23 Yo, 5'6/105 lbs 325cc silicone mod plus subglandular. I did it! - USA

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After reading others journey on this website I...

After reading others journey on this website I decided to go ahead and write my own. As my review title states I'm 23 years old 5'6 and 105 lbs. As you can see, I have very little boobs! I have always felt like less of a female and I always wanted more to admire up top, but decided I wanted to be financially appropriate and with the one I would spend my life with before I made that jump. I wanted someone to love me for me. Well, after working my butt off I have a great career and am financially there and am happily engaged to my love of 4 years!
Some of you may cringe at this, but I only went to one consult and made my decision. My PS has tons of experience and I felt very comfortable with him and his explanations of what a BA means for me. He also is a consulting professor at my old medical school!
I am doing moderate plus 325cc silicone subglandular implant. Should bring me to a nice C cup (even though me saying this would send my PS on a tangent about sizing by cup size isn't appropriate and how you feel about the way you look in a mirror is key) . I know what some of you may be thinking, too. Subglandular with your breast tissue and size?! Heavens no! My initial thoughts too, but with my muscle size and rib cage my PS explained how the muscle would not adequately cover an implant, regardless of size. That and I have a small amount of pectus excavatum so the shape of chest would actually push the implants outward.
I also have a blood disorder called Von willebrands, which can complicate the bleeding risk of having a BA. I see my hematologist on the 4th to make sure I am still cleared for the surgery. I'm hoping my bleeding time is acceptable and I don't have to do anything before the surgery because if I do it will be more big money out of my pocket since it's elective.
Despite all this I am very excited for the experience and I look forward to doing this for myself and can't wait for bikini season and to actually see myself in a wedding dress with boobs!

Update from the hematologist

I went to the hematologist yesterday. Need to vent about something.. Many hematologists are also oncologists (cancer doctors). Mine included. Well, he practices in a corporate building with plenty other doctors. There are parking spots reserved especially for their patients close to the doors. I never park in them just incase someone who is severely anemic or going through chemo has an appointment at the same time as me. Well, I followed someone in who parked in those spots and did not go to hem/onc office! They took the last spot. I was furious because when I was waiting for my appointment this sweet, older woman who just started chemo came in with her son and he had to drop her off because he couldn't find a spot close enough. People really need to be more considerate! I told security and they overhead paged the owner of the car. I wasn't trying to be spiteful, but that just really got under my skin.
Anyway, my appointment went well. My bleeding time was not normal (not surprising), but was not awful so I was cleared with exceptions! I had to have five more clotting tests done and a new medication to take right before surgery. Good thing is because my hema doctor wrote the scripts insurance has to cover it! The medication is expensive but better than the additional 5000 I would have had to pay otherwise.
I was able to pre register yesterday too at the surgery and the PS called me to confirm he was happy with what hematologist said and would continue with my pre op work up now. He's giving me Percocet, clindamycin, and zofran. Hoping to use bare minimum of all but that clindamycin. I do not do pain medication so hoping that Percocet is not needed and I can do Tylenol at least beyond the first 24!

I'm so happy with the way everything is turning out!

Almost a week away!

I'm so excited! This time next week I will be ONE week away from my surgery! I feel so underprepared. I feel like everyone on here has care kits and a routine planned and I'm over here focusing on work! It's going to be hard not to work for a week. I will be so bored.
Even though medically I understand 98% of things, I am starting to have lots of butterflies and thoughts.
Just excited. :) going back to the hematologist Tuesday!

Questions for the subglandular women!

I'm reading a lot about sub muscular augmentation and how horrible women are doing recovering! Has me a bit nervous. So I was just wondering if I could hear from any women who had subglandular done and their recovery experience? 3 days and 8 hours away from d-day (or should I say b-day?) ;) hahaha


Tomorrow is my day. Go in at 10am! I'm pretty bummed I can't eat anything past midnight. Hahaha other than that I'm very excited. I will update my review ASAP :)

