350 or 370cc Gummy Bear Implants?!

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I am so confused! my surgery is in one week. I am...

I am so confused! my surgery is in one week. I am about 5'8' and 122 pounds....a cup but don't completely fill it; I am currently an A cup I guess, but I don't fill an a cup completely. I went to pre op with my mind set that I wanted to be a full C; the doctor 1st put a 375 in my sports bra and was happy with that THAN he goes actually you can handle a 425, it will look good on you. He was pretty firm on telling me that a 425 would get me to a full c small d...but 425 to me seems HUGE and when I told friends and such they were like NO, THATS WAY TOO BIG. I don't want to be in the D range, I want to keep it in the C range. I don't want "Stripper boobs"...I want a very natural nice size set of boobs. I want pretty cleavage when i wear a bathing suit/dress but not so much that there isnt even space between my two boobs. My surgery is so soon and I am so confused. I decided on the 370 teardrop gummy bears when i left my second pre op appointment and now I'm think 350. I AM A VERY CONFUSED child right now. I don't know what to do and my mom is just as confused. As I look through millions and millions of pictures....some girls are very small a to almost flat and go to a C with just 300 but than others who are also almost completely flat go to almost a D with 300 also. Its so confusing and I have no idea what to choose. I just want a classy looking set of boobs. I don't want a par of boobs that fall out the sides of a bikini. I just want pretty cleavage.
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