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Hi There! I’ve been stalking this site for so...

Hi There! I’ve been stalking this site for so long that I have finally decided to write about my experiences since others have helped me so much. *Disclaimer* These are my genuine, honest, thoughts. I did not write this to be judged, but to hopefully help at least one person, as well as share my experience. Any negativity can be left on the next person's posts. Ok, rant over. About me, I'm 27, no kids, I work full-time, and go to school full-time. I'm actually doing 19 hours this semester; it’s exhausting! I actually have a paper I need to be writing right now but I can’t stay off this site!!! SMH! Anyhoo, I'm 5'4, 170 lbs, measurements are 36, 35, 43 size 8 or 28 in jeans/pants depending on the store. Most of my jeans are from bebe/Guess and work pants from Express/Zara. I don’t mind the size I wear though, just how my butt/gut looks in them. I wouldn't say that I have low self-esteem or anything (which is what ppl would think if I told them about my decision) but I will say I'm honest with myself and I know I look a hot funky mess with this big gut, back rolls, fat arms and no butt! I've always hated my butt, it’s wide but very flat, and I have cellulite, stretch marks, and a dent in each cheek, but I never thought I would ever have surgery. My previous plan was to work out, lose weight, and hope the results would come. Well I know working out is not going to give me the results I want (butt wise), so surgery is my only option because I don’t want to be unhappy all my life, especially when I finally have the chance to change myself for the better! My plan is to keep this as best a secret as possible. I initially told my coworker (because she recently had her nose done secretly so I knew she would understand) and one of my best friends that lives 4 hours away from me. I want my results to be natural looking and fit my body, but be big enough to make a good difference and make me look great in clothes and even better naked. I’ve been wearing butt pads to work for two weeks now and no one has said anything (and ppl like to notice me at my job for some reason smh). Since I’m so busy with school I haven’t seen my close friends much, so they might be shocked by the results but they know I’ve been working out and trying to lose weight so I might be able to fool them IDK. My two best friends do have big butts though and they know I flat as a board lol so I’m not sure… I hope I can keep it a secret and I hope to get nice results without having to buy a completely new wardrobe because I have alot of clothes. I have at least 60 pairs of jeans alone and that’s not even counting all the work slacks, skirts and bottoms I have (I work in a business casual environment) and I aint tryna re-buy or alter each pair! I will try to document this process as best as possible because reading so many reviews I know that there were still questions I had that were not answered and I hope to fill that void, even if not that many people read my posts.

Pre Op pics...

Pretty embarrassing but... This is what I look like now =/ I'm SERIOUSLY counting down the days! Excuse the mirror in these pics! The gray ones are at my house but I was in a rush to send Jessica my pics for my consult and I rarely use this mirror as it is in my living room... It's clean now LOL smh

Dr. Hasan and Vanity

Time is slowly ticking; my date is on April 10th, in less than three weeks! My surgery is with Dr. Hasan at Vanity Miami. I liked alot of his results from RealSelf, I have a few saved in my favorites but Shay08 is someone that comes to mind. I am slightly nervous because I live in TX but am traveling to Miami to have this done. I will be staying at their recovery house since I’m doing this alone. The cost of my surgery is $4000.00 plus $2000.00 for the recovery home. I really don’t want to pay $2k for what I’m getting but I’m nervous about finding a place to stay, hiring a nurse and transportation so I feel a tad bit safer going through them.
I had a consultation with a Dr. in the Dallas area (Sacha Obaid) but he had limited reviews here, and limited pictures online and in office. The ones he did have looked ok (just ok), so I was willing to go to him and hope for the best until I heard the price lol $9720.00! I know surgery is not something to skimp on, but right now is the best time for me to have the surgery, plus I cant see myself spending almost $10k on my butt , not with him at least. He also took me kinda fast in the consultation, so even though he was nice, I felt like I didn’t get the chance to ask all of the questions I wanted. I initially wanted to do the surgery closer to home just in case there were complications, but I started looking up other options, saw Vanity was within my price range, and had the recovery home so it was a done deal. Even with my flight I’m saving almost $3k by going to Miami. With the Dallas surgeon, I would have to finance but with Vanity I can pay immediately. I really didn’t want to have to look for financing either, or delay my surgery date further.
I’ve already paid for my surgery and recovery home, except for $500.00. Reading other people’s reviews I saw that they received discounts for paying in full so I tried to see if that would work for me and Jessica wasn’t having it LOL… SMH… I guess they treat different ppl different ways but whatever. So that’s why I haven’t paid the remainder, but I plan to sometime next week. I did all of my labs with my PCP yesterday so I wouldn’t have to go to Miami a day before surgery; didn’t want to have to pay for a hotel and transportation for the extra day. So I plan to fly in on the 10th early in the morning. I would like an early surgery time if possible so Im gonna try to talk to Jessica about that. I sent her my pictures and initially when I spoke to her over the phone and told her my weight and height she told me I would probably have to lose ten pounds or so (made me kinda sad lol, I know I’m big but dang!), but once she saw my pics she told me not to lose anything and that I don’t look like I weigh 170. I later sent her my wish pics and she told me again not to lose anything. I do not want a huge butt or anything but Im nervous about not losing weight. I have plans towards the beginning of summer that I’d like to not be fat for, and I know I wont be able to work out after surgery so I feel like I def need to lose at least ten pounds! I don’t want to lose too much and still be flat, but I don’t want to lose nothing and still be fat lol. Ugh idk what to do. I feel that I will have enough fat at 160 to get the job done. Suggestions?

Butt pads...

Hope no one at my job is on this site lol... Once I have my surgery I'm gonna light these thangs on fire!


I've researched as much as I possibly can but still get lost in all of these reviews lol. I want to know what is the best garment to get after my surgery? I would like to have a backup to the one provided but do not want to buy it from Vanity as I've heard they charge too much. Suggestions???? Also, is butt out really better? I dont want my butt looking like basketballs in my clothes lol because I will be trying to conceal it once I get back to work.

