Love my boobs! 475 and 500 HP, 36 DD!!!

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Hello... I am a very private person. Can't believe...

Hello... I am a very private person. Can't believe I'm doing this. I need some help!!!! I had horrid nightmares last night of actually going through surgery, and then having horrible results. I even woke up frantically touching my boobs, thinking it was real!
Ok so I am in my late 20's... two kids. 5 8" and around 145 lbs. Very into daily exercise, and in pretty good shape. I breast fed them both for over a year. My last one, 15 months. I was never too concerned about my breast size or fullness before that. And always liked my size and fullness while breast feeding. I had an oversupply problem, so my normal size full A, small B turned into HUGE boobies the first 6 weeks after birth. Anyway... now, they are barely an A, and very deflated. I posted a pic... and I'm really hoping I do not need a breast lift too. From the answers from Doc I think I'll get away with not doing one. But, several have recommended a duel plane placement?? I feel overwhelmed!
So in conclusion... my husband is FINALLY convinced that yes, he can see why I'd want one. After explaining how much I feel like I've given of myself, and I don't want to walk around the rest of my younger years hating my boobs, and wearing huge padded bras, he says he think I should go for it. Yay! Before he was so against it. He still maintains he loves my boobs the way they are. But will be happy if I'm happier....
So I have a consult with Dr Jennifer Emmett this week... so nervous of what to ask her... also a little nervous that she is not one of the doctors hardly mentioned on here?? Please anyone help??
Then the first week of May I have a consult with Dr. Squires in Denver. I love how many good reviews he has, and his website is much more informational then Dr. Jennifer Emmett. If anyone has some reviews to help me more... please respond. Thanks!

wish pictures

First consult with Doc is tomorrow....

I'm a mess! Exited one minute, and in tears the next. I feel like a basket case :(
I SO SO badly do not want a lift :( I have read that even if you do need one, it doesn't need to be done with the BA, but later on, and then you can really see if you need one. I've gotten a lot of doc replying that from my pic it looks like I'd be fine without one... but then some saying yes, I def need one. Ugh. I've been in tears today. I feel so overwhelmed and "guilty" for really getting into making this happen! I have my first consult tomorrow. I am really nervous. Its with Dr. Jennifer Emmett. I'm confused because all I can find on her is good reviews but she is only board certified in "surgery". She has good before and after photos, though I wish she had more. Her surgery days are so much more convenient for me, and she does it at a hospital that is close to me. There is no charge for appointments after the surgery, and it doesn't matter how many or how many months or years later. But the other doc I have a consult with next week, Dr. Squires, only does surgury on wed. That makes it so hard for me because my husband can maybe only take off a friday, and then be with me during the weekend! So it almost makes it undoable for me. I am overwhelmed and feeling sorta like it will all turn out terrible and I'll regret it so much. I wish it would leave me alone... I'm so confused! I wish I had like a ton of women who would tell me they love their breast implants, and years later too!

more wish pic

Two more consults in next couple days... hoping I'll find "the one"

So I have a consult today... and another one tomorrow with two tops doc in denver. I really hope I find the one. I want to schedule my surgury!
I am 5 8". 145 lbs, and athletic build. I have a big butt... but very narrow waist and chest. Not trying to brag... its a pain to keep my thighs toned!!! I do exercise daily and I'm in good shape.
Ladies my question is, the last consult I had, doc said I shouldn't go more then 375cc, HP. Will I be happy with size? I want to be a full C, small D. I wear a 36C now... but do not in a thousand years fill it out. Like they are hanging out at the bottom. Doc said I could get away with no lift... ecp on one side. But other side I could do an in office donut lift later. Failed the pencil test on both. What do you think? Hope I find out a lot more next couple days....

BA scheduled in a few weeks!!!

Here is a before pic. So hopeful the after pictures will make me happy. I'm going with 425-500 cc HP... we'll see at pre op what I decide.

rice sizes at about 440 cc's

Dr. Squires is the ONE.

