28 Yr Old, Breast Lift, No Implants w/ Dr Jacob Freiman!! - Coral Gables, FL

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I've been going back and forth about having a...

I've been going back and forth about having a Breast Lift for a couple months now. I've researched a few docs in the states and even so far as in the DR. I came across CG Cosmetics online and gave them a call! I was directed to a patient coordinator named Dahomey. She was super sweet and made me feel comfortable over the phone and gave me as much info as I wanted and needed! Not to mention the price was So Right!! I've seen a lot of reviews from Dr Freimans BA work which was beautiful but not anyone who's already busty like myself and just wants a lift! Dahomey sent me some BL pics and they were amazing as well!! I'm excited! nervous, but excited! I'm going to Miamiiiiii ?????????

It's official!! Down payment Made!

I made my first deposit on a new set of ChiChis!! :) I almost cried because it's getting real now! No turning back and more positively No Bras!! If I don't feel like it lol!! Here's a couple before pics of the girls! Oh and my body is "Under Construction" lol I'm trying to get motivated to loose this belly fat before surgery.. I needs to be on somebodies beach in a Crop Top and thong bikini ???????? lol!!

Before Pics!!

Time is Ticking..

I'm still excited but still super nervous!! Dayo sent me some pics of Before and After clients who had BL so I'm using these as wish pics! They all look really good so I'm glad they were all performed by my doctor!! :) then I added a few personal wish pics of my own :)

10 day Countdown..

10 days from today I'll be boarding the plane to CG! :)) still nervous but can't wait!! Ordered 2 new bathing suits.. (Can't wait to compare the before & after) One arrived & one I guess "someone" picked up at my door before I could :/ so I ordered another one.. Anyway.. Here's a pic of the one I caught.. And a new wish pic :) oh and Dr Freimans personal BL work! (Forgot to post last time)

3 More Days :)

Yayyy! My day is getting closer!! I did a little supply shopping the other day and hope I'm prepared for what's to come! Surgery is Paid in Full so there's no turning back now :))) bought a new comfy silk pajama set for the trip.. Can wait to compare the way it looks post op!! Here's my list of supplies so far.. If I'm missing anything u think I may need feel free to let me know..

2 seamless wire free bras front hook
1 cotton wire free bra front hook
1 arnica gel
1 mederma cream
2 whale shape cold packs (they were too cute lol)
1 waterproof tape (figured I may need once my silicone scar sheets arrive)
2 packs of charmin wipes
1 pack of panties
1 travel toothbrush/toothpaste
2 silk pajama short sets

Pre Op Appt

So I arrived in Miami around 2pm today.. Had the hotel shuttle pick me up from the airport and take me to CG for bloodwork. The Surgery Center is nice! Really pretty inside.. But definitely Busy! But the wait wasn't long after checking in at the front.. About 10mins and I was called to the back. Met my patient coordinator Dayo, she s reall nice!!! Was happy to finally meet me. They had me fill out a ton of paperwork, took before pics and drew my blood.. Gave me instructions for tomorrow a procedure and I'm beat.. Oh well that all I have for tonight.. Gonna rest up for surgery in the am!! :) wish me luckkkkk ttys

Walking in the Door!! :)

No turning Back!! I'm here!!! Wish me Luck!!

Met Dr Freiman!

Nice Guy.. He a asked a few medical questions and made me aware of what my results would look like.. Did his body drawings and went off to prepare for my new body.. (Short visit) I should be starting soon! Gosh I'm nervous! But thinking positive!!

Surgery Day!!

I'm a few days late but I have been sleeping a lot.. Anyway after meeting with doctor Freiman I was given fluids through an IV.. After they finished off to anesthesia after that of course I was OUT!! Woke up in the recovery room in a fair amount of pain.. Was not unbareable ! Just felt heavy when I stood up! My friend got my prescribed meds and I was off to go rest at the hotel.

Follow Up Appt!!

Follow up appt aaa yesterday and I got the bandages off.. I loveeee the shape of my new breast just haven't seen my nipple shape yet.. I'm still taped.. Pain has been very low! Still just feel heavy and a little pressure on my chest.. I've been sleeping most the days since surgery I'm guessing it's the meds.. I don't mind tho I need the rest..

1 WEEK Post Op Update!!

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the compliments, support, and Prayers!! It really meant a lot!! I took some Comparison Pics for ya! & here's a few bikini pics while I was in Miami!! :) my pajama pics are today tho :) I'm home lounging around.. :) I'm feeling back to normal only thing is my incision scar is healing and scabbing so it itches some ;( I can't really moisturize it because I still have the tape on it and I was advised to keep it on for 2 weeks from surgery day.. I still haven't seen my nipples yet hoping they are perfect under there!! :) but overall I'm soo happy I finally did it!! My bathing suit comparison may not look like much change but I promise u it is!! Usually I have to tie my strings soooo tight to keep them up and then it pains my neck! Uggggh!!!! But not anymore! Now the bikini top simply does nothing but cover the girls up! No tight tieing around my neck or back they sit up just fine!! :)) I also love the natural glow my skin has because it's pulled so tight!!

Long Time No See lol

I've been missing lol but decided to post an update tonight.. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results.. I'm still not really able to sleep on my stomach yet.. I feel like my boobs are a lil square shaped sometimes but hopefully they round out more... The scar under my boobs are still a lil ugly and sore but unnoticeable.. The scar from the nipple is ok just wish it would lighten up... My nipples are pretty cool but much darker than before the procedure :( hope they lighten as well. And they haven't really been hard.. Still a little irritating to touch... And I have a small bump under my right boob which is where Dr Freiman pulled out the last stitch.. I cut it short and it's still a irritating there. Anywho.. Here's pics..
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