Leonisa.com Garments

I purchased some garments to wear while I'm washing the one I get from Vanity, plus I know that as soon as I can I will switch from wearing that type of garment, to wearing a waist cincher with light compression on my thighs to control swelling. These look really comfortable and were cheap enough. The shorts were only twenty bucks and they look comfortable enough for me to wear regardless of surgery, seeing as I always wear shorts to combat my thigh rubbing when I wear shirts and dresses at work. I should get them tomorrow, and I hope to like them. Luckily the site does free shipping and free returns.

Fatty Flatty

I gained about 3 pounds since I sent my pics over to Jessica so I'm gonna try hard to lose this weight before surgery. I think I might even try to do really low carb until my surgery date, and then slowly introduce them about a week after my date. I hope that's safe and I hope that I can lose at least 5 pounds in these ten days. I really want my arms to go down before surgery too because I look like a linebacker already and it'll be even worse with my hopefully tiny waist... Ugh the struggle of a fatty flatty lol

Possible place to stay in Miami

Anyone needing somewhere to stay in Miami can email Vivian (vivianamolinares@yahoo.com). She is very reasonable, and will answer all of your questions and send you pictures of the rooms she has available. She told me that the nurse she knows is $10 an hour and if you need a nurse I would recommend only getting one for the hours after your surgery (so just that night and a few extra hours the next day I guess) and then purchasing massages at Vanity because their nurse will be helping you will that. It seems more cost effective that way, because its basically what you are getting when you purchase the recovery home at Vanity. She said she is working on getting a nurse and transportation package together, but idk if that was overall or just on a case by case basis. I was considering her as an alternative to the recovery home, but since I'd already paid I knew it would be hell to get my money back (Jessica said any amount over $550 takes six weeks to receive... I'll be damned! IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!) So to avoid going postal on them, I just decided to stay. They threw in an extra massage and some compression sock for me... I'd rather have a discount but beggars cant be choosers I guess. Seeing as though I called and scheduled my surgery only 26 days before my date, I cant complain much I guess. But keep in mind you will have to purchase the garment and your prescriptions on your own but you can always look to trusty Amazon and Ebay and wherever else for those types of supplies. Also, I'm not plugging her, just giving ppl the info I know. If you go to her and its dirty and raggedy, don't come for me! lol I aint got nothing to do with that! Just wanted to share her info because she was very nice to me and I know some people struggle finding good places to stay, like I did.

Feeling blessed

I'm currently doing the tootsie roll cuz I only have 9 days until I'm no longer flat backed!!! Weeeerrrk!!! I cannot wait! This seriously will change my life for the better, I have always been self-conscious about my butt and I've been on the verge of hating my body. Call it what you want but I feel very happy and blessed that I can finally do something to make myself happy and feel like the woman I really am. I've done alot of growing mentally and spiritually over the years and I think this will just compliment that growth even more. Literally. I bought my plane ticket last week, I will be flying first class on the way back (YOLO!) even though my return flight is only 3 hours, I still want to be able to lay down since I will have to start sitting at work shortly after. I paid my remaining balance this morning, so now all I have to do is pack and wait =)

Not happy...

Please be aware that Dr. Hasan requires you to come in the day before surgery for your preop appointment. I was told that as long as I do my labs beforehand I could come the day of surgery but of course one week prior, I get a call saying that's no longer possible. So please ladies keep this in mind and always have a backup plan. Don't just up and listen to everything Vanity tells you. I'm not sure if this is with all Dr.'s at Vanity or just Dr. Hasan but regardless come beforehand. Not sure what's going to happen now because I cannot change my time off from work nor will I pay for changing my flight. I knew something was going to happen because it was going way too smoothly for me this whole time...

New date

No longer going on the 10th, but on the 11th now. Jessica called me today and told me I have the first appointment. 6 more days!

Yes, I'm STILL going to Dr. Hasan

Please know that I have read all of the recent reviews and articles about Dr. Hasan and still will be going forward with my surgery on April 11th.. I appreciate everyone's concern but all this is an elective surgery that I am electing to take part in and I can only pray that I make it to Miami and through my surgery safe and sound with no complications. I have read soooooo many negative reviews just on RealSelf regarding all these popular doctors and people still go to them. From not getting the results they wanted, to severe burns requiring skin grafts, to severe infections and so on... You sign a waiver saying you accept the risks for a reason. I believe I will be fine and hope everyone else out there wishes me the best without criticizing my decision. I'm still very excited about my date! I may stay off of here until I'm a few days post op though because of this.

In Miami

My current situation is sitting in my hotel room, trying to do homework before I go to bed before surgery! I made it to the airport this morning at 4 AM on about 2 hours of sleep, and it was pretty hard to sleep on the plane so I was exhausted all day, but I ran off the fumes of knowing I was having surgery tomorrow. Priscilla and the driver picked me up at the airport, we went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping, and then picked up another girl that was having her surgery today with Dr. Salas. We got to Vanity at about 11:00 AM, and I had to have my preop consult done. I was there from 11 to 3 waiting so needless to say my day was not eventful. I passed time by harassing every new lady that walked in about what surgery they were having lol. They probably were like "Who is this nosy b#@3??!?!" LOL my bad!!! I tried on my garment for tomorrow and they gave me a size 40 in the Vedette 340 garment that they use. It was super easy to get on and I thought it might in fact be too big but she said that I will be so swollen that it should be fine. Then I finally got called back again to speak to Dr. Hasan who was very nice and easy going. He reminded me that I was right on the cusp of being too ineligible for surgery because my bmi is 29 and he wont do surgery on a bmi of 30 or above (mind you they told me that I hold my weight really well and don’t look like I weigh 170, and to absolutely not lose weight). I told him what I want and he told me to remind him tomorrow before surgery. I told him that I didnt bring wish pics because I know he doesnt like them, and he bust out laughing and said that he needs to start reading what we write about him. No one has said anything bad about him, Jessica actually is the one that told me he hates wish pics lol. Anyway, I have my surgery at 6 am, will leave my room at 530 to get there. I'm going to search real self for a perfect pic that describes what I want just so I can have something to show him because I told him that I'm nervous it'll be too big. He said that he will hook me up because he knows what black people have in mind when they say not too big lol. I hope he hooks me up!


