30yr Old W/6kids FINALLY Getting my TUMMY TUCK 6/30/14 - Maryland, MD

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Hello All! I am a Mother of 6 and just had my last...

Hello All!
I am a Mother of 6 and just had my last baby 11/30/12. After 2 C-sections and 3 V-backs( Vaginal birth after C-section) I've decided to go through with my Tummy Tuck! After my last pregnancy the scale tipped close to 300lbs! I ate clean and exercised and I am now down to 212! I am not at my goal weight but I know the TT would help motivate me( going to the gym and seeing results EVERYWHERE BUT YOUR STOMACH can make you quite depressed and unmotivated. I did some research and went to a few consultations and all of the surgery cost were about the same... 10,000 - 12,000 dollars! I knew I couldn't afford that but I knew I wanted the TT. I read an article one day that titled "Would you let a Student Operate on you" ? I gave it a quick thought and said Hell Yes ... Why Not ? I did some research and on Real self I heard about University of Maryland PS Resident Clinic. I weighed my options and also did some research and figured these Residents have the best new Medical techniques and knowledge , also they have completed med school, and I get an attending physician overlooking the procedure, And the procedure is done in a Credited Hospital! I gave it a shot and made my appointment! I had my pre-op 6/17/14 and I have my TT on 6/30/14! I am now stuck between excitement and Nervousness but every time I get dressed and put on shape wear I know I've made the right decision for my self! I know the process of healing will be ruff but I've rented a hospital bed , ate clean this prior week to prevent constipation and gas because I struggle with that, and those two things will make healing a BLEEP! I've found some great information on Real self and I hope my post can be of help to someone. My experience has been rather quick, I made my appointment in May and its already 5 days until my surgery. If anyone has any questions about my process and journey I will be more than willing to share and please do not think that any question is too personal because it is not. I've had some questions some would consider "dumb questions" but I as long as I knew I crossed my T's and dotted my I's I felt comfortable and confident going forward. Also My resident surgeon had done many TT's before which made me feel Great because for some reason I thought I would be his Guinea pig! LoL ......

Surgeon Change 4days BEFORE?!

I went to UM yesterday to pay off my balance. I was informed that my original surgeon had not felt comfortable doing my surgery because he wouldn't be able to follow up . I only had 3 mths to lock in a date with this resident before he graduated and I rescheduled my surgery early on so I take some responsibility. What I didn't like is how the Coordinator "forgot " to call me and let me know!!!!! I KNOW CRAZY Right?!!! Any who's I asked to meet the surgeon who's taking over the residency and he didn't decline he asked if I could wait a bit for he was in surgery and I did! Lol ... The resident was very nice but not as confident as I would've liked but I also caught everyone off guard! I guess intuition drive me to the hospital to make the payment vs Credit Card via telephone. But my being a Libra. I gave it thought and said to my self ... I didn't know Dr.Nam(the prior resident) our meeting was quite brief . And also the new resident had an impressive background that he didn't mind sharing ! I also thought about if I had made my consult appt. in the 3mth block of the new resident that's who I would've met with and I didn't get a bad "vibe" lol. But I was also PISSED how the coordinator handled the situation! Dr.Nam did seem a little more confident but he didn't speak much either. The new resident sat down with me(not planned or scheduled ) and we just talked ... So that was my first Hiccup regarding my surgery and I'm going to still move forward! My attending surgeon hasn't changed and I still feel quite comfortable besides the fact that the Coordinator FORGOT to mention my Surgeon change!!!!! So now my anxiety is trying to take over .. I have questions like "Is this a sign?" Should I wait? Or am I overreacting? Either way surgery is 6/30/14 and I'm extremely Nervous! But I've been nervous with every child birth... All were induced! ????

