Lipo and Breast Augmentation to Fix Asymmetry

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It's finally happening - I am going to get lipo...

It's finally happening - I am going to get lipo and breast augmentation. I am getting lipo on flanks, lower and upper abdomen, pubis mons, and just a teensy bit on the inner thighs. Why? Because the flanks and ab fat will NEVER go away (I've been skinny and working out a ton, zero change - I just look like a smaller version of my fat self). The pubis mons because my pelvis sits more forward then other ladies and it appears "bulgy" when I am thin. So embarrassing. And the inner thigh isn't particularly necessary... May not do. As for the boobs... Oh the boobs. Why the universe saw fit to make me so asymmetrical I'll never know. My boobs will be a tough job for a PS because there are several type of asymmetry: boob size, boob shape, nipple size and nipple location. As such it is very scary to think about what I may end up looking like. I am doing my best to select a qualified surgeon and thats about all I can do. I will be about 12 pounds thinner than I am now when I have the lipo in two months. The pictures here, therefore, will be boobs only for now. When I get closer I will give a bod pic so the before and afters will be realistic.

Le sigh...

From picture consults alone, it sounds like I can expect to need a full Mastopexy if I want symmetry, which I really really do. I'm bummed cuz of the scar that essentially runs down your boob from the bottom of your areola. Also more pain recovering and more $$$. Crap. Any other women here who have similar issues? Anyone whose gone through this? I want to have realistic expectations but the results seem hard to predict. Stupid asymmetrical ta-ta's.

Breast aug post alone

I am going to use this review for boobies alone; I will start another for lipo. When you read this review when I am post-op, bear in mind that the pain I am experiencing is from both procedures and will thus be far greater, so if you are considering breast augmentation alone don't panic when you read about how much pain I experience. I am having sculpting lipo in several places and sub muscular implant placement. If you are considering a boob job note that below the muscle is a slower and generally more painful recovery. It is generally indicated for women who don't have a lot of breast tissue like me because you can't feel the implant as well. It will also look more natural. Of course discuss with your doc.

An illustration of asymmetrical boobs

To give those of you with asymmetry an idea of the different kinds of imbalance to be aware of. Initially, I just thought "ones smaller" bit on closer inspection it's moe complicated. Here's a pic to illustrate. Note the two circles which show difference in areola size

Not happening

I did some research on lifts and I have decided that this is not a good option for me. I have always been a slow healer and there are risks of tissue death and necrosis that can lead to gangrene and be very dangerous. We all have to know our bodies and I feel I am too high risk. I was really bummed last night for quite awhile. I will still chat with my doctor about augmentation, but without a lift I will retain most of the asymmetry I have and actually it will get worse. I can't do fat grafting either because of my family history of breast cancer. Oh well, I am trying to remember that I am not alone and that I need to accept my imperfections. Who knows, maybe my doctor will have a creative solution, but mentally I am taking a lift off the table. I will update this post after my consult on April 24. Thanks so much for all the suppport ladies :)

Superior Crescent

I would consider a lift I'd I could get away with a superior crescent. But that's it. :)


I've done some research - cutting around the entire areola is pretty much necessary for a lift. I've read that crescent lifts are next to worthless and usually do little more than distort the nipple. I am still not okay with the donut lift - too concerned about tissue death. Now I am left wondering - should I get an augment at all? Will it just make my boobs look weirder or will it improve their appearance? I know it will enhance the areola asymmetry, but by how much? Would it be a worthwhile trade off to fix the other asymmetries I have? So not sure. I wish there were a magic ball so I could know what I would look like. Wish I didn't read so much about lift complications and just went in blind!

Patience - A Virtue I Dont Possess

In waiting room for first consult... Appointment was an hour ago.

Mentally unprepared

I had a consult today and the work it would take to fix me boobs is extensive. Mentally, I don't think I have it in me to deal with all the fixes my boobs need. There's too many fixes that need to be done to get them right and I am so afraid I will hate them. The doctor was fantastic and very knowledgable - it's more me. I'm not sure I'm ready to roll the dice. Maybe in the future.

Changed my mind again!!!

