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Hi Everyone, I have been reading and obsessing...

Hi Everyone,
I have been reading and obsessing over my new boobies for the last week! I am really excited, but also really anxious about it. For some reason I got up this morning and watched a YouTube video of a breast augmentation. Geesh that was stupid.
I am about 10 days away from the surgery and headed to the Dominican Republic for about 5 days, so that will help my anxiety, I hope! Sure wish my bathing suit would be filled out better on top, but I will survive this one last vacation without boobs!
I am a 36B - deflated and breastfeed both kids. Both are now in college and I decided to just do it! I am getting the Natrelle 410's and a partial lift. I am so worried that they will be too big and make me look fat. LOL! I am 5'1 and about 135. I had a Tummy Tuck about 12 years ago and Lipo about 2 years ago. Very happy with both and same doctor for all 3.
Super happy to have found this site! I will keep you updated on my progress.
I have my zip up jackets, a foam wedge to keep me at a 45' angle so getting up isn't so bad, ice packs, pillows and all my med's filled. Anything else I need to have ready? Doctor is providing the sports bra.
Any advice to get help me feel less anxious? Not sure why, I have done this before. I guess I was always reducing the size of my stomach and thighs. Now I am increasing the size instead?
Not sure, but any advice is welcome!

3 Days!

I have 3 days until the BIG DAY! Luckily I have been busy working on my taxes so they are done before my surgery. Starting my Bromelin tomorrow to help reduce swelling. Nervous, excited and worried all in one.
Come on April 3rd!

Today was the day!

It is finally done and I am so glad that it is behind me! I had surgery about 9am this morning. The staff was incredibly wonderful and Dr. Graper so very caring and warm and totally in tune with my wishes. I am a 36 B cup and want to be a full C cup. My boobs were a little off in size, so I got 295cc in my left breast and 335cc in my right. He said the size was perfect as the skin on my breast was really pulled tight. He also said he wasn't able to get the right breast TOTALLY under the muscle for some reason. He told my hubby but he really didn't understand the whole thing, so I will ask on Tuesday for my follow up. The 45 minutes surgery lasted about 1 1/2 because of the small complication. He told my hubby my right breast would be more sore too.
My main worry was pain after. The pain today has been totally manageable, probably 4/10. I fell asleep about 8pm thinking I would wake up at by 9p for my next dose of pain meds. Slept till 10pm and woke up in a lot more pain. I would rate a 7/10. I won't miss another pain med's 4 hour window. Anyone ever set an alarm clock to wake up to take the meds so I don't wake up tomorrow in massive pain?
I am very pleased so far with the entire experience and I will post some pictures once I can shower Saturday.
Any questions welcome! Thanks so much!

Post op picture

Here is post op day 1!

2 Days Post Op and all is well!

Everything is really going great! Staying on top of my pain med's every 4 hours. I slept through the night last night! I took 2 Percocet at 1030p and woke a couple of times, but didn't have to get up. When I woke up at 730a....I was in pain. Downed my muscle relaxer, 2 percocet and back to sleep. I am excited to take off the bandages and see the girlies, but decided to use bath cloths and wait an extra day to shower. I had a mini lift too, so I want to wait an extra day to shower and take off the bandages. Not sure why I am so nervous about taking them off. But I am, so I will wait till tomorrow. I really don't feel too tight and this experience has been much easier than I thought it would be. The swelling isn't too bad and since I got the 'gummy bear' implants, I don't think they are really tight.
So far the things I purchased that have been useful:
This awesome little bed tray: I leave it beside me with my water, medicines, lip balm, lotion, etc

Sleep Wedge: We have a recliner in the living room, but I really like the quiet of my room http://www.amazon.com/Sleep-Better-Bed-Wedge-Pillow/dp/B002GKBG2S/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1396730418&sr=1-1&keywords=sleep+wedge

The Zip Hoodie from VS: http://www.victoriassecret.com/clothing/view-all-tops/the-zip-hoodie-easy-mixers?ProductID=181475&CatalogueType=OLS
Cocoa Butter from Body Shop. This stuff is amazing!

Notebook to keep up with medications/times

I purchased a couple of ice packs but my doctor didn't say to use them. So I didn't since that is his protocol.