I'm also slightly nervous that I haven't been nervous about this procedure yet. I worry about and over think EVERYTHING and I have yet to be nervous or worried about that. Hmmm... Please keep me and everyone else having surgery soon in your prayers! =D


I mean nerves! I hate spelling errors with a passion lol, I wish you could go back and edit... Doesn't make sense that you cant **ahem RealSelf get your website together!** lol Yes I'm salty that I cant spell.

At Vanity...

At Vanity Patiently awaiting my surgery! Praying for the staff and myself. I can't wait to see the new me! I'm thirsty though =/

Alive and well

I'm alive guys!! I will post an update probably tomorrow. Surgery went without a hitch. I'm very happy. Massage tomorrow at 8am. Thanks sooooooooo much for the prayers, I love you all! =D


I still dont feel like writing bc it's gonna be long so I'm posting pics for you guys in the mean time. Photo cred in first two pics are by ThickaThanASnicker she came to visit me yesterday. Such a nice, funny girl!!

My surgery

Ok. I won’t be reviewing much until I get home probably because it is very uncomfortable to type in the position I'm in. Anyway, I got to surgery at about 5:45 am and I was so happy to be the first one. I got marked up and then got the "happy juice" at about 6:36. The anesthesiologist was so nice and funny. All I remember after that was looking up in the sky and then bam, I woke up on the table. I think my surgery only took about 2 1/2 or 3 hours but I was at the clinic until about 3 pm. All I wanted to do was sleep! I was sooooooo cold, ladies its best to bring some fuzzy socks to put on after because my feet were so cold. I used two blankets and a heater and still was cold. I kept having to get up to go to the bathroom and was draining all over the place. My garment was soaked as you can see from the pics above. I kept telling them that I wanted to go home (my room) but they wouldn’t let me since I was still dizzy each time I got up. That’s why I was there for so long after my surgery. Anyway, I get to my room, eat some strawberries, and watch TV and go to sleep. That was about the extent of my day yesterday. I barely had the nurse do anything because I wanted to prepare for when I was on my own. I kept having to use the bathroom and kept getting nauseous after about 5 seconds of standing up. Each time it got better though and I lasted longer. Finally ThickaThanASnicker came to my room and we talked for a while. Another RS lurker (she doesn’t have a profile yet lol) came to visit; I met her while I was at Vanity yesterday. She also couldn’t have her surgery yesterday (Dr. Fisher) because her hemo was too low =/ Ladies make sure to check that before you leave if you can, or at least start taking iron pills because you don’t want that to happen to you. Fast fwd to today, I had my massage at 8 am, and it didn’t HURT, but was very uncomfortable due to me being sooooo tender. I didn’t cry or anything and the lady told me the massage wouldn’t hurt until my next one on Monday (UGH! lol). Towards the end of the massage, I started getting hot and dizzy so we stopped. I almost made it thru the entire thing. I'm basically getting a massage every day until I leave on Wednesday. I should be getting two on Tuesday since I have five total. Once I got back to my room I resumed my TV watching and fruit eating. Pretty boring lol. I haven’t been in pain per se, but just very sore. Mostly my butt is sore today. It’s pretty hard. I’m ready to see it form more shape at the bottom. I’m kinda nervous that it’s gonna stay like this lol. I hope not. I have seen some people’s reviews that were flat at the bottom still and I refuse! I'll probably start thigh strapping as soon as I can so I can get a crease. I also took a mini bath today on my own (my nurse has been gone since 5 this morning) and I just squatted in the tub and washed my personal areas real quick and got out. I’m washing my garment as I write and I have the leonisa garment that I posted on, along with my medium squeem that I already had. I don’t feel like my garment is tight enough. It’s not uncomfortable at all. I mentioned that twice, before my surgery and right when I got out. They said that Dr. Hasan doesn’t like them to be too tight. Idk if that’s true or if they just didn’t want to give me another one. I want to make sure I’m getting enough compression though so I’m gonna wear the squeem on top until I get home and them use my lipo foams in the garment instead. I’m glad my garment isn’t uncomfortable but I feel like it should be so I’m nervous. Anyway, that’s about it! Oh and Dr. Hasan was very nice but straightforward. I didn’t show him any wish pics, just told him what I wanted. I can’t wait to see the final results! He does recommend that you not sit for two months (impossible for most people) and doesn’t even want you using the boppy or foam rollers or anything. I’m gonna try to alternate between my foam roller/yoga mat and standing at work. That boppy sucks imo, I sat on it at Wal-Mart before my surgery and almost bust it! LOL smh! Idk how it’s supposed to support people! And yes I sat on it on my thighs. Ok well TTFN! =D

Day 2

I'm doing much better today. I have to say this recovery is nothing like I imagined. I thought I'd be dying everyday and today I'm walking straight up, and almost not waddling! Two days post! No pain just soreness the whole time. My stomach and back are super sore to the touch though so I'm very nervous for tomorrow's massage =( I'm def not a pain person I'm such a wimp. It's very boring in this room and nothing on TV. I think I'm gonna get dressed and walk around the street for a lil while and test my strength. Any questions just ask! Toodles!

Booty greed??!?

I think I have booty greed already lol. Ugh I don't want this!! And I refuse to redo this crap!! I hope I live my results. I know it's way too early to tell of course but man when u want something so bad it's hard to feel like u didn't get it. But I know Dr. Hasan did a wonderful job. Anything was an improvement on what I had lol. And my butt in garment keeps giving me a wedgie lol does that mean my butt is shrinking?

Mall two days post!

Just walked around the mall for about two hours with ThickaThanASnicker and her hubby. It was cool but after about an hour and a half my back started getting sore then my butt. Was just happy to get outta this jail cell of a room. Now it's nap time.