So I'm reading good reviews, updated good reviews on Dr. Squires and now I'm getting even more excited. I can't find one negative thing on him.
Now I get to be tortured the next couple weeks in my own brain. I hate waiting!!! : ( Still trying to decide on size... will have a sizing in about a week and a half. DH will come and hopefully help me decide. He thought the rize sizers looked really good at 440cc... ( I'm thinking 450cc HP) but doesn't want anything "bigger" then that, and totally wants me to go no bigger then a D. I keep telling him that all the bras I got to take in, like the blue and white ones in the rice sizer pictures ARE a D. And going off bra sizes is not a good way to do it. The Squires office said to bring in bras you want to fill out in your sizing appointment. I already WEAR a 34-36C... but in no way fill it out. SO heck, it is so boring to bring in C bras to fill in. I want to be a D dang it! Why is it so scary to him... Its not like I wouldn't have a butt to match it, and also, I was a D when nursing and pregnant. And loved the size. So I'm needing advice on size for sure... or better put, cannot wait for my sizing appointment to get this figured out. I don't want to go too small just because of some idea about bra size. Men.

Um so yeah, have my BA scheduled for first week of JUNE!!!!!!

Should have put that in the above!

Before pic

Some wish pic

Before Bikini pic

This waiting game is killing me. I'm not very patient I guess :(

Two weeks away today... please come fast! Paid in full on Monday!

It was exciting to call in on monday and pay off the balance. Yay!!! But also a case of the nerves set in that day... I keep reading great stories and feeling SO excited. Then I'll read one "bad" one and I'll be an anxious wreck.
I'm trying to start getting all I can in order... so the week before isn't mayhem. I cannot wait for my sizing appointment next week. Ok thanks for reading my rambling! I do not feel like many people read my post... which is OK. I am very grateful for those who have commented and encouraged me. So thanks!

Amazon order

So after reading a TON of reviews on amazon and places like I herb about Hylands Arnica montana... and a lot of them talking about surgery and BA surgury, I ordered some, along with bromilain and querciten, NOW brand. They have such good reviews to help with bruising and inflammation. I think the whole helping with inflammation attracts me the most, since anything that would help with that will reduce pain a lot. And, I bruise SO SO easily.
I also ordered (because of some helpful reviews from someone who used them after her BA) some little pink ice packs, that have cloth on one side. So you can stick them right into your surgical bra, and not worry about it being too cold on the cloth side. Plus they are pink, cute, and you get 5! Lastly I ordered some silicone nipple shields, they came highly recommended by the same person for "headlights" and sensitive nipples after a BA. Now I at least know I have something on hand if I'm going out and still wearing my surgical bra, and don't want people staring at headlights!

Dream/ implants proven to be "bad"

I am very worried about this upcoming BA making me unhealthy. Or sick. I dreamed last night that this was confirmed by watching a you tube movie... some might get a kick out of this. It was a documentary of types that they made a delicious looking piece of chicken, then put it in a bun... and then offered it to a dog. The dog gobbled it up, thoroughly enjoying it. Then, they put a mentor breast implant in a bun, after smothering it with "chicken sauce" (whatever the heck that is) and offered it to the still hungry looking dog. The dog turned up his nose and thus the came to the conclusion that yes, breast implants are terrible for you. A dog would not even eat it?!
Heavens I hate being so paranoid and weird sometimes. Just thought I'd share.... lol

photos to show I'd like more on top please!

Get RX's and do another sizing today!!!! Yikes one week away.

So I'm a ball of nerves. I'm really excited though! I'm mostly getting nervous about them looking HUGE afterwards, and family noticing and being rude about it :( But I wear a super padded bra... so I'm really hoping I can at least "camouflage" them until I'm more healed and learn how to dress them up or down. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated. I wish I had a more supportive group of people around me :( I'm also nervous about only having help for 5 days... from DH. Then its all me. I am so hoping I can have a good recovery like some women on here have. Will try and post pic of me with sizers. Hope all you ladies a wonderful day.

sizing app went well... feel so excited!

Long story short assistant said I shouldnt go more then 550 cc hp... she at first said no more then 450 cc from Dr Squires measurements of what my body could do. She said I have a very narrow chest. She said if I wanted bigger without a ton of side boob I needed to go with UHP...
Anyway... I tried on a 450 and 500 HP... and loved the 500. 450 felt a tad bit smaller then how big I was when nursing! Assistant agreed I could easily pull off 500... but wouldn't recommend more. She said I can resize with Dr squires next week too to make sure. DH said he liked the 450 the best. He's afraid the 500 are too big but said to go with what makes me happy : )

More sizer pic... though worst dress to see them in.

