Soon to be Robles Barbie (4/16/14)!!! TT, BL & Lipo

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I have been wanting a tummy tuck and breast lift...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck and breast lift for at least 5 years now. i have one 12 yo girl, who is amazing and its so sweet of her that she does not believe mommy needs anything done!! However, I am 5'2, currently 180, have lost over 60 pds, and will lose more weight b4 surgery and surgery is mandatory! I been searching, reading reviews, and viewing b4 and after pic of Dr. Robles work and I have concluded that she will be preforming my procedures.

I requested a consultation online on Feb 21, 2014 and received a reply almost right away from "Laura" (Dr. Robles's Serv Assistant). Which included all the vitamins I should start taking (View photo). And also requested me to follow photos of my body areas I wanted to "fix". So I followed the photos and received a reply again right away with a quote of $5200 (lipo on waist, back, arms and fat transfer to butt + tummy tuck) or $5800 (Tummy tuck, breast lift + lipo on sides) because it is not medically recommended to exceed 5-6 hrs in surgery time. I decided I wanted the $5800 package.

On Feb 26, 2014, I Western Union $500 for my deposit. I texted and emailed Laura to advise that I had forwarded my deposit, in order to hold the surgery date I requested. I finally received an email response about 2 days later. At that point I had grew scared and offended because I figured they had my $500, and had stopped responding, would not answer or return my calls. However, finally when I received an email, it was explained to me that they were not in office due to Dominican Holiday. So I was relieved to finally hear something back. I then request to change the initial surgery date I had requested and I was able to do so.

I booked my airline ticket which was $527 incl insurance to arrive in DR the day before surgery on the 15th. I am excited yet still very concerned because the communication and responses take longer. However, I'm remaining hopeful and have began taking all my vitamins. I ordered everything online from walmart and amazon.

Becoming less concerned, but......

now when I call Laura's cellphone, I am starting to get an answer which is a major relief. $500 is a lot of money to send for a deposit then have to worry if this is legit or not. So now that the communication is starting to pick back up, I am starting to be less concerned. However, I've asked twice for Laura to send me an email with my updated surgery "safe date" email just so Im confident and certain that my updated surgery date is confirmed, yet I have not received the email yet :( But both times when I spoke to her, she verified that her have me down to come in on the 15th and surgery on the 16th.

I will be starting today with (2 and days) which means I will be working out twice a day!!!! Yes I said twice a day!!! I have a male and a female friend who have done this and they have lost a rack of weight in no time! However, of course, ur meals and water intake much be on point as well! It definitely takes commitment, determination and motivation but I can do this!!!

If there is anyone else scheduled to have their procedure during Apr 15-26.....

If there is anyone else scheduled to have their procedure during Apr 15-26 please let me know. We can be each others support team! I have a friend who plan to come down, however, she brought to my attention that Easter sunday is that following weekend:( But she might still come drop the following week after!

Have a full physical with my personal family Doctor....

Hello all, just wanted to come and give an update. I have been arranging my house to ensure everything is in order for when I get ready to leave for DR. I have been taking all of my vitamins and have been drinking plenty of water. I spoke to Laura and she finally emailed me my "Safe Date" email which confirms my new surgery date!!!! YAY!!!! So it is official!!!! She also included info about when I arrive at the airport in DR to look for the driver who will be holding a sign with my name on it...

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appt and requested a full physical and CBC (Complete Blood Count). I know that I will need this before the surgery, so I wanted to go ahead and have this done in advance. I also remember viewing another reviewer who also did a youtube vid (Michelle Mitchell) and she mentioned that she was not able to have both of her surgeries done because her iron was low. So I know it is extremely important to be taking my 2 iron pills a day. Unfortunately I just noticed that she has deleted the vids on youtube???

I told my doctor about my up and coming surgery and I can tell that she was concerned about me going to another country for these major procedures! However, she was able to write me a prescription for pain meds (Vicodin 5-300 MG) that I will have because I have read other reviewer mention that it is best to take your own pain meds because the ones in DR may not be strong enough.