2 Days Before Surgery

It's 2 days before my TT and I am very Nervous! My stomach is in knots and I am really Scared! I am excited but i need some help snapping out of this weird dream trance that I'm in! I need some encouraging words and A Bunch of "It's all Right(s) " lol

Pictures 1day before Surgery

Anesthesia called to confirm my time

My surgery is @ 11:30 am 6/30/2014... Tomorrow!! Friday & Saturday was very very very Ruff!!! Anxiety almost took over my entire presence I didn't feel like my self almost like a zombie whom was watching and waiting for someone else's experience?! I just had a weird out of body (not in control) feeling and that "I don't deserve this" & "I'm neglecting so much for this TT" all those feelings quickly left when my husband woke up hearing my snuffled cries @ 4:30 am (Sunday morning) He didn't ask what's wrong? He just grabbed me told me I deserved this and that my aunt and mom had phoned him and had a plan in action already for my recovery and that everything will be alright. But that's not what snapped me out of my trance... It was him simply asking "Wanna take a ride". It was then I knew that I was still human and that I'm not doing anything wrong! I know it sounds strange but that's all it took! I am so ready for tomorrow! I have my hospital bed set up right in the middle of my living room so I can see everything and I bought all of my supplies ... My oldest son is 13 and he is so excited and wanting to help me that it's dealing me out! But I love the Love ????

Morning of!!!!!

I'm a little nervous but mostly anxious ...I've come this far ... And I don't wanna let anxiety control my destiny any longer! I've prepared everything I needed for recovery and I'm just looking to face the pain, swelling, and minor set backs to achieve my ultimate goal of a flatter tummy! I appreciate all of the warm and heart felt messages from my RS sisters and I don't feel alone on my TT journey... I'm honestly overjoyed and I'm getting ready to Pray it up!!!! And put all my worries & anxiety in GODS hands and ask for him to
Cover me ! I pray for my other RS sisters who has up and coming sx dates or whom are recovering ... Either way we are all connected by the life changing decision we've made and I couldn't be more excited for us all! GOD Bless and please keep me in your prayers as I will do you also .... Thank you RS and RS sisters I am READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you all for your kind words and Prayers ..

What works for me

I've been uncomfortable since my surgery. I'm recovering great and the pain isn't excruciating unless I can't get comfortable! All of my weight is depending upon my lower back and if I can't find relief in that area then the whole body is outta whack! I took some extra strength Tylenol and lord behold it worked better than my prescribed rx .,, I found laying in my bed with extra pillow support for my legs and head + alternating Tylenol with pain meds really works for me ! I rented a hospital bed but it was a constant gap between my lower back & the bed; I tried putting a pillow in the space and I even tried two different mattress pads! A gel and a Emory foam and neither worked! For me simplicity worked better. Those fancy pain killers didn't do anything but made my stomach upset and my hospital bed didn't make me comfortable! I'm a simple girl and should've stuck to my simple ways lol

Day 3 post op

I'm experiencing more pulling , and soreness as the days go by. I have good fluid amounts coming out Of my drains (no more than 25-30 at a time) but I had to call my surgeon this morning because I woke up to an excruciating headache that made my vision blurred. I believe it was the diluadid and we agreed that I should discontinue using that medication . I'm now only on extra Strength Tylenol and it works . I moved my bowels for the first time today and it felt GREAT!!!! Lol! This surgery has me realizing how much intake for granted ...


1 week Post Op appt!!!

Hoping to get my drains removed today or just to hear I'm making progress is ok with me also!

Paranoid or Cautious?

Not sure if my bb is healing properly or if I'm being paranoid ... Let me know what you guys think please

Better Safe than Sorry!

Hello Ladies,
Hospital said it was a very small infection that was caught early. Apply antibiotic ointment & take some orally. It was caught on time and I am happy I went with my gut feeling. Thanks to all who responded for I am thankful for the prayers and the responses that put me at ease


Went to see my ps about a small hard knot in lower left stomach and to check on my belly button. Plus I have ALOT if swelling in the pelvis area that concerned me. My Dr. Said its normal and that he "Thinks" that everything will be absorbed! Hopefully he's right because I'm not getting cut on again! Also I was told not to wear my cg and switch over to spanx. I'm praying for the best and trying to prepare for the worst(whatever that is lol)


I thought I ducked the depression train but I have a 1st class ticket! I'm starting to want to do more . I expected to not have such swelling in my pubic area and on my incision . I am starting to think "was it worth it" and my spirits are just down. I'm trying to encourage myself and stay encouraged but I'm struggling . :(

My Cg & Spanx combo set

I wanted to share my swelling technique . I wear my cg over my spanx while walking or when u wake up for the day

Staying Alive lol!

