29 Yrs. Old, 4 Pregnancies, 34b/c.

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At 29, and after swelling to D/DD 4 times during...

At 29, and after swelling to D/DD 4 times during pregnancies my B/C bust isn't what it used to be. After extensive research online and a couple of consultations, I know that Dr. Hobar is the best PS. I want to be D/DD which may be between 450-500cc's. They will be silicone moderate in shape, I think. I know I will need a lift, my areola are below my "mammary fold" but I do not wish to have that at this time, and Dr. Hobar is not interested in doing it at this time either in my case for several reasons. I don't necessarily need them up high like I am 17 again. I think I will be happy with my results and I know I am in excellent experienced hands. SOOO excited!!

1 day Post surgery day

500cc's in both, moderate profile, axillary incisions. Surgery day is behind me! I do not remember too much about yesterday, forget taking after pics, I was silly :) I had a hard time sleeping when my soma wore off but I found a comfy chair I'll try sleeping in tonight to keep me some what elevated but still comfortable. My incisions sting slightly and I'm pretty sore around the outside of each breast but every where else is great. Dr. Hobar knew that I wanted to be larger than what would be considered "anatomically correct" for my body. In pre-op when he came to mark me I showed him 2 pics, one of what I thought was too much and 1 of what I thought closer to just right. He said it seemed like we were on the same page. So far I think they are great, there is still swelling of coarse so I'm excited to see the end result but I can't get over how natural they look and feel to me. I'm so proud of my decision to go with Dr. Hobar.

Day 5 post op, I'm worried..

I see my PS in 2 days for first post op visit (day 7). They wanted me to wait until that morning to remove the white foam tape but I removed it tonight bc it is giving me a rash in the middle. Now I feel like they my implants are so heavy they may fall out! As soon as I took the tape off it was an increase in pressure and a very strange feeling like they are going to fall. Is this a normal feeling?!

Almost 2 months now

So far I am still happy with my decision. The swelling has went down tremendously, hopefully it's about over but they say 6 months later will be your final results. At this time I am still a little too big for D bras, so I am currently wearing a 36DD. 34DD almost doesn't exist. My left side areola for some reason is very tender and my inner chest sometimes aches when I lay on my side so I have to re-situate. Dr. Hobar's nurse said it is normal for strange pains for about the next year but expect it to fade with time. She said the same thing for my scars. They are dark red right now but they'll completely disappear with time. They have already healed soo much I'm not worried about them at all, they are very clean and straight and will blend easily with the natural crease under my arm. I am so thankful Dr. Hobar managed to squeeze them in there instead of cutting under my boob. The only thing I am concerned about now is my right breast has a slight double bubble appearance, which apparently is a risk when you go for an implant much larger than your natural breast. Dr. Hobar says he isn't concerned at this time and expects my natural breast to settle over the implant nicely it will just take some time. So I'm trusting his experience. He's pretty straight to the point and doesn't care to pet your emotions which somehow comforts me. He's all business. Also It still feels strange to have a lower breast line, I'm sure the more everything settles the more I'll get used to it. What I do not like is how they look at the bottom when I raise my arms high, it's just strange. I haven't talked to Dr. Hobar about it because I am waiting for everything to settle, it is still very new. I am not even half way through the full healing process.--- Pros- They are no longer without volume. My clothing options have expanded greatly and my halter dresses look waaay better now. I was concerned about all my shirts bc I wear a lot of form fitted ones but they squeeze in nicely I have only had to get rid of a couple. I am more confident about my chest, they look great, even w/o showing a lot of skin and when I am undressed in front of my husband I feel like they match the rest of my body and don't look so much more "older" than the rest of me. Cons- with all that said..I have a small frame its impossible to find a reasonably priced bra for 34DD, expect to start paying serious money. I can not wear tanks with built in bra-lets because they are too small. I have had to give up sleeping on my tummy :( its just side sleeping for me now. I do get a lot more attention now. I was used to it before because I am a little curvy on the back side but now it is doubled and even a little more aggressive : / sometimes scary. Some may like that but I can't really say I do. Every woman feels good about getting attention, don't misunderstand, I am just saying now I fell like I have to be more thoughtful about what I wear and how much is showing.
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