Big Booty Madness- LOL

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Made appointments - with 2 NJ doctors next week....

Made appointments - with 2 NJ doctors next week. can't wait - one of them will be my doctor. need to make sure i ask all the right questions to properly evaluate... suggestions

So far my question lits is:
should i be taking iron oills in advance? - how many months in advance?
how many cc's needed for the look i want
i want contouring of waist, can it be done
what size can you get my waist too?
what is it called - projection vs. fullness?
healing time how long?
how many days is a drain left on?
what types of garments to wear after ?
how to sleep?
how long will results last?
will i need a touch up in years to come?
how many follow up visits?
what complications can occur?
has anyone ever came back and said their butt disolved?
should i loose weight first?
slow fe - iron pills - ar ethey good?
do you inject all fat in at one time?
how many areas can you pull fat from?
I want hourglass figure - can you do that?

Had my 2 consults w/ NJ Dr. READ my reviews - I chose Dr. Metha in New Brunswick, NJ

So, i did my first consult on Monday with Dr. Shain Cuber (Edison, NJ). First of all the office feels more like a lawyer’s office than a doctor’s office... It’s kind of minor but it was just not a warm inviting feeling in the way the office is set up. The receptionist were indifferent - not mean or anything they just tell you to fill out papers and sit down and wait. I mean that’s what their supposed to do but you can tell they just keeping things running/ churning... Then they send a consultant to meet with you, she was also indifferent, she explained some things but it seemed like she was a buffer -- just talking with you until the dr was free to meet. The office was busy. That was good to see they were a real office with patients. But again it just felt like they were just paper pushers, people were just files - nothing and no one was personable. Then the dr finally comes in. I had about an hour wait until I actually met with him. but the time flew i guess cause i was so excited :) i was surprised to notice an hour had actually passed. Anyways, he was so stiff! i had read a review on realself that he had no personality. That reviewer was 100% right. If i was not right in front of him i would have thought he was reading from a book. He was monotone in speech and spoke as if he had rehearsed what was on his website. He told me that i came to the right place and that he gets good results - he said this like 3 times. i was thinking wow he has nothing else to say. Like that’s his typical rehearsed line. i went in with my questions... he answered them, as he explained he opened up just a little BUT only a little. He was like a robot nerd. I'm sure he knows what he was doing but he needs personality BIG TIME. After he finished his spiel - the consultant lady came back in and she wrote up the quote and said if i had any questions or want to schedule to call her. So i left the office w/ my info and a quote for $7191 for BBL, with lipo from abdomen, waist, flanks and back. I left there feeling like damn I hope tomorrows consult is way better than these guys. I felt he prob could do the job - but i was not feeling his lack of personality or his staff's in differentness. There was nothing special about that Dr. or the office - no connection. It’s hard to explain - but it’s the difference in how a doctor’s office feels compared to a clinic type of place feels.

The next day - I went to Dr Metha's office in NewBrunswick, NJ
it was completely night and day. The office felt like a doctor’s office and was set up like a dr office. The receptionist came out with a smile on her face, shook my hand - she was inviting and made me comfortable right away. These small things made a big difference for me. I never paid this much attention to details like this until ;) , the other guy was like literally talking to a robot! no lie! Anyways the consult went good we went over options, etc... he negotiated pricing with me which was super - in the end his price was 2g's less than the robot's prices! Very happy about that!!! I can’t even see price negoation with the other dr office. They did not give the vibe that negation was an even an option. Anyways after meeting with the doctor - i met back with his assistant/receptionist - she was SO NICE! it was like talking to one of my best friends - her personality was very down to earth and just overall cool! she sealed the deal for me. Actually i knew as soon as i went in - that this would be the place for me. To top if off - the dr has great credentials, check his website. The receptionist was his patient 11 yrs ago and the nurse on staff who was also very cool had just had a BBL last Friday! So they all had me sold. They made me feel super comfortable. I would highly recommend them. Personality has so much to do with making this experience comfortable. Also the office is located a block away from 2 hospitals that the doctor is affiliated with. It felt so right all the way around. I let a $400 deposit and have my appointment set for May 2nd! I'm super excited! His staffed gassed me all up. Fingers crossed I'm still this excited after all is said and done. But I have a good feeling about them. This dr. was referred to me by a friend's friend who had work done and she was extremely happy.
His website is:
He specializes in weight loss and added on body sculpting, BBL, etc... to round out his practice and offer solutions to people who needed help with stuff other than losing 100,200+ pounds. He seems like the real deal. He was not familiar with realself, he says his practice flourishes from word of mouth and he’s been in the area so long that he’s just known. He showed me his schedule in his phone, says he does about 5-6 BBL’s per week in his surgery room on site. He does gastric bypass types of surgery at the hospital. My countdown begins. Pray for me.