I went to the last two consults Thursday. The first doc was great - wanted to do BA/lift combo which is what I had been hearing a lot of. He was knowledgeable, handsome and charming. And expensive. At least I thought so - $20k for silicone BA lift and lipo. It's not exorbitant or anything but not what I can afford. I would like to ask him to dinner though :p
Then I went to my last consult with a doc who said that BA's and lifts are competing surgeries (BA stretches skin while lift is best on skin not trying to stretch). He said they are done safest separately (BA then lift 6 months later). I am all about safety. He further felt that this would give me a chance to see if I really wanted the scars and said he's had several patients with asymmetry who were happy after a BA alone. I asked why the other doctors said to lift and he said $$$ and that he sees it all the time. Hi said lifts are for nipples below the infra mammary fold and mine aren't. His quote was FAR less than the other docs and he did my sister and she looks fab. So he will be my doc. We shall see. I have wide set boobs so trying to figure out what I will look like after a BA is tough. I set my surgery date, paid the deposit, set my pre-op date, bought my sisters plane tix to come help me heal, and am now considering what else I can do to satisfy my neurosis. :p

Breast Augmentation Tips

Here are some tips I've compiled for easing The BA experience:
1) wear warm socks into surgery - putting them on later will be a challenge
2) bring slip on shoes to surgery for afterward
3) bring a warm zip up top and warm sweat pants for after
4) line your seat in the car with towels in case of any fluid leakage (this is particularly true for those getting lipo as well)
5) have some water or gingerale ready for after surgery in case you are thirsty on the way home. Make this the responsibility if the person who picks you up
6) have a conversation about anti- nausea meds in advance with your doctor
7) have a large receptacle in the car in case you throw up
8) have everything you will frequently want (food, water, meds, magazines, phone and charger, tv remote, Etc) by the bed for easy use
9) have pills separated by date and time. Never skip pain pills as it is extremely hard to catch up to the pain when it returns. My sister did this thinking she was out of the woods and suffered for several more days
10) have bendy straws to use for beverages since moving your arms will be tough
11) make sure the bed is lined with towels if you are concerned about fluid leakage; this is especially true for lipo patients
12) eat healthy - proper nutrition will help you heal faster; avoid processed foods
13) have something like milk of magnesia on-hand. Discuss with your doctor of course. Pooping after surgery is hard bc if the anesthesia. Make it easier on yourself
14) for lipo patients: the compression garment is a nightmare after not long. Make it easier by slathering your body with a good diaper rash cream and/ or lining the inside of your garment with a thin felt. Discuss with your doctor
15) have several warm zip-up tops and sweat pants on hand
16) cold room temps are your enemy when it comes to pain. Keep yourself reasonably warm
17) do not put a hot pack on your boobs - they will be numb and you could burn them unwittingly
18) but a back scratcher since your arms won't be working well
19) buy one of those pillows that is specifically designed for sitting up in bed; this helps with swelling
20) clean your house completely in the days leading up to your surgery; do all your laundry. Have your recovery clothes set aside for easy access
21) get into bed using your knees then siting on you butt the. Laying down
22) use arnica Montana to reduce bruising and swelling, which are two things that lengthen recovery time. Talk to your doc about when to start and stop. My sister didn't and regretted it
23) tell your doctor about all vitamins even flax seed. Some innocent vitamins are not good to take pre or post surgery
24) follow your doctors instructions !! If he says not to lift your kids for a certain number of weeks - take it seriously!! Not following instructions can lead to complications and may increase your chances of needing another surgery
25) do not shower before you are told it's ok to do so
26) buy silicone strips for your incisions - they greatly reduce scarring! Discuss with doc
27) have cold compresses on hand and warm as well; you may have back pain during recovery and the warm packs can help. The cold are good for boob but be careful - you may not feel how freezing cold they are! Discuss with doc :))
28) take as much time off work for recovery as you can. Doc say you can be back at work on Monday? Maybe if you're super woman but most find it takes a full week to get over the effects of anesthesia
29) have a caretaker you trust, particularly good if they e had the surgeries you're getting so they know what's normal and not
30) have your doctors number and the emergency number close at hand just in case

As always, discuss your recovery plan with your doctor since we are all different. I will add to this as I go. Some of these tips came from other real-selfers - thank you!!


Went shopping tonight to prepare for the recovery! I still need to buy bromelain, arnica, palmers itch oil and Cocoa butter and diaper rash cream. Woohoo! Crossing a lot of pre-surgery items off the list early :) keeps my mind busy and off the concerns associated with surgery :)

New tips

31) Hibiclens soap for night before (shower); discuss with doc
32) Bromelain for bruising - discuss with doc
33) palmers itch oil to ease skin itch after it stretches to accommodate you new tatas
34) Palmers Cocoa butter - it doesn't work but feels good
35) Did you know there is a laser for new stretch marks? It helps a little but only for new stretch marks and they don't go away completely but can be lessened and faded. Old stretch marks are a lost cause :/
As far as stretch mark treatment goes, this is the most advanced technology currently available

Wish Boobs

The doc said to compile a list of boobs I like - but it's harder than I thought! Here are some women I feel have a great rack!! If you have any suggestions let me know!!

