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Hey ladies after all the research finally i came...

hey ladies after all the research finally i came to my decision .... am getting my booty yay!! sooooo excited ....first let me explain my situation im 30 yrs old been wanting to do this since i was like 19 i wasn't sure how it worked all i knew i wanted my booty bigger lol. after years of having no hips and the no ass at all syndrome enough is enough . Well ladies i had my first consultation with Elliot M. Heller he seemed nice and everything but he wasn't really listening to what i wanted telling me he don't put alot for health reasons and he will store my fat for 6 months if i wanna come back to reinject after 6 weeks i can do do for a fee of course lol so let me break it down ...the total cost for lipo and fat transfer is 6500 he only put 300cc -400cc and a extra 750 to reinject (hell no buddy) i moved on my friend told me about realself i have been stalking everyone profile and pictures for days now lol but i came across dr fisher work and his price is just for me ...i love love his work he did on you ladies i called and set it up, tomorrow im paying 1000 to keep the price which is 5000 for everything ....cant wait super excited .....If anyone has any advice who did it with him i would love to know :) Good luck to everyone and i will keep you all posted

FISHER DOLL IN THE MAKING..... cant wait till june

hey ladies i cant wait all i can think about is booty booty booty lol.... ive been talking to anna from vanity shes nice answer all my questions i really wanted to book my date for june 2nd but its all book so monday she will tell me the days she has available..... my mom is taking time of to go with me so thats great if any of you ladies are going around that time lets talk lol..... still not sure how many cc i want smh getting my physical on may 5th i pray everything goes good im so ready to me ladies

hey dolls

I'm counting down the days its just a couple of weeks away .... am excited and nervous all at the same time, little secret dolls my hubby do not no am doing this he thinks am just gonna be away with the gurls smh ....getting my physical done on monday making sure everything is good before i leave the state ....i wish everyone all the best cant wait to meet all the fisher dolls when i get there ;)

Did my physical today :)

hey ladies did my physical today did my blood work to make sure everything is good before i left the state ....anna one of the girls at vanity sent me a perscription for that so far i only got my hiv test back, thursday my doctor said i will get the rest of my results so cant wait super excited less than a month to go to get the body of my dreams advice to you ladies is to do your blood work at home just to make sure friend got her labs back a week before she went to DR and her hemo was low ..but we made it happen went rite to the health store and got her some liquid iron and she ate alot of food high in iron it helped alot .... if you dont know what u need i have the perscription i can help you tell the doctor exactly what u may need or you can call vanity to send you a perscription .....ok ladies counting down my days will keep you updated *kisses dolls*

need help

does anyone know how change the doctor it not letting me edit it .... thanks in advance


I'm finally here ladies.... i got to meet Dr Fisher he's so nice and down to earth im having my bbl done tomorrow at 9am ....he told me he will give me hips and a nice butt lol I told him just hook me up cus I know he's good lol ....I know everything will be great because God is good: ) ....Oh Yea I meet some nice girls today and they looked so good they said Fisher did them WISH ME LUCK YAYYYYY!!! IT'S HAPPENING I'M EXCITED LOL I will try to post some pre op pictures tonight and post tomorrow: )

pre op pics ladies be kind

im waiting and ready to do this


HEY ladies in not strong enough to position everything but I will as soon as I can but here are the pictures I promise

took my shower today :)


Hey ladies like I promised: ).....I arrived at vanity on the 9th signed all my papers, meet with Dr Fisher he is so cool down to earth ,he tells you exactly what to expect and he's not a fan of wish pictures so I just told him what I wanted then he tOld me what he can do .....I told him to hook me up lol he just smiled so I left feeling good about that.... when I got to the hotel then they called me saying my surgery is at 9am so I should be on time. When I got there they took me rite to the back and dressed me for surgery i waited and waited finally I ask the nurse what's going on she said he's still with someone he will be out soon... at 1230 finally he came marked me up and took me to the room.... I could only remember Dr Fisher telling me he can't wait to ship my organ's somewhere didn't really heaR him clearly I laughed saying that's not funny lol I was out..... I woke up in the recovery room with this lady over me saying mami you look beautiful and everything went great she put on my garments and I knocked out again, when I woke up it was so much drainage everywhere.... Maria she was so nice she keep changing me and I keep passing back out but when I left there it was 130 am I couldn't believe it but my Mom and Sis was there the whole time I'm so happy I had them there..... ladies please I won't recommend you come alone it alot you need the help ttrust me today is my second day post post and I still need help to the bathroom my sister gets up every 4hrs to give me pain killers. And every 8hrs for my antibiotics it's alot but I'm getting there.... thank you ladies for all your concern I'm hanging in there: )


Lladies these massages is no joke but after it's all done you feel so much better. I had so much fluid in my body I even had to do it in the shower now I'm up and moving around.... I even pooped lol I knw that tmi but that's a big deal cus. My belly was bloated and hard.... so ladies walk with prune juice or laxative will need it... but that's all for now will keep you updated: )

front view still swollen with alot of fluid and padding


ladies the plane ride home was the worst thing ever I past out 4 times cus this was the first time attempting to sit on my butt....OMG I came home went rite to sleep woke up with my husband poking my booty lol saying baby that's to much lol I'm made my face at him and went rite back..... I still don't feel 100% but every day it a little better that's all for now and I took some pictures without clothes to; )

