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Hi everyone, My surgery is scheduled for June 5....

Hi everyone,

My surgery is scheduled for June 5. I'm so excited and nervous, but I'm looking forward to feeling confident with my body.

I have two little boys, who are 3 and 5 years old. They both weighed 8lbs 5oz, and pregnancy took its toll on my body. I developed preeclampsia, and the excess edema caused stretch marks to form everywhere. Even on my calves. I nursed both of my boys for a combined 34 months. My breasts have always been small and slightly asymmetric, but after pregnancy they began to sag and the asymmetry was magnified. I was also left with a sagging pooch on my stomach. I've done more sit ups, kettlebell swings, and planks than I care to think about... Unfortunately, nothing seems to impact my stomach, and honestly, it keeps me from being more active. I do HIIT training at home, but avoid exercising in public. I feel ashamed to run in public because the excess skin bounces, and nothing fits me right. But, I'm sure we're all in the same boat with that.

I go for my pre-op appointment May 16.

Trying so hard...

I'm hoping to reduce my body fat percentage to optimize my results. I'm just over a month out! Working out twice a day and watching what I eat. Hopefully all of my hard work will pay off with some beautiful results.

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre op appointment this past Friday. My surgeon explained everything and discussed the options I had. I gave him a cc range I'd like to be in, but left the final decision up to him during the surgery. I'm confident by his previous work that he'll chose a size that is practical for my body type. He gave me a folder with thorough information for post operative instructions, as well as scripts and I was fitted for my compression garment. All of the financing was finalized and we are all set, aside from having to get a Chem20 drawn a week or so before the procedures.

Honestly, I'm getting more nervous the closer it gets. I've never had major surgery before, and it scares me. Just needing to be intubated is intimidating. I'm definitely not backing out, though. There's a reason why a MM has a 98% approval rate. I just hope I get over my fears and get excited again. 17 days out.


Oh shit. Tomorrow is the day. Scared, excited, nervous... So many thoughts bouncing around in my head. I'm scheduled to arrive at 9:30 and then go back around 11. I've never had surgery before (aside from a tonsillectomy when I was 7) so I am really worried about getting put under.

I've been working really hard to get my body as ready for this as possible. Hopefully my efforts will help with the operation and the recovery. I'm actually a little sad I won't be able to work out for 2 months, because I worked my way into doing 20 real pushups, and I don't want to lose that! That's a big achievement for me. I'm sure I'll be just as determined afterward. :)

I'm rambling... Like a lunatic. Sorry about that. I'm nervous!

See you ladies on the flat side!


Day 1 Post OP

Yesterday went well. My PS said everything went perfectly and I had minimal blood loss. I ended up with 371s bilaterally, which seems to be the perfect size for me. Everyone was amazing; the nurses, my PS, and the anesthesiologist. I don't remember anything after asking the anesthesiologist if he was giving me propofol. I woke up in recovery and felt okay, but dizzy. I was able to pee right before I left, so they were really happy with that.

When I was going through the pre op, the nurse took my temp and it was 101. I was really nervous and started to panic thinking they were going to send me home. I didn't feel sick at all, though... So they took the heated blanket off of me for about 20 minutes, rechecked it, and it was 98.9. My PS was completely fine with that, especially since I didn't feel sick at all.

My best friend picked me up to take me home, since my husband had our kids. I didn't want them to see me like that. Pain has been manageable, and I've been sleeping a lot. I'm getting up to walk every 2 hours at least and flexing my calves in between walking. My stomach feels super tight, and I can't stand straight yet. Boobs aren't too bad. I was honestly expecting my pain to be much worse.

I can shower tomorrow, and that's when I'll get a good look at everything.

More pictures

I'm one day Post Op and decided to get a few pictures.

Post Op Day 2

My husband is my hero.

There is no way I could make it through this without him. He's been absolutely incredible. He's even been sleeping on the couch since I've been sleeping in the recliner. Such a good man.

