March 23rd-27th traveling to Cali, Columbia Dr Gonzale

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Hi all. It's official May 29th will be my day to...

Hi all. It's official May 29th will be my day to become a Yily Doll (Anyone else going that day, it will be me and my sister)! I will be doing BBL and I adding lipo to my inner thigh because I really don't have a lot of fat and I want this legendary thigh gap if that's possible. I'm 5'7 and weigh 150lbs now from 143lbs because I'm adding weight for surgery. If feels weird to have these baby rolls and love handles because my main man don't know what I'm doing and he's a gym freak. He keep saying work out I'm looking flabby and I'm like don't worry I will knowing damn well I won't. My ex/side joint knows and supports me so it's fine I'm looking all out of shape (lol). I been talking about this with my sister for two years now after my son. I just never went back to the same. Between stress, work, school and raising a son my healthy slim thick frame was lost. I have zero time for the gym and just too tired. I know tho for 3,500 I will protect my investment and keep my butt in the gym.
So my measurements right now are 38-34-36. I will post pics of myself when I'm close to my surgery date because I intend on adding a more pounds to myself. I been eating heavy on carbs, pork, protein and drinking ensures along with every meal and in between meal. I want to 160lbs minimum before I go. I put up my wish pics which is of miracle watts. I don't have 75K for redoing my entire body and face but if I can get that ass I'm more then enough happy. My question is who is going to be staying at the healing hospital Dr Yily recommended? Or is there another you might have went to that's better, cheaper, nice and clean? Any questions you might have for me ask as well. I am more excited then nervous at this point. I been wanting to do this for a while and now the time is here! :-)

Recent post I just read

So let me give a brief background of myself and knowledge of surgery. I work for a company that does plastic surgery but mostly small amounts of lipo (in our office at least) and face and minor fat transfer and so on. I totally understand the risk and still am looking forward to this. I have a conflict of interest with my Dr's bc if I choose one over the other jealous and attitudes also the cheapest is 6,500 which isn't bad but I want it now and not later when I have all the money. Blah blah blah enough about that here's the real reason for this post, Death is one of the risk for this type of surgery. Any surgery for that matter. You can lose a toe from getting a bunion removed and it's infected and not taken cared of. It's that serious. A very sweet and caring doll on here sent me a link which is below on a recent Dr Yily Death this past March. I did scare the pants off of me and made me think twice but then I know for a fact a Dr ( not mine) lost a patient from fat embolism. So yes there are deaths here in America. However that girl died over something that could have been avoidable in my opinion which was sepsis. Meaning something wasn't sterile and clean. Either the Dr herself, one of her techs, the instruments used or the patient herself wasn't cleaned and prep sterile clean. All no bueno. (I'm learning Spanish )

This is my tip to you Dolls no matter who you go too and what we do here at my surgery center:
1) Start taking antibiotics a day before surgery. Go to you Dr and ask what to use. My Dr's give either 7 days 3 times a day supply of Keflex or Duricef 5 days supply twice a day. If you are allergic to penicillin them Doxyccycline twice a day for 5 days. I WANT TO MAKE YOU AWARE I AM NOT A DR AND I AM NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO IN REPLACEMENT OF WHAT YOU BE INSTRUCTED TO DO JUST TELLING YOU WHAT MY DR'S DO FOR OUR PATIENTS TO AVOID INFECTIONS PRE-OPERATIVELY.

2) Have antibacterial soap and betadine to clean your body with prior to surgery. Even wiping yourself with alcohol pads cleans the surface but you must let dry by itself don't fan it.

3) don't be afraid to challenge or ask questions. If you see blood say it. You see no gloves on or it looks dirty say it. I have had patients question me bc it was done out of their so I cleaned my hands and changed gloves again. Don't be a bitch now especially in a different place but don't be afraid to let them know you are aware. I'm already studying how to say are the gloves, table, instruments clean. Are you tired?

Lol Ok dolls I'm at work now so keep the comments coming and I will respond as fast as I can. But remember I am not a Dr just suggestions. I will even bring my own Cavi wipes to wipe down the recovery house too and bring my own gloves and well as an Epi pen and Benadryl. You never know no matter where you are. And I have seen way more good good good post and results for Dr Yily so I will not be deterred just cautious. Later Dolls :)

Finally pics up

So I finally took pics! I am a little depressed bc my bf acting up with how sloppy I am getting. I actually stopped with the weight gain because if I even get to my old self I will be ok. Still have no travel buddy for the 29th but some nice gals from here will be at the recovery house so I'll see them. Anyways here are my pics. Let the journey begin....

A month to go!!!

Hi Ladies!! I have a month to go and I'm so excited! I have all my hygienic stuff for my trip like gloves, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, chuck pads, antibacterial soap, and my antibotics I'm going to start taking a day before my procedure. I have chicken noodle soup, water and ensure to take with me. I have 4 maxi dresses and two button down shirts and sweat pants and tons of grandma period panties I have no problem throwing out if they get messed up. Also I have a pack of wife beaters to wear under my faja so it doesn't cut into my skin at my shoulders. I also have compression socks and a pack of regular socks if I get cold. I have one towel and 3 wash clothes. I am going to get my blood work checked next week to see where I'm at hemoglobin wise and start taking my iron pills, bromelin, arnica Montana gel pills, vitamin c 1000mg and Vitamin B complex pills. All that helps with healing and minimizing swelling and bruising.
Oh and I want to tell you how I plan on gaining 15 pounds from now to May 29th. A breakfast shake you can make that will give you 2000 calories and help you gain weight. Take :
1 1/2 cup of Milk
1 cup of Almonds
1 cup of Walnuts
1/2 a cup of Honey
1 Banana
Blend it all up and their you go!!
Talk to you later dolls with more info on where I'm staying. It's between Serenity and Yasmin Recovery home. Will update you guys.

8 days to go....

I am 8 days away and so nervous but READY!!! So I have gained 20lbs and that's it. I'm done and what I have she will use. But funny thing is that people are commenting saying I look nice and full lol (wait till a month from now and I will be full alright )

I have a question if any dolls can help me answer this. When do we pay the recovery home their money? I'm staying at Serenity doing the triple room with two other dolls that we're going together but I totally didn't look at my passport (it expired FML) so to get it expedited I paid an additional $250 on top of the $170. LADIES CHECK YOUR PASSPORT!! Anyways I started thinking all this extra money what if I don't like it there? Worst, what if I don't get it done??! I'm staying till June 6th and round trip pick up and drop off at the airport so that's $700 in total ( $75 a night/$100rt to airport/ also one night free). I am nervous and don't have my butt donut but I did steal the men urinal with give men during surgery to pee in lol. I am ready to go just nervous as hell!!

A Year Later no Surgery & New Dr

Hi Dolls. I'm really trying to take this post down and make a new one with Dr Gonzalez in Columbia but it won't let me. Help!! Lol Also I'm looking for travel buddies for the last week of March there. IF we stay together I can get us a better deal. Just don't want to be alone :-( But help how do I make a 2nd review??
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