Which one?! I'm going crazy trying to decide if I should push to go with the 500... since the 450 felt a little too small, but felt like I was trying to persuade the nurse and DH that 500 would be ok. It's making me scared they would be too big at 500. Nurse said I may have a lot of side boob if I go bigger then 450... naked of course. These pic are bad cause they Polk a dot dress is not form fitting at all. Take your own pic and choose wisely on cloths! I brought a ton but felt rushed : (

Time. Question.

Time. Can it go any slower?
Question. I really want to avoid the trans-derm scope patch they give you to put on before surgery to avoid nausea... because I'm so sensitive to drugs and the side effects look bad. But, would hate to get really nauseous. As stupid as this may sound... any advice on it, or your experience with it? And I had the choice to go with twilight, or awake with other doc... but am much more comfortable with the idea of general.

Breath. trying not to panic.

I'm freaking out feeling so scared and like I'm doing the wrong thing. I'm disappointed. I was really hoping this pre op today would make me feel more excited and ready to do this tomorrow. But as nice as he was, he was very straight forward with how one is bigger then the other... and how he'll do his best to get them the same size but they may not be. And then one nipple is lower and bigger then the other and they will always look uneven and different. That I may want to get a lift one day. He told me at first consult I'd do fine without one. Ok. So I'm just OLD and although I knew this all, it's making me think um going to come out with awful results. My rational (or calmer optimistic side?) Of my brain tells me he just has to tell me all that again and make sure he's clear because some people expect perfection. But I'm scared!!! Also... it's got to be better then what live got now???? I've always got the option of doing a lift later!? I don't want or expect perfection. DH calmed the fears to a dull roar just now by telling me he loves me and will love however they look... He's the only one who will see them naked. So. PLEASE words of encouragement from you ladies! Anyone have similar freak out about this the day before?????

It's going to be Ok

I'm OK. Things will be OK! Doing better. So glad I have my husband. : )


I'm alive. and feel like I've been beaten with a bat. But I look down.... and my limited view I see pretty boobs!!! Can't wait to see them. He went 500 HP on R and 475 cc HP left. I'll update more later. Thanks For The Support ladies!

Feel so much better after nap

I was able to sleep for 2 solid hours after soup and 6 advil. All the nurses who took care of me said take 1/2 of oxicodan and valium during the day ONLY IF I feel like I need them. I'm glad my doc is very generous with how much he gives you. But they said I seem (I knew this) to be very sensitive to the drugs. So... though I'm a little confused... I guess I'll wait until nighttime to take the valuim and maybe oxcodane. They told me I was very hard to wake up after the general. It took 1 1/2 hours to wake me up! They were patting my cheeks and demanding in nice tones that I breath. I was also shivering and shaking and kept hearing the nurse ask the anesthesiologist why I was shaking so much! Ha! I just wanted to sleep, I wasn't scared, but did let a few tears out when they brought my husband in. Then the extreme pressure on my back and chest hit... that was not fun. But manageable. I was in recovery for 2 and 1/2 hours. Which I think is normal for some people. I think I'm going to love these boobs... I know its way to early to tell... and also I know I have a journey of pain and discomfort... but boy that nap helped me have a better outlook and feel so much better. I don't want to chase pain though. Ok... till later, happy boobs ladies. On a side note... although it was hard to wake up, and could hardly stand or walk, they had to use a wheel chair, I cannot imagine doing an awake BA. That would be so scary to me. But, hats off to ladies who want that!!! My throat is not sure either from the tube at all. Yay! Trying to count the little blessings!

I didn't mean to write OLD on my last post... afraid it might insult some people! stupid auto correct.

I am feeling good! Pressure, but only advil as of now, and 1/2 valium. I admit I'm dreading sitting up to sleep tonight.... ugh I'm already sick of it.
How soon were you guys able to lay on your back flat... and side? My instructions say to be reclined for the first 48 hours. But wonder if I can do different positions after that. I good question to ask my doc at my post op tomorrow. I was sorta annoyed I'd have to go all the way down there the next day, but now I'm feeling very taken care of. :)

Day of BA photos

Hey girls, I slept pretty well, though getting up to pee felt awful! Ugh I cannot wait to be able sleep on my side. I took advil this morning and thats it. Feel tons of pressure and swelling, and even swelling on my back and sides. So bloated. But I feel like I can grit my teeth and go through this. Keep telling myself it will get better. Hopefully soon. But there hasn't been anything terrible! It already feels worth it. So excited and nervous to see them at my post op today. Very scared of the massage he'll do. I can imagine its going to hurt like hell. One side looks a tiny bit bigger, but I'm refusing to let it bother me until I really see them, and things have time to settle. :)