Also I have already started showering with my antibacterial liquid soap. I will try to upload more pix but have not been able to do so...

More pix I have been trying to upload....

Me in clothes...

Ok Im finally understanding how to upload, edit and delete pix on here...



How to add a profile picture??? Can someone let me!



Got my ticket!!!

Queens Recovery house

I will be staying at Queens recovery house and I just texted Laura to ask if she have hospital beds at her recovery house?? I'm awaiting a response but I know that another reviewer was at a recovery house that only had regular beds and I can't imagine trying to recovery in just a flat regular bed. I want to be able to operate the lift for my head and legs to reduce swelling. Hope to hear back from Laura soon.

And has anyone heard anything about Queens Recovery house???? I notice that most of us who are scheduled in and around April 2014 will be recovery there...

Praying for the best!!

27 days before my surgery!!!! Woooowhoooo!!!

I am very anxious and a little impatient but I know I need this time to continue 2 prepare everything. I hv been eating very well, working out, taking my vitamins and drinking plenty of water.

I had a conversation w/my 12 yo daughter yesterday just 2 make sure she understood this whole process and see if she had any concerns or questions! She's so calm & clever that she is not scared or worried (Thank God!!) I am very limited to the ppl in my life (friends, family, co-workers) who even knows about my up and coming procedures because i really don't care 4 every1's opinions. My Supv at wk knows I will be having a breast reduction and that's pretty much all any1 else knows. Only my daughter, my Doctor and 1 friend knows about the tummy tuck too. And initially the friend was all negative abt the whole going to a differ country, blah blah blah. Yeah so I don't want 2 hear all of that...just want the support....LOL!!

Laura texted me right back and said she will send me an email about Queens rh so I'll update once I get it...

Working out everyday now...

Working out everyday now, eating healthy, taking vitamins and drinking water. However, I still drink alcohol from time to time but I plan to stop drinking all alcohol 2 week b4 my surgery. I can tell that I am losing weight bc my clothes fits looser and better!
Have not been on the scale (on purpose).

Really want to thank all the ladies who have already gone thru sx who have cont. 2 update and provide details & info!!! This forum is such a blessing 4 me & others. I would hv never considered a sx in another country especially only but this forum and these brave ladies hv assisted me w/building the courage to proceed w/my journey and transformation!!! It is amazing how someone I hv never met, never spoke to, "a stranger" can be my bigger support system and encourager. I am a very private person and do not allow everyone to know abt my personal life or my journey but this forum is perfect for me because I know that there r others understand this journey and will offer them genuine support! God bless u ALL!!!!


New Faja...

Ordered a new faja for after surgery from ( I chose the Fajas colombianas w/bra for $92 (free shipping) and they have a 5% discount on all orders. I received a shipping confirmation the same day, so shipping seems to be fast. I just hope it will be the proper fit for me because I hate having to return anything I order.

Faja I ordered...

Ana Chery waist cincher vest

I slept in a Waist cincher today and have started wearing it when I workout also! It's made of a really thick, strong type rubbery material which helps shrink the mid-section, especially when workout w/it on. I ordered this off Amazon for abt $65. I like it, it is made very well but it is always so difficult trying to guess what sz u will need when ordering any type of shape wear. I ordered a US 40 (XL) based upon the measurement chart and other ppl reviews on YouTube about how tight it is...however I should hv gone w/my gut bc the XL is too big. It holds me in very well but I was already on the 3rd roll of hooks when I 1st started wearing it. However it is still great to hv and I still love it!

Now I'll be at Virginia's RH

Now I'll be at Virginia's RH not Queen's RH!!!!! So Laura never did sent me any info/pix of Queen's recovery house as she stated she wud. Been tryna reach her via phone/text/email for 3 days then she text me today asking how can she help me??!...when I have already been clear that I needed more info on this queens RH?! So she playing I responded and said...listen I prefer to be at Virginias RH bc I know nothing abt queens RH and it shud not be this difficult to get information. So I got an update that my request was granted and I've been confirmed that I will now be at Virginias RH!!!! Thank God!!!!! Laura pissed me off w/the non sense but she redeemed herself!!!! Thanks Laura!