Vanity's RH

Okay... I feel like the recovery house at Vanity is a joke but it's good at the same time. For the price I paid I feel I was overcharged but buying everything separately might have cost close to the same. So I paid $2000.00 for a garment (too big but they wouldn't give me a smaller one I just bought one today and it fits much better), my meds, lipo foam (haven't gotten yet), my labs (I did my own labs at home) 4 massages, an ab board, a place to stay, and a driver. Now u can buy your own garment online for cheaper than vanity sells them, u can find a masseuse somewhere or have a friend do them (prob better to have a pro do the first few), do ur own labs labeled as a physical if u have insurance (it's prob covered as a yearly preventative), buy your own meds with ur insurance, get lipo foam online (you're gonna need more than the two they give anyway) and if u have a friend they probably have somewhere for u to stay and a car. Otherwise u can go to airbnb (I posted Vivian's info in earlier post she seems nice and no I don't get kickbacks if u use her lol u can choose anyone) and she has a nurse u can buy for $10 an hour (u can search for one yourself or just purchase her for a few hours at a time. U are sleeping so much the first day that it's ok) and u can purchase a driver. The nurse and driver are what might send u over the edge price wise IMO. I don't feel like I got my money's worth because I had the nurse for not even 24 hours but I didn't really use her bc I knew I would be alone shortly after so I tried to do things myself. Yea she helped a little but I was very independent. The driver picked me up from the airport and took me to the grocery store, to vanity and back to the room. That's it. I had my surgery on Friday and Saturday I'm not even sure if I could've called the driver for Anything (didn't speak English anyway) and Sunday vanity is closed so I'm on my own regardless. I just think that I didn't get what I should've since I paid so much but being by myself it does help I guess. It made it easier to pay the money and have then take care of everything (even tho they didn't take care of much) than to just do everything myself plus I had Already paid so it would've taken a while to get my money back. So it's like a catch 22 with the recovery house if ur out of state and have no one. If u are in state I def wouldn't purchase. The tv only has like ten channels and they all play the same movies everyday. It's boring. You'll go crazy lol. Idk if that helps anyone make a decision but I wanted to rant. If it hadn't had been for ThickaThanASnicker I wouldn't have made it today lol. Her and her hubby helped me keep my sanity by taking me to the mall. Excuse the typos I'm on my phone.

Chux are NECESSARY!!

Oh I forgot to say my bed and sheets look like a massacre happened in here! (Ok not really but kinda lol) I tried my hardest to line my bed with chux but man... I drained sooooooooo much the first night it was crazy! Plus I was sore and trying to sleep so I said "F these beds!!" I hope they don't try to charge me lol I'm gonna ball them up tomorrow and change them and hopefully they don't notice. So moral of the story, line everything in chux and old linens, maybe even tape them down bc moving around will move the chux too. Cover the pillows and everything. Don't be like me lol. I only covered half the bed I didn't expect to drain like that.

Days 3 and 4

**Forgive me, this post has swearing in it, but I was very upset. You've been warned lol** Ok so today is day 4, but I will update you on yesterday and today at the same time. Yesterday I had my second massage (ugh It hurt!!) and like I've been saying, my garment was too small so I addressed it with them after. I saw Dr. Hasan for a post op appointment right after, and he said that I had ALOT of fluid buildup in my lower tummy, but he said I looked great. He ended up having to manually drain me with this long ass needle and it was like 12 feet long and it hurt! He poked me three times, one side was pretty numb so I only felt it a little, the next hurt more, and the last one, OMG!!! It huuuuurt! He ended up taking probably 4 ounces out of my stomach. Why? Because my garment was too big!!! I was so upset that I had to go through that when One: I told them several times that it was too big, and Two: I was leaving in two more days and once I get home, then what? Who will fix it then? SMH!! So every time I mentioned that I needed another garment they kept saying, "Do you want to purchase one?" I'm thinking WHO U TALKING TO!?!? Hell to tha nah I don’t want to purchase one! It's your fault I'm in this predicament in the first place! So Kayla (Dr. Hasan's assistant) said she needed to speak to the manager about getting me another garment. Well after I waited for forever and then Claudia came out to speak to me. She basically told me that they gave me the garment in that size because they knew I would be swollen and the fact that I didn’t swell as much as they expected makes me shit outta luck and to go get some lipo foams (which came in my pkg and I hadn’t received yet) and to take it to a tailor when I got home... What? What kind of response is that? I said, I feel like you are blaming me for it being to big even though I addressed it several times! Even right after I came out of surgery I told them it was too big. How would I know that being doped up, unless it was really too big? I asked where y lipo foams were and she said that she needed to double check with Jessica to see if they were in my pkg. I said "I can show you the email of what I had and what I paid for" she said no, she would call Jessica. Mind you their systems were down because there was a power outage so everything took extremely long. The fact that she felt she needed to keep calling and confirming with Jessica before she gave me two lipo foams made me even more livid. They are $7 a piece, WHO CARES if they were in my package or not? Do u really think I need to lie to you about some funky $7 ass lipo foams? Just give them to me!!! But anyway, they WERE in my package and I had proof so what’s the problem? As every second passed my blood was boiling to the point of no return so finally she was able to get in touch with Jessica and she confirmed that I had the lipo foams. She gave them to me and said "Priscilla can show u how to use them" I grabbed them and said "I know how to use them!!" and hastily walked away. I kept my calm the whole time I spoke though, and never was rude, but I couldn’t believe how they were treating me. Like I was just trying to get everything for free. I was waiting at the front door for Priscilla to come get me so I could go back to my room and I guess they called Jessica down there to talk about the situation, but I got tired of waiting and walked back down there to ask Priscilla what the holdup was. Jessica introduced herself (I had no idea it was my coordinator Jessica because I didn’t understand how she would rectify the situation plus, I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get another garment and I was just gonna be mad and write a hateful review of them on RealSelf lol). Well she wanted to talk about the situation by ourselves so we went into another room and I basically explained how I felt I was just being treated like a dollar sign. I stated that I didn’t complain when after I made my last payment (12 days before I was to have surgery) I heard from her only one time, and that was to get my to sign my last receipt. This is AFTER I called and emailed her for four days asking for a final receipt showing I was paid in full. Now you want to call and rush me? I also said how I didn’t complain that the day before my flight I hadn’t spoken to anyone, had no one's personal contact info and had no idea who was going to pick me up from my flight, and when I called Vanity that night to confirm, they told me they were closed (Really??!?!?! The girl put notes in the system and I ended up emailing Priscilla though but still). I also said that I didn’t complain that I barely had a nurse for 12 hours, let alone 24 hours, and that even if I wanted to leave the hotel (which is what the driver was for, right?) I couldn’t because the driver didn’t even speak English and there were limitations to where we could go. I didn’t complain on ANY of that, all I wanted was a garment that fit me properly because I did pay for a service and I paid to be taken care of. Both Vanity and I are in charge of my healing right now and that’s exactly what I expected. I think once I mentioned all of that and brought the fact that once she took my last payment I barely heard from her, she felt some kind of way and that’s when she got on the phone and called someone and I got my smaller garment. Who won? I DID! Thank you very much! I don’t think I asked for much, I just asked for what was rightfully mine. She and Priscilla helped me put the new garment on and Jessica kept making comments like "Do you think it’s going to fit? Are you sure it’s not too tight?" Well it’s smaller so of course it’s going to be harder to put on! But it fits perfectly. She said "Well I know u can’t get the lipo foams on right now because it’s so tight but maybe next week. How about I have both lipo foams on and my ab board and my squeem... Don’t try to make it seem like you gave me what I wanted (a smaller garment) but I didn’t deserve it. Its def not too small, it’s my perfect size and I probably will be able to fit more foams in by the time I get home. Ugh. Anyway so yea that was day three. I ended up with a huge migraine from sleeping on my neck wrong, idk how much longer I can take this stomach crap. I gotta invent some stuff when I get home. Day 4 was uneventful, I had a two-hour massage and it hurt mostly on my sides. My back swelling is going down and with all the compression my stomach went down too at the bottom. I’m hoping to not need to be drained again because idk if I'll be able to see Dr. Hasan before I leave tomorrow. I have no pain, and I haven’t been walking hunchbacked since day 2, I can walk pretty fast now too. Almost feel 100% and starting to get little itchies here and there. I took a shower today too, a full shower and washed my butt lol. I leave tomorrow. Ready, but kinda nervous since I won’t be near Dr. Hasan. Oh and I had booty greed real bad this morning, I feel like my butt is shrinking at a rapid pace but I'm tryna keep my cool lol. I know it’s early but it’s really hard.