Thankful for a poo morning after surgery, and not any nausea this whole time, only slightly after waking up

I drank a cup of smooth move herbal tea before bed last night, it really does the trick. I like that its natural, and not popping another pill. I've been trying to ice on and off. Love the little pink ice packs, covered on one side with cloth that I ordered on Amazon. They are so thin and easy to put into bra. They never get super hard or freezing cold either, which is great.
Put some mascara on (sure my husband is secretly thanking God on that one! lol). I'm so glad I did put the patch on for nausea before surgery. I cannot imagine throwing up while being so sore!!! I took it off this morning though, and feel fine. Can I please take a peek!!! I want to see them!!!

headed to post op day after BA

I'm feeling happy. Happy this is done. All you girls going soon, don't be scared. So many women do this and love the results. I'm hoping my doc says things look good so far. I feel such relief despite the discomfort. Recovery so far has been better then I thought it would!

Day 3

I'm doing really well today. Post op appointment went well, massage didn't hurt hardly at all, and doc said everything looks good. He said the uniboob with swelling will go down, and they will drop. Nurse said they will get bigger and look great. Gosh I hope so. They do not look huge to me at all. But honestly, I do not have boob greed at all right now. I like how I can wear cloths and you wouldn't know it. I do not like how they look sorta flat and not very much definition... but heck I think that is really going to change from everything I've read and seen with other ladies. Doc said he'll see me in two weeks, and I can take a bubble bath the night before I come to see him, and take the strips off so he doesn't have to rip them off! I've only taken Advil at 9 this morning. I feel no pain, just pressure but much less then the first day of BA and second. Even went out to dinner with hubby last night after post op appointment. I do admit... this afternoon I started thinking about getting CC and I start to feel stressed and scared. Just have to take one day at a time. Oh... and I can already feel what feels like normal sensation in my nipples... I cannot "feel" the implant. Only feel sore and pressure. I'll post some pic soon. AND a HUGE plus... had two huge BM's this morning! I am so thankful I've stayed right on track with that. Though I am still bloated and can tell even around my upper back and tummy are swollen.

Day 2 and 3 pic

Evening of day 3

I'm hoping I'm not sounding like I'm bragging. Because I KNOW this healing process is an UP and DOWN thing. But I'm a bit shocked at how well I'm doing. I guess I thought it would be so much more painful and hard. First day of BA, then second where hard, lots of pressure, hard to get up... but today I just have pressure, no pain. I have only taken advil twice today. Only one half narcotic twice the first two days. I need to get off of here though... and stop obsessing about how they'll look later on... and problems that can happen. It is bothering me! I guess when I feel things are going so good, I need to watch my back for a bad thing to happen! I had an afternoon BM (SORRY if TMI) so that makes three today! Just makes you feel so much better. I SO recommend the smooth move tea ladies. It taste great, and does not make you feel crampy or miserable. Just drink a cup an hour or so before bed. I only did this the night of BA and last night. Ok...happy boobs ladies.

How to get yourself out of bed!!!!!

I tried this this morning. Wish I would have the first two days!!! But, I grabbed behind my leg, or you could do both legs, behind the knee. Then, without using your chest muscles, use all the strength you have in your legs to push yourself up. Almost like your kicking yourself up with you holding on to your legs. It was so painless compared to trying to finagle your way up with your arms. Of course, I'm sure it helps if you have good leg strength. So I'm grateful to Jillian Michael's and daily workouts! Lol...

3 and 4 day post op pic

No pain mess today so far. Slept well. Lots of pressure and tightness if I move around a lot. Ladies when did this get better for you? I can move my arms. No pain at all. I feel so blessed! Really like them so far. But am looking forward to hopefully not feeling so much pressure when I walk. Want to take a gentle stroll... doc said I could, but afraid of that tightness getting worse? A little bruising and in putting arnica gel on it.

loving my boobs!!!!

Feeling good... can't wait to go bra/cloths shopping. Very easy to dress my girls down. No one would have to know if I don't want them to. This makes me feel more comfortable right now. Yay for boobs! Took a gentle walk today felt good to get out.