Hit the Bricks Freeloader!!

My BF of too long: So he has always been well off financially and an ethical person, so when he had financial troubles last December I loaned him some cash and let him move in so he could get on his feet. Do unto others right? He owes me $3150 and counting. It's been over 4 months and I have NO interest in dating him any longer - he is self centered when it comes to sharing a home from years of being rich and doesn't understand that cleaning up or helping out is a great way to say thanks for the free ride. He loafs. He will do about one load of dishes a week and for him, that's a major thing. I am only thankful to know that he WILL pay me back because he is definitely ethical in that regard, but when is hard to say based on his business. My plan is to get the money he owes me, which should be mid may (after the balance of my surgery is due - thanks for nothin) and once I have healed up and am ready to deal with the stress ask him where he plans to live. I so look forward to FREEDOM!! My family doesn't think it has been worth it given his bad manners and general unpleasantness but I am NOT letting go of the $$ he owes me - that's my boob money dammit and I will get it back!! Ok, vent sesh over :p


Germiphobe-a-mania: when your close to surgery time and praying you don't get sick and have to reschedule both yor surgery and vacation time.
Symptoms include:
1) The overwhelming desire to lecture sick people for having the audacity to go out in public
2) Suspecting every cough you hear may signal your impending doom
3) Being certain you are coming down with something no matter how slight the symptom
4) Sanitizing hands multiple times a day but wondering ... Is it enough?

If you have any of these symptoms don't fret - you're not alone! I am on a 19 day countdown and ready to ask everyone on earth to give me a 10 foot perimeter wherever I go. And touch nothing. You'd be shocked what I've learned to do with my elbows. I can ride the bus and never touch it - no matter how jostling the ride. I can use public restrooms like a ninja and I haven't touched ANY door handle in over a month. It may be crazy (welcome to my neurosis) but I have a schedule and dammit I plan to keep it - from here on out its boobies or bust!!!

Tooth check-up

So I was chewing gum Sunday and noticed my crown felt funny. I wanted to ignore it but it was bothering me the next day. I made an appointment for the dentist and crossed my fingers I didn't have an infection. All x rays done and no infection! What's great about this is that I can go into surgery knowing I don't have any tooth infection, which is discouraged as it had been linked to capsular contracture (having the bacteria floating around your body is not what you want when your body is trying to form soft pockets for the implants). Not a big deal but just one thing I don't have to worry about :) now, on to the other 1,387 things on my list!
I am definitely a control freak (which is how I knew to take a tooth issue before breast augmentation seriously) and I think a lot of it has to do with how asymmetric my boobs are and all the complications that come with a BA for someone like me. Controlling what I can helps me to feel like I am working to prevent other problems and that's all I really can do. My fingers are SO crossed I come out looking better than I do now. I have thoughts like "what if my boobs look way different after? What if they hang very differently? What if the difference in the location of my nipples look weird?" Most informed BA patients with asymmetry can relate to thee concerns. So I cross my fingers and remind myself that there's only so much I can do. 15 days from now I'll be in surgery!

Not too anxious yet

I think about the upcoming surgery and worry a little about the pain of recovery and the results, but overall feel calm right now. I'm sure the nerves will pick up. I have my pre-op appointment with the doc in 6 days - I'm going to ask him for nerve-calming meds to help me relax in the days prior and especially the night before. I thought I'd be more stressed at this point.
I had hoped to be 149 or below by surgery time,but I think 151 will be the best I can do (getting lipo too) I think my caloric intake and my weight are balanced, whereas when I was 30lbs heavier I would lose more by eating the same I am now, because my body was so heavy it needed more calories to maintain weight. So I need to lower my caloric intake to get things going . Bah! I have 15 lbs more if fat to lose and then done!!!

Pre-Op today

What a day - it was hot and tempers flared. I went to the pre-op... Not the big woop I thought it would be. Had blood work done. Hoping everything comes back good :)

First Freakout

For some reason I thought about the moment I wake up after surgery and how will I feel. I'm afraid of the unknown of how bad the pain will be, just hoping it isn't too too bad. I'm usually clear headed too so painkillers sound unappealing. I don't like feeling out of control because of meds. Dang. I was hoping to avoid pre-surgery jitters.

