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Just had my first consultation yesterday for BA....

Just had my first consultation yesterday for BA. It went well the Dr. explained everything. He took 3D images of me with the implants in. It looked amazing!!! I have four more appointments with four other surgeons. This Dr. recommended 295cc in the right and 280cc in the left. I want gummy bear implants and submuscular for sure. I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to do pull ups and push ups again in the gym!!

before procedure


Second consultation

So i had the second consultation with a second surgeon yesterday. I really liked him, however I'm not sure on how he does the procedure. The patient is not under general anesthesia, they are given IV sedation with a local block. I'm a vet tech and know a lot about IV drugs and anesthesia for animals. I read that more surgeons are doing this method. I just worry I'll feel pain and won't be able to tell him because I'm drugged up. Any thoughts ladies??????

I cant til Wednesday

Two more PS to see in Chicago!!!!

wish boobies

Third consultation today

He was very informative and had made some good recommendations. I'm meeting three more next week! Then I book the surgery!!!!!!

More wish BOOBS!!!!!!

Forth consultation Thursday morning

So Thursday morning I meet my fourth surgeon. Friday will be the last consultation with fifth surgeon. Then I make my decision and book it in May!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

Today is my last consultation!!!

So today i meet with the final surgeon. Then i make my decision and book it for May! I'm so excited i think that's why I've had a hard time sleeping at night. I'll keep you all posted later today!!!!!!

The date is set!!!!!!! May 9th

So I chose Dr. Clark Schierle!!!!!! The was no arrogance or high ego about him at all. He was very informative and made good suggestions for me. The sizes are between 286cc MPP or 304cc HP. After my consultation I booked it for May 9th on my birthday!!!!!! I'm so happy I did all this research and took the time to find the right Dr.

Wish boobies

I hope I get these results

pre pic

Can't wait till I'm fuller!!!!

pre pic

Not even an A cup


I can't believe next Friday is the date and my birthday to!!!!! I couldn't be more excited!!!! I'm getting so nervous to!!!

All done on May 9th

So I went in yesterday for surgery. I was scared to death! IV catheter didn't go as smooth as I hoped do to dehydration :( The got it in on the second time.
The surgery center was behind so my surgery start was 3 pm instead of 2:30. I asked them to start IV fluids easy a ahead of time. They took me at 3 pm I have a kiss to my fiance. The surgery took only 45 minutes.....CRAZY Fast!! I woke up in pain mainly on my sternum. So the have me liquid Norco. I asked my Dr to call in muscle relaxers and he also called in valuim. Last night was horrible so I took Norco, Robaxcin, and valium. Which helped a lot. In the middle of the night I took south Robaxin which helpled.
This morning in rough but dealing with it. Here's a pic

286cc Moderate plus profile

Still so painful 1, day post

Day 2 post op

Yesterday me and my fiance were gonna take a shower. I took off the ace bandage and gauze. Underneath the gauze is the surgical waterproof tape. Well.......the left one there was a small spot that was open and a little blood was coming out. So my fiance wrapped me back up. I called the doctor he said that can happen not to worry. He told me i could still shower it will help the blood flow and circulation out or I can wait one more day. I decided to wait til today. I also mentioned that spot that's lifted will it be an issue. He said no not at all. I feel better today now but last night at 2 am was bad . I took Robaxcin, norco and valium then passed out. I still haven't dropped a deuce yet. I'm on stool softners. Not ready yet ;-/
I saw my boobies they look even which is good. I ended up with 286cc moderate plus profile smooth silicone . I'll be glad in a week or two once this pain is over.

Auto correct

Sorry if there's miss spelling!!! I was also on alot of drugs lol!!!!!!!

Day 3

This are improvements sure! I'm so bloated and its pissing me off!!! I took one more Norco last night, and this morning Advil instead. Im drinking water and eating good food. It's hard to tell how they'll be until the swelling goes down. Im guessing I'll be a C cup. If i decide to go bigger i might at the end of this year will see. I just have to be patient until they're healed. I'll see my surgeon this week!! So far so good!!! If anyone has similar stats and same size implants can you provide message me??????

3 day post op

Things ate looking great!!!!!! I love them!!!!

auto correct sucks

Things are looking better day by day!!!

4 day post op

This are going pretty good in boobland!!!! My right feels great! My left there's a area by my nipple or next to it that has an occasional shooting pain. Nothing looks different or out of the ordinary. I emailed my PS this morning. Will see what he says about it. I'm still bloated from the anesthesia and meds. I'm eating clean and resting as much as I can so I can heal. Which he said is all normal and takes time. Dr. Schierle has been wonderful with this whole process !!!!! I'll continue to keep you sll posted!!!!!!

5 day post op

Still swollen and my left boob gets shooting pains on occasion. I hope I'm at least a C cup after the swelling goes away :-)

6 day post op

This is day 6 if you count the surgery day as 1. My left one is a little bigger and more swollen than the right. I still have sensitivity in the left nipple horribly. I see my PS today. I'm feeling like I went to small and I know it's hard to tell so soon but it makes me sad :'( I'll talk with him and see what he says.

