375cc Moderate Plus Silicone- Under Muscle. Areolar Incision - Michigan

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First, I should give you guys some stats to give...

First, I should give you guys some stats to give you a better idea of what to envision on yourselves!

I'm 23 years old.
5' 9"
120 lbs
With a petite waist but broader shoulders. Although my shoulders are broad, my chest wall is narrow.

My goal was to go from my 32A to a full C or a small D. My doctor would not recommend a larger size than 375cc because of my lack of existing breast tissue as well as my narrow chest wall. He DID tell me that this should help me reach my goal. I have faith in the guy; he was extremely helpful and a Harvard educated plastic surgeon at the University of Michigan hospital. The reconstructive surgery program is number one in the country so I'm extremely hopeful.

I felt as though 375cc would be rather small, but these stories have put me at ease because I see many beautiful full C's and D's with similar stats and implant sizes to mine.

I'm a little nervous about the surgery but I can't wait to truly love my body. We all know boys can be the worst and with the petty comments I've received over the years I am SO ready for an upgrade.

I'll be posting the results of my surgery and I would love to chat with some other ladies both pre and post op.

Getting more excited by the day!!

I can't stop pulling out my phone and googling before and after pictures, trying to visualize what my dream body will actually look like.

I'm so stumped that what seems like a tiny 375cc implant can turn zero breast tissue into a nicely sized and shaped D cup! (Ahh, science.)

I couldn't be happier that my PS worked with me to settle on the size. He told me that much larger would look unnatural on my frame, and after a lot of research I totally agree.

It seems like the hardest part among you ladies is the waiting game to get them dropped and fluffed. I'm impatient, but I'll wait as long as it takes. I've never been more serious about something in my life. I even quit smoking cold turkey to help my body take on my new additions without fuss!

Quick Addition

On The Other Side!!

I officially have boobs!!! :)

I was really anxious before the surgery started (I'm a baby about anesthesia), but I couldn't have been luckier to be in a hospital like the one at U of M with such highly trained people. They all went out of the way to make me feel extremely comfortable, even giving me some medicine to cut the edge off of my anxiety while I was waiting.

The doctor chose to use general anesthesia, so one second I was listening to them go through the surgery checklist and the next thing you know, I'm out COLD. When I woke up, boom! Boobs. :)

The pain was what I expected. It obviously hurts, but it is completely tolerable with one or two hydrocone. The pressure, on the other hand, is CRAZY. If you are getting larger implants, understand that your skin will feel SUPER tight. I mean so tight that you can barely stand up straight. The implants themselves weigh about 1.96 pounds combined, which is nothe bad at all. I don't suspect it will effect my active life style, and based on what I can peek at so far they look nice, round, and dare I say....juicy? XD I'm really excited to take off the dressing tonight, and that is when I will be able to post a better picture.

1 week Update

Not really much to update. People asked me how I was doing, which was so cool! I love the community here. For five days, I'm SUPER impressed and hopefull.

Day 7

Another pic!

Week 2

Im super lucky. My implants are already settling nicely and I'm IN LOVE with my new body!! My picture quality is horrible because I dropped my phone in water. Still, you can see the size!!

Another 2 week pic

:D Boobies!!!

So Thrilled!!!

This is everything I ever wanted. Not even two weeks and I am absoutely amazed.

More pics- unsized but only three weeks. WOW!

This is only the third week after my surgery. Here are more pics for girls debating 375cc. I say it's a winner! !

Not much new!

Not a whole lot going on worth writing about. The cleavage is looking more natural, which is awesome! Sometimes I look at them compared to my height and think they look small, but from a picture snapped far away they make me look well endowed and I couldn't be more pleased to say that no one suspects they are fake!!

Best Decision of My Life!!

I really can't thank Dr. Gilman enough. I told him that I wanted large breasts and he delivered with just 375cc of amazingly placed silicone. Preoperatively I was a 32A but I went and got my true size last weekend....... I AM A 28E. Yes. Like Kate Upton and all of the beautiful ladies I have admired for so so long. More pics to come but I am a bit busy with my baby!!

More Recent Pics

I haven't looked at this in a while. Figured newer pics may help!

One More

Forgot this extra picture. You can see how they sit with no bra and my body type.
Dr. Richard Gilman

The doctor was helpful and kind. He pointed out the factors that would eventually choose a 375cc implant for my petite frame. We chose an areolar incision due to my larger nipples, which should scar quite nicely and unnoticeably on my already pink skin.

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