Final preparations before surgery

I did all my laundry including my bed sheets and pillow cases (turns out all it takes to get me to do laundry is surgery!), went grocery shopping, and ordered hibiclens. This morning I took one bromelaine chewable and one arnica Montana pill. Those things are tiny! I have no idea what the dosage is supposed to be - how many time do I take this stuff a day?? Anyone know??
I can't believe there's only 3 more days until surgery. Time goes by so quickly. I've started getting antsy about it. The calm waters that were my approach to this surgery have been replaced with concerns about recovery and how to avoid last minute panic attacks. My PS is taking a picture (attached) of boobies I think are pretty into the operation for reference. I didn't know there really was much a doctor could do in that regard but what do I know!


That's how I feel today. Stressed trying to wrap up work, stressed about making sure everything is together (tonight is my deadline), way stressed about financial sitch. And of course fear of the procedure and recovery.

I did it

I am soooo very high on the pain pills now so forgive rambling it misspelling. Surgery was an absolute breeze and the folks at the hospital are the best group if people you could ever hope for. The nurses were warm and caring and I even got hugs when I left. Surgical team was amazing, SO professional. Warm and confident, which is what I like. I was nervous about surgery but I went out like a light and didn't even see it coming. Woke up with zero pain to the lovely nurse staff. The car ride home was tough for me- it look about 2 hours and I had this weird urgency to pee the whole time but I cant pee hardly bc of anesthesia. So I was Bitchy to my car mates. Felt more comfortable when ui got home. I am pretty much taking care of myself right now, and it's going great. I bet tomorrow will be tougher as all the hospital drugs wear off.

No pain... Seriously!!?!

I have pain levels close to zero. Seriously! I am not experiencing too much nausea and can do basic things by myself. I am still all drugged up so it's way hard to read or write or stay awake. My energy levels are wonky. The compression garment itches and bugs me. I was having trouble peeing but since I stopped using the strong pain pills I can now pee (mostly). The other annoying thing is that the lipo caused my labia to swell like crazy - it is so uncomfortable and looks way weird. I am only sharing so that had this happens to you you won't be alarmed. I am seriously in shock that I don't gave consistent pain (I have pain my boobs from time to time and the areas I was lipoed but nothing too bad). Energy levels make it hard to care for myself

7 days post-op

It takes quite awhile to see the final result (months n months), but at this stage I think everything looks good. The doc did a good job evening out nipple placement without lifts. Also, for some reason the sizes look different in the picture, they don't really in real life. I tried taking pics from different angles but it didn't make a difference. You can see that the right breast still hangs a little lower but it's not much and more proportional given their new size. I got very large implants (600/550) which I think will match my frame/ perhaps be a bit large. As you can see from the side pictures there is still a lot of upper- pole fullness. A LOT!!!
Thus far I am really impressed with my doctors expertise and precision. The fact that my nipple areola complex assymmetey was reduced and the size and shape appear vastly improved is a testament to his skill.
I will continue to post pictures as j heal, but only about once a week or so.

How hard is too hard?

My doc instructed me on how to massage my new boobs, but now that I'm home, I can't remember how hard to do it. I'm freaked I won't do it hard enough and I'm also freaked ill do it too hard!! Arg!!

Doesn't photograph well

Here's some pics... I don't seem to photograph well for some reason. Also, remember I'm still swollen. For those of you wishing you didn't see my lady bits my apologies. I included everything since I had mons pubis lipo.

More pictures

If you compare these with my before it's pretty clear what a great job my PS did - he really helped even out the location of my nipple/areola complex without a lift as every other doctor recommended. Only time will tell if they stay as even as they are now, but the point is he gave me the best chance at it, and I am SO appreciative of that. Right now I feel as though I have a highly skilled PS that has my best interest at heart, and that puts my mind at ease. I think he did a great job on the lipo and I think I will only like it more as the swelling subsides.

Pic update

Haven't really dropped at all - a little when you compare with the first pictures, but not much

More pics

Seemingly no change from day 1


Boobs look nearly same as day 1. The one that was larger initially has dropped a bit. My doc said to expect the initially larger boob to drop faster and that the boob that was initially smaller will take at least six months to catch up. I think that's because my boob had no droop of its own pre-op and needs to create it.
Only time will tell what the final result will be.

