Asian Rhinoplasty

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Been wanting to get my nose done since high...

Been wanting to get my nose done since high school, finally got a chance to do it. I had my surgery done on April 14th and all I can say is that I'm starting to doubt my choice of doctor. I had a few consultation done by other doctors but Dr. Clark is the only one who I felt reassuring at that time because he was the only one who showed me his rhinoplasty work. Long story short please do your research and look for a nose like yours and see the FINAL results. I might be just 2 weeks out but not truly happy with what I'm seeing now. Dr. Clark might be the best in the Caucasian side but not so much in the Asian area. I'm still left with a bulbous nose even after he gave me a kenalog shot which he said he was going to make it look beautiful according to his computer imaging. I may have a nose bridge but now it is looking crooked, I also told him how my airway is uneven but he said not to worry because I'm still swollen. I'm truly praying that my nose will heal beautifully but for now this is me ranting about it and hopefully I'll be able to help someone out.

tracking my recovery

Since after my surgery I swelled up like a ball, I'm keeping a record of the daily changes to my nose. Reading from all the other post, all the doctors were saying that it's a waiting game for the nose to recover. Since I truly have no patience, I'm doing this to keep me from my sanity.
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