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Hello everyone, so I have been on real self for...

Hello everyone, so I have been on real self for awhile along with other some other websites and I have finally made a decision. 4 years, 5 consults and lots of extensive research have led me to choosing Dr. Perry from Miami. The reason I went with Dr. Perry was because I really liked his work, he had very good reviews, the price wasn’t too cheap to make me wonder why and it wasn’t to expensive to make me say hell no lol, and last but not least when we got on the phone it was like we just clicked which I think is so important when someone has your life in their hands.

I am from Canada and BBL is not as popular. The doctors here I found were not as experienced and the rates where out of control for subtle results. To all my Canadian sisters please look at travelling to the USA. I wouldn’t go to DR personally but visiting our neighbors across the border is going to make more sense in the long run because these doctors are more experienced with BBL in particular.

I am scheduled for August and as far as that may seem now, time is flying. Especially because I am paying cash it seems like I am running out of time to save up lolol. Anyways please let me know if you guys have an suggestions for me! Thanks!

Not Much To Say

hello, so i havent updated in a while but i guess its because i dont really have much to say lol my date is all the way in August which will actually be here quite soon. I booked my plan ticket last night and its starting to feel very real. I am so scared. Im not scared about the actual surgery or results im more scared about being put to sleep. I pray everything goes well. Anyways i will continue to update as my journey continues. :)


Hello All, well things have changed in the year that I have been away. I did not go through with my BBL with Dr. Perry I changed my mind and got my 700 dollar deposit refunded. Dr. Perry was always nice but at that time something was just telling me I wasn't ready for the decision I was about to make. Anyways lately I started thinking about the idea again and it led me back to RealSelf. After meeting some people that went to the DR I actually started researching DR doctors.

Now I know I said before I wouldn't go to the DR but at the same time I never actually looked into it to have an educated opinion. The more I looked into I realized things have come a long way and its not as bad as I once assumed. I was never into the really popular doctors like Yily and Duran so I never contacted them for quotes. I was more interested in finding the doctors I felt would take more time and that is exactly what I found with Dr. Leon. We spoke on the phone a couple times his English is perfect the pictures of his facility look great and he made me feel comfortable which again I find very important. He is detailed in his explanations so I figure that also carry's through in his work.

Anyways, now its time for me to look into My Home recovery but he also said his recovery home will be ready by the time I want my surgery which is October. Any one travelling early Oct or anyone have any opinions on My Home recovery? Well I will keep everyone posted :)


Hello everyone, I need some help OMG I swear this research business is going to drive me crazy. This is one of the reason I want an early date because the constant changing my mind between surgeons lol

Okay so right now Im more dedicated to going to Jose Leon, but at first I spoke with Dr. Diaz and he gave me a good quote to and was easy to speak with. So I always kind of had him in the back of my mind. They both I think are great, speak great English and seem very attentive.

Now for some reason I decided to also contact Duran. Now I know people say she is really busy and doesn't speak good English etc but her results speak for themselves. I am more focused on having a snatched waist as I already have a little junk in my trunk it just needs shaping. I like how small Duran does people waist thats really the biggest appeal. So many people do two rounds of BBL i dont want that! I wanna be snatched right the first time and thats IT!

Anyways long story short I contacted her not really thinking I would hear back because tons of people dont hear back yet low and behold she actually DM'd me back on insta and told me to send my info to her gmail. I was kinda shocked she even responded much less to respond on instagram. Anyways I did as she said and now I am waiting on a quote. Now im really conflicted I didn't even think she would get back to me and now that she has I kinda do know what to do lol ohhh lawd!

Still Here

Hello Everyone, just wanted to give a quick update. I am getting surgery done in a week and man I am excited and scared. The crazy thing is I am most scared about the anesthesia. The thought of something putting me to sleep and controlling when I wake up is what has me most worried. Not the surgery itself or the recovery just the anesthesia.

Anyways, please just keep me in your prayers guys. I feel good but so scared. Every day is different.

To the Christians out there can someone tell me what they think God thinks about cosmetic surgery? I been having this conflict kind of feeling like is this something I can pray about because maybe he is mad at me? I dont know I just need some encouragement. Well I will update you guys next week when I am in the DR. Take Care.

Where Have I Been!

Heyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Oh my gosh first I want to apologize for disappearing on the people who were following my page and reaching out to me. I should have followed up and I didn't. So sorry for that.

This October will be 2 years post op and I am happy I got the surgery done. You need to stay fit and eat healthy ladies it is so important but if anyone wants to talk wants explicit details and even pictures feel free to hit me up I don't mind calling and giving advice etc. I know how I felt being scared and how important it was for me to have motivators around me. I hope to hear from some of you ladies! Take Care
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