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Hi ladies my name is karsha I'm 22 I have a sin...

Hi ladies my name is karsha I'm 22 I have a sin who is a year old and a husband of 3yrs I'm currently active duty in the navy it's been 5 years and I'm planning on staying in for a while I decided to do the BBL after I had my sin and saw how great I looked with a fuller butt however as time went on I lost all that baby weight nd I'm back down to 130 again. Most people say I'm crazy for trying to gain weight and wanting a bigger butt but I think curves are beautiful.. I've been researching this proceeded for about a year and I've been pretty dead set on Dr. J in GA his results are outstanding and he takes such pride in what he does I've heard nothing but great things about him... I've booked my consultation with him for April 22nd so in a few weeks I'll know exactly what my quote is I'm not shaped badly at all so I'm thinking I'll fall close to his avg cost maybe lower (that would be great) I would love to hear from any of you who have had the procedure done already or waiting like me!

Feed back

I would love to get some feedback from some women who have had surgery done by Dr J. I'm set to have my consultation on the 22nd of April I'm so excited

I wouldn't mind this!!

Wish pics

Beauty Enhancement

So last time I posted I told u all I was getting my procedure done with Dr J in Atlanta however I decided too go with dr Ortega instead for a few different reasons. Dr ortega and his staff are all so sweet and caring. After speaking to them I felt like more than just another patient! I'm so excited too do this procedure with dr ortega. I've been researching this procedure for almost three yes ndhis work has been by far some of the best I've seen


Hey lafies y surgery is set for July of 2015 I'm looking for recovery houses in Miami I will be having surgery with Dr Ortega pls shoot me any information you have on recovery houses in Miami thanks in advance

more wish pics for Dr Ortega

recovery houses in Miami Florida

I am going to Miami for my surgery in a few months with Dr Ortega I want to use there recovery house however i would like some feed back from any of you dolls who used it ur experience with it and pictures if possible thanks in advance

date change

So I'm contiplating really hard about changing my date from July to the beginning of may because I'm sooooo excited and will be paying it in full come January there is really no reason to wait until June! I hope my doc has an available spot in may!!!

surgery date change

Changed surgery from July to may!!

sx buddy

Hey ladies so my surgery is in may! The 8th to be exact with DT Ortega If there is Anyone who is scheduled around that time or is willing to go around that time Im looking for sx buddies

closer and closer

I'm so excit d time is winding down surgery is may8th and I am soooo excited I'm trying to decide if I want too loose 10ibs or stay were I'm at honestly I love my body I have a nice shape hips ass thighs the whole nine I just have this nasy mid section I hate..I used to work out like crazy then I slacked off for a while and it caught up too me I'm 5'3 at 158ibs i just want this mod section flat and cinched and a bigger butt I'm sure I will be happy with the results because I already have a nice size but and hips.. However I am still trying to decide on what Dr I'm going to use lol I have a deposit down with Dr Ortega and Dr hasan both are scheduled for the 8th of may for sure I have to come up with a decision soon though so I can go ahead and pay it off this month...I love Ortega but hasan is the man and while he's great his staff isn't so great but Ortega has a great staff...decisions decisions


There are so many supply lists but what do I really need ladies ur input would be helpful!! And I want to order an extra garmet too have when the other is getting washed any suggestions on were I can purchase it from a good one too

Dr fisher it is

So after some soak searching and praying I've decided to change from Dr Ortega too Dr fisher. This decision really came down to who was the best surgeon for me and the results I'm looking to achieve. Although there has been allot of thing said about Dr fishers staff I'm confident that his work will bebgrrst enough reward plus I haven't had any of those issues and I'm praying god will give me favor during this time and through the procedure so I won't have to deal with Any of that my surgery is paid in full as of today and I am scheduled for may 12th

recovery facilities

so today i have spoken with 2 different young ladies who actually have there own recvery facilities in miami, fl. they both are really sweet and most importantly professional, and there prices are really reasonable considering everything they do for you during your stay. kayla: 130.00 per night which includes all of your food, transportation, assistnace with getting dressed undresssed showering, washing your garmets and linen on bed private bathroom and room with a tv and wifi. kayla actually has you send her your grocery list and she has everything you want when u get home from surgery . i also looked into moni who is 150.00 a night she is going to call me back and give me ore details when she gets home, i will update you guys on her once i get concrete info...im so excited i have 11 weeks until surgery and i know its going to creep up on me i need to start shopping for supplies but i have no clue as too what i really need....everyoe has so many different lists idk whats important and what isnt...lol HELP LADIES!!!!


ladies im looking to purchase 2 garments for my surgery. were can i get them from (good quality)

