37 Years Old, 5'5", 132 Lbs, Small Frame, One Baby - Classic BBL + Arm Lipo

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So I've read so many accounts and went back and...

So I've read so many accounts and went back and forth between Dr Hughes and Dr Dass. Finally picked my doc and scheduled for next week. Feeling nervous, excited..hopeful it turns out smoothly as so many of yours! Ill post up before pics very soon.
I've never been unhappy with my body until I turned 31 when I slowly gained from 115 to 130. After my baby I stayed 132.. I had him 4 months ago and I know that I can shed the baby weight but being half Asian I can see my mums flat square bum in my future lol I need to nip that in the bud/ butt now ;) Prior to baby I had a decent bum but it took a lot of spin classes and squats to maintain it..with a young baby I am just not able to work out as much!
I want a full, plump upside down heart and am confident Dr Dass can give me a great shape. His pics are amazing and Leslie is a doll! Dr Ryan Dass who handles the finance part is also such a sweetheart. They make a great team and I feel I am in good hands.

3 days to go

So my surgery is in a few days..I am starting to think about it more. Such a crazy procedure but def very much needed for my square bum! I will post pics tomorrow of my befores..
Also getting protein powder, meal supplement drinks and some snacks etc. I will be staying with my babys father and he will be taking are of me and my 5 month old! I am keen to lift my baby asap..will let you know how that goes for all the new mothers out there :)

Before transformation

Before shots…sorry for dirty mirror!

One day post

Amazingly I am feeling ok! I can even carry my 17lb baby for a short while. I am extremely padded up and sore. Update more later..


Oh wow I'm soooo stiff and sore. The bum doesn't hurt but the mid section does :( My arms hurt justa touch. Had a shower yesterday and I could see my arms and my front. My arms have always bothered me and I can already tell they are smaller yay! My front looks flat, all yhr fat is gone but I feel squishy liquid sensation. I hope thse don't become seromas that need to be aspirated! I'm staying at my baby's dads place and he only had a small bathroom mirror so I cant see my new bum..but from reflections is looks pretty swollen and it's def there! I wear my faja all day but wish I had one with thighs cuz the bandages on my thighs have caused me thighs to heal in diff shapes. Will have to take a pic. I hope this isn't permanent. I promise to add pics as soon as I can

Finally the pics to prove my great result!

Ok first time on a cpu yay! Ive been tapping away my review on my iPad whilst lying on my front..ouch
So I am home with my 5 month old and dog so its hard work as I am on my own but I'm doing it. Still laying on my front but sitting facing the back of the chair with my bum hanging off the end and a cushion on the chair. I even drove to the shops today, short drive..with couple of cushions and sat in my boppy (although Dr Dass likes you to not use the boppy I had it handy) I am also back nursing my son and I do it standing up holding him in and its hard!
When I went to my pre-op Dr Dass gave me a new garment, I asked for thighs because my thighs seem to be healing in the shape of the bandages that were put on me..I am hoping they smooth out :< Today was the second day in the new garment with thighs and already they look better but I just cannot wear it to sleep..it was making me miserable so I got up in the middle of the night and switched to my first garment. Dr Dass gives you yours garments so you don't have to risk getting it online…its great! They are just the best office and I love my results. Sorry for the delay of the pics but here they are..oh and for number lovers..he took 5 liters out and put 1100cc back in each cheek!! Im glad he didn't tell me prior because I would told him to just put 800cc..I specifically said many times over I DO NOT want a Kardashian bum..but also that I trust his aesthetics…and I am so glad I let him decide on what to do..I am loving my new shape! It cannot be achieved with squats alone..my body now looks youthful again :)

Update: 2 years after BBL

So I feel the need to update because I am not entirely happy with my result. I think Dass is amazing at sculpting but his liposuction can be a hit and miss. With me sadly it was a miss. I have an irregular tummy, two dents - one on each leg and irregular inner thighs. I also have a little too much fat left over above the waist. When I went to visit for my follow up (about a year later as I was out of the country) he told me that the lower back is hard to lipo. and that he couldnt see the irregularities of my inner thighs. I know they are there! I can see them myself. He's very polite and he did a great job on my bum..I am just unhappy with my dents and uneven tummy :( So now I cannot wear a bikini and def feel self conscious naked. He did offer a non-invasive procedure (can't remember the name) which cost around $3k. I declined. I would rather save up for someone else to fix the bad lipo. In retrospect I would ask for less aggressive lipo or maybe just followed the programs of one of the instagram girls who change their body shape with diet and weight training. Will add pics soon.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So it's been a week and I go home tomorrow so I can post my pics then. Sorry for the delay. The first few days I was wiped out, you basically feel like you've been in a car wreck! I had a c section 5 months ago and this was def worse..however 4th day onwards I stopped taking my pain meds and just finished my anti-biotics today. I'm wearing my garment with foam and the foam really smoothes things out I can't wait to get more tomorrow at my post op! Some figures: 133lbs when I went in 148lbs when I came out, 143lbs for pretty much the whole week..139lbs today. (a week later) tells you how swollen i am! My bum was 37" and flat when I went in - currently a 40" bubble :) I asked my doc for a shapely bum but not huge and he did an amazing job :)))

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