Not telling boyfriend about BBL, just coming home brand new - gotta do me

hi, i'm 40 going in for BBL and lipo on May 2nd. can't really tell my boyfriend b/c he is so negative and scarred of surgery. I'll just be coming home "all brand new". i hate doing it like this but i dont want to hear his mouth. he'll be happy with results BUT will put me through hell up until the day.... teh last thing i need is negativity when its aready a nerve wracking just thinking about it all and how it wil turn out, etc... its gonna be crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i gotta do me

Post Pics & wish pics

The flatness, sponge bob shape.....

wish pics

pics i like

I now weigh 178 - I've lost 21lbs... preparing for my new bod and BOOTAY :)

My ultimate weight is somewher btwn 150 - 160. I had been about 173 for a few years and was always trying to loose weight, then I hit an alltime high weight of 199lbs from stressing, etc..., now I'm down at 178. Still more to go... i'm getting my BBL and lipo soon. I hope as I continue to loose weight I dont loose it from my new butt....
I lost the weight doing a 20 day full body cleanse -
Also, after I did a 3 day juice cleanse from

Getting my ish blood wk done today + make me heal pills came in yesterday

Getting my ish blood wk done today + make me heal pills came in yesterday. My count down is really close.... this is crazy

what kind of cream should be rubbed on booty and stomach post op - Liop & BBL?

reading through the site you see so lots of creams and oils mentioned, i know some are topical for pain and some to help heal scars. looks like most people get a mix of lipo, TT and BBL. I'm getting lipo and BBL - i need to know what creams are good for the butt to help with healing. and is the scarring only with TT - or with lipo and BBL??? suggestions welcomed - thanks

Trying to loose 10 lbs by surgery date - 2 wks! after surgery i still want to loose around 20lbs

So far i've lost 21 lbs still trying to loose another 10 lbs by my surgery date! And after surgery i still want to loose around 20lbs - i bought to help with things....
i want all my results to b dramatic... weight loss and butt.... i just hope the butt does not go down as i'm still losing weight. may also try in future... anyways - i'm so anxious thinking about all of this. thinking if i should push my date back to loose my weight first etc.... but i reall just wanna go for it now and stay on schedule - and do things right at the beginnig on the summer so i can get it all over with and hit my 6 week early june - all floss in my new bod all summer :)

You do loose weigt automaccly from the surgery right? does anyone know how many pounds you loose on average from lipo- or is it minimal since the fat is being reinjected to the booty?

More ish... i'm getting together - Got my antibiotic percsription filled

Still getting my ish together.... got my antibiotic percsription filled, plus discovered a bunch of garments I already own that are perfect for this. I used to sell ardyss body magic garments so I have a bunch of left over inventory. I'll post pictures later... I have new garments that can be sold. If i can get that stuff together I'll post pics and offer at super cheap price; the stuff has just been sitting around in bags... might as well go to good use.

