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I just paid my deposit and secured my surgery date...

I just paid my deposit and secured my surgery date for June 23, 2014. Looking at staying at the Daisy recovery house. I decided to go with Dr. Medina since she only does 2 patients a day and she replies extreemly quick. I received the same quote from Dr. Yily but it took over a month to respond. If anyone is going close to my date please message me!

Surgery moved up to April 2nd

Ok, so Dr. Medina had an opening on April 2nd so I took it, so excited! She is setting me up with a rocovery house since I didn't get a response from Daisy house on FB. Dr. Medina is great, always responds within the hour to my emails.

Surgery tomorrow April 2

Getting excited can't wait to meet Dr. Medina and discuss the new me!

Pic of room at hospital

So first got a chest X-ray and blood work they are very trusting as they didn't ask me to pay for some time later. Anyway no one speaks English but you just follow them. I took a pic of the what I assume will be the recovery room

mae it through surgery

ok, first night was a little rough. They keep comn=ng in every 20 minutes and you can't really get any rest until after 10pm when they give you a sleeping pill and some pain meds. Then a nurse or if you have someone with you sleeps on the couch next to you. Anyway, first massage starts today the I am off to the recovery house. My doctor told me she picked Spa Jacqueiine becasue she have visited all of them and it is the nicest. I will take it from her. The IV they leave in all night from the surgery killing me and they leave in the cathiter too so you will not have any reason to get up the first night!


Dr. Medina took before pics and as soon as she takes the after ones I will post them. Turns out I had a hurnia so glad I had the TT so it could be removed!

Made it to Spa Jacqueline

Girls let me tell you breakfast at the hospital consist of only crackers 1 piece of ham and cheese with coffee. After not eating the entire day of surgery don't get me wrong they did bring dinner but you think you want it but won't be able to eat. Anyway finally got a great lunch! There are many other patients here but everyone stays on their room I want to go socialize but don't want to barge in on anyone! There are people staying here with there with their significant other btw

Pics of Spa Jacqueline

There is another bed but I asked for a private room kinda wished I wouldn't of now would be nice to be able to share experiences with someone, we'll off to explore!

recovery house

So after 2 days here, I am going to be checking out to a hotel and I am not alone. Don't get me wrong it is fine its just the ONLY benifit is the 3 free meals and they are good. But I would rather stay in a nicer hotel with a better bed. Most of these places are in neighborhoods that are not safe and I couldn't even walk down the street at noon to the store, they said it was too dangerous! Really, I want to be able to walk around the hotel at least and these recovery houses are just homes where they rent rooms out. The only thing they do is bring you water and I can get that ata hotel with a nice comfie bed! The girls here are all nice and we compare notes on our recovery but everyone stays in their rooms. So my massage therapist who comes to me unlike some of the others here will come to my new hotel, so off I go on Sunday!

Last night in DR

Getting my last massage tomorrow then see Dr. Medina to take the after pics and removal of my drainage tube. Can't wait to get rid of this thing so annoying! Still walking slightly bent over so hoping tomorrow is ok so I don't look crazy at the airport. My overall experience has been good and I love how my massage therapist Anna comes to me. Unlike others. Dr. Medina has emailed me every day to check on me and I think that is great! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She only does 2 patients a day and only surgery 3x per week. Also, her husband is a general MD so she called him when she discovered I had a hernia that had to be removed while I was cut open during my TT. Not sure if any other doctor would have done that, probably just stitched me up and not even told me. I asked her to take her time on my sutures and she did, I am sure my scar will heal great and since I am from Florida it is important because we were bathing suits so often! Really glad I added on my arms, makes a huge difference and for only $300 it is so worth it. I no longer feel like I have to buy clothes that hide my arms. She only put 400cc's in my butt and I think it looks great as I only wanted some protrusion didn't need anymore in the hips. Still have a lot of swelling around my waist and I am sure once it goes down the contrast will look even better.
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