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I have been emailing her for the past 5 months and...

I have been emailing her for the past 5 months and the only response I've gotten was to send over my stats and photos. I sent them several times and I really want to get my BBL done by her by this summer. But I still haven't gotten a quote. I'm not extremely thin but I do have fat she can use. I just wish she'd let me know if I'm a good candidate or not! I'm 5'4 145 lbs with an okay figure but unwanted fat in my upper back, love handles . I need to have this done by the summer and if she doesn't respond, (as much as I don't want to because I love her work), I'm going to have to start looking at other doctors!
Is there anybody else that has a similar issue as me?

Finally heard from Yily after Booking with cabral! Now don't know which to go for! Help!

I booked my sx date with cabral for May 30 . He have me a Quote of 3500 which includes lipo of full back and stomach. If I want to include arms it's an extra 300. Originally I wanted yily and I loved her work but after waiting for her response for so long I started seeking out other docs and cabral had some good work too despite some negatives I heard from a few yrs ago. Yily has some negative reviews as well but I am leaning toward cabral more because of price. Anyways yily finally got back to me yesterday ... with a quote of 5500! It covers lipo of full back, stomach, arms, chin, and inner thighs! I am confused now because I'm not sure if having lipo on my chin and arms is necessary (I'm really just scared it would leave markings on my chin and arms. I'm hiding this from my family ( who I live with) and I don't want them to notice I had surgery on my chin and arms too! But now that it's been pointed out, I wouldn't mind having a more chiseled jawline and smaller arms)I just want to have the petite frame with a plump booty and nice hips! I already have a nice shape I just want it more enhanced and my trouble areas never seem to go no matter how much exercise! Also I feel like I might not get the projected results I want if I only take fat from my stomach and back.
Another issue is that I need to have this surgery done in June. I have a feeling that yily might be booked in June.
Should I stick with cabrals basic quote of 3500 for bbl with lipo on back and stomach ? Or Should I do cabral and add my inner thighs arms and chin like yily offered but with her quote of 5500?
Please help me out here ladies!
Also if there's anyone who's had lipo on their chin and arms, how was your recovery process for those areas?

More pics before surgery

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Booked my sx for June 5 with CABRAL! Any ladies going on June 5 as well?

Finally getting everything together. So far have 5000 saved so all i have to do now is save an extra 1 or 2 thousand to be good.
he quoted me 3500 for regular BBL and 4200 if i want to add lipo on my arms and inner thighs. im going to be staying in the recovery house from june 5-june 16. hopefully god willing everything works out okay! im doing this behind my familys back, they dont even know im going crAZY looking for my birth certificate so i can get a passport and leave the country!
im so excited but so nervous at the same time! i've always wanted to do this since i was in highschool and now its finally coming together..
i just dont have the guts to ask my mom for my birth certificate , i feel like she'd be suspcicious!
but im gonna have to get them today, because my surgery is 6 weeks away and routine passport arrival takes 4-6 weeks!
im prbably gonna bullshit and say i need it for school or something..

Home from surgery trip, 2 weeks post

So i am finally back home from DR. i ended up staying for 2 weeks at Raysas recovery house. Let me first say that Raysa is such a sweetheart and if anybody is having trouble deciding on a recovery house... she is the one you need to book your stay with! i was so scared about having a bad experience with my recovery bc i was reading some horrible stories about girls having regret the recovery house they chose. but she and the nurses there made it so comfortable. the house is beautiful and there was balcony in the room i had with 2 other girls. (you dont want to be by yourself in your recovery trust you need the support) there was cable,ac, wifi, 3 meals a day, nurses on shift who were so kind and patient. they actually spoon feed you on the first 2 days because you are too weak to feed yourself.
june 5 was the day of my surgery. oh and you might be awake during yr surgry bc i was practically awake through the whole thing, but i didnt really feel any pain. i guess it was me being so anxious about getting operated on that the blue pill didnt work for me. it does for other girls it just depends how your body handles it i guess. i left cipla the next morning. and they are usually supposed to put your faja on before you leave. but apparently i had to wait two weeks since i had a "burn/irritation" and it would heal faster without the faja hugging on it. i still dont know if its a burn because everybody was telling me different things. of coarse cabral didnt say it was a "burn" but that it would go away with putting purpura cream on 3x a day. all i care about is that it GOES AWAY. its gotten smaller but its' still UGLY & BLACK.. i heard of burns prior to coming to dr and stories of certified doctors in cipla and even in the U.S who have burned patients. i knew that it was a risk but i was just praying that it wouldnt happen to me. so i just want you girls to be aware. and pray that it goes away ! :(
aside from that, i love my shape. i was told by the nurse to put the faja on wednesday, my 13th day. Luckily my body did not get crazy swollen from not wearing a faja the first 2 weeks after surgery. and my skin has been healing pretty good. i did not have bad bruising and i believe its because i was taking arnica tablets 3 days before surgery, and everyday after. but i do have some swelling of the bottom of my stomach. and i have some lumps on my stomach that i think is due to me not wearing my faja until 2 days ago. you need to have lipofoam to wear under your faja so that it doesn't mark your body also. you can buy them on amazon and i would say you need about 4 max. i brought 6 and that was too many. i started getting massages the sixth day and my god did they hurt! dont think its going to be a relaxing massage because its far from it! but after they drain you, you feel better. i got a 6 massage package at the spa in cipla for 160. and then paid 30 the next day for my last massage before i left. ana and joylista are awesome. they drain you really good and they helped alot with my swelling.
in summary my recovery hasn't been HELL. i wasn't in UNBEARABLE pain. just uncomfortable very unconfortable. it was hard to move around the first few days but each day got better. also i strongly suggest that you stay as long as you can in the country. 2 weeks is a good time. you dont want to have to be so uncomfortable for your plane ride. my plane ride wasn't that bad. i had my pillow under and took benadryll... just fell asleep. i feel like i shouldve stayed a little longer though because i wouldve liked cabral to see the progress of my burn, and just in general to make sure everything is healing properly. hes not quick to answer on whatapp, it gets me frustrated. also massages are way cheaper there and the massage girls know definatley know what to do.

i tried to be as healthy as i could before i had surgery. i had a 14.3 hemo level and i was taking all of my vitamins, iron, folic acid 400 mg plus 400mg of folic acid in the b complex vitamin, i was drinking my beet juice religiously everyday a month prior. there are some really good recipes online and it actually taste good if you throw in fruits.
i just wish that my my lumps and swelling go down soon! doctors said its normal for the first few weeks but ughh, im so impatient i just want to be healed already! and of coarse for my burn to be gone !


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