Ok so I've read other reviewers mention how they started hving dreams right b4 I'm right at 3 weeks post I had the most vivid dream that I had already had my sx. And the nurse was helping me into my CG. And she was explaining to me how to wear it,EtcEtc! The thing that I remember the most is that I was NOT in ANY pain!!!! I hope dreams come true!!!! #Positive thinking!!!

Good luck and Happy healing to all the RSers who are currently and soon to under going sx!!! Pls keep us updated on ur journeys!!!

Correction correction*** I'm 3wks PRE-OP

I'm at 3 weeks pre-op (b4 sx) not post op.

I hate that I can not edit my update after I submit it bc I don't always hv time to proofread....

If any1knows he to edit updates pls let me know?!!!

Team Robles!!!!

This is y I feel so happy w/my decision to pick Dra Walkiris Robles bc of the little things like this email I recv 2day!!!!

I'm starting my count down today....17 more days until I'm on the flatter side!!! #RoblesBarbie!!!

Detox juicing...

I have done juicing and detoxes in the past and they hv been very beneficial 4me w/helping w/my weight loss and just to get back on track.

I'm trying the "Mean Green Detox" calls for
1/2 lemon 1 cucumber 2handfuls of kale or 6-8 kale leaves 2 green apples 4 celery stalks & 1" of ginger. Juice and drink 3 of these per day. Drink at least 2 quarts of water a day and do a cup of Smooth Move b4 bed.

So far so good! Down 3 pds in 2 days. But it's only suggested to do this for 3-5 days. I hv a cpl of co workers who do it for 60 days and they shrank down quick. However I'm only going to do up the 5 days bc I'm not sure how juicing will affect my hemoglobin levels??? And I am still taking all vitamins and water water water..

Omg...only 12 more days b4 I fly...

Omg...only 12 more days b4 I fly out 2 D.R! I am not afraid at all. I am sooooo ready 4 my new flat tummy!

I hv to call my Dr. and hv her to mail me my lab results bc she mailed everything but what I actually needed...I was nervous abt my results bc I see so many women mention how their hemoglobin ct was too low to hv both of their sx but thank God my hemoglobin is 13.5!!!! I hv been taking my vitamins and had only been taking them for maybe a week when my lab test were done so yes I am shocked that it is so high! According to my lab paperwork a normal range for hemoglobin ct is 12.0-15.0


THE COUNT DOWN IS REAL....5 MORE DAY!!!!! I can barely believe that my time is so near!!! I am not nervous at ALL!!! I am so ready! Everything is pretty much packed, just have to toss a few more items in then Im done. I have (2) days that I am going to work that I fly out on the 15th.

Okay ladies, Im going to share something w/u..that I am sure all may not want to know...however, it has been so beneficial to me that I wud like to share with others who may find it helpful. I was researching and came across the benefits of doing an enema before surgery. I decided to do it and also noticed that not only did I feel overall better, but I lost like 10 lbs. It also helped with my appetite where I was not as hungry as normally. Which has enabled me to keep off the 10 lbs and continue eating healthy! I have been drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day and sometime take my iron pills 3 times a day vs 2 times a day. I dont want to take many chances on my iron being too low for sx. Also w/the enemas I saw that some surgeons even suggest that their patients do one the night before sx in order for the stomach to be emptied and to get to flattest TT results. I did a peppermint oil and coconut oil enema and OMG how refreshing the peppermint is and the coconut oil just helps everything just slide out! I felt like a brand new person!!!!


