Lots of great expectation!!! 35 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Much Needed Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift,

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I have being doing my research now for the past 5...

I have being doing my research now for the past 5 years, however when i really decided i'm gonna make this dream a reality, i gave birth to my second bundle of joy, he is 21 months old now, after breastfeeding him for 9 mths my body changed drastically breast hanging and i cant seems to find any clothes to fit as my breast and belly grew out of proportions, so now i becomes a stalker on RealSelf, so happy when i found out about this site, so currently i am anticipating my big day, so much sleepless night doing extra hours to get the cash in lol, i even start gym to get my body ready, so lets just say all road leads to Santo Domingo on the 3/07/2014, Dr. Yily doll in the making!!!

my belly hanging over, can never feel comfortable!!!

Should I Nervous and Anxious at the same damm time!!

After watching and stalking realself and looking at many BBL, I am serious contemplating it, honestly my husband don't mind as he loves to see a nice ass, I have a nice ass but I think I need a little more, I asked myself should I do it or not, but looking at my peeps on realself gives me a boost of confidence I should, I asked many of my girlfriend if I should they tell me no I already has ass because I am 5ft 1inches tall, a short girl with a brood booty but I want a little more I am currently going to gym I saw definition of the booty but man I don't want to go back Santo another time if I don't have it done when I go for my sx, so guys do you think I should? anxious and need advice.

its official now!!!

Ok guys I must inform you I bought my tickets today, was so nervous but yes I did!!!
I spend my money today without no hesitation, I am so friggin ready!!!! so July 3, 2014, all road leads to Santo!!!! woot woot

just want this so bad!!!

I spoke to Dr. Alejandro Pizzoglio regarding my surgery in Santo I told him what I wanted done but he informed me he think I want too much done at once, I should choose between the three, I should do a tt and bl or a tt and bbl now I am so stress cant choose!!!
Has anyone done all 3 procedures at once, hope some one will answer me



My wish pic


Ok so I have been a wish pic maniac lately. I thought I'd share them. Let me know if I have inadvertently violated the stolen pic code def not my intent!! lol


Hello My RS peep
So i am taking my Iron and Vitamins daily and anticipating my sx date, I am super excited and also went out and get some wife beaters for 2 for $5 which was very nice so i bought a bunch of them, i make sure i bought bed slippper and i also purchase a sweat pants suit for when i am coming home. I bought Kotex extra long and wipes because i heard so many arrow stories, so i decided i will not shower until i am sure dont want no infections.

I also bought tickets for my sons they going to JAMAICA for vacations, i am very happy about there trip i will miss them so much but i think thats the best decision for them they will be very happy with my my mom and sister and there little cousins. My husband was going with me then i told him i am going with my friend, so he said we should go he will take his vacation when i come back so he can help me i am so happy about that too!!!

Everything seems ok, my only problem is i am getting so fat!!! my belly is BIGGGGG hate that so much but i know i will be on the flat side in 2 months WOW!!!
Still have not decided on the RH yet, i think i am waiting until i reach to make that decisions, my friend she lives in La Romana, i will have her make the decisions where that is concern.

I slept all day today, no work today its Good Friday, putting in some extra long hours have to get the money in, i am staying there for 3 weeks, so where money is concern i want to be comfortable!!!

I hope this is enough!!!

Don't want to burden myself with a lot of weight, going is not the problem is coming back after my sx, so I am still apprehensive about bringing a lot of stuff with me, a good friend of mine told me about the water in Santo and believe me I told myself I will not shower until I think its safe, so freak out about all these horror stories, don't need any infections omg!!! so I will weight patiently, I will have to go and look for more WIPES!!!