Pics 4 days post op

Prayers lifted for RS sister

Pray for ThickaThanASnicker, she's in surgery right now!!! How exciting!!

Home sweet home

I'm home now and I'm so happy! I forgot that my bed was like 100 ft off the floor lol so I kinda had to jump to get in it. It was kinda fun actually. I tried to poop when I got home cuz I had bad gas on the plane lol (tmi sorry) but I got light headed so I took a laxative and now I'm waiting on that to kick in. While I had my garment off I did I mini twerk in the mirror and let me say this is the best decision I've ever made. I know in the last few days I've been up and down about it and I know I'll continue but omg I was soooo flat and fat before!! Now I'm snatched and can't nobody tell me nothing!! (For right now at least lol) I tried on dresses and I have a gap in my back now.. I've NVR had that. I almost cried. I'm so thankful for Dr. Hasan, if u were considering him before and changed your mind, pray and reconsider. Although I hated Vanity I loved him. Wish he had his own practice. Oh and our sis ThickaThanASnicker is doing great! She's alive and well and the driver told her husband that he has a problem on his hands now! Hasan works wonders!! I'm gonna post pics today and then I'll update a lil slower bc my life had started back plus I want us to be able to see the difference each time. =D

Pics and plane ride

Oh and I stood up on some of my plane ride but not much so idk how much of my butt I killed. Oh well I tried =\ I tried massaging the areas that I felt might've touched to bring them back to life lol. Doubt it worked cuz my butt is solid. Solid as a rock!!


Oops had to crop the pics

One week down, Five more to go...

I'm feeling pretty good, not much has changed. Still sore but look the same. I drove to Chick Fil A yesterday which is really close to my house and it was different... I used the half foam roller and a pillow behind my back. Hardest part was getting in and out of the car with my ab board on. I will try to put it on once I get to my destinations if possible. I also went grocery shopping yesterday but my sister drove me. That's it! I do mostly everything by myself, I hate asking for help any way. Can't wait until I'm 6 weeks! I need this thing to drop asap. It's too dang high right now.

Stretch Marks

So, I just noticed that I have new stretch marks on my tummy. I took a shower earlier this morning and they weren't there (or weren't noticeable) and then I put my bio oil and palmers cocoa butter on, and put my garment, foams and squeem back on and went about my day as normal. Well I had to use the bathroom so I took my garment off and bam! I saw the bottom half of my stomach was covered in tiny little stretch marks. They arent black or dark purple, they kind of are just etched into my skin. I have the same kind on my boobs and they are not noticeable at all. I'm still upset about it and will be lathering as much as possible on my stomach to help them out. Plus I'm going to get some firming lotion tomorrow. Hasan told me that I might have a slight spongy stomach like people that have had kids tend to have, because my stomach was so big and because I'm getting close to 30 (ugh) but I dont think I'll have that, just the stretch marks. They are miniscule, I dont even think a picture will show them but 'm still going to work towards getting them off! He basically took all my stomach off so I aint too mad! Down 5 inches! I think the foam is absorbing the oil/lotion I'm using so I might try to use a piece of saran wrap under my foams. Anyway, prepare yourselves ladies if you have the same type of body as me!

Back at work...

This whole no sitting crap...idk how I'm gonna last. My back and neck hurt and everyone keeps wondering why I'm standing. Ugh.

The day 12 work foes...