I just read a review of a young lady who flew all the way to DR was Dra Robles could not do any of her sx due to her hemoglobin being too. I am making sure to eat plenty of iron rich foods, take my vitamins and drink plenty of water. I just cooked a huge pot of cabbage and kale green and a pot of great northern beans.

Also ladies be sure to schedule ur sx before or approx. 1 week after ur cycle because it's possible that ur cycle can affect ur hemoglobin levels. Luckily I just so happened to schedule my sx 1 day before my cycle is supposed to start. That was just a coincidence but thank God it's good timing. Praying it doesn't start early. Last time I went for my PC visit..abt a month hemoglobin level was at 13.0 which was great but prayerfully it will be a bit higher for my sx in 4 days!

Flight Day to DR....

This has been the longest day...Left DC the plane was late leaving...Had to rebook my connecting flight because my plane arrived to Miami late...Supposed to arrive in DR at 11:44pm...just thanking God and praying for traveling mercies!

Boarding connect flight...

So after missing my original flight...and standing in line for over an hour to rebook.. I'm finally boarding my conn flight to DR! I've been Whatsapp Dra Robles & Laura w/updates and since I'll be arriving to DR at 11:44 pm..the driver will take me to the hotel for tonight. Dra Robles will see me in the AM. I'm still not nervous at all...more excited & anxious!!!

Surgery was great...Dra Robles is the best!!!!

hi was great...took blue and it didnt kick in quick but they gave me somethin thru IV then i dont even remember passing out! I woke up several time durning sx and i cud hear them talking and they were doing the lipo,,I cud feel the motions of it but not pain..Im now still at CECIP in my room, they gave me 2 iron shots, 1 in each arm and i have been drinking hella appetite..oh im so upset i left my cellphone in the hotel this morning when Wilson (the driver) picked me up..and they wont let any1 else pick it up -will only give to me..but ill be able to get it tomorrow...then i can take so pictures...I did get a peek at my tummy and it looks great!!!! i feel great ladies-pls keep me and the other dolls in prayer...Dr Robles is so sweet and amazing!!!

Update post opt...

Thx all 4 all of the well wishes & prayers! I'm doing great. Had to do the oxygen bed 2x for an hr & 1/2 each. Bc I occasionally smoke hookah...although I hadn't smoked in over 2months b4 sx I still needed it. Every1 at Virginias is nice. The food is good. We had scrambled eggs w/onions& pepper for b'fast, steak, veggies & mash 4 lunch, and grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner!

I am drinking tooooonnnns of h2o. It really helps drain. I am determined to go hm drain-free!

Here's a few pix. I love my new boob sz!! I was a 38DD...& I told Robles that I wanted to be a full C cup! No implants & I love!


Dra. Robles wanted to see me 2day to ck on my recovery progress & change my dressing. Had to do the oxygen bed again today...ugh...I hate it but it suppose to help if u smoke. I don't smoke cigs but occasionally smoke hookah. I hv a lot of bruising on my back and arms due to lipo but I only had lipo on my sides but I guess the bruising shows on back & arms. Pain on a scale from 1-10 is maybe a 4. I am walking well but still hv to bend to protect my scar. Here are a few more pix.

4 days po

Today I actually feel 90% but I know I still hv to take it easy. I had to do the oxygen bed AGAIN today...this makes 4x and suppose to be the last. Ladies if u smoke then u definitely will hv to do the oxygen bed...then I had to get 2 more iron shots and hv to increase my water intake, which I'm already drinking over 3 liters of h2o a day, so now I hv to do abt 4. However it helps with the draining and just to clear ur system of all the anesthesia. I'm at Viriginas RH and the ladies here are very nice! The food is good. Here Virginia makes sure u get all of ur meds on times, she keeps up w/everything for u! I hear that at Angie's RH u are on ur own. U hv to keep up w/ur own meds and hv to wash ur own FYI keep that in mind ladies.