Supplies done

Just a little update I haven't posted in a while I'm about to start purchasing my supplies soon I'm such a procrastinator lol my surgery is fully paid for and I'm just countinv down the days now


So I'm so pissed vanity just posted a new deal for the same surgery I'm getting for 1500 les than what I'm paying lol that sucks

Dr switch

So I haven't updated in a while so originally I booked with dr fisher I canceled that surgery got a rerund and rebooked with dr hasan. My surgery was originally scheduled for May 8 but due too work I needed too push it back to June and fisher is booked until August so I got a date with has an for June 11th. Thank god!!! I had a mini panic attack there is no way I would have waited u too August. So I'm 2 months out from my new date and im excited surgery is paid in full plane ticket is good to go I just need to finish my supply list and book recovery I already know who I'm going with I just need to go ahead and secure the spot with her!! Any ladies out there who recently had bbl with hasan??!!

What do I really need o

Ok ladies so Ive said a million times before I need too start supply shopping smh Ive seen a million bbl supply list but it just doesn't seem like everyone ever uses all the stuff they say too get so for all of my past bbl sisters what supply's did u really find useful I just don't wanna spend all this money on unnessary stuff

45 daaaaaays out

So my surgery is 45 days away and I have nothing too do except sit and wait my labs are scheduled for the 13th of May im prayin everything goes great I'm just ready too have this done already!

Recovery houses

HELP! so this is what I get for waiting until the last minute too do everything the 3 recovery homes I know are all booked up for the dates of my surgery (Kayla,Moni,magdolina) does anyone else have information on recovery facilities I will be traveling alone so a hotel is not an option I need a recovery facility

Days off

For all of my post op bbl sisters what is a good amount of days too take off of work for the procedure

Last minute changes

It's been a while since my last update so much has changed for starters I am no longer having my bbl with vanity for a number of reasons I tried too I've floor there lack of customer service too have my surgery done with dr fisher then to find out someone hacked my account using the debit card k gave them too have on file really turned my gears I then switched to Hassan even though they are both Drs at vanity they have separate staff so I thought things would be better WRONG!! The customer service sucks and they are liars they tell u one thing and do somethin else I asked for a refund on May the 5th and I have yet too receive it Claudia has a different excuse each time I call her I have an attorney involved now I will not play about my money once I receive my refund I will be booking with dr omulepu with spectrum. I already have a deposit with them and a surgery date booked for the end of July dr prtega was my very first choice but I fell in love with dr fisher and Hassan and just had too switch I should have stAayed with spectrum in the First place


So I've come too the conclusion that I'm going too keep my surgery with dr Hassan. My current surgery date is AUGUST 13th is there anyone out there having surgery with dr Hassan in July that would like to switch dates with me I'm trying too get my bbl done before I deploy and so that I can have enough time too heal.

New surgery date

Got a sooner surgery date with Dr. Osak at vanity! July 9th is the day!


Hey my bbl sisters for those of you who had lab work done outside of the vanity cosmetic facility were did you guys get your labs done I am in the military and unfortunately they won't cover lab work for a cosmetic surgery so I'm forced too get it done out of pocket any one know were I can go and won't pay so much


BBL sisters I'm putting the last minute touches on my trip too Miami and I need too know a good place or person too get my massages done also what's a good number too have before leaving Miami


Hi ladies I'm looking at buying the vedette 929 garmett how do I know what size too get I'm 5'3 150 ibs

Moving along

Things are coming together finally after canceling twice and switching Drs 4 times I'm finally on my way surgery is paid in full flight is booked lab work is done massages are paid for and scheduled now I just need too buy my garment and supplies JULY 9th I will be an O DOLL!!

Wish pics


I'm so excited l don't know what too do with myself everything is good really just counting down the days now and waiting for lab work too come back which I know everything is good to go in 23 days I will
Be on a plane too Miami and in 24 days I will be an O doll! I am however thinking about buying another garment but I'll wait until
I get too Miami I may buy one from vanity

New update

So my husband just found out that he can't take any time off too stay with me so we're going too pay for a recovery house which was always the original plan but he's a nurse in the military and insisted on staying with me but when duty calls there's nothing we can do so back too plan A LOL Luckly I already new exactly who I want too stay with it was a toss up between keyla and Mary I chose Kayla because I have a friend who stayed with her and she loved her she's also cheaper and it's still a comfortable and livable environment it was 130 a night and I'm staying with her for 5 nights this includes everything as well as transportation too and from all appointments she take u to get prescription as well and prepares all ur food she cooks breakfast every morning and provides snacks which is mostly fresh juice and fresh fruit lunch and dinner is made and delivered by a gormet chef with all the girls it's just easier for her which is understandable massages are not included but she has a lady who works for her who comes in everyday and does massages for her it's 45.00 per secession which is an hour this includes the massage she helps u shower and clean as well after each massage I paid for my spot in full today so I could just get it out the way now once again I'm already too go just counting down the days now my bag is packed lol

Keylas recovery house

Just some pics of the recovery house I will be staying at for 4 days her name is keyla she's a sweet hart I met her when I went with my bestfriend too have her surgery done last November and she was awesome


I'm so ready too go lol 15 days!!!