Swell Hell is so Phuckin annoying!!!!!! (Sorry for the language) the swelling puts a damper on everything! I tried going to a movie this Friday evening and I swelled so bad that I felt like I would Pop! But other than the swelling I have no complaints! My belly button is doing great and my incision is super thin. I'm just trying to go purchase some Patience because I have NONE left due to the swelling lol... Anyways TTYL RS


Man oh man! I knew my swelling was abnormal . I posted a question to the doctors on Rs because of the concern I had. Long story short... I knew something wasn't right! The 1st doctor told me not to worry and the swelling would go down. I scheduled and appt with the attending physician and she instantly knew it was Seroma! So she made a small opening on the left side of my incision & fluid started to gush out (after she fooled & poked around a bit) and now I have a soft drain( a sterile glove that was cut and stitched to the opening she created) and will keep it in for a week. My dr. Said that a ultra sound may need to be done to see where and what pockets of fluid I have ... Either way I'm RELIEVED!!!!

Soft drain?

Has anyone seen this before ? It's a sterile glove stitched into the small incision made on top of my other incision? Either way I'm draining this Seroma fluid and I can see the difference already! Whoooo hoooo ... Trying to keep my spirits high! #ThankGOD

Pics of the Seroma

Can't win for Lose!

Hello Rs ,
I've been in the hospital since Monday morning when I was admitted for Gallstones! I woke up @ 4am vomiting and had bad pain in my chest and my Back. After sonogram & Ct scans showed a large gallstone I was admitted . While there my ps seen me and ordered a drain be placed to remove the Seroma. He was unaware that I had gallstones at the time. Anyways I spent 4 days in the hospital while plastic & surgery teams decided if now would be a good time to take out the gallbladder. I was so upset all I could think about is NEVER healing and my TT being ruined because of the gallbladder! The surgery team decided they should wait a month or so to let the TT heal and will take the Gallbladder then. I have no pain from where the drain was placed and I have to do a wet to dry dressing for the hole left in my incision when the soft drain was removed. So I'm juggling these things and I'm praying everything will be ok. The gallbladder is causing so much discomfort that I don't know if I could wait until the TT heals . The pain is something I've never felt, I would rather have more children than the pain from the gallbladder! I'm surprised it just hit me. I am however relieved . Also the fluid is almost gone from the Seroma so I'm excited but still In pain from the gallbladder , I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy. So yeah I'm feeling like I can't win for lose I have 2 August birthdays for my boys and back to school not to mention my job I'm just kinda stressing out but that won't help either .... Just wanted to share thanks for the continued support from RS

Thanking GOD

I've been down. And I've been cranky! Wondering why me . Why did I do this to myself . Thinking the TT caused a chain reaction! But I prayed last night and was told why not me? Everyone has a down point , a rainy day, a weak moment ... But none of that last a lifetime! I'm usually very In tune with GOD. And prayer but the past 2weeks I haven't been talking to GOD... (If anyone can help me it's GOD) I went to the grocery store last night and this guy with his children kept starring at me. I thought he was being creepy. But when I was putting groceries in the car he met me and my husband in the parking lot and asked did we attend church? At that moment I knew GOD was calling for me to trust him . Faith is unseen and it's very hard to keep faith , but I know prayer works! And that GOD is real!!! I prayed last night and I put everything in GODS hands and today I woke up feeling better !!! I did my daughters hair and cooked a small meal and did the dishes . Yesterday it pained me to breath! I only went to the grocery store because my husband thought it would be good to get some air . I declined multiple times but he said come on you'll feel better! I don't believe in coincidence I'm the type that believes EVERYTHING happens for a reason! And I know GOD wanted my attention and he has it! I'm feel bad that I turned into one of those cranky why me ppl. I feel even worse that It almost cost me my Faith! I know some ppl don't believe in GOD but I do and I will continue to praise him! Thank you RS sisters for the well wishes and prayers because I know I'm not alone and that gallbladder Attacks aren't an isolated situation that just happened to me! PS. I started eating unclean after week 2 , and I know my diet set off the attacks . #GODBLESS and well wishes to all .

Thanking GOD!

I have to give GOD the glory !!! My drain was removed today and I was told to resume normal activity! I'm so grateful! I want to cry (Tears of joy of course) thank you all for your continued support and Bless you all on your Journeys .... ????


Those question marks are not supposed to be at the end of my update! It was supposed to be explanation points! Since I can't edit ... Sorry guys !!!!!!

Dr. Nam was very confident and thorough! I immediately knew I wanted to go forward with my TT. My surgeon changed 5days prior to my surgery ! Dr nam is no longer my doctor but the