Ladies be sure to pack a minimum of 2 packs of wipes. You will be using those a lot. Also if u have bathing suit cover-ups or full body wraps them are great alternatives for the maxi dresses. Virginia prefers front open dresses or robe/housecoats/gowns....& u will appreciate them also bc u will be in and out of ur clothes several times a day...whether it be for changing of ur dressings, when Dra Robles want to see u, oxygen bed, and/or to get massage...etc...just know that the easier to get on and off the better.

U will not be able to shower the entire time u are here bc their water is not as pure or filtered as in the states so to minimize infections due to open scars shower. Only cat bathes and wash ups.

Day 5 po

Today is pretty relaxed and chill at the RH. 3 of the ladies left to catch their flights home and now it's only me and 2 other ladies. B'fast is around 8-8:30am, and u are given ur meds also. I hv to be rubbed down every 2 hrs w/3 differ gels to help w/the bruisings on my back which I hate but it keeps me moving...There are 2 helpers who work w/Virginia (1) during the week and the other (1) only during the weekend! They are great, very nice...I'll remember their names later...I hv my own private room & bathroom w/motorized bed and A/c. Virginia changed my beddings yesterday and the helper cleaned my room and bathrm this AM. I feel very good today! Thank God! As soon as I wake up in the AM I put on my compression socks. Day 1-4 I needed Virginia to put them on for me. But today (day 5 po) i was able to do myself!
Be sure to bring ur back scratcher..last nite it def came in handy especially when no 1 is around to help u. Thx Dukes for talking me abt that!!! I am still in high spirits, I feel great...missing my baby girl, my dog, &just my own bed. But only 5 more days...counting down but at least I am comfortable and in great hands!

Useful apps to download while in DR

3 of the most useful apps for me have been Whatsapp. Most likely ur cellphone will not hv serv so u can still be able to text Dra Robles, Virginia and whoever else w/Whatsapp.

Also Converter...bc u will be exchanging American dollars for pesos and u can see what ur dollars convert to so u won't get ripped off

And MagicJack...u can talk to anyone, anywhere for free..even if ur cellphone service doesn't work in DR. U can still call people w/this app.


Forgot to mention that u will have a catheter in place after sx so u will not hv to get up to pee. Mines stayed in for abt 24 hrs or shortly b4 I left the clinic to go to RH. It is normal to experience slight pain for the 1st 24-48 hrs when u urinate after the catheter has been removed. It should subside after 48 hrs and again it should only be a slight discomfort.

I hv not felt ANY pain from my breast reduction/lift! And I only feel the tightness and discomfort from my TT when I cough, laugh, sneeze etc. However po day 4-5 it has decreased a lot. Dra. Robles stuck a needle in both areoles when she saw me Saturday I guess to ensure that there was blood was not painful..maybe my nipples were still numb but there was a tiny bit of blood which is what she wanted to see.

I have not had to take any of the meds I brought from hm, none of the Vicodin I got from my family doctor. I've only been taking the meds that Dra. Robles provided. I am healing extremely well. God is good! I'm thankful for Dra. Robles, her staff and my health!

Day 8 po

So yesterday I had an appointment w/Dra. Robles and she changed my dressings and massaged my bruises on my side from the lipo. She suggested even more water intake (currently doing (3-4) 1.75 liters now), also suggests 2 more iron shots, she gave me more meds and suggested I take my own multi vitamins which I hv w/my from the states and more Oxygen and the continue to hv Virginia massage my bruises w/the gels.

My time in DR is coming to a end very soon! I will be leaving early early Sat morning! I'm so happy! I met Buildababe yesterday! She came in from sx to the RH! She too is so pleased w/her results! I've also met BahamaMama who left yesterday, I met a few other ladies from the Robles FB group. Oh and I met another from RS who is here at the RH but I'll get her RS name later.

OverAll, my experience has been amazing! My results are getting better by the day and swelling is improving.