Spoke to my doctors team last week with a bunch of questions....
they initially gave me pre surgery info/ papers on what to do and what not to do. so i'm thinking ... damn thay have not told me anything about what to do or not to do for after the proceedure. i call them up and the girl is telling me stuff, i'm asking about healing time, lipo boards, satge 1, stage 2 garments etc... - and she like well we give you a paper for post care, etc... i'm like well when you gonna give it to me? People need that info upfront so they can prepare and buy stuff, etc... not after surgery. i'm trying to prepare and she talking bout she gonna give me post instructions later - like i'm a be running around after surgery getting stuff. she pissed me off a bit... but i did feel better that they at least have info to give and know the process etc... cause i was starting to think like - why they not telling me certain stuff and wondering do they know all teh in's and out's, etc... I'm confident in them still but my mind was wondering for a minute when i started thinking about all teh stuff i need and am basically finding out about on my own by reading, etc... - like they give you a garment teh lipo board etc... so thats important info b/c i was about to buy lipo boards, etc... and other stuff. so thats a lesson -get a full understaning of what you get with your proceedure in terms of supplies etc... aks for aftercare instructions upfront so you know what they recommend. - ask if they have instructions, etc... in writing . at least you can then review papers cause this is too much to keep up with - i'm trying to be somewhat organized about my booty's business :)

Garments I alreday had...

Hope these garments come in handy, may not have to buy any new ones . I used to sell garments I have these from left over inventory. If anyone knows if these look appropriate - please let me know. Going to ask dr too on Friday...

Not sleeping... thinking about my new butt 24/7

I'm going to be drained - barely getting any sleep thinking about this proceedure. Hopefully i'll sleep through all the pain. i drop hints to my bf that i'm getting something done - but he's still negative. i guess he would never think i would do something like this w/o telling him. inmy mind - i've told him - his attitude just adds another layer of stress that i don't need right now. this is gonna be so crazy..............

first i wanted just a nice sensible booty - now i'm thinking... should i go all out??? - LOL

first i wanted just a nice sensible booty - now i'm thinking... should i go all out??? - LOL
i have a corporate job, am very professional etc... i just want to get my shape back and get the booty i never had - but initially i just wanted to "fill out" and not get a donkey butt. Like I think butts like Nikki Minage, Tahiry, etc... are WAY too big. I just wanted a sensible nice butt. BUT...........Now that my date is moving closer - i'm thinking should i get all i can get - still not a dokey butt - but just bigger than what i intially had in my head. cause i still want to loose weight - and i'm on a roll w/ my weight loss. I'm so focused right now ya'll !!! but i'm thinking if i get all the butt i can - when i loose a few more pounds it will all work out right... IDK - then again i'm thinking maybe i should still get a conservative but plump booty and if it all goes well and i need more I'll just go for round 2 later. decisions, decisions... i dont wanna look crazy out here u know. ahhhhhhhhhhh stressing

tomorrow i'm going to a medical supply store to see what i can pick up + plus paying for SX

tomorrow i'm going to a medical supply store to see what i can pick up in person instead of buying stuff online and paying shipping etc.... i'll definetly be buying chucks and the female urinal from them. going to get a clear answer fr dr. on what else he suggests i get - though i have my own list already. also, going to see dr tomorrow to pay for my sx. got my cashiers check today - this is real - that money is drawn from my acct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its on now. my bf would be like u paying how much for what???? but this is my hard earned money and im doing something for me. a new start... if this turns out how i hope it will - lets just say its ON :)

This time next friday I'll be BOOTAYFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My appt is next friday at 8am, gotta be there at 7am. so this morning i got up and came in to work early. My BF was like where u going - whats going on???? he all inquisitive about things. I'm like i do get up early sometimes dang! he like... now you know you usually get up like 8:45 to jump in shower the dash off to wk - supossed to be there at 9 - HEHE :) So this week i'm have to switch up my routine a bit cause he all over my routine morning schedule. he is being so nice too! We in lovey dovey mode.. well kinda... i feel bad being sneaky about this. i just need to come home right and it will all work out. - thats what i'm telling myself. i was thinnking if i should write him a letter explaining what i did and why i didnt tell him and how he needs to change his negative attitude about things, etc.... Then when i'm on the way home I would call him and tell him where i left the letter for him. OR - should i just not say anything and just come home like "Look at the new me baby" :)

My mom will be with me for the 1st 2 days so he won't act up too much with her there. now i'm thinking will he think she should have told him??? IDK!!!!!!!!!!!! this is crazy.