I will keep everyone posted. I don't regret this decision one bit.....I was so anxious beforehand. But so happy now! :)

It's been 5 days Post Op - Had my Post Op visit with PS today

Things are going so great! I am so thrilled with my results and can't believe how little pain (thanks pain med's) I have had so far. Went to my post op visit today and my PS is very happy with the results thus far. He was happier than he thought he might be due to having to having to cut more breast tissue on my right breast. My right breast didn't have enough volume for the implant needed, so he had to cut a little breast tissue to make it work so both breasts would be asemetrical and even. He thought he would be un-happy with the results, but he is so pleased! I am super happy with the new boobies. I never thought I would be so pleased with them!
I expected to learn how to "massage" my breasts today, but since I got the Natrelle 410's those are not massaged because of the anatomical shape. They don't want them to flip or they could look totally deformed, so I am not touching these puppies! They are left alone to drop and 'fluff' (I am still not really sure what it means to fluff! LOL) themselves. The nurse said that these type of breast implants DON'T do a lot of dropping and they will be pretty much where they are except that the swelling will go down. So I guess time will tell. I will try to continue to take pictures to update how they look. I am posting my 2 day post op pictures. I don't feel like getting up to take pictures right now. The post op visit wore me out today! Don't try to overdo and take the time to relax and heal if you can!

Oh and a note: I had a horrible bout with constipation from the pain med's. Do yourself a favor and take a dose of Milk of Magnesia everyday to avoid it. I did take a stool softener from the beginning, but that didn't work and it made me horribly miserable for a couple of days!

Good luck to everyone on their upcoming surgeries and recoveries! I am so happy with my results!

One week Post Op - Feeling good but ready for discomfort to go away now!

Hi everyone!
It has been 1 week since my breast augmentation on April 3rd and I am feeling good! I got out yesterday, went to a friends house and out for dinner. But I was ready to be home after a few hours out!
I am still have some discomfort and pain, but have backed off the painkillers. I am only taking 1 Percocet every 6 hours. I am doing an experiment today to see if the muscle relaxers work better than the painkillers. I took a pain pill about 2 hours ago with some relief, but just took a muscle relaxer to see if it works better. Not sure if a 2 hour window will really enlighten me or not, but taking them together makes me groggy and sleepy.
Sleeping on my back is getting old and I can't seem to find a comfortable bra that won't hit right where my incisions are located under my boobs. I ordered a couple of Coobie Bras but they haven't gotten here yet. My PS doesn't want me to go without a bra.
I will attach a 1 week post op picture, but I don't think there is a whole lot of difference. The swelling around the top of my boobs looks better, but I am not expecting them to do any dropping since that isn't how the 410's are designed. Anyone with 410's find that they drop?
Still learning!

2 Weeks Post Op today!

Good Morning fellow boobie friends!
I am post op 2 weeks today! My pain has gotten worse and I am 2 weeks post op. I thought this was going to be a breeze after my first week went so well. I feel like I am in more pain now than I was after the first few days. I have the 'morning boob' but they are SO sore to the touch and I feel worse than week 1. Anyone else out there have this same experience?? I am so ready to start enjoying my new assets and really tired of hurting now!

Day 17!

Still in quite of a bit of pain and uncomfortable a bit. Hoping to start feeling a little better over the next week. Pain pills and muscle relaxers are still needed which is unusual and now I am almost out, so feeling a little worried. I am surprised that I am still having this much pain 17 days out. I guess I need to be a patient patient!

19 days Post Op

Hey all! I called my PS today and he said I most likely have Dysesthesia (super sensitive nipples ... burning and massive pain!) and it should resolve itself in 6 - 8 weeks. Considering I am not even 3 weeks, it is a little worrisome! I have some silicone swim pads that I have put in my bra and it has helped a tiny tiny bit. Anything that touches them hurts, bad! I have to hold the seatbelt away from my chest. Pretty much in pain 24/7 and nothing helps. This is an interesting journey!

Yay...finally a milestone!

I slept on my side last night *with support with lotsa pillows! AND I didn't wake up in massive pain and I slept good!
I THINK I have turned the corner. I will let you know tomorrow because we have been going all day!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Graper is a wonderful surgeon. His professionalism & bed side manner are incredible. He performed my tummy tuck and lipo on hips, inner /outer thighs and all the results are fabulous. I wouldnt 't go anywhere else. The front desk girls& his nurses are wonderful, caring and just fun. I will post a picture with bandages for my Post 1 day pic. sorry....i rambled just took a couple percocet. LOL! For me....this has been a great experience so far!

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