Not much change to boobs

Not much change to the boobs. Lipo doesn't look great today :/ a little concerning. I actually feel fatter after lipo for some reason


Seem to be healing nicely. I have treated them with kid gloves making sure there was clean tissue next to then rather than the sports bra. They look fine to me. I will use the silicone strips when it's time. I'm not a big believer that they make a huge difference - no scientific evidence that I have seen

Dropping at different rates - uh oh

My doc said my boobs would drop at different rates and my one boob would take about six months to catch up. Well they finally started dropping - and he was correct! One boob has dropped more than the other. In real life it really isn't noticeable unless pointed out. I didn't notice it until I took a reverse selfie and was shocked at what I saw. The pics I posted show one where it looks more like it does in real life (no biggie but a difference can be seen) and the other picture that exaggerates the asymmetry. I hope it doesn't get worse looking because it wouldn't take much more to turn from not too noticeable to really noticeable. Part of me is a little afraid that it will end up being as bad as before or that I will need a lift :( only time will tell

Still love them

I still love my boobs :) they are dropping at different rates and it's becoming more noticeable especially in pictures. I retake the pics until that look is minimized because I don't think it's that bad in real life. I do know I didn't have to do the before! :)

Right boob dropped!

My right boob must have dropped cuz it feels way softer than before! It was the bigger one originally. I can't believe how real it feels :)

6 week check-up

I went to see my doctor today for my six week check-up. I thought everything was progressing as one would expect, but it's good to hear it from an expert. I told him that I love the boobs - they are amazing and worlds better than I was pre-op. And honestly they are better than I had even anticipated! I didn't discuss with him my loose abdominal skin - I'm not sure there's a point at this juncture. I think perhaps in 8 months or so that conversation may be warranted (give skin time to tighten most the way). It's not terrible, but it seems - at certain times - to be rather noticeable. Its a sacrifice that was worth it, in that I think the result is better than it was before, overall.
I always enjoy seeing my doctor and I look forward to giving him and his lovely office staff five stars across the board. I simply am waiting until the experience is mostly concluded (either the three or six month mark) so that my review is accurate for my entire experience. This far I don't have any critical words for my doctor, his staff, or any member of the team at Long Beach Community Hospital. Everyone has been truly amazing. How lucky am I?!? Low cost, amazing result, genius surgeon, no pain in recovery, expert team.I am so thankful!

Random Freakout!

So at my 6 week check-up the doc asked me to wear the bra for 6 more weeks 24 hours a day- and all of a sudden today it occurred to me that maybe he thought my boobs were too far apart and was trying to prevent them from migrating even further apart, so now I'm like aaahhh!!! I looked in the mirror and thought "yeah they are far apart". That hadn't bothered me before but now I'm freakin!! I'm sure I'll get over it. I knew I was going to have boobs a bit far apart because that's how I started. Man I can be a worrier!!!

Hope everyone is having a happy fourth. I'm chillin at home which is cool by me :) went out with a girlfriend earlier... Bless her heart She was super annoying today so glad to be chillin by myself lol!!!

Updated pic

Here is my pic... I know my boobs are a bit far apart but I think they still look nice and I know they aren't able to be brought closer together because of my nipple placement....

Still happy with boobs- iffy on the bod

First off my ps did faboo on both the bod and the boobs, though I've got about 20 lbs to lose to do his work justice. I do not like the little fat pad above my belly button but perhaps if I lose weight it will go away? I think he conservatively lipoed to avoid too much loose skin, which is what I said I wanted. What I actually want is a perfect body, but no one is sellin those ;p
I'm also retaining water (PMS) so maybe that's why the fat pad stands out more and the loose skin looks less.
Only one way to find out if losing weight will help! I'm on day 2 of breaking my post-op sugar addiction... And man I could really use a hit of the sweet stuff :p
I think my boobs are progressing as one would expect at this stage. I am wearing my silicone strips now and am hopeful that the scars will heal well :)

Boobs - 8 weeks out

Love them! It's looking good and every day that passes gives me hope they will stay fab :-)
The body looks they same - still need to lose weight - one pound lost, 19 to go!

A little worried

I think my doctor did a great job, but there are some things i dont like. First, if i have my arms in any position other than at my sides my boobs look too far apart. My ribcage is huge so here is nothibg the doc could have done, but still i feel a tad self conscious when i am "with" someone.
The other more concerning thing is i have very slight double bubble. You wouldn't notice it unless i pointed it out but then youd see it. I am praying nothing gets worse, otherwise i will need revision surgery and i dont want that!! Lastly, the lipo on my backside came out with lumps and dents that, after 5 months, likely should have subsided. I am not posting pictures because there is bound to be those people that go "omg you poor thing that is soooo noticeable" or those other people that tell their personal horror story not realizing their scaring the crap out of me. So, no pics. Right now, if nothing gets worse, id still say that there was an overall improvement to my body.

A year later

A year later and I L-O-V-E my boobs... So do the boys!! HAHA!! Never thought I'd say that. Only two notes: when i flex my pectorals i look scary weird and when i put my arms anywhere but to the side they look really far apart, but heck - my boobs looked terrible from every angle before so trust I aint complainin!!
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