotics are done tomorrow. The whole this has been much easy than I thought it would be :)

How long before they start to soften up??? It hasn't even been a week but it feels like it's been soo much longer and I'm ready for some soft boobies :)

They are looking really good though, can't wait to see what they look like once they settle more :) Love my doctor and the size we chose :)

Day 10 Post-Op

Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, hope everyone is doing well!
So I went for my 1 week post-op appointment a few days ago and everything looked good. The one incision on my right side was a little puffier than the left.. The right was also the side that had some blood on the gauze the day I got home. My mom said as I was walking out to the car after surgery I lifted my right hand to lean on the wall, which I shouldn't have done obviously but I was so out of it I don't even remember doing it. So I think I may have stretched the incision at that time :/ that may have been where the blood came from and why the incision on the right looks a little worse than the left. I'm still not wearing any bra's, doctor said not to at my 1 day post-op, not even the sports bra type bras that I bought for after surgery. He showed my mom the 'massages' she was supposed to help me with. They showed her how to do it because they said I wouldn't want to because it might hurt. It's not what I expected at all! I thought the massages where to help the implants settle and come down a little, so I thought it would just be rubbing on top of the breasts and chest... nope! He literally pinched down at the bottom of my breast, pressing down really hard to make sure he got the implant, and pushed it up to my clavicle. He said it was to keep the "pocket" open that he created during surgery. It didn't hurt really, I wish he would've showed me how to do it because my mom isn't being good about doing it. She's afraid of hurting me -_- So I'm going to call Monday and ask to come in so that they can show me what to do.
I really wish I could workout :( I feel like I could do some stuff but I'm not gonna try.. not worth ruining my new boobs!

Going shopping next week for an outfit to wear to my husbands homecoming! :) It's so close and I'm excited!!
Question: When did you first go to try on bras and get sized for new bras? I wasn't sure if I should wait til they settle a little more or if that even matters? I feel like they're still kinda high up.
Dr. Collins

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