24 Years Old, 5'1 & 120 LBS. Wanting The Breasts Puberty Never Gave Me!

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Hello everyone. I have been wanting a breast...

Hello everyone. I have been wanting a breast augmentation for surprisingly, not that long. I always thought I was happy with my small but perky breasts, they weren't perfect but I thought my rather plump derriere made up for my lack of goods up top. I have asymmetry in my breasts probably about half a cup size or so. It doesn't seem major but I'm only about a full A, small B so in my eyes, it's pretty noticeable.

I'm wanting a breast augmentation to give myself what puberty never gave me, not large but appropriate-to-my-frame breasts. I have pretty wide hips and a bum but nothing on top to fill my clothes or make me feel all that sexy. I got my nipples pierced and that definitely made me feel a little sexier but still, I don't feel like my body is in proportion. I know these are first world problems here, I'm in good health and there's nothing technically wrong with my breasts other than a little asymmetry but I still look at before and after pictures daily. I feel fixated on this procedure but I'm also concerned that it's extremely self indulgent, expensive and it's elective! It's so bizarre that I would choose to have myself cut open and inserted with silicon bags just to make myself feel like I look more attractive but I don't know, I still would love to have bigger, sexier, fuller breasts.

What do you ladies think? How do you reconcile those two trains of thought? Is it a non-issue or is it something you'll struggled with when deciding to get BA?
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