Hi ladies it's been a while since I last updated it was kinda pointless since all I've been doing it looking at the cal see waiting for the days too go by slooooowly lol anyways it's finally that time I am currently sitting at the airport waiting too bored my flight with south west airlines too Miami Florida. I will arrive tonight my husband is going too be picking me up from
The airport since he is already in Florida I will do another update tomorrow after my appointment at vanity

Finally doing this

Encore plastic surgery with dr omulepu!!

Before pictures

The horrid before pictures

Post op

Hey girls I'm super tired and sore I will update once I'm better I have my follow up in the am ill post more pics then

3 days post op

Ok girls so I'm 3 days post op and let me just say dr O did the damn thing I look like a totally different person he snatched my waste and gave me the hips and ass I wanted. I hady surgery done at encore plastic surgery office which is just another branch office from vanity my surgery was scheduled for Thursday at 0700 I arrived at about 6:40 and they took me right back too start the process I went into surgery around 9:30 I don't remember much just a quick convo with the sleep fairy and then waking up super tired and stiff I'm staying with keyla recovery house in Miami and she is amazing I was supposed too leave today and go be with my hubby since we have an apartment in Miami but I decided to stay a few more days with keyla. Now everyone wants too talk about the results and how u look after but nobody speaks on the freaking pain and discomfort. Well let me just be the 1st too say this is no easy recovery it's day 3 and I don't have much pain anymore it gets better everyday however my body is super stiff and I'm still sleepy all the time and it's hard too get comfortable sleeping only on ur tummy so it takes a while for me too get comfortable last night inl found the best sleeping pisition ever and slept like a baby I sleep with the pillow underneath my tummy and it was so comfy. Now this drain thing boy oh boy am I draining like crazy I mean a whole lot which is good I would rather have all this fluid off of me. I had my 1 massage yesterday and it was sooooo good i could feel the fluid draining out of my incission I was super happy although that cramp hurts like hell but my body is allot less stiff I will have another shower and massage today and also tomorrow and Tuesday before I leave the more massage the better the results I'm already obsessed I just ordered another garment and a corset hey we spend money I this surgery we have too invest too keep it up I'm not letting my 5,000 go to waste. I will post better pics after my shower today I don't come out of my garment much just for shower and massage trying too follow all the instructions dr O gave me

Post op pics

Still allot of fluid and swelling and i still have a nice shape can't wait for the final results too set! DR O did that!

5 days post op

6 days post op

Hey ladies I'm loving my results and shape for sure today I'm kinda frustrated with this drain and the fluid I have still I'm so ready too be completely drained it's so uncomfortable this little tune hanging around and don't get me started on this damn fluid I can feel it moving around when I lay down and get up and it's a burning sinsation (no comfy at all) I can't wait until Saturday my second follow up appt


OK so i arrived back home in VA last night and let me just tell u i am not happy about having to sit the entire flight back but my butt is still awesome i feel like i lost projection but maybe its just my mind plying tricks on me but anyway i got a boppy pillow and i must say im not a fan of it i still have a few days left before im able too sit but even then im going to be discrete about sitting until im at least 1 mont post op i need some help from my BBL sisters who are post op what did u use too sit i saw a BBL pillow on someones profile before that supports the thights i like that idea! HELP!!!

3 weeks post op

hi ladies I know it's been a while still recovering nicely loving the ass still but the process to recovery is no smooth journey still have allot of swelling you can't see by looking but boy do I feel it still some stiffness but my ass is still on fleek love love love my results in ready too be able too feel normal again lol I'm about to order a smaller garment and a waste trainer as well I'll update again in a few weeks

Just some pics from last week! Feeling myself

Scheduling round 2!

So I already got the go from my hubby for round 2! I'm going for May of next year I don't want too much more ass but I want more lipo and definitely more hips I'm going too be calling encore tomorrow to get a consultation and pay a deposit

round 2 set for may

paid off round 2 in full Im getting a bbl again with full lipo it was 3500.00 im not getting much fat injected I just want some added too my hips and a lil more projection lol!! the date is set for may 13th with dr O again of course!! super excited.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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