So I "accidentally" wore a fitted midi dress to work today... WTH was I thinking? Ok I already looked good in the dress before surgery... AFTER... OMG!!! You would've sworn Beyonce or Kim K was in the building! I did NOT like all the attention at all! I'm very modest and kinda shy (sometimes) and then knowing I was trying to hide something made it even worse! I got alot of compliments which made me blush, but then I got a million questions: "OMG did you get a butt lift? (a guy asked me that) I said wth is a butt lift? He said "IDK but that thang is like POW"... ok... Next question: "Dang do you have your thing (waist cincher) on today? Me - Nope, girl I been fine, you just never see it because I dont wear alot of dresses when its cold. Her (sees my butt) "OMG DO YOU HAVE ON BUTT PADS OR SOMETHING? WHERE ALL THAT COME FROM??!??!?!?" Me "Butt pads??!? What I look like?" Her (still staring) "OMG I just never seen you like this, or I've never paid attention" Me "because it was winter and I didn't wear many dresses. Its springtime now" Our friend comes and joins the convo and says "Yea did you get butt pads or butt shots or something?" You are looking so curvy today" Me "It's just the dress"... Dang people are soooo nosy! If I wanted to know if someone had something done, unless we were SUPER close, I wouldn't ask. And if I did, I would ask in the most polite way. Its such a personal decision and its not anyone's damn business what I'm doing with my body/money/life! SMH! And when I said no, STOP ASKING ME! STOP MAKING COMMENTS! Tomorrow I'm wearing a mumu to work! I wont post a pic of the dress because its too obvious and I'm trying to be incognito... I thought I would be ok since all week no one noticed my butt, or at least they didn't say anything so... lol...


Taken on day ten...

Day 16

Just felt like putting on some workout clothes to see what in working with. I think I've had a lol volume loss but in def still happy. This is a roller coaster most definitely but omg it's so worth it! I can't wait to be able to sit down and hang out with my friends and have it not be awkward. I refuse to sit on foam rollers and yoga mats with my friends bc I think it's too weird (they aren't dumb, they won't believe my excuses, I'll jus get the side eye lol) so I'm avoiding them until I'm at least 5 weeks. It's ok bc school is my excuse. Haven't hung out with them much this semester so it sucks but it's ok. I had a mini meltdown yesterday bc of that and this butt makes it worse (not sitting) but it know it'll all be worth it in the end. Anyway, I'm loving my butt in these yoga pants! I may even go walk on the treadmill today (very lightly if so but prob not lol I'm lazy) I do have to start working on my arms quickly tho bc I'm gonna be in a wedding in like a month!! Here are some pics, these made me feel so good. Butt isn't huge but def fits me. Looks like I was born with as a thick black girl. I hope it doesn't go down much more and hope it gets a lil more shapely. I encourage anyone wanting this surgery to get it bc you won't regret it. Wish I would've done this years ago!!!!!

Positive thoughts...

Almost three weeks... I'm counting down the days... By looks I'm noticing volume loss but it still looks natural and much better than what I had before so I can't really complain. I told him I didn't want a huge butt, just one that looks like I was born with it. I'm thinking I should have asked for more lol but I'm still new in the game so we'll see what I end up with. I'm noticing my stomach is a tad uneven at the bottom where I had some fluid manually drained. It doesn't look too noticeable in pics but I'll try to take one later tonight. I don't feel fluid but there still might be some. Maybe a massage will help. If it's uneven lipo I'm not too worried bc I was beyond terrible before so I can't complain. Anything is better than what I was walking around with lol. Tryna stay positive... Anyway here are some work pics today. The skirt is a size small midi skirt from bebe and it's loose on the waist. I have like 6 if these skirts, mostly in a medium so I'll prob have to get them altered. I'm wearing my small ann cherry waist cincher that I had before surgery. I squeezed myself in it before surgery, now it fits like it truly should lol.

Supplies for surgery

Ok so I can't tell you exactly what to bring because this surgery was a totally different experience for me than what I've read on here. Most ppl complained about being in sooooo much spin and basically dying and I on the other hand was fine from day one. Yes I had soreness and slight pain but nothing to even really complain about. I just walked around enough, drank a TON of water and ate fruit. I was good! And I took my pain meds before my massages. I only really got dizzy right after surgery due to the anesthesia. They kept telling me that I was doing extremely well for being right out if surgery. Anyhoo, to prep for surgery I brought: Tylenol, stool softener, band aids, alcohol swabs (idk why they were cheap lol) polysporin or whatever it's called (supposedly better than neosporin), chux size large, laxative pills, probiotics, straws, baby wipes, antibacterial soap, maxi pads, thermometer, and cortisone cream. I think that's it but I can't remember. Oh and four maxi dresses and some more clothes. I used the baby wipes, soap, thermometer, Tylenol, chux, stool softeners, and straws. That's it. I think I bought a lot more but idk. I rarely left my hotel and I washed the dress I drained in so I really only needed two dresses and my personal hygiene products. I let my incisions close on their own without putting anything on it, that generally works for me anyway plus you're taking antibiotics so... That's it! So think hard before you buy a lot of stuff. You know your body and what u may or may not need. I bought the lumbar roll that ppl are posting and wasted $20 bc it's too soft. Oh and I bought lipo foam, I did use that.

Pic of my half pooch

Tried on dresses for the first time and I think I'm coming along nicely! When ppl say the pics don't do it justice they really don't, it looks much bigger in person. Looks perfect for me now. I didn't tell many ppl about this surgery and didn't want to go from looking super flat backed to looking like deelishis... So plz don't think I'm flat backed lol or my doctor didn't do a good job cuz he did!! But here is the pic of my stomach where u can see the pooch on one side.

Three weeks

I'm three weeks today! Yay! I'm gonna try to minimize my sitting until 7 weeks but I have to get my hair done right at my 6 week mark which we all know it can take forever to get a sewin when your beautician is always booked (ugh!!) so I'll be sitting without support then, and then at 7 weeks I have to drive four hours (each way) to go out of town and I'll be sitting all wknd. After that wknd I'm done with the no sitting thing. I don't think one week (until 8 weeks) will make a difference. Anyway I'm doing fine otherwise, still slightly sore/hard on my sides and back has a little fluid so I try to keep it super compressed. I'm on the last hooks of my ann cherry waist cincher (with foams under) idk if it's a size small or xs It's a 32. I also wear between two and four foams with my garment as well. I haven't measured in a few days but I think I'm a 28 in the waist now. I don't want to go any smaller cuz I already feel kinda cartoonish in some tops. I def need a new waredrobe cuz everything is too big in the waist. I'm working on toning my thighs and arms (especially my arms) so my body comes together. I'm not gonna do any weights or squats on my legs until 6 weeks but I'm doing push-ups and dips and lifting weights on my arms starting today. I think I update too much lol so after today I'll probably do weekly updates with pics bc not much changes day by day.