On the way to DR office to drop off this cashiers check...

this is all surreal at this point. once that cash is paid - it feels like no turning back.- not that i would... but i'm just saying... can't throw that many g's away. bout to head to dr's now. - found these new wish pics. i really want a tiny waist!!! oh god can't wait for this to be over. once this journey is started - i will stay motivated to keep going further - thats what i feel.

Paid that cash today, had another consult w/ my Dr., got aftercare instructions

Paid that cash today, had another consult w/ my Dr. he is so casual - they gave me aftercare instructions (attached). all the long list of stuff I see on here they don't seem concerned about. but i still think its good to be prepared. perhaps the lists are all so long since most people are traveling out of the country, etc... anyways, they stll make me feel super comfortable and confident. I'm ready. I asked questions... and of course i forgot some questions - i'll get a chance to design the butt in the pre consult right before surgery - when they mark the butt up, etc...

fyi -all his prices are based on a persons bmi. EX: for a bmi of 30 - his TT's are done in the hospital and would be 8K and change. if an overnight hospital stay is needed it would be an additional $900.
I got this info for a friend who is going on a consult next week. I'm only getting lipo and BBL not TT.

Now i'm truly just counting down....

Keeping a positive state of mind during this time

i have 2 jobs - one working w/ the public - and i have someone who has been aggravating me so much over the last couple of days. I have to chill cause now I’m starting to have a nasty attitude cause I’m sick of the BS. Gotta disconnect from the BS asap. Trying to stay positive and have a positive attitude. I wanna have a clear head going into next week. I will have to disconnect fr wk and other peoples problems for a minute. I swear u can get sucked up in others sh*t so quick…. Anyways. Gotta focus on my new me and all things positive and happy. Woohsaaaa

got my arnica and bromalein today

got my arnica and bromalein today.. now how do i take these things??????????

countdown is super close

My work is stressing me so much its taken my mind off of this, I feel so constipated though. That can't be good - gotta get right before Friday.

feeling like i'm running out of time...

feeling like i'm running out of time... still have a list of things to do. namley cleaning up my room, still need to fill 2 presecriptions and go to medical supply store - didnt make it last week. girl at my dr office said instead of buying gauze - stick cheap pads w/o wings into the garment, she said the pads would absorb better. hummmm... maybe. Gotta get a set of final wish pics to show dr - so i can design this butt. still undecided if i should get a lot or just a nice size... guess ill let the pictures speak for me and see how it all turns out. awwwww - this is unreal

sleeping on stomach

i've been sleeping on my stomach in preperation for my surgery.... my neck and back are sore already.... i can forsee the great discomfort heading my way. I already suffer from achy muscles at times. trying to stay positive though. the reviews on the post pain are starting to look scarry. think i might go to the chiropractor to get adjusted before the surgery - which is now just 3 days away! OMG


got a bunch of stuff today, lots of disinfectants and cleaners for the house, wipes, sensetive body wash, got my prescriptions filled, boppy pillow, xtra strength tylenol, cocoa butter, a washable leak blanket - to cover car and bed, etc.. for drainage, sports bra, female urinal - though the one i bought is huge like a hospital type - i waited too long to order a cute small one like the "pstyle".... anyways

This weather is crazy - it was freezing today trying to not get sick! today driving home i felt like cars were trying to hit me - felt like i just needed to be safe indoors awaiting friday. i'm bugging!!! LOL anxiety forreal

feeling good about Arnica helping pain..

I've had a stiff neck and back for a couple of days (i routinely suffer from this). i took arnica this morning and my neck feels better. Other parts are still stiff - but my neck stifness was sore and painful - i'm thinking the arnica has something to do with feeling better. Might have to keep some arnica around way after healing from the sx. The countdown continues..................