5 days post op

need help ladies

I've been having the hardest time sleeping I can't sleep On my stomach or my back or sides.... can someone give me some tips or tricks..... help me please


first I wanna say thanks for you love and support.... OK it's been a rough 3 weeks hardest is the sleeping... the swelling went down alot but I'm still swollen I happy with my booty but I just wish I had a little more hips: ( anyway atleast I'm wayyyyyy better than I look before.... I been getting my massages 3 times a week that helps alot if anyone lives in queens ny and you need someone just hit me up.. if not I will do another update about him with his info .....I will post some pics bye for now will update you again soon :*

hey sisters

Well I'm feeling so much better almost myself again and I can't stop staring at my booty it dropped and it's rounder I'm so in love. It's getting soft I tried shaking it it moves but I can't feel it Lol .... I'm in my mirror like every two seconds Lol still down about the hips but the man did his best lol just keeping everyone updated... oh Yea I started sitting but on a pillow I go everywhere with it I don't care what people think I gotta do what I gotta do... bye for my sisters and happy healing: )



Well its been almost a month 2 days away It's been a journey Lol... still swollen,still can't bend got me thinking when it this gonna be over but loving the booty wish I can wear my clothes without the faja but I can't: ( ...... one side of my booty still hard and one side is softer Lol does anyone have this problem also one side looks bigger than the other Lol.... I'm happy it's a month 2 more to go yayyyyyy I'm leaving some pictures no faja or panties on; ) ......happy healing sisters

goodnight ;)

hey sisters

I know it been a couple of days but I've been so busy with work..... I'm having a little problem with one side of my butt cheeks the side that is bigger and harder. It hurts to the touch and when I walk or sit is this normal. It's been a month help sisters it's been a month: (


Hey sisters we all know this procedure has it's risk I don't wanna scare anyone by doing this update am 5 weeks post op I have a really high fever and now I'm getting sharp pain's from the side that is swollen I'm going right to the emergency room sisters Ive been really light headed and weak all day pray for me will keep everyone updated: (

hey dolls

Well I'm still at the hospital ....I have an infection on the left side of my cheeks sO im getting treatment antibiotics tru iv I'm not in alot of pain anymore just annoyed that I gotta be here the doctors said it's was a good thing I came rite away Better safe than sorry I say I saw IIke 6 doctors they all wanna see it don't have alot of patients like Me they say so they will try to learn from Me Lol I felt like a lab rat did every test they have I Think smh crazy just wanna go home....... Thank you sisters for all the love and caring love you all God bless will keep you guys updated: *

Good Morning sisters

I'm still in the hospital feeling the Same pain and also it's still really hard...I'm laying here asking myself why me Im sorry that I can't reply to everyone but the stick me so many time my hands hurt when I do anything they keep saying it maybe an infection bbecause there's no fluid in there but they will see I do not blame Doctor fisher he's a great doctor and I will recommend him to anyone just answering some questions and there's so many thing s that can cause an infection they don't know.... THANKS MY SISTERS SORRY FOR THEY LATE REPLY BUT I'M IN ALOT OF PAIN I WILL KEEP YOU ALL POSTED LOVE YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS: *

Good Morning sisters

Today I have better news.. I'm OK they send me home from the hospital with oral antibiotics and pain Meds. It's been a Long week I'm still getting a little pain and it's still hard but I thank God the fever is gone and it's not as much pain as before, to me it seems to be getting better. Dr Fisher is on vacation so his nurse have been checking on me I told her what's going on and she said she email him and he said it sound's like an infection I should continue the antibiotics.for the ten days and she will keep in touch and make sure everything is OK I still wish I had him to talk to but oh well, Well sister's I never expected this lol but it's part of my journey I have no regrets I'm still loving the booty hard and all lol all I can do is be happy and thank God it's not worst..... I LOVE YOU ALL FOR YOUR WELL WISHES AND CONCERN... I'M SO HAPPY I JOINED RS TO MEET AND HAVE PPL TO SHARE MY STORY WITH THAT UNDERSTAND *Tears* THANKS SISTERS YOU ALL GIVE ME HOPE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL: *

hey dolls

Well I'm feeling so much better don't even need pain meds anymore... I'm so happy because that pain was no joke it's softening around the area and I can sit a lil without feeling like I'm sitting on a rock. I don't want to think negative but I hope it gets soft all they way without lumps I pray... well that's all for now my love's just keeping u guys updated and happy healing: )

hey sisters

I didn't post pictures since so I took one for you all to see my belly it's still black and blue ...this is before my shower today

Almost two months :)

Hey my loves..... I'm feeling great thank God still taking my antibiotics, I'm not in any pain and the swelling went all the way down..... I THINK MY BOOTY SHRINK I'm really trying to think positive but nooooooooooooooooooooooo not the booty Lol. I heard it goes down then fluffs is this true? I'm still sore around my waist and I swell up without my garments. Oh sister's the itching holy shit Lol... OK this is no joke I be itching every where I go like a dog with fleas even when I rub all over with cocoa butter.. any suggestions? Finally I took the booty for a test drive girls I never got so much attention in my life it went from..50 to like 100 omg even girls. Good luck to everyone who is thinking about doing it and happy healing sisters just a lil update to let everyone know about my journey and Thanks for the love and support: *....GOD BLESS

new pics :)

hey dolls

I'm still here just been busy with work and everything.. booty looks the Same Lol nothing big to report........ I do have a question I left side of my butt is still hard in one spot I'm scared it won't get soft is there anything I can do to help myself?????????? Everytime I touch it I feel depressed please


Hey ladies it's been so long but I'm back again ready for round 2 bbl and tt this time.... Well I had a baby yes smh a couple months after my bbl such a waste. But I'm thankful I have a beautiful baby girl :)
This time I wanna go to Dominican republic to see Dr Robles her work is amazing also I'm only gonna do this one more time so I might as well do it all together.... HELP ME LADIES... I WANNA NO EVERYTHING ABOUT HER BAD AND GOOD :) also all the ladies that's gonna go see her also love you guys

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