One Month!

This is a long update, but whats new? LOL... So happy to finally be one month post op! Will be even happier when I'm 6 and 8 weeks! Not much has changed. I try to wear my garment/foams/small waist cincher when I'm at home, but I no longer wear it to work. I really need a smaller waist cincher but I dont want to spend money so I'm undecided if I will order another. I ,might just wrap ace bandages on top of what I have to make it tighter. My cycle is one week late because of surgery. I havent had sex yet and I'm trying not to have sex yet either, but I kinda feel like I need to so my cycle can start. I had a kind of similar situation happen a few years ago where I should have started my cycle like a week late, but it didnt come for two months (not surgery related, and I was also not having sex at the time) and finally I went ahead and had sex, and it came literally right after... It's like it was hiding up there, waiting for some force to bring it down. Anyway, my measurements are about the same, I'm a 33-29-44. I think I listed my pre-op measurements wrong previously but I was a 35-36-42. I dont want my waist to get any smaller until the rest of my body gets smaller. I wouldnt mind my stomach being flatter though. My butt is soft, but firm like I've been working out, but not at all like how it was right after surgery. Friday night I lifted weights on with my arms, and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a level 2 with albolene wrapped around my stomach and thighs, and I was sweating alot from that, normally I wouldnt have sweat at all. Proof the albolene works. I got it from Walgreens, CVS sells it too, you dont necessarily have to get it from Amazon. I think I'm gonna officially wait to workout tho until the 23rd when I'm 6 weeks. I will workout my arms four times a week though until then. I cant wait to workout hard though because I need the rest of my body to look like my new stomach and I want to tone my butt even more. I no longer take any meds, I stopped taking bromelain while I was in Miami lol and I stopped arnica after like two weeks. I have itches on my stomach, back, and butt from time to time, and my lower back is still very numb and swollen. I dont think I really swell much at all but I do think I might be in a swollen state right now because my body knows I should be on my cycle. I've had minor cramps for the past week. I'm still happy with my results but I do think he couldve taken out more from my stomach and back and used that fat. And I think he put most of my fat at the top of my butt and not the bottom. During my preop consult he was tryna tell me that I had a butt (#liestoldatconsultations) and that the fat from my back was just hiding it... um NO! smh... I wanted that upside down heart shape but think I got more of a mini shelf because he didnt put enough at the bottom, if at all... Oh and two weeks ago, I was told that I got 2.5 liters taken out, and 725 put in each cheek... I was soooo sad when she told me that, even though the amount doesnt, matter, its about how u look... I was told that I didnt have enough fat and I was upset because I felt that they shouldve told me that before I paid and underwent this whole process. They actually did tell me though but I didnt listen. The other doctor I went to told me the same thing but that I would get a nice amount from what I had. I was very impatient and only had so much money to spend so if I could redo it, I wouldve saved up the money and went elsewhere so I could have gained a little more weight (not hard for me to do lol) and had enough fat for a little bit bigger of a butt... Dont think I'll be willing to spend the money of this again though, I will just pray and see what working out does. As long as it doesnt go down I'm good. I think it looks very natural though and someone comments on it at work EVERY SINGLE DAY... Even on days I think I'm hiding it, someone tells me that I'm not.

One month pics

Playing 30 day dress up lol...

Forgot to say...

Oh, and my stomach is not hard, it never was from day one which is why I think not enough was taken out. But my sides are only a tad bit hard and sore, and my lower back is still sore/numb as I said earlier. I still have a little stiffness in my back when I try to stretch but that goes away after a little while. I usually keep my garment/waist cincher off for a few hours a day (shame I know... oh well...) and the stiffness goes away within that time and I can bend and move freely. I pray this next two weeks/month flies by!

One more thing I forgot to say

Dang I'm still talking??? LOL SMH!! I also forgot to say that I went out in public and sat down (besides work and the grocery store for food) for the first time yesterday. I've been avoiding anything that required me to sit down in front of people because I didnt want to bring my armor to sit down. lol Idk how yall ladies do that! I went to get a pedi and I brought two pillows with me. I felt sooooo crazy! Ppl were staring. I didnt want to bring my yoga mat that I use in the car because I didnt cut it, I just rolled it and folded the end so it could fit in my seat (why waste a yoga mat by cutting it if I dont have to?) and I cant sit on my foam roller for very long because it hurts so I just brought my bed pillows lol. Yea... I aint going NO WHERE until I can sit my ass down like a normal person! I also got my eyebrows done and I refused to bring my pillows in there, I just held myself up by my arms and legs in the chair and my butt was barely touching the seat. The lady was looking at me like "Whats wrong with u?" LOL... My legs were burning like hell, thank God it doesnt take long for eyebrows. Ok, thats it fa real this time! =D

Mo booty mo problems!