i'm going vegan as of date of my surgery

i guess there is no such thing as to sharing too much info on this site.... - i am so tired of getting constipated from eating meat!! I'm so through with it. I'm going for a colonics today to clean my colon, etc... i'm gotta get right. im not gonna be all constipated with my new booty and putting all tyes of pressure on my 5K booty straining sitting on the toilet, etc... - LOL (kinda nasty i know) but ya'll know what i mean.
def cutting out meat - i'll keep fish and gonna try to cut out cheese. Right now i'm eating a lot of eggs - seems low fat - i'm putting garlic, spinich and smoked salmon, etc... into omelette. So delish! need to switch to egg whites though... but my bomb omelettes with an english muffin for now - and im good. I just ordered a diet plan of prepared food ( - it has a lot of chicken i might have to let my boyfriend do that diet cause im sick of being sick fr meat. anyways..... had to get that off my chest. i cut out red meat like 4 years ago cause it totally destroyed me - had me constipated for like 2 weeks straight and nothing worked - i mean nothing. now i gotta cut all meat out altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Current measurements vs wish post measurements vs Celebrity measurements

my pre measurements - 38- 39-41 - (basically a box!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*my wish post measurements - 38-26- 41

Celebrity measurements: (as per internet)
Kim Kardashian - 36-26-40
Beyonce - 34-25-38
Rihanna - 34-24-36
Tahiry - 36-29-52
Jlo - 34-26-38
Nikki Minaj - 35-26-45

fat reabsorb into body

just spoke w/ my dr. admin - she says approx 30%-40% of fat is reabsorbed by the body overtime. But when you say overtime that could be a year or more..... no telling on the exact time.... OMG decisions, decisions.... by this exact time tomorrow I should be on the big booty side !!!

up all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i'm hours away ya'll. i was scheduled for 8am - gotta be there 1hr before. i called to see if it was possible to start at 8:30 so i'd get there at 7:30 - why they asked me if i could now be her at 6am - so i told them 6:30. so i will should be done by like 10:30-11am. i live like 15-20min away from office so tomorrow wil be a hell of a day. still did not mention it to my bfriend. and today he is such a pissy mood. im really gonna talk with him about his attitude - and how i cant tell him anything, though i doubt it will do any good. oh well. my diet food came in today. my whole freezer is jammed packed!
bf was not excited to see that - and i wanted him to do the diet now - since i dont want to eat meat anymore. he was not excited though - hes not ready to go hard at loosing weight. so i'll see. i spent like $200 on that darn food. sure not gonna watse it.

i tild one of my cousins ... im going to the other side tomorrow. she was what??? i was like the big booty side. i had hercracking up. she wants it gtoo, her and my other cousin. so i've got like 4 people waiting to see how i come out - lol.

im not really believing this is real. just want to get it over and heal. its amazing what money can buy. i just want to be ok all around. prayers. chat later - luv u all

abdominal etching

still up looking at pictures, etc.... going to ask dr to do abdominal etching. i know he does it - hope he can work that in on me . lietrally counting dow. i will be awake for teh proceedure - i'll prob be so tired that ill fall asleep

I made it to the other side yall

But do u believe there no mirror in the dr office. Do I have not even seen myself yet!!!! But the girls the4r


There was saying it lookee so good etc... he sx took 5 hrs
He did stomach etching, took out 3000cc but only used 1040, 520cc in each butt cheek. He also gave me hips. Im feeling good right now laying still, but moving is a mf'er the stomach pain is real. So..... im 4unning errand wit my mom, laid out in her car back seat. When I get home and get it together ill upload picsm


ladies would u believe i still have not fully seen myself. im scarred to take off all these bandages, etc... you are supossed to have help. my mother is coming over to help me shortly then i'll get some real pics. the pic im uplolading now is me in my sweat pants then me in my garment w/ gauze and lipo board in place. you can see a big diff i in my gut and in the butt... but i still have to see the flesh pics.

im feeling ok - as i said in my last posting if i stay still im fine when i move its painful, then the pain switched and the stomach pain got better but my butt pain increased all on its own wether i moved or stayed still. the pain pills i have are tylenol 3 w/ codine. they are just ok... seems i would need something stronger. worst part of whole surgery was getting up off the operating table. during the surgery - i'll compare it to like when you at the dentist and ur nummed - u cant really feel anything then he'll hit a couple of spots where you have to say -wait hold up - i feel that. then doc give you more numbing medicines, etc... it was kinda like that. my inner thighs have swollen - so im not sure its swollen or if the butt fat has traveled to my thighs. i have a call into the dr to discuss that. i hope the fat has not traveled - cause would that mean a revision??? idk

i dont really have an appetite but i had an eglish muffin w/ peanut butter and drinking lots of water- i feel slightly dehydrated ...

