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Heyy! I must say I'm actually very excited about...

Heyy! I must say I'm actually very excited about finding this site. I have had plenty of my questions answered based off the reviews that I read here. I'm a 32 year old with 2 beautiful children looking to get my BBL done in less than a month. I've chosen Dr. Fisher in Miami, FL for my sx. I've been doing my research for over 4 years and I've finally prepared for my BBL. Given advise from several physicians that I work with, I decided to find a doctor who also specialize in otolaryngology. Dr. Fisher was the perfect candidate. I finalized my decision when I saw he was affiliated with one of the hospitals that my current primary care physician is affiliated with. That was the icing on the cake! I will be doing my own pre-ops and clearance along with the criteria of Dr. Fisher's. As I see it my pcp knows me best. Being in the field myself I know how important it is to be very cautious about cosmetic procedures. I'm very excited for my new journey. I'm finally able to do my BBL after waiting so long for the right opportunity. The time is finally here. Hopefully soon I'll have my before pics ready so I can upload.

Plastic surgeons vs cosmetic surgeons

Did you know there was a difference between the too. I read a few not so pleasant reviews in Dr. Fisher. Mostly about facial surgery. And one person complained that she didn't know he wasn't a certified in cosmetology only plastic! Honestly didn't know there was a difference. Plastic is optional to face and entire body while cosmetic is basically for trauma. They both have the same school criteria but cosmetic specialize in just a few more key areas.

Just a FYI for you guys just to look into... Xoxox

Wishful thinking.


So much has changed

Sooooooooooo.... After about 2 months of going back and forth with Vanity cosmetics, I decided to change facilities all together. Looks like I won't be a Fisher doll after all. The customer service there is really unbearable and the main concern they have is pay now now now now. I understand that these procedures are elective so you should be serious about paying and not waste the surgeons time.... cool.... BUT.... I am a cash paying customer and a little professionalism does make a difference especially when we choose to do this procedure. It's never a life or death decision when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It's a choice. Which by the way if it wasn't for customers such as myself who opt to trust the company to perform these procedures, these little mama's wouldn't be sitting behind their shared desk space in their 7 inch heels that they can't walk in. Baby girl you need us to get that check every other week. These procedures are not covered by insurance. I work very hard to earn my money to please myself. So I'll be damned if I allow someone to try to force me and then catch a attitude when I have several questions. First and foremost...: when the hell do I meet the doctor. You are already telling me you want.... Yes...WANT... Payment in full before I even shake the hand of the man that is going to hold my life in his hand for at least 3 hours... *BLANK STARE*. Yeah No!

Bye bye Vanity. It's a shame because I heard Dr. Fisher is very nice. Oh well. I'll take my hard earned money else where.

So Hello Straxx rejuvenation. This isn't the first consult I had with them. But this is my first time meeting Dr. Randy Dean who I must say is very very very pleasant. I met Dr.Hamm before and he also performed a breast Aug on my friend which looks amazing. I met a Dr. O... Who didn't listen to a word a said but after my decision to leave Vanity I decided to give Straxx another try. Which I am very please. Brittany is the sweetest thing ever! And let me tell you, she doesn't make you feel like its a decision that needs to made and paid in the first consult. She actually make you go home and call her in a few days. I had 3 consults with Dr. Dean and my confidence with home grows each time. So I booked him a week later which was last Friday. And I'm scheduled for the 17th. TALK ABOUT SUPER EXCITED.

See the thing is I always had the money but when you try to pry it out of my hands without me even feeling comfortable and safe, then we run into a lot of problems

My goal

Soon I'll post my before photos but this is me and Dr. Dean's goal lolololol

1 week away.... UGH

Ok so I'm schedule in a week with Dr. Dean at Straxx! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. This is actually 2 kids and 10 years in the making. Damn I'm slow! Lol... Anywho, I feel so unprepared. I feel like I should be buying things to help with my recovery. Funny think is I have no idea what to buy or what's helpful. Is there any suggestions that you guys may know... HELP THIS LOST GIRL. Lol

Let's talk about Nervousness

I AM SOOOO NERVOUS! My procedure is in 3 days and I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. I feel I am as prepared as I can be but the fear of the unknown will f$ck a kid mental up lol. I'm trying sooo hard to stay positive that nothing will go wrong. But you know those thought always linger. I pray for all the RS girls who is about to go through any procedure that you may be safe and healthy all the way thru. I thank GOD for the ones that made it thru on previous procedures. And also that GOD bless the doctors who are performing these procedures that they may have a clear mind and heart for our lives are literally in their hands. Please feel free to leave any words of encouragement as they do help me.

Be safe guys... Xoxo

Everything happens for a reason

So my procedure was just canceled by Straxx. The doctor had an emergency. They actually just rescheduled it to July 1st. Ugh can't front I was really nervous.

