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I am considering having a BBL and decided to have...

I am considering having a BBL and decided to have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson. After reviewing his website, video links and patient photos I felt that he would give me the results I want. I want a very curvy voluptious booty! Definitely not looking for a modest or conservative change.

When I first called for a consultation appointment, summer 2013, I was told that I would have to wait until mid 2014 for an in-person consultation and that he did not have a surgery opening until Spring 2015. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to have the surgery early 2014. I was so impressed with his patients' results that I figured it was worth the wait. Coincidentally a couple of months later I found out that I was going to be in the Atlanta area at the beginning of November 2013 for a work event. I called Dr. Jimerson's office in early October 2013 and crossed my fingers hoping they could see me while I was going to be in town. I thought that it was a bit odd that the person who answered the phone told me that they could definitely see me in November for a consultation and that a surgery opening could be worked out for early 2014. Very different information from what I was told in my first call. I rolled with it and set up my consultation appointment.

I ended up having to wait about 45 minutes past my appointment time to be called into the consultation room, no biggie except that my sister and I had flights to catch in the afternoon. We were first seen by Michelle, she gave me a lot of information. There were a few things that Michelle informed me of that did not make sense to me . For example, I was told ahead of time even before Dr. Jimerson walked into the room that I would probably need to have the BBL performed twice because he may not be able to fit all of the fat in one surgery. She also shared the name of a well-known Atlanta celeb that had the BBL procedure done by Dr. Jimerson...hello HIPAA? I remember not knowing who she was talking about so it didn't do much for me.

Overall my consultation appointment with Dr. Jimerson went well. He was very nice and answered all of my questions. His overall vibe put me at ease and I felt comfortable speaking to him. His office staff seems a bit unorganized. I ended up having to wait a long time in between the time that I checked in and walking out of the door.There was a lot going on in their office that morning and I wouldn't say it was a 'stress-free' or relaxing office setting.

I was verbally quoted $12,000 for the lipo and fat transfer to the butt and hips. This included lipo on my lower back, abdomen and bra-strap area, $500 to secure a date.

4 consultation appts in one week (Pazmiño, Salzhauer, Salama and Mendieta)

Hi dolls! I booked a flight to Miami in March 2014 and set up 4 in-person BBL consultation appointments.

My first consultation was with Dr. Pazmiño. Pros: great listener, described the process in great detail and his portfolio had gorgeous lipo-sketching work. Cons: no malpractice insurance (at the time of my consultation, surgery would take place at a medical center/hospital not owned or directed by Dr. Pazmiño and his front desk receptionist is extremely rude and unprofessional. I asked the surgical consultant, Cathy Maruri, for photo samples of Pazmiño patients with BBLs with curves and projection. I was not satisfied with the BBL end-result photos shown in his portfolio. They were not what I would like to achieve. My quote: BBL $5,500, facility/anesthesia fee $2,900, garment fee $ 225 for a quote total of $8,625.

My second consultation appointment was with Dr. Salzhauer. Pros: he takes consultations until late in the day, his office staff is very friendly, he has malpractice insurance, he operates in his own surgical center and at the end of the consultation you are given a nice hard-bound book with instructions, Q&A's and Do's and Don'ts. Cons: I felt a bit rushed, did not see photos in his portfolio that matched what I want to achieve and he did not seem too interested in my description of what I wanted to walk out of the surgery with. Quote: BBL $7,895 (includes lipo to abdomen, lower back, upper back and flanks. Fat transfer to hips would be an additional $1,000.

My third consultation appointment was scheduled with Dr. Salama. For some odd reason I could not sleep the night before my appointment was scheduled. Like many others I was surfing in the middle of the night and ran into community member 150mmlover. I read all of her reviews and looked at all of her photos, my jaw dropped. I cannot believe her horrible experience. Needless to say, I called Dr. Salama's appointment and cancelled.

My fourth consultation was with Dr. Mendieta. Pros: nice office, has his own surgical facility, office staff is friendly and coordinator Angel was very informative and friendly. Her body language changed a bit when I asked if Dr. Mendieta was covered by malpractice insurance. She mentioned that yes he was now covered by malpractice insurance again. I made a mental note of this and figured I would research further. Dr. Mendieta showed me a photo rendering on the spot of what I would look like with a cinched waist and a larger buttocks. Of course I liked what I saw. I was not yet fully convinced that 6+ months post-of I would be happy with the projection of my butt. Coincidentally I met two of Dr. Mendieta's patients while sitting in the waiting room. They both looked great and only had nice things to say about Dr. Mendieta. I did some further research and found the following: Note the patient had undergone extensive cosmetic and reconstructive procedures prior to seeing Dr. Mendieta. The patient sought out several doctors to remove the hardened tissue from her buttocks. However, she could not find a doctor to perform the procedure because “everyone feared the risks and complications." Dr. Mendieta ended up performing surgery on the patient although numerous doctors rejected the risk.

Dr. Mendieta quote

Failed to mention in my previous posting that I was quoted $9,850 for liposuction (4 liters) and fat grafting to buttock. The $100 consultation fee would be applied to the procedure cost. Angel mentioned that if you were paying with someone else's credit card-cardholder name different that patient name (let's say boyfriend, husband, Godmother, relative, etc.) the person had to be present the day of payment. This might be an inconvenience for out of town patients.

Two weeks until my BBL!

Hi dolls! I've been on Dr. Jimerson's fast track list since May/June of this year. I received a call from his office a few weeks ago and I am now about two weeks away from my BBL surgery date! I've completed my medical clearance and have purchased most of my medical supplies. When I visited Dr. Jimerson in November 2013 I weight 145lbs, I now weight 181lbs (i'm 5'5"). I've made it my goal to gain plenty of weight so that he would have enough fat! The weight gain has affected me in regards to not feeling comfortable physically. I have been wearing nothing but maxi dresses to run errands and to work. I cannot wait to get this weight off!!

Scar treatment recommendations?

Hi! Can you all recommend anything for scars?

Less than 24 hours away from BBL!

Hi dolls! I've landed and have checked into my hotel. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express. It's not a bad hotel and the area is nice. Breakfast is included in the room rate and there is coffee available all day. My mom has traveled with me to take care of me. We went into Dr. Jimerson's office this morning for my pre-op. You must have patience during the office visits and not expect to be seen at your appointment time. Dr. Jimerson has relocated into a new office since my November 2013 visit, it is very nice! After my pre-op appointment I picked up my prescriptions and went to a nearby grocery store to purchase the rest of the items I will need during my stay. I spent $96 for my prescriptions using my health insurance and a female urinal at the Health Mart Pharmacy which is near Dr. Jimerson's office.
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