Day 9 post op

Ok today I had my final appointment w/Dra. Robles and everything looks great! My bruises are almost gone, my boobs and belly button are healing very well. She gave me 3 tiny stitches in front bc I had been standing straight up and had a tiny opening on my tummy tuck scar but that was quickly taken care of. And I just hv to remember to bend and be more careful when walking. Still swollen a lot on my sides and feet and draining a lot so drains go home to DC w/me which is fine, I expected that. Here's some update pix. Mind u, still super swollen but u can still see how my waist is & the girls are sitting pretty!!!!

Tummy tuck scar

13 days PO

Hi dolls! I am 13 days PO. I actually feel great! I wear my Ann Chery waist cincher vest, my rubber waist band, and my garment nearly 24/7! It has really helped the swelling and water weight to cease. I wear my compression socks here & there. And keep my feet elevated whenever I'm sitting. Still taking my vitamins (Iron, mutli, water pills, Vitamin C, bromelain, and some others I can't think of right now)! No pain meds. Mind u, I still hv my drain in and I'm still draining like 100 cc per day so I will keep it in for now. Bruises are all gone. I keep tape and A&D ointment on my scars.

Anyone fling home from sx...whatever u do, wear ur compression socks and of course ur garment. I wore my garment but no compression socks and I swelled so bad that I could barely walk when I got home. I've been home for 4 days now and the swelling decreases more & more everyday. I'll be returning to work 18 days PO.

Good luck to all who r and hv taken this journey! I plan to do a thorough update on all the do's & don't pertaining to my journey that have worked for me and may help others as well.

Pix coming soon!

Almost 15 days PO

Almost 15 days PO! Walking straight but still bending to prevent harming my scar. As u see, I still have my original tape on my boobs, although I change my dressing I spray alcohol, put A&D ointment on the scar then place glazes and more tape. Before sx one of my boobs were bigger than the other so i love how Dra. Walkiris Robles made my boobs symmetrical! They are so perfect and I have all sensation! Love my tummy...I had just finished eating dinner but it is extremely flat. I still wear garment all day other than when I'm washing it...

16 days PO. Drain out!!!

Ok so I was up early this AM (normal for me, I'm a night owl) everyone else was sleep, I wear my garment and tummy wraps all day so I just wanted to take everything off & just get in the shower. I finally decided to take my drain out at 16 days PO! I was only draining 50 cc per day and my swelling has gone all the way down so it was time. I only had to cut the stitching that held the drain in and I just pulled it right out! No pain at all. Sprayed alcohol and placed A&D ointment & taped gauzes.

17" inches of the drain was inside of me. As u see in the pic I wear soooo much stuff in order to mold my shape and reduce swelling. I have my dressing & ointment on my scars. My surgical bra. Wife beater. My Marika tummy band that I usually wear when I'm doing cardio but I just wear it now under my garment until I heal & can start back working out. My compression garment. And my Ana Chery rubber like vest!!! The boning in the vest was hurting my boobs so I cushioned it w/some maxi pads smh lol.

1st trying on clothes...

First time trying on "regular" clothes since my sx. I literally cried lol! I'm use to looking good in my clothes but this time to put on a dress with no garment, no underwear, not even a bra & can look like this...I'm so pleased. I still hv slight work to do but until I can get back into the gym, I just make sure to eat the right foods and care for my scars properly.

19 Days PO...

GM Dolls...19 Days PO...finally took the original strips of tape off my breast scar..mistakenly peeled too much scab from my left areola but no pain..I'm not worried..I'll just use extra precaution. Otherwise scars are fading dramatically! Last nite was my 2nd nite back at work & I notice that I am still walking slightly bent however it's not that noticeable to others. All of my co-wkers know abt the BL/redux but not all know abt the TT. Laura Rodriguez thx for the email checking on me and I also Whatsapp Dra. Walkiris Robles w/pix & an update to let her know my healing progress as requested. Here's some pix.


Hallelujah...finally able to sqqqquuueeeezzzzeeee into my faja!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????!!!

The struggle is real but I feel soooo "put together" in it!!! Although its a struggle to get into feel wonderful because everything is all together!!!