my boyfriend is good. i did end up writing him a letter and when i came home. i was like here read this. after he read it he didnt even get the main point of the letter. he was just like ok i'll be more supportative of you. i was like... ok what else did you get from the letter??? i had a line in there about im getting my shape redone... he was like yeah you wanna get ur shape redone..... i was like no - i got it done already. anyways he was not getting the message right off the back he still just thinks i got lipo. he prob can tell something is going on with the butt too but i havent actually said it. i have so much gauze and padding on.... we're weird - i know. anyways about half my fam is now waiting to see my results, seems everyone wants a BBL on the low :)

will upload better pics when i have some.

mixed feelings

hey ladies...
in my opinion the proceedure was not that tough - though i do think i have a high pain tolenarnce... as far as my resuslts... my dr put in work - but i expected more and am considering a revision. he definetly built a shelf for projection, added in hips and some volume, but i dont have the roundness i wanted. plus he did not use all of my fat - which he said he would b. ut for some reason didnt. im meeting w/ him this week to discuss. i'm not that happy right now..I am however happy with my lipo on stomach. i mean the way i am now is an improvement but for all this trouble and stress on the brain and body I want something very close to what i originally had in mind. and i know i've seen bootys flatter than mine look rounder than this after sx. anyways.. pls tell me what ya'll think. - thanks

there's levels to this booty business ish

at only 4 days post i basically had my mind set on a revision. thinking about what dr to use next etc... then it came to me that this booty business is so addictive. u can quickly become obsessed. originally i was prepared to spend 10K so i got a deal at 5K; when thinking of revisions of course im thinking of the extra dough to be spent but im willing.... though i spent 5 i just had some business take place where it looks like i'll make 5 soon - like w/in a month. i try to focus on what i'm making vs. what i spend... anyways i could pay a new 10 without too much of a strain if someone said i can perfect this for you tomorrow. but when you think about it thats kinda crazy.- this is the thinking when under big booty madness :)

now i'm thinkng i gotta refocus my mind. thankfully i dont feel botched by my dr. i just wanted to see roundness instantly. it might still come but i dont think so from what i see right now. so i'm waiting.... from what i hear u have to wait anyways to do a revision -time frames vary by who u talk to... so who knows but i have nothing but waiting time now anyways... duing this wait time instead of being disappointed - i'm going to be thankkful that i made it out alive, thankful that my dr. was skillful enough to tweak and enhance my natural look; even though i expected diff results.

of course people do naturally have round big butts but when we dont and then all of a sudden do - it is going to look somewhat fake. i am cool with that look though but i'm just thinking about it and being real w/ myself. i see now my dr. only knows how to give a natural looking butt and thats what he gave me. so i gotta take that and sit with that while i wait.

there's levels to this booty business. its like getting a new car, vs getting a new car all pimped out - everybody dont know how to pimp it out. but the "pimp my ride look" to some will look gaudy.. its all a matter of taste. - i am now not all of a sudden against the look i wanted - but now that it didnt work like that for me i gotta ponder on the why's and what this is all about.... also to keep my sanity and not go crazy fr big booty madness :). so for now i'm going to keep it moving and stop the obsession... time will tell if i decide to pick this back up.... i'll check in on a few of the girls i chat with to see their progress and i'll post more pics as i truly move into real recovery (like months in), as i think of helpful info for others i'll post. but in my recovery for my bout w/ big booty madness - i need to wein myself from this site - casue it helps feed the beast :) hope yall feel where im coming from.
stay safe sisters

wasit cincher, approaching 2wk mark

this friday marks 2 wks since my sx. i'm doing fine feeling almost normal... stomach stiil hard, i'm driving, back to work and all. the doughnut pillow is the truth and very helpful. It seems once you sit it speeds the healing process pain wise to ur butt. i've been sitting carefully on my thighs and not on my butt - but in general i'm not too worried about all that since my results did not come out round like i wanted. so i'm not worried about ruining anything...