Still bloated, but a bit better. Love my boobs! They balance my frame so much better... I am...

I am worried that they do not look that high right now. A bit. But I do not feel like I have square boob at all. I'm sorta afraid if they drop a whole lot more I might not like the look. Though they do need to drop. Will they get a lot smaller? Anyway. I like them now :)

Day 5 post op?

Drove myself and little one somewhere close today, and it was a breeze! No pain meds at all today. Do have the "morning boob" but gets better after I move around a little. A cup of strong coffee helps as well! I cannot believe I'm feeling so good at only day 5. I feel like I went into this feeling like it would be weeks of strong pain and limited mobility, and its just been at least 75% better then I expected. I know things can go up and down. Please stay going up for me! Def a lot less swollen, but more yellow (ugly) bruising on sides and between breasts. I have full sensation in my nipples, never really felt like I lost it. SO SO thankful about that. They are not as hard today. Massage doesn't hurt at all. Ok. NOW I need to keep PRAYING things keep going well. I've been through hell and back with problems during pregnancy, birth and PPD. So, I do know what suffering is, and it feels like this is such a gift on the other end of things!!!!

36 D bra I padding!!!

Boob blues. That have nothing to do with not liking my boobs. Exhaustion? Has everything to do with...

MY children! DH back to work. Both kids came down with a very nasty cold. Fever. I'm in hell :( Feel exhausted. I love my boobs. Ecp naked! I have no boob greed yet. I just hope they continue to heal nicely. Am SO happy I have normal nipple sensitivity. But just feel like crying today. SO tired. So worn out and the day is less then half over. My kids need so much from me. I love my kids more then life itself but feel like I'm almost at my breaking point. My boobs aren't painful at all, but they are aching and sore from moving around so much. Still doing my best to not pick up my two year old. But heavens, its constant work. I just want to lay in bed and rest so bad but can't. Ugh... please get better soon. I also am struggling A LOT with the fact that I can't do a hard workout movie. Jillian Michael's has been my friend for years, along with turbo jam. I miss how it helps me mentally. I need it! Please people tell me I'll get back to it. That I'll be able to. Ok sorry if I sound like a baby. I can't wait for my husband to come home. :)

One week post op

Still love my boobs. Isn't that just some it up? Lol... feel less pressure but can't wait for that tightness to hopefully go completely go away. Have heard squeaking. .. bubbling and that rubbing sound. Ecp on one side. Nothing painful. Very very worn out from rough week. REALLY bothering me that I can't do hard exercise. Feel like I've already gained weight and I miss how it mentally helps me. I did plan on walking everyday, but it's been hard to fit in with all that has gone on last few weeks. I can see why women get boob greed, but I'm still happy I didn't go bigger... yet happy I got the 500! They are so easy to dress down
And that makes me happy. I have such more confidence naked around DH. He never made me feel like I needed to hide... but now I want the lights on baby! Even with steri syrups and bruising! : )

Over did it yesterday. Lump... full of blood? By incision?

Because of multiple doc appointments for my daughter... TONS of driving yesterday, and then thinking I had the energy to walk the whole mall after DH took kids... I way over did it yesterday. I came home and my incision on left side was SO sore. I also felt absolutely worn out. Achy. I have a little lump by the end of the tape on my left incision. It was very sore last night. I was getting very scared. Its about a dime size? But it was so sore! DH forced me to stop doing stuff and I just laid down. I started to realize it was not worth it, trying to get a little walk in after doing way too much forced stuff to take care of my child. I took some advil, and slept really well. Felt a lot better when I woke up, and way less morning boob then normal. And little lump is no longer really painful, but its still there and sore when I press on it. Can you ladies give me advice? I've called the office and left a message, and emailed about it, but no response yet. I didn't press the 0 button for the on call physician because I felt like that was just for an emergency... and this isn't. Sigh. Not sure what to do. But what I do know is today I'm taking it as easy as I can. Dark bruise in between boobs is better, arnica jell is helping it go away faster I think. Because usually bruises on me last FOREVER. But still have light yellow/green bruising between breast and on sides. So sexy, huh? :)

Office asked that I email pic and after...

talking to surgical nurse, she said she thinks its fine, just a small hematoma... I hear that word and get scared and OCD kicks in! Then she emailed me again and said on second thought, hold off on massage on that side for a few days. She doesn't want me "stirring up" anymore swelling or bruising. So we shall see. I feel better after talking to them though!

pic of bruising for KBFTW! Plus should...