Appt with Dr. Schierle

So things went great! He said I'm healing very well and quickly! I told him that I was worried about the size not being as full as I thought. He told me to give it time things still need to drop and heal. If I feel in three months I want to go bigger I could. Hopefully things don't come to that point!

sorry all the pictures are posted wrong on the title

My nipples are so sensitive they hurt!!!!

7 day post

Left one more swollen than the right

11 day post op

Saw my PS today things look great he's happy!!!! My left breast is still more swollen than the right but he's not worried. He said that can happen during the healing process. He wants me to take off the tegaderm tape of the incisions in 3-4 days. Then I can choose to use scar strips or any of those products if I want. I'll see him in two weeks for another recheck. He said I can go back to the gym which I'm so excited about. I just have to be careful. Here's a picture from today.

Pic from this morning

Sorry for the mess up on the days.

I'm not sure why the pictures won't upload. Weird!!!

13 day post out

Still high getting there! The gym was hard but I'm determined!!!!

14 day post op

Doing well however I still don't sleep well!!!! I wear my wrap at night over the top and it sucks! I tried to sleep on the one pillow but last night I had to elevate myself again on three pillows :-(

19 days post

So things are going great besides the sleeping....oh and my fiance is still not use to them which sucks :-/ I went to the gym and I'm still strong with obvious chest weakness. I can do almost everything except a dead hang from the bars. I'll get my pulls ups soon enough. I'm so glad I didn't go bigger. I would've regretted that. I'm borderline 34B-34C so far and I know they're still tight and need to drop. The only thing that concerns me is the left one. The scar is weird and I sent pictures to my PS and he said it will even out and drop not to worry. Still worries me. I'm now wearing the silicone scar strips. I see my PS next Wednesday so will see.

more pictures

Today's photos

update pictures

Here's some new pictures

5 weeks post

So things are doing well. Im having pretty good workouts. Not as heavy yet but still things are going great! Here's some pictures i took today.

New pictures

Went to the gym did back, shoulders, and abs went great!!!!!!

more pictures

I had my check up with Dr. Schierle yesterday. He said things look amazing! I'm so happy I did this and I'm so glad to have found an awesome plastic surgeon!!!

Picture from today

So happy!!

More pictures

Doing great! Occasional soreness in the sternum likely from working out.

New picture

new bikini top

Recheck appointment

So Dr. Schierle said I look amazing!!!! He wants to see me in three months. Here's some new pictures.

New pictures!

Things ate great so happy with the results!

Ink master Scott Marshall did my tattoo yesterday

Boobs are great!!!! Scott Marshall covered two old tattoos I had yesterday! I love the new one!

working out after BA

Latest back pictures since BA

Very happy

new pictures

Things are great!!!!

I'm very happy!!!!!

New picture from today
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I've wanted BA for many years. I finally started doing my research in the Chicago land area. I had recommendations from friends as well as this website. I saw a total of 5 plastic surgeons which most of them had a horrible bed side manor. My very last one was Dr. Schierle and he was nothing like the other four surgeons I saw. His demeanor was so welcoming and comfortable. He took his time during the consultation and even before I met him answering any emails I sent him. I knew he was the surgeon for me! During the appointment he took 3D images of me and we discussed some options for me. After the consult was done I met with Julie his practice manager for the treatment plan and scheduled the surgery! They were able to accommodate me on the date I wanted. I was so thrilled and most of my stress was relieved knowing I found Dr. Schierle. I decided to call the Michigan Surgical Center which is where the procedure takes place. I asked for Linda who is in charge of the billing department. I wanted to find out the exact amount it will be for the OR fees and anesthesia. First thing that annoyed me was they had me down for the wrong procedure. They apologized and supposedly fixed it. Then she gave he the total which is what I brought the day of surgery. The day of surgery we went to 900 North Michigan Surgical Center. As I was filling out the paperwork it was for the wrong procedure yet again. So she fixed it, however the estimate was higher than what Linda and I discussed by $200! I couldn't believe it!! So she got Linda involved they apologized and took care of it. My only complaint was the front staff. They weren't very friendly and made stupid mistakes. Once the nurse took me in back I had my own room for recovery. I met with Dr. McNamara the anesthesiologist who was amazing!!!!!!! She was so comforting and kept me calm each step of the way! Barb one of the nurses placed my IV catheter and she new how much of a wuss I was, but kept me talking about my animals while she did her magic! Dr. Schierle came in just before they wheeled me away from my fiance. He explained more of the process, drew some lines on my breasts, and said I'll be up before you know it! My procedure took only 45 minutes, he said I was a perfect candidate, hardly any bleeding, and he brought my fiance in the recovery room to see me. This other nurse named Tim gave me some flow by oxygen, placed a bair hugger on me to keep me warm, and gave me ginger ale and crackers. Tim was so awesome I was feeling a lot of pain mainly in my sternum so he gave me liquid Norco which took the edge off! Once I was able to get up Tim helped me in a wheelchair and took me and my fiance all the way to the parking garage to our car! This experience with the medical care and professionals at the surgical center were wonderful!!! After things were all said and done there were times I had questions/concerns and Dr. Schierle was always there for me!!!!! I think he's the best!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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