26 Years Old, Pancake Butt and Torn Between Surgeons!

Hey ladies (and guys!) I've been doing my research...

Hey ladies (and guys!) I've been doing my research for about 3 months now and I am dead set on getting the surgery as soon as I can!! It's likely to be January 2016. My problem is I am so worried about choosing the right doctor! I had a consult with a surgeon here in the UK and he basically said he couldn't even lipo me, he was on Harley street (those in the UK will know this is meant to be the best of the best) so I quickly realised that I wasn't going to be able to have the procedure in the UK. Next choice was Dr Aslani but after their insistence on implants or serious weight gain, I decided to look elsewhere. Truly my heart was always with the American surgeons as that's where I saw the best results, but the idea of traveling that far put me off. Anyways, I've now decided that I am going to man up! I would love to have Dr Salzhauer but he is booked up until 2017 and I'm just not prepared to wait that long! I then decided on Salama and have had a response from him via email saying I am a great candidate, however, I am terrified of the burn stories I see!! I am on the slimmer side and he mentioned "aggressive" lipo a lot which is what I've read causes the necrosis/burns!? Have you girls got anymore info on the burn situation with Salama? Thankfully I've discovered Dr Sejal Patel in LA who seems to be incredible, not much on here but his Instagram photos look amazing!! Has anybody else had any experience with him? His insta is drsejmd. Please girls, give me any help you can on these 2 docs to help me make a decision!! :)

Dr Balgobin - Any Advice?

His results are amazing and it seems he was trained by Dr Miami, but he is not a board certified plastic surgeon but rather a board certified physician. My safety and health is obviously more important than my butt, can anyone offer any advice on whether this qualification is equally as good? Thank you

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