Plus should have gotten this dress for a date night. Just felt like tummy was still swollen and so put it back. Maybe could have saved it for a "for when tummy hopefully goes back to normal time" : /. I got bruising too. Ain't perty. But it's gotten better.

Another bruise pic that didn't upload!

10 days post op

Doing good have had a lot of moments throughout the last few days I forget they are there, or "done" ; )
Can't wait to get out of this surgical bra. Took a few pic while waiting for bra to be cleaned... which doc said was OK : )

FINALLY! Boobs I feel like balance out my big buns!

No bra pic and 12 days post op

I'm feeling so much more energy then last week. Been taking walks and though they do get tight, the pressure has gotten much less. Still have yellowish bruising on sides of breast and between. I'm fitting in 36 D in most bra brands I try on. Some are too tight feeling. Still have small bruised lump at side of outer incision that concerns me. It is not painful hardly at all though. Guess I'll see what doc says this Thurs when he sees it. He said I can take a bath the night before to soak the tape and then take it off myself. My skin on my boobs has been a tiny bit dry I noticed today. Nothing a little Vasiline or jojoba oil can't fix. I believe stretch mark creams are a waste of money... because really it's been proven that nothing you put on the top layer will prevent something that is happening on a much deeper level. So I've got my mama to thank for not getting any stretch marks on my tummy or breast with pregnancy and breastfeeding. I already had some on my thighs by the time I was 16! Ok. Well back to boobs. I can't believe really how easy this process has been so far. Good luck to all you ladies who are still yet to have this done. Don't be scared! BUT, I would only caution; don't take the warning of choosing the best qualified and board certified surgeon you can find. I think it makes a WORLD of difference on outcome. I will be reviewing Dr. Squires soon as I get a chance and pretty sure it will all be 5 stars. My husband paid for this all for me... He's very supportive and has never made me feel less then wonderfully beautiful. I feel so blessed to have him. But with that said... I almost let self guilt push me to save around 1000 and go with someone I didn't feel comfortable with. Go with someone who makes you feel really comfortable! K I'll stop preaching. Sorry if I sound like a know it all. I certainly am not : )

I meant don't take the warning.....


16 day post op

Cleared to wear any bra I want... He said they look great at Mt two week post op yesterday! And I love them! I feel like they are the exact size I wanted. No side boob... which I preferred. They gave me some special tape to put on incisions and replace every week or so... and was told to do gentle incision massage. Of course I'm still doing breast massage twice a day. I am so happy with my boobs... and despite other things in my life being SO very overwhelming and difficult the last two weeks, I'm shocked how easy recover was. I have no morning boob at all for the last week. Only slight tenderness on sides of boobs sometimes. That lump is totally gone too. But mostly I feel like I forget they've been done! It's so easy to dress them up or down... exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend my doc!

more pic

4 weeks tomorrow

These pic were taken through out this last week. Still loving them... though life has been so busy they don't get too much thought ; ) feel like I forget them most the time. I am cleared for most workouts by tomorrow. .. just no running. I want to go get sized. I've been wearing 36 D ... but the feel too tight now. I have taken the wire out on most of them because it's uncomfortable, but after a few hours I feel smothered and just want to take my bra off! I've noticed this last week the surgical bra us feeling too tight too at night? Do boobs really get bigger when they drop and fluff?
Anyway. Still in a bit of pleasant shock at how much easier recovery was then I thought it would be!

5 and 1/2 week update

5 and 1/2 weeks. Doc said they look great at me post op appointment this week.  He said my scars look good, but to stop the tape and he gave me some scar steroid serum to use on them. No more tape! I am supposed to use it twice daily with firm finger massage.
I have no boob greed. I feel so happy with size. I'm measuring 36DD. I can do 34... but seriously hate even slightly tight bands, so stick with 36. Went to VS and bought some really comfy bras. D is too small in other brands too... it's gotta be DD! ; ) Boobs have gotten much softer feeling this last couple weeks, which I like. I'm back to doing all my normal workouts and I feel great! I love that I can just wear a Jockey racer back sports bra and look great and have cleavage! It's so comfy. Go for it ladies. Just go to someone that has wonderful reviews and board certified. Just my two cents though : )
Dr. Squires

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