22 and PRAYING Dr Fisher will Make Me BOOTYfull Again! - Miami, FL

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So hello ladies!!!! Ahhh I'm so excited!! lol...

So hello ladies!!!! Ahhh I'm so excited!! lol First let me say I am very early in my BBL journey I'm talking only made a deposit early lol but I wanted to start my review just because I want to be WELL prepared for ALL possibilities and cynarios (well at least most) with help from you guys. I've decided on BBL because I am TOO YOUNG to have a dam grandma booty! Lol seriously...my butt needs some serious help and after about a year of research and reading this site daily BBL with DR FISHER is right for me! Ok so about me I'm 22 soon to be 23...5'7 158 pounds live in Jersey...I have one son and I'm a working women and college student I definitely wanted to clarify that I am not a stripper or "model" wanting this done for superficial reasons...Im just a young lady who wants that pre baby body and most of all confidence back! having my man drool over every switch is a plus too ;) lol I come on this site DAILY and I really want to thank ALL the ladies for your sharing your experiences! I'll post a few wish pics for now until I'm able to edit my tattoos out of mine lol that's all for now ladies Live Love and be BOOTYfull!!!

Getting a Lil Annoyed!

So ladies I thought I'd come up here and share well really Vent about how I'm feeling...So Jessica my coordinator at Vanity is getting on my nerves!!!! Don't get me wrong shes super sweet and i love talking to her because she comes off like one of my girlfriends but she hasn't gotten back to me since Thursday ! I spoke to her briefly that day and told her I'd be making another payment Friday...I called but she was unavailable or something like that...ok vanity shes busy I get it...I called today and the lady who answered the phone told me Jessica said she'd call me back...ok (rolls eyes) that was earlier and still nothing ! Plus I still haven't received my receipt for the payment I made Thursday!!! Come'on Jessica really?? Not giving up on them just yet...but I Really need consistency hopefully everything turns around and SOON

Post Op pics

Uh did anybody else post op pics SHOCK them like mine did!! I knew it was bad but sheeesh!

Meant PRE OP!!! Obviously

Sorry!! girl bye I would suing the HELL out of somebody if that was Post Op lol

Quick check in

Heard back from Jessica Yesterday. She text me my receipt and I made another payment. Feeling better now and still sticking it out with Vanity as long as I have contact I'm at ease...but on another note I'm interested to know more about the recovery house...has anybody stayed there? Or have pics ? I'll ask Jess more about it later but I thought I come to y'all first Thanks in advance ladies sending my luv as always Muah!

Thinking about Gaining a little Weight!

Hey luvs so as I said before I'm 5'7 158 pounds..being taller I'm fairly proportionate...I've been thinking about gaining a few more pounds because I'd much rather have more fat than less (obviously) lol but the only thing about that is I gain weight in my face first ! Smh Not really tryna have a diva body with a fat ass pie face...I'm just kinda torn..what do you'll think about gaing weight PRE sx?? I'm definitely going to be a solid 160 before surgery but I'm thinking about 165 just to b safe...at least if I gain weight in my face it would also be the first to go when I start working out again...I don't know..like to hear y'all opinions on it thanks ladies Muah!

More wishes

Or should I say prayers LAWD please bless me with this !

Last update for at least two weeks I promise lol

I know I've been updating a little too often lol but y'all are the only ones I really have to discuss this whole journey with :,(....Anywhoo with all the panic I've been seeing about the extremely unfortunate situation that happened at Vanity (Bellisima2013 has details) i had to kick my reasearch up a thousand notches lol let's be clear Dr Fisher is a DOUBLE BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON! Besides looking it up on my own I was also sent his certificate from Jessica...Florida has laws stating that any type of certified physician can legally preform plastic surgery in the state but I personally only want a Certified PLASTIC Surgeon to do MY Plastic Surgery!!! period . Thats just me...ladies we might differ when it comes to our decisions about this journey but lets be nice..you can state your facts and opinions without attacking each other I joined this site because all the love and support from other women. Its something that is just.......Needed......lets just live love and be bootyful!! ;)

It's been awhile

Actually more than a while lol but I thought Id drop in...I'll be making another payment today....it's crazy how quickly life can throw you. I'm still well a ways from locking a date but all will happen in due time...but quick story so yesterday I was out and I noticed an older lady who appeared to have had a bbl or some type of butt enhancement the reason I thought bbl was because I could see her vedette...anyway it kind of freaked me out a little well ALOT...she looked VERY uncomfortable and her result tho early where not appealing AT ALL!! She was an older lady... late 40s early 50s (older for me) and I understand everybody has different body types but this was scary!! It was way to wide and very slanted !! I just couldn't stop starring smh...I hope I was wrong but all the research I've been doing I doubt if I am...all I could do is pray because I still whole heartily want this procedure I just hope I don't have unrealistic expectations any ways that's all for now ladies happy Friday

5000 Dollar special !!!!!!

Uh has anyone else received an email from vanity about 5000 dollar bbl with house stay included!!! After I already "locked in" my quote for 7000 oh hell no I think NOT I will definitely be calling today!! Locked in or not that a whole 2000 dollars back in my pocket ! If they have an issue with changing my price I will be forced to refund my money uh uh 2000 dollars nope sorry that's mine !

So About That Email....

Called Jess today and she explained to me that the special didn't include upper back lipo and to lock it in 1500 had to be paid up front...not sure if that was because I already got a quote of 7000 but regardless I NEED upper back lipo but if you don't ladies should look into that 5000 plus the recovery home...sounds good to me
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