Last week my bestfriend had a miscarriage and I've been trying to support her every step of the way. We actually work together. Well today she got the call from the Obgyn that they scheduled a d&c for her this Thursday which means she would be out til Monday. That made it hard because I wAs already schedule to be off for my BBL. But... Right after she got the call, I got my call from Straxx which I thought they was calling to prep me for the big day tomorrow. It was actually a call to apologize because the doctor had an emergency and want to schedule me for Thursday instead. That wouldn't work. I wanted to try and be there for my bestfriend because she is schedule for thurs. Plus my office manager was insisting that I returned to work by Friday... Which she was out her mind but I was going to see if I can be super woman and maybe do half the day on Friday and then go home to rest again. ( I always feel like I can save the world. My boyfriend was mad because he wanted me to take 2 weeks off, so for me to go back after 3 days he was pissed. He hates my office mAnager).

This is why I say everything happens for a reason. My BFF needs me more than I need this BLL. I'm scheduled July 1st which is great because my office is closed for July 4th and I already requested the 3rd so all I did was add the 1st and 2nd. Perfect I won't return to work until the 8th. That's great!! I went from returning to work in 3 days after surgery to 1 week after surgery. I'm much more happy with this.

I don't know who I was kidding. There was no way I was gonna survive going back to work after 3 days... There I go... Trying to be super woman again. Lol. I'm just happy to be there for my BFF!

6 more days to go!!

I'm more excited. The last time I was soooo scared. Then when I finally got a grip, they rescheduled my surgery. Now it's 2 weeks later and I can honestly say I'm ready with less fear than before. The only thing that's bothering me is that I had my blood work at my job redone just for my own reference and my ptt is elevated by 2 points. My absolute lymph is 1 point higher also but that's because I'm fighting a small throat infection. My real concern is my clotting level. My primary said I should be fine but he does want to look into it in a few months.

Other than this little hiccup..... IM SO READY!! Prayers going up!

Tomorrow's the day.... If they don't cancel again!

Ok my procedure is scheduled for tomorrow. If they don't cancel it again. But believe it or not, this time I'm not nervous. Before I was scared as f@ck! But now... I'm good. I'm actually more anxious to see the results. I hope it comes out good. It's been 10 years and 2 kids later and I want my body back. Having kids really did a number on me! Lol! Anywhoooo.... Prayers for the ones who hasn't had their procedure yet and prayers for speedy recovery for the ones that did!! Once I get the finally word tonight, I will post my horrific before pics!!! Ugh!!! SMFH just horrible! I hate looking at myself in the mirror.

I wish we all could meet!

This site is so positive. I love that we all support each other. No matter what no one is ever bashing the next person for their choices or the way they look! I love you guys and that's genuine. It's easier to love strangers that support you, than the snakes that are suppose to be ya friends or flesh and blood!

we should def have a meet n greet


Today is the day!!! I'm still not nervous?

I pray to GOD that I make it thru. I pray for Dr. Dean also! And all the nurses there that we all have a clear heart and mind today. All things are done thru Father GOD. He guides every move and I pray that he makes today a successful day for my procedure!!


Here are my before pics

Uggghhhh what a tragedy lol

I'm here ladies! Ready to go

My pulse was a bit high so they gave me Ativan and dilauded. I'm just a little nervous but The Lord is excellent!! Talk to you guys later


First and foremost I want to give thanks and praise to the most high!!! Without Father God nothing is possible. Second to every on RS! You guys are so inspiring and loving. Without your testimonies and prayers a lot of us would be so lost!

I made it over to bootyland. And actually this was a very easy procedure. The staff was super sweet and caring. Dr.Dean, hands down has the best bedside manners this far. No cockiness and very thorough with explain step by step his plans for the procedure. No rush at all. I was his first patient so he was revived and refresh and ready to start. Carlos and Lilly was awesome. They were the nurses that assist. And also another Jamaica nurse which I apologize because I absolutely forgot her name. The sweetest thing ever.

The procedure was about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I slept in recovery for about an hour after. That Ativan and dilauded knocked me out and the nurses didn't want to disturb me. My brother waited patiently while I slept. Funny thing is I thought I just blinked my eyes for a second. Well a second was really an hour lmfao. But the just left me to sleep.

For the actually procedure I really laughed. Tickle me lipo fits the name perfectly. There was pain when it came to the hip bone n the rib area but I was a big girl and I dealt with it. Over all the experience was fine! We spoke thru the entire thing and cracked jokes. When he flipped me over got the injection to the buttocks that's when I started getting loopy. Again I thought I just blinked. Next thing you know I heard was " hey chev I'm finish hun". I said "what did you inject the butt" dr. Dean said "yes but you was snoring" lmao I thought I blinked lmao

Quick and easy! He gave me Vicodin and told me to take as needed! And sent me to recovery.

Ladies I also found out he does fat transfer to breast!!!! No implants!!

Tomorrow I will post a few pics but as fit now I'm going to sleep. Mom as the kids so it's night night for me. Ttyl


My day before and 1 day after pic

Here is the day before and then my 1 day after pics!!

Not using dr fisher anymore

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