20 Years old, 365cc, silicone, under muscle

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Hey there! So Ill begin with the details. I'm...

Hey there!

So Ill begin with the details.
I'm around 5ft 4inches,
Weigh 56kgs with an athletic build (as you can see in photos)
Current bra size - 8A or 10A but the cup doesnt fit because my boobs are practically non existent haha.
Desired size - 295cc - 310cc
Desired placement/incision - Under muscle, breast fold/crease).
Desired profile - Moderate plus profile or high profile.
Hospital - The Cosmetic Institute, Parramatta, Sydney, NSW Australia.
Surgeon - Dr. A Huy Tang

Onto the next part!

So, I live in Adelaide and Im flying to Sydney for the procedure. I fly over on the 13th of May 2014, I have the consultation on the 14th, then the surgery on the 16th, so I have a day to cool off and decide if I still want to go ahead, but I know 100% that I will.

Im staying in the Meriton Apartments in Parramatta which are a 4 minute walk, literally around the corner from the Cosmetic Institute which is extremely handy. We're staying for 7 days, and the lady I booked my surgery with also gave me a discount code for the apartments, which bought the price down a little aswell.

It was a bit difficult trying to book the surgery, because I was constantly talking to different reps, aswell, I didnt feel like they cared much about me, just wanted to get the surgery booked and paid for. Though they were all very nice when speaking over the phone.

I havent spoken with Dr. Tang yet, but I'm hoping he can give me my desired result, or as close as possible.
I will update more in may, a few days before I leave, another update after my consultation, another in the morning before surgery and directly after surgery while Im in recovery.
I will be uploading videos to Youtube, if anyone is interested. Once I start them, Ill put out the links to be viewed for a more personal/detailed review/update.

Bye for now!

Consultation and Surgery is done! :)

So i had my consultation on Wednesday! Sorry I didnt update then while everything was fresh in my mind but I may have treated myself to a lot of retail therapy haha.
I sat down with my surgeon and the first thing he asked me was what I want to achieve. I told him straight out that I wanted to look natural, though I didnt want small natural.

He had me undress my top half and he measured everything up and straight away told me that wouldnt be a problem because I have the frame to support a fairly good sized implant.
He asked me the shape and profile I was interested in and I told him a round textured high profile implant between the sizes of 295cc and 390cc when he said I would comfortably fit a 390cc.
He gave me a surgical bra and handed me some 300cc sizers which are clear silicone teardrop shaped implants with a nipple to make it look natural when you put them in the bra.
I felt the 300cc was too small, because my athletic frame is fairly wide. The 330cc was nicer, they were fuller and I liked how heavy they were so we decided to go with 330cc round, high profile, natrelle implants, placed under the muscle via the inframammary incision (under breast fold) (325cc when placed under muscle)
After we discussed everything and we both signed some paperwork, Dr. Tang and I said our goodbyes and I went into a separate office where a nurse explained all of my post of care and medication information, as well as my fasting times which she said she would ring me for on Thursday afternoon.

The nurse rang me at around 4:00 thursday to let me know what my fasting time was, which was from midnight onward until after my surgery.

Today I had my surgery! I woke up at 6:30 this morning, had a shower, put on some trackies, ugg boots and a light jumper with a zip in the front.

I arrived at 7:45 and one of the admin girls took some last minute info to make sure nothing had changed, she then took me into a private room, so I said goodbye to James (my trainer and partner) and she explained all the garments I had to wear like the hospital booties, hair net, hospital gown and a heating blanket which is like a little blue throw over with little self heating pads inside it to keep me warm.

My private room was nice, it had a bathroom, bed, couch, heater, blanket and table with a blood pressure reader and automatic thermometer.
Two aestheticiologists came in and spoke with me about what would be happening in theartre.

Dr. Tang then came in with a camera and took some photos of me with my arms ups, by my sides and on my hips. I asked him if I could try the bigger implant sizer because I wanted to double check and tripple check to make 100% sure that what I chose was what I was happy with. So I tried on the 365cc sizer and he checked my measurements once more and told me he was more than happy to go ahead with that size as I had plenty of room for them. So we made the last minute decision to go with them.

I went in around 8:30 and they had me lay on the table and secured my legs and arms, then put a needle into my arm for the drip, then they lifted my head and put the oxygen mask over my face and I dont even remember it being on for 3 seconds and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery. I was kind of out of it but I remember making some pretty poor jokes, then once I was completely awake, the nurse helped me up and walked me over to a chair, they gave me a couple of cookies, some water and a lolli pop. The only disappointing thing through out the entire day, was they gave me a green lollipop which tasted like shit, haha but other than that everything was great. James picked me up and we went back to the hotel where I slept off the rest of the anesthesia. Heade me some food and I took my antibiotics, then we went for a short walk, then a few hours later went shopping. Im not having any real pain yet. Just tightness in my chest, some sloshing if I lift my arms slightly or anything and I cant feel my nipples at all. Everythingss just a bit swolen and tender.

I will update you tomorrow with my morning boob and any sleeping problems etc :)


Hospital and after photos

2 weeks post op

Its been two weeks and a couple of days now and theyre starting to settle down. Theyre softer and I dont have any tight feeling through out my chest. I can lift my arms up and do my regular duties at work and around the house with no problems but getting my arns above my head is still difficult, I get a little bit of a tugging feeling down the muscle under my stitches which rubs down my ribs but its nothing to cry about, its not really a pain, just an odd sensation.
Since theyve settled down a bit im happy with the size, at first I thought theyed go down a lot, and theyed be too small, then I thought they were a little bit too big, but im happy with them. 365cc was a great choice!

Ive tried on a couple of bras, one was a 14B from target which fits quite nicely, I tried on a 14B from kmart and that was really loose, then tried on a 14D from bras and things and it fit perfectly. So I guess it depends where I buy the bra from as to what size I am. I havent been measured up yet, but im hoping ill be at least a C or D.

Morning boob is annoying, a little bit painful but eases as soon as I stand upright. It could be because I cant sleep on a 45degree angle like ive been told to. I go to sleep upright then wake up flat on my back or on my side, my body just doesnt like sitting up.

My scars have healed extremely well, theyre faint lines which my partner said he can barely see. Theyre a little bit bumpy but with some massaging they should be alright :)

4 months post op, so happy! :)

4 months post op, scars

Dr. Tang

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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