4 hours Post Op

Hello to all.
I am home, alive, and well. All I can say is WOWWWWWWWWW. I'm so happy. I did end up getting mentor memory gel 325 mod plus subglandular. Last thing I remember when I went back to surgical suite (everyone was so kind!) was telling the anesthesiologist my ears felt tingly. Lol then I was out. I woke up very cold and they put the bear paw warmer and tons blankets because my temp was 95s and my resp rate was 35-50. In 5 min I wAs fine though. Apparently I woke up and kept thanking everyone for their kindness in phase one recovery and asked for my glasses to monitor my vital signs.. Haha I don't remember any of that though. First thing I remember is asking if my mom was okay and If I can have her see me. She was so nervous--i felt bad.
Pain wise I'm shocked Lol. I'm in zero pain. Do not get me wrong, I'm not over here doing cartwheels lol my chest feels tight like I just lifted some weights, but my periods are worse than this. I hated the taste In my mouth from the anesthesia and the taste made me a little scared as to what would happen with my appetite so the nurse at the surgical center recommended I take a zofran. I did and then ate four pieces of pizza and a sprite and three glasses of water. It's all down and no nausea at all. This is nothing thus far. I would really encourage anyone to go subglandular. I am tiny with very little breast tissue and it still worked for me. I am so happy, beyond beyond beyond, happy with the subglandular.
I feel like my left breast is sitting a bit higher, but I think that's pretty normal at this point? Also I am (I think) pretty bruised, but I do have the blood disorder and by skin is pretty tight so I think it's okay?
Thank you all for your support. I'm attaching pictures!


Also my Pectus is soooooo much better!!!!! I feel like you can't really tell!

Post op day one

Well, today I'm a little more sore, but nothing that isn't manageable. I took a whole Percocet today after having a bowel movement. No nausea. I have crepitus and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing my discomfort because that's where I am having the issue. I'm still very tight. When did everyone start softening up? And dropping? I go back to the plastic surgeon tomorrow at 10 am. Im not to be wearing a bra now per doctor, but im wearing a midi because it's a tank type bra.. Not tight at all. I posted pic of it. I was allowed to take off guaze and shower today, but I took a bath and just kept my incisions out of the water. Feels nice. Went to the salon and got my hair done today too. Best thing for me is not being a bum. I feel the more I walk and do things with caution the better off I am. I'm so excited because my fiancé was on call last night and tonight will be his first time seeing me! Anyway I'm attaching pics from today!

Back from first post op visit.

Went to see my PS. I LOVE EVERYONE THERE! lol they're all so nice. PS says I look fantastic. They changed my bandage strips to a different kind. I go back Friday just so he can monitor the redness on one, but he said he only suggested it because I seemed kinda nervous. So for my piece of mind. :) he said I could wear a bralette if wanted in public IF needed, but otherwise go free so the left breast can continue dropping. Got the okay to go to California with my best friend in mid April! Crepitus should be gone in about a week he said. I'm ready for it to disappear by my armpit because it's ANNOYING! Lol little softer today.
Changed my opinion to worth it on here because for me I couldn't be happier! I feel so much happiness right now and I love the way I look. I look the way I have always hoped I would and I hope it just keeps getting better. My fiancé loved them too.

Almost one week post op

Updating some pictures. Tightness is definitely improving, but most definitely still there. I still have crepitus. I went back to my PS Friday and they changed the bandages yet again. They're smaller now. My incisions are fine per doctor, but they are still tender if much pressure is applied. Not pain though. Honestly this whole experience was maybe a 1/10 pain. I'm so happy. I feel badly for those who didn't have the same pain experience! Doctor said my bruising is above average for him, but much better than he thought I would do with the blood disorder. It's hard to see in pictures but my whole sternum is yellow from the bruising that was there. I have now tried on any bras yet because I'm still pretty tight and doctor doesn't want any underwire or Real Bra to be worn since it would effect the way skin is attached to sternum or something like that. Lol I'm still really happy with everything!

Loving life!

Everything is getting much softer and less tight, but of course I have more of a ways to go. I wish they were softer already. I'm so impatient! Lol My skin was very sensitive to touch on monday and Tuesday and my left nipple was too. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this? I feel like my left nipple is less sensitive now. Work on Tuesday wearing a bra for 12 hours was rough! Lol even though I just wore a bralette I think having them contained was a bit weird for me. So itchy. Lol I think I'm going to try massage now that I'm out of the window of greatest post operative hemorrhage. Any good videos or tips that anyone's found? I also tried on some of my old bras that are 32B today (when I swam in high school my boobs were larger.. I still probably was an A, but you know.... Lol) I attached pictures because they were pretty comical. I'm definitely not a B. Haha I haven't been sized yet because I want the clearance to wear bras before I go spend money because I know me.. Once I try them I'll want to wear them. Haha I'm getting curious as to what size I'll be! I love them so much and can't say enough how happy I am I did this.

Oops forgot other pics

I was looking at the pics I just posted...

I realized the pics I posted today look like my left breast (so boob on the right in the photo) looks bigger than right... I don't know what the heck I was doing with my arms or how I was standing, but let me assure everyone my boobs do not look like that.. Hahaha they are very much so even. I'm attaching another picture because those look funny to me!

Bought two new suits..

Bought two new swim suit tops. I love them! They're 32D and 34D. I don't know why but the 32 was tight on the one style. I think I have mondor cord. I'll try to post a picture when my doctor confirms. It isn't painful, but just kinda tight when I stretch.
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