overall i love my shape, i have continued to loose weight, after the sx you will not be all hungry, so i was eating like a bird... there is a big noticable difference in my overall weight and of course to my overall shape. i'm just missing the roundness to the butt. but at least i have the flat stomach, the hourglass shape, hips which make for a better shaped butt - just not round. my BF loves my new shape. i have not went shopping yet, but i def need a new wardrobe, not gonna be wearing my old style of boring clothes trying to hide my big stomach... all that is out the window :) i tried on a tight dress, i'd like my stomach to be a little flatter - i'd say i look 2 weeks preggo in a skin tight dress which is not bad when i used to look 5mo preggo in a tight dress or shirt... so its a big difference and i'm rolling with the positive side of things. I'm getting tired of my stage 1 garment cutting into my legs - though i've gotten very used to it.... tonight i tried on my stage 2 corsette - and OMG is this thing tight! There are so many stages to this whole process its a trip! But def doable. i'm supossed to start this garment 2wks after sx - so on Friday, but i'm ready to get outta that thigh cutting stage 1 garment now. so i might start this corsette tomorrow.... wearing it is def is a game changer BIG TIME. it cinches me in like crazy. if my waist conforms to this shape i'll be even 100 more times happier with my hourglass shape. i'm wondering do these things really work like that. it brings out the REAL hourglass in your shape. the one i have has boning in it, not sure if this is the best type to use - but i already had it... it makes everything sit just right like a brick house chick. gonna get a maiden form bra to hold the tata's up in place so everything will looked super stacked and thick.

for those that know my story... RE: my dr. he has said he'll do round 2 at no charge but i ain't messing with him like that. i'm through. if i do a round 2 i'm now considering Salama in FL. was looking at fisher but some of the bloody pics i've seen on line look a lil crazy.... not set on if i'll do a round 2 but just maybe....IDK yet. If so i't will be next year this time. so i'll be enjoying my slim figure and new shape for now...

anyone w/ knowledge on wasit cinchers, please share your experience. i'd like to know if it will really shape me in the long run...

anyways... thats my update for now

weight loss, diet regime

for those looking to loose weight...
FYI - RE: the diet food i bought ( - its actually very tasty and super easy to prepare - u just microwave everything right in its package - and it really tastes good. It also makes u feel full. i said i was going vegan - which i still plan to do once i'm finished with my overall weight loss and this particular diet.... but i must tell you that this diet food has something in it that makes you go to the bathroom. so constipation is not an issue when eating this food / chicken. always being consitpated was one of my main reasons for wanting to go vegan. so this diet is serving its purpose for now.... def worth trying if ur trying to loose weight. I'll be re-ordering...

Round 2 bbl Salama May 7, 2015

Spoke w/ Cynthia today fr. dr salama office. secured date for may 7, 2015. here i go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uplodaed a pic of my progress or lack thereof in the butt dept. salamas office said my orig dr put in too little fat - says u need to put in 800-1000 ccs to make a difference in the butt's appreance. i got 520 cc on each side and that 520 was spread on butt cheeks and hips - so who knows how many cc's actually made it to the butt. anyways i'll give it one more go :) since it feels like my first try was basically a wasted pursuit of a butt. so i'm starting over.

my orig dr, did give me a slight hip shape though.... an dhe def made a dent in the hughe stomach i had. so all hope for looking hot this summer is not lost. i have continued w/ my weight loss and am doing good. i'm wearing smalls and mediums now; even a few XTR smalls in some items depening on what it is. so i'm beyond happy with that. i haven't worn a small in anything prob since i was 3yrs old - lol. here i go again... another journey.
Dr. Mehta

he tweaked and enhanced my natural look; though i expected diff results. he did not give me the "wamp" "wamp" effect - though that migth be the fake butt look - that i kinda wanted... my level of satisfaction is mixed. he'll give u a nice natural butt, but not the look that most people on this site are looking for (including me). overall he is a good dr. though - i'm not knocking him. but he's not necessarily an expert in the BIG bootaaaay field. - *This is my 2 cents 4 days post op. as things change my review may change... Almost 3 weeks post: This man should not be doing bbl's. he a good stomach dr., lipo, etc... but NOT bbl

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