I wish I would have done this a long time ago.

I'm feeling pretty good today. I've been making myself get up and walk around. My tummy is still really tight, but I have full range of motion with my arms. Not bad for three days out. :) I attribute my recovery to really taking care of myself pre op. I worked out extremely hard and ate very healthy, and I think that's helping me now. I haven't had much of an appetite, so I'm hoping that will return soon. I am in love with my breasts! Before children, I was flat... and after children, I had deflated sad boobies. They did their job, as I was able to nurse both of my babies for a combined 34 months. But now they're mine! They're full and perky. :) My husband is pretty excited about them too.

My stomach is still swollen, but I know that's to be expected. My PS removed the majority of my stretch marks, which I wasn't expecting. The incision line is longer than I anticipated, but I can handle that since so many of my stretch marks are gone. Monokini here I come! My little boys have been great helpers, too. We didn't tell them what I had done, just that my tummy was hurt. My 5 year old has been very attentive; asking if I need anything or if he can help. And my three year old holds my hand when I walk to "help Ma". Yes, he calls me "Ma". Lol

I haven't told many people about the surgery. My husband, obviously, and a few select close friends. I haven't told my parents, and I don't know that I will.

My PS also recommended some homeopathic remedies to speed healing:
Arnica 30 (oral dissolving tabs)
Arnica cream (for bruising)
Zinc (ALWAYS take with food!!)
Vitamin C
Grape Seed Abstract
Psyllium (a natural laxative)

He prescribed Percocet, zofran (dissolvable, which is amazing!), Valium, and an antibiotic. I started off taking 2 Percocet every 4 hours, 1 Valium every 8 hours, zofran as needed, and the antibiotic three times a day. I've cut back my Percocet to 1.5 tabs/5 hours with 2 ibuprofen, and 0.5 tab of Valium every 8 hours.

The only strange this so far is that I started my period today... About a week earlier than expected. Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe as a result of the physical stress?

Post Op Appointment

Had my post of appointment yesterday. My PS said I'm doing better than anyone else he's ever seen; pre op he warned me that this combination of surgeries would be extremely difficult to handle and recommended I stay overnight in a surgical center. I expected to be uncomfortable regardless, and I preferred to be uncomfortable at home. He was shocked to see me doing so well, and stated some people can't hardly walk by day 4. He also said I'm the only person he's even seen smiling in recovery. Lol. I was able to get one of my drains removed, and that had to be the weirdest feeling ever. I felt like an alien was coming out of me... Just creepy.

We also discussed my asymmetry. Pre op, he believed there was a 25 gram size difference between the left and right breast, but once in surgery he decided it wasn't a tissue discrepancy, but a skin discrepancy, and that's why he chose to do the 371s bilaterally. The right breast, which was smaller and more constricted, should stretch mildly to become symmetrical with the left. He doesn't believe (once they're settled) the asymmetry will be an issue at all, and it shouldn't warrant a lift. This was fine with me, because I wanted to avoid a lift if at all possible. It also made a lot of sense to me. When I was nursing my babies, my right breast didn't produce near as much as my left, and my left breast became distended. Nursing my babies was extremely important to me, and I'm so glad I did, but I'm also grateful to have my asymmetry corrected without major interventions. My motto with my boobs is that they're sisters, not twins. They don't have to be perfect; they're already much improved. :)

My TT incision line is healing well. I still feel like I look like Frankenstein, so I'm excited to start scar therapy. Still swollen... but I know that'll just take time.

If I could give someone advice before going into a surgery like this, it is definitely to workout, and workout hard. Push yourself to the max, and leave each workout sore; the more your muscles are used to being used and recovering, the faster you will heal. I did Bodyrock.tv (a free website) and worked my way up to the hour long workouts.

I can't believe it's been 5 days. I bought a few new dresses, and I love being able to fill them out! My confidence has improved so much already. So glad I did this.


