Bbl In Medellin,Colombia

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Hello So first off wanted to let you guys know I...


So first off wanted to let you guys know I have been reading so many peoples experiences on this website. I love this website so I decided to create a profile for myself to share my story with you guys. I know others need support and i do too. I am traveling to Medellin,Colombia to doctor Hector Garcia in TEN DAYS. The clinic name is clinica Isis. I found this clinic through one of my friend that had a lipo done here. She recommended me there and told me to contact them that's it was one of the best clinic in Medellin.

So I have been wanting this surgery for the longest time. I have done my research and I knew I wanted to go to Colombia I just didn't know where. I was talking to many doctors in Cali and In Medellin. After emailing a bunch of doctors I decided to go to clinica Isis. One because I felt comfortable with someone that recommended me there and two because my best friend has family over there and they said it was an amazing clinic for plastic surgery. I was emailing some doctors and some weren't getting back to me others seem bothered when I called because I was asking many question bc I was calling from the US. I didn't feel comfortable until I called clinica Isis ask for help and doctor hector gracias secretary helped me throughout the whole process. She asked for my cellphone number and was talking to me through what's app. She asked me to send her pictures and please stay in contact with her for any questions. I did :) I asked her everything I wanted to know prices recovery medicine corsets and Etc. She was super nice and super helpful she was the one that made me say yes !!!! She made me feel so comfortable. She spoke to me about my procedure and a recovery house to stay. I am traveling April 17 with my friend and we are staying for 19 days. I am getting a bbl which is also known as lipoinyecion glĂștea and my friend is getting a tummy tuck with bbl. we are traveling to the same doctor and staying in a recovery house there.

Spoke to Janeth

Spoke to Janeth today she is the one that has been guiding me throughout the whole process and the one that is in charge of the recovery house. So basically what I got offered is recovery house including meal and house stay . My surgery has massages included in the surgery ...she found me my meds at a reasonable price. The fajas and supplies I'll get over there bc it's cheaper there. Janeth is basically creating like a package for me because that is her job to help girls like us that want plastic surgery and are traveling to another country and she basically just makes you feel
Comfortable and sweet ! I am so excited for my surgery

Got my blood wrk back great results I bought iron pills though and I am taking one a day.

8 days more till I get to Colombia

Already here :)

Hey I am already in Medellin I came with a. Friend of mine. We arrived at the recovery house it's so nice and the people here are so nice :) me and my friend get operated on Tuesday ...and Monday we are doing blood and lab work.

Surgery day

Hello :) I have my surgery today at 1030 am it's three hours away. I'm so nervous my feelings are all over the place. But I am so happy because this is what I wanted. Yesterday I had my lab work and blood work done and a cardiac test and they all are back with great results. My operation is 3.5 hours long. I cannot wait to post the before and after pics. God bless you all and happy healing :)
Hector Garcia

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