Be sure to get FLIGHT INSURANCE..

Thx sexymama3 for ur questions which reminded me to share w/the other dolls as well!!!

Question: Did I use wheelchair assistance?

Answer: Absolutely! Was a lifesaver!!!

Question: Did they help w/carry-On baggage?

Answer: I had just a laptop bag for carry on so it fit in my lap. However Miami airport offered to check additional baggage w/no extra fee so I decided to check my laptop bag too and laptop was destroyed :( thank God i got that $30 flight insurance which reimburse damages up to $500. My flight was w/American Airlines thru CheapTickets.Com. Be sure to get insurance!!!!

So ladies make sure you pay the extra $30 for flight insurance. If I had not gotten it I would not be getting reimbursed for my laptop being destroyed.

Day 26 PO!!!

Day 26 PO....scar almost totally standing all the up str8..still no pain..I only hv swelling in my left foot however when I wear my compression socks and/or elevate my legs swelling is gone. My stage 2 faja is a bit loose so I will be reordering a smaller size soon. I also wear my lipo foam on my tummy and sides and it really helps soften the lipoed areas. 2nd week back at work and all is well. I work nights and sit down most of the night and I hv not problems. The 1st week back to work, If I sat 4 too long I wud get a bit stiff but I just get up & move/walk around some. I still keep my scars covered w/tape. Scars are improving daily!!!! Still loving my results!

Scan Care routine by request!

Scar care routine by request!

I shower w/any antibacterial soap, dry scars with paper towels. Clean scars by spraying alcohol then dry again w/paper towels. Massage Mederma scar cream on scars then let dry. Massage A&D ointment around areola and place a small amount inside belly button. Now that tummy tuck scar is mostly healed..I now focus on fading the scar so I don't really use the A&D ointment in TT scar anymore. Just started spraying Neutrogena sunscreen on TT & breast scars & in 1 day I already notice a big different. It seems to really to fading w/the sunscreen. After sunscreen dries..I apply the adhesive tape or the flexible clear then the wide cloth tape on top to ensure the tape stays in place under garments. Only apply the clear tape or surgical tape on Breast then place gauze over areola.

5 wks PO

I feel close to 100% now at 5 weeks PO! I've started working out a little and now finally under my pre sx weight! The weight I lost the better my sx results are.

Was still having swelling mostly in my left foot/leg so went to my pcp and she prescribed me a water pill. I've only taken 1 pill so far and it already seems to help w/the swelling.

Relief from Swell Hell...

Swelling is one of the worst parts of sx. For the ladies who r still hving swelling issues...And for the ladies getting ready to go for sx.....My doctor prescribed me a water pill called Hydrochlorothiazide (25 mg). Day 1 swelling was down abt 85%. By day 3 there was 0% swelling. And now i don't need2take anymore. I totally wish I had them for the flight home after sx...that wud hv been a huge relief. The over the counter water pills did nothing for me.

Almost 6 wks PO

Taking on my new dress!!! Loving my results so far. Btw I do not hv anything (no garment) on under dress.

5 mts PO...Im back w/an update!!!

Love my new body! Still shocked when I see myself. It's a major journey and consist of serious determination & commitment.

Update!!! Guess who's preggers?!

After TT, lipo, breast life/redux I'm currently almost 12weeks pregnant! It's a blessing but was certainly a huge surprise being that my only child is 13 yrs old! I had 2 miscarriage years ago so I just assumed that I cud no longer hv babies. I am still in shock however I'm very excited & consider it a blessing. Since I am 35 yrs old, my insurance covers the MaterniT21 testing to check for abnormalities, etc. If u hv the MaterniT21 test done at or after 10 weeks pregnant, u can also learn ur baby's gender. Well I received the call yesterday with my lab results and thankful there were no abnormalities and we learned that we are having a baby BOY!!!!! Yay!!!

**** sure to use contraceptives after surgery if you do not want more babies!!!****
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