10 Days PO

I'm officially 10 days post op! I am so thrilled I did this. I already feel so much better about myself, and my confidence had improved so much. My husband has commented several times on how happy HE is that I'm feeling confident. He said to see me happy with my body is worth every penny. :)

I had my second drain removed Friday. My PS said he doesn't usually have to remind his patients to take it easy, but since I'm doing so well he stressed that I have to rest. I've been doing my best... Yesterday morning was the first day I've woken up with virtually no swelling. My stomach is so flat! Almost like what it used to be. I'll post some pictures in a few days.

So my 4 year old saw my TT incision line...

I was in the shower last night and realized I left my face wash on the counter. My husband is out of town, and my 4 year old happened to come into the bathroom. I asked him if he could hand it to me, and when he did, he peeked into the shower. His little eyes widened and his mouth dropped. He said, "Oh, Mama. That boo boo, that's not good," and ran to get his brother to show him. My 5 year old had already seen the incision line; he's really mature for his age and accepted it without a problem, so he tried to diffuse the situation.

After I got out of the shower, he wouldn't come near me. He told me he didn't want to snuggle me, and that I just needed to sleep and get better. I know he was just scared, but it hurt my feelings so bad. I immediately started crying... After about 20 minutes he came into my room and laid on the floor. I told him he could come sit by me if he wanted, and climbed on the bed. He snuggled up, but only let his head touch my arm.

This was the first time I've questioned whether or not this was the right decision. The way he looked at me just crushed me. :(

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks PO

I can't believe it's already been two weeks! So far I'm really happy with my results. I know my abdomen is still swollen, but to see a flat tummy is incredible. And boobs for the first time in my life! I feel mostly normal; there's still some residual stiffness in my stomach, but other than that I feel like myself. Sneezing is weird...

My little guy isn't acting traumatized from seeing the incision line anymore, thank goodness. :) He just says my tummy has a boo boo, but he's back to hugging me.

Almost 6 months out!

I can't believe it's been almost half a year. Things are going well. I'm still extremely happy with my decision to have this done, and I love feeling confident and looking more like my pre-baby self. Plus, I finally have the boobs to match my hips, so it's nice looking proportional.

The scar is slowly fading. I don't have the best skin type, so it's dark. It doesn't bother me, though. I like my silhouette in clothing, and that was my main objective. Wearing regular clothes that don't need to hide a "mommy tummy" is liberating.

I know some women are able to embrace the changes to their bodies after having children, but I never could. I struggled with that, wondering if that made me less of a mother. Ultimately, I think having confidence has been beneficial for me, and my family. I recommend a MM to any woman who agonizes over her post-baby body. There are some things a good diet and exercise just can't fix.

More pictures

A few more shots. My right breast may require a slight revision, but considering my constriction and asymmetry before I'm pleased with their look.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I knew I'd chosen a great surgeon when I realized he has privileges at 3 of the biggest hospitals in the city and he was a FACS surgeon. This means he's highly trained in surgery, and he even did his residency in microsurgery, The morning of my operation, I had a temp of 101, which he was very concerned about. However, I didn't feel sick at all, so he took the heating blanket off and rechecked it, and it was close to normal. I told him I was nervous, and he said I shouldn't be at all, because he knew how much thought I'd put into this, and that I'd be very happy with the results. After the operation was complete, he personally called my husband to let him know things went well. My husband said he'd call my friend who was going to be picking me up, and Dr. Lowe insisted on calling her himself. He even gave us his personal cell phone number in case we had any questions over the weekend. When my husband did text him Saturday morning, he responded within 10 minutes. I think most surgeons would have insisted on doing a lift to correct my asymmetry, but Dr. Lowe was very understanding that I didn't want a lift, and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. He did tell me if at any point I felt I needed a lift we could talk about that later on down the road. His staff was incredible and I felt completely safe with them. I truly felt they were concerned about my well being through the entire procedure.

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