It’s been a while so this review will be long, but what’s new? Lol. Wednesday is my two month mark. I started sitting gradually without support at week 6. I had a hair appt that caused me to sit without support for about 6 hours, and then the next week I had to go out of town and drive for four hours so I just sat on a bed pillow during the drive, and I used no support while out of town. It felt kinda weird but it was ok. Since then I really haven’t used much support at work anymore, and I now finally sit and lay on my back and sides fully at home. It’s still weird to lay on my back, but I nvr really liked to do it before the bbl anyway so I avoid it. I get stopped, stares, and comments literally every single day. I haven’t been out too much since surgery but I still get noticed when I run errands. I had on a fitted shirt with some yoga pants on at CVS and this guy stopped me and said “Whatever workout you’re doing, keep it up because it’s definitely working!” I couldn’t do anything but smile lol. This past Friday I was at an event and I had on a dress that was fitted but I didn’t think anything of it, and this guy stopped me and asked if my butt was fake… I said no of course lol. He said he wasn’t trying to be rude but you nvr know nowadays, and that I looked great. I knew I would get the question one day but not like that. In my head I was like “YES!!! MY MONEY WAS WORTH IT!!!” lol. Of course he followed me around the whole rest of the night smh. I wore that red dress in the pics to work one day, and my homeboy told me that this guy asked him if I always had an ass before. He said no, but shes been working out. I was kinda mad that he said no lol but happy that ppl are noticing. I still think my results are very natural, my legs are so big that it fits me very well. When I just think about it I don’t think it’s huge, but sometimes I catch my shape in the mirror and I’m like OMG!!! DAMN! I look super bootylicious! Lol. I stopped working out and I eat terribly lol but I’m gonna try to get back on track. I haven’t measured in a while and probably won’t. I actually feel like it’s gotten bigger. I’m soooooo glad he didn’t go any bigger because it would’ve been too much for me and very obvious. Keep in mind I didn’t tell many ppl, and I plan to use the “I workout” excuse lol. I also saw my bff that I did tell, for the first time a week ago, and she was amazed! She kept tryna touch it lol and told me I was making her feel like a lesbian because it looked so good and wanted to do something strange to me lol (tmi?). This whole experience has taught me that no matter what you look like in the beginning, you can change into something that you’ll love. I was pretty bummed at times initially because I didn’t like how I looked and most of the other reviews I’d read, people came out looking amazing, and looked like they did in months two or three so I was wondering why I hadn’t, but it does truly take time for you to see results, and I know I’ll still change even more in the future. I’m super happy with my results. No they aren’t perfect, but I’m miles away from what I started with and I can honestly say I look good!!! Once I get the rest of me intact, man… It’s gone really be a problem! I have a flat spot on each cheek where the dimples are. Idk if its fat that died, or if I sat too much while I was recovering or what, but it’s not noticeable in clothes, and it’s not noticeable from the back. I already had dimples there before surgery too so idk. My left side had it from week three or so, and my right side had it from week 6 or so, I can’t remember. I still am very happy.


A lot of side profiles I'll try to take a behind pic tonight it's just hard to get a good one by myself. U can kinda see the flat spots on the side underwear pics. Haven't worn my garment in a week (shame) So my back and stomach are swollen. My stomach is actually much flatter than it looks in these pics, plus I'm on my cycle so I'm bloated. Once I get off I'll wear the garment to bed and waist cincher to work again. My xs squeem Is kinda loose on the last hooks and I refuse to buy anything else. I feel so free without that thing lol.

Oh yea,

I lastly forgot to say that I am not in much pain at all, I still am sore on my sides and back but very minimal. I can stretch with only slight discomfort, and when people hug me it only hurts a little. It used to hurt really bad but its subsiding as each week goes by. I'm pretty much back to my old self, and have been for a while. I havent gotten any massages since vanity (which I think those were a waste) and I have never self massaged myself besides putting on lotion. It would hurt to bad and Im not one to put myself in any pain. I may get some deep tissue massages later, but I have felt around and I dont feel much scar tissue and what I do feel is minimal so I think deep tissue massages will break it up. Dont follow my lead though, lol. I just wish my scars would go away then everything would be perfect.

3 months

Well I finally made it to 3 months today! This day didn't even seem possible on day 8 lol. Nothing has really changed. I'm about to truly start working out consistently and eating better to try and shape my body to perfection cuz I still feel like a fatty lol. Haven't worn my garment in at least a month and a half but I'm gonna wear my waist cincher while working out. No massages since I left vanity. No hard spots. Butt feels normal but feels a lil weird in some chairs or if I try to sit directly on the floor or something really hard which I try to avoid. Ive always looked at other girls bodies even before surgery just to see how they looked in comparison to mine and to see if I really had it as bad as I thought I did and now looking I truly realize no one is perfect. Besides at the gym (and even there) I haven't seen anyone with the perfect butt or body besides on Instagram which isn't real life lol so that helps me to relax about my own body, accept the flaws and be grateful for what I have. I still have my "I hate my body" moments (mostly arms and legs and I want a more chiseled stomach) but I'm still very happy and grateful that I don't look like I used to. Cuz good Lord I was a hot mess!! Lol. I think that's all for now.

4 months

Nothing much has changed. My friends refuse to believe that I got this from exercise but oh well lol! Ive been beating ppl off with a stick more than ever lately too. I apologize, I removed several pics that I felt gave me away bc of the background or whatever. Here are a few more. Sorry if they're sideways idk why.

Pics didn't post



This guy that I'm kinda talking to asked me why I work out so hard and I said I want to lose fifteen pounds and he was like "omg why???! Your body is amazing, your waist is crazy small and your hips... Man you have the kind of body that ppl die for, that ppl have surgery for"... I'm like hmmm... I do don't I LOL. If he only knew lol... And he can't keep his hands off my butt. I like the attention and this is the best thing I've ever done for myself in my life, BUT I'm wondering if ppl just like me now bc of my body. I've nvr been the type to show off my body (cuz it was a hot ass mess) and I'm not now either (well just a little lol) but I don't want ppl to just like me bc of that. I got hit on a lot before surgery but now it's like times ten... Idk how to feel about that lol. Mixed emotions I guess. But men are very shallow. But I looked at my old butt the other day and almost threw up lol idk what took me so long to so this!!! Thank God for Dr. Hasan and all others like him!!

6 months

Been MIA for a while but nothing really has changed. I've gained a little weight unfortunately due to school starting back up, plus I've gotten a little comfortable with this guy that I'm talking too so I'm about to start working towards getting that off. I ended up telling my friends about my surgery about a month or two ago. They were hurt but whatever lol they didn't understand that this was more than just a surgery for me, it was a life changer. I do sparingly share my story with ppl that I know feel the same way about their bodies and are truly contemplating surgery because I would have wanted the same before I had my surgery. But I siny spilling the beans to just any one! But anyway I will try to post pics as I workout and lose this weight. My arms and stuff are just toooo big they make me look like a sumo wrestler! Hopefully I can do it, My track record for losing weight is non existent. Here are pics, a couple are ones that I uploaded and took off but I'll post them again. =D


9 months

Nothing new and exciting has been happening. I'm a year older now and it's been 9 months and I still love my results. I plan on going back to Miami this year on vacation so it'll be fun to go to the beach and show of my body at the place that started it all. I'm working out and eating right (well trying) and hope to lose about twenty to thirty pounds before my trip. So about three months. I hope I can do it lol. And hope I don't lose much of my butt.
Miami Physician

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