What foods prevent the body absorb iron pills?
**Grains and Fiber

Cereals and breads reduce the absorption of iron from food and iron pills. Bran, oats and other grains contain phytic acid, which binds iron in the gut and prevents absorbed. The bran has a particularly high level of phytic acid. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1987 showed that adding bran to wheat flour reduces absorption by 75 percent. Diets high in fiber limit iron absorption and increase the speed at which iron pills pass through the intestine

.• Tea

Have a cup of tea per day immediately after taking an iron pill reduces the amount of iron absorbed more than 70 percent. Red tea has the highest inhibitory effect and to reduce the absorption from 80 to 95 percent. However, herbal teas such as peppermint and chamomile also decrease the absorption of iron from 50 to 80 percent. Tea drinking more than two hours before taking iron pills minimizes the effect of iron absorption. Tea contains high levels of polyphenols, which are substances that bind iron and prevent its absorption. Tannic acid, a polyphenol found in tea, is one of the inhibitors most potent iron absorption.
• The coffee

A single cup of coffee reduces iron absorption at least 40 percent. The greatest effects occur within one hour after ingestion of iron pills. By contrast, more than one coffee drink before taking tablets not prevent absorption. The decrease in iron absorption is greater when drinking strong coffee. However, even strong coffee has half the inhibitory effect of tea. This is because coffee contains different types of polyphenol with weaker effects in terms of absorption of iron.

• Cocoa

The cocoa reduces absorption by more than 70 percent. Raisins and red grape juices have a significant effect but smaller, as they decrease the absorption of a 30 to 60 percent. The amount of iron absorbed after drinking red wine is less than half of what is absorbed with white wine. Red wine polyphenol contains a concentration 10 times higher.

• Raisins and red grape jueces

• The spices (rosemary, oregano or cinnamon)

• Milk, cheese or other dairy products

Milk, cheese or other dairy products significantly interfere with the absorption of iron. Calcium in dairy products impairs the absorption of iron by blocking their passage through the cells lining the small intestine. A glass of milk or a slice of cheese containing 125 mg of calcium reduces iron absorption by 50 percent. Lots with 300mg of calcium absorption reduced by 80 percent. Conversely, the calcium added to orange juice does not reduce the absorption of iron. This is because the orange juice contains vitamin C and citrate, which increases iron absorption and counteract the inhibitory effect of calcium. Dairy products consumed at least two hours before ingesting iron tablets do not affect iron absorption.

And everything that contains phytic acid / phatic acid.

**********FEELING SO ANNOYED******************

WOW when i tell you ladies about some trying times, well God is in control i wont even sweet about it, my husband birthday was on the 26 April, so i guess he start to celebrate early, he went and drank so much rosie wine on the 24 April, I worked the night shift so when i got home he wasn't there, a few minutes after he came he said "Baby you home early" i went to shower came back out he was gone with his jeep, right there and then i felt something come over me, i could not shack it maybe a hour later one of his friend knock on our bedroom door and told me that the police went with him he was charged with a DUI and they took his license away from him, so now i am forced to drive him everywhere kmdt talk about fucking carelessness!!!

So after not hearing anything from Dr. Yily and her staff, i decided to go with the KING HIMSELF NO OTHER THAN CABRAL, my main reason was because i wanted a BL and i dont think Yily can give me what i want, i only planned to do this ONCE there wont be no ROUND 2, so i think thats my finally decision i contacted his assistant today Maria and she informed me, Cabral is in sx she will send me a email in a few hours, so i am waiting!!!

Tired of this BULLSHIT with Yily and her staff and trust me not feeling her i think she needs a vacation!!!!

More wish pic!!!

Let me know if I have inadvertently violated the stolen pic code def not my intent!! lol

I did my research my peeps and

I got quotes from all the ps I am interested in from DR,

Still wanna go with the King

Cabral- BBL TT LIPO 4500
Cabral- BBL TT LIPO BA 6500

Cabral quote is only for SX you will be looking at about 500$ in additional fees plus massages and RH

Almonte- tt bbl lipo 4850
Almonte- tt bbl lipo bl ba 5950

Almonte quote is all inclusive which includes everything except massages

Robles- tt lipo bbl 5300
Robles-tt lipo ba 6000

Robles quote is also all inclusive including everything except the massages

Lima- tt lipo bbl ba 4500

Lima quote isn't all inclusive but includes insurance not RH or Massages

Yily- tt lipo bbl ba 5500

quote for sx only

Duran- bbl tt lipo BA 6800

Quote for sx only


Oh and yes my surgery date is confirmed with Cabral, I spoke to Louisiana who spoke fluent English she was amazing, she informed me if I arrive on the 3rd July I should come str88 to the clinic for my blood work and I will have surgery on the 4th july first thing!!! omg that's amazing are u kidding me!!! I wanted to see DR but I don't even care I just want surgery done asap!!! *****so motivated right now!!!

*****So friggin excited!!!!

So my peeps it has being official now, I was planning on staying with Angelas RH but I am going with my best friend so I thought we would share a room and the cost would be share between us both, example if the bill was 60 she would pay 30 and I pay 30, this was the case for buddying up with someone, GUESS THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!!!!

I called Angela's a few days ago I spoke to Yomara was very nice, speaks fluently English was very precise about the $$$$$, but when you have Jesus in your corner I tell you nothing beats prayer.

A few years ago I met a couple they lived in Italy but would come here on vacation every 10 months. I worked in a restaurant where I waitress so these people just fell in love with me from day 1 , so I saw them about 3 weeks ago, so we hugged and we talked for a very brief moment they inform me they going DR and that her mom live there too, i was so shocked i said i am going DR in july for sx i just layed it out and tell them everything, she said do u wanna stay with my mom she has apartments you could cook, its a studio your own bathroom etc, are you fucking kidding me I said yes y not she said I will ask my mom and let you know when we come back here I swear these people forget about me last night I was working and they show up on my job give me a hug and tell me the cost of me staying with her mom is $150 per week, let me hear a amen!!! This woman even volunteer to pick me up from the airport and she lives in the Capitol that's a major plus. I am so happy like I said I called Angelas Rh and they charge $65 per night, per person even if we staying in the same room, God works in mysterious ways i tell you.

Still taking my vitamins and counting down my days, preparing my sons for there trip to Jamaica.
Its being a wild ride, but I am so focus on getting this trip done!!! pray for me dolls all I need now is your support ladies, ttyl!!!!

*****SO DRAINED****

I must inform you my peeps I am so unhappy right now, I went and did my CBC a few days ago, I got my result today, everything is ok, except for the hemo, its at 11.3 and I am not a happy trouper kmdt. I am taking my iron and vitamin not daily but consistently I think!!!! lol hate pillllsssssssss so I drank a lot of beets and more beets and I am taking TARDYFERON!!!.




I am so ready!!!!

Jesus takes the wheel!!!

*****Terrible flu****

Its being my 2nd day sick with this dam flu and aches and pain, and I have a bump in my nose that is hurting the f...k out of me!!! I am so drained with just 3 weeks to go. This shit is getting real, I have so much going through me right now, cant put it words!!!

How to raise Hemoglobin levels: via Dra Fatima Almonti!!!

• Low hemoglobin levels due to iron deficiency anemia can be corrected by including iron rich sources in your diet. Leafy vegetables like spinach, beans and lentils, Asparagus and sesame seeds are other good sources of iron. Grains like barley rice, you could use combination of any of these sources to cook delicious iron rich recipes. If not, munch on dried fruits such as almonds dried peaches or raisins if you’re a non-vegetarian, meat and fish are the best sources of iron for you.

• Vitamin C rich foods helps the body to absorb iron from foods. Low hemoglobin levels due to deficiency of Vitamin C can be corrected by eating fruits like guava), kiwi, papaya, oranges, strawberries and grapefruit. You can enjoy them together by making a delicious fruit salad or a mixed fruit juice. Vitamin C rich vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and spinach.

• If your hemoglobin count is low because your body is not producing sufficient red blood cells, then you could be deficient in folic acid, B complex vitamin that is required to make red blood cells. Sources of folic acid include lentils, dried beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, banana, corn, beets, pineapple and peanuts. (Note: If you are having more of Vitamin C sources then you’ll have to increase the intake of folic acid as well because Vitamin C causes excretion of folic acid from the body).

• Another way is to add dried herbs to your diet which increase the absorption of iron. Especially, coriander, spearmint, basil, chervil, dried parsley, bay leaf may be helpful.

• If you are deficient in iron you should avoid having calcium rich foods like milk and cheese. They block the absorption of iron. Don’t drink too much of coffee, tea and alcohol either. Foods containing gluten like pastas and wheat products also cause anemia.

• Sometimes, foods such as parsley that are rich in oxalic acid may also interfere with absorption of iron. Have them in limited quantities.

I hope this helps prepare for your journey! Have a blessed afternoon!

pre op pic

These are sum pics I took since I start my journey

my hemo oh fuck

So I went and did my hemo its not where I want it to be so I cancel my sx until further notice. Feeling so disappointed right now it just fucking suck yow.

yay yay I am finally on the flatside

So hey my peeps, I had my surgery done praise the lord, I came here on the 3rd july. I went to see Dr Cabral on the 4th I had my blood work done it was so low I was mad as hell, a 11.6 kmdt so he gives me some injection, and some pills and a liquid medicine called falacon it did wonders, my hemo was up 12.8 wow.

So yes I had my sx on the 7th july, I had my first massage today works wonders I am feeling so much better today.

Anyway my peeps I will post some pics soon, belly flat boobs stand up I am so in love with myself.

Would I do this again hell no the pain is tooooooo much.
life and death situation. I am at a lost of words every time I think about this whole journey. Crazy

My last day at cipla

So we leave tomorrow to stay at my friend mom house. Another 2 weeks we stay here, I want to make sure everything is ok b4 I leave here, they way they do things here hygienically I dont think its the right way. So I am very conscious about everything. I have so much to update you guys about the good bad and ugly, but I am just feeling sore now. I promise I will do that soon pics coming I promise,

today is 1 week thank you jesus

So I wake up this morning feeling so thankful, it has being a week now since my surgery, I have nothing to complain about, still getting my lymphatic massage and just and enjoying the process of recovery

no regrets

Hello dolls, it's been a while now since I touch base with you all, but I am trying to get my shit sorted out, recovery, missing my kids and just so friggin happy to be home. I spend 3 week and 3 days in DR, my trip was amazing, I have nothing to complain about. My doctor was amazing Dr. Cabral is the man, my breast prefectly shaped so in love and of course my husband can't take his hands of me.

I went to the DR on the 3rd July when I arrive I went to my friend mom house the next day we went straight to CIPLA, we did the consultation with Dr Cabral I told him what I wanted and he told me he's gonna do everything to make me happy.

We went to do our bloodwork, and yeah my hemo was 11.6 dammit, so he prescribed the iron shots for 3 days and a syrup and sum pills which did wonders. I watched my friend had surgery and I was so freak out I swear I wanted to take back my money and run home, but I already paid Cabral so I have no choice other than to do it. I called my husband he said baby you come too far to turn back now. So yes I did it.

The day of the surgery that was the 7 july I was up bright and early I went downstairs to check my hemo and this time I was 12.6. I was just waiting now for them to give me the little blue pill. I took the pill at 12 I fell asleep minutes after my friend told me I went in surgery at 12:45 pm honestly I was out I did not know what time they bring me to surgery nothing. What I do remember though is the pain in my back I felt everything it was so painful I remember telling them you guys are killing me.

To be continue.


There you go


Just me again still swollen

so happy

I am so confortable with my result no complains at all. A little swollen in my mid section but I guess everything will be ok in time.

doing me

Yes my peeps so cheerful and thankful tonight

I am in a better place today

Hey my peeps

It has been so long since I give you all a update my life. My life is not perfect but I am still thankful to be alive I a little swollen still but I am not even gonn sweat over that right now. I am just so happy. My pic will say the rest.

more pics

Yes hun
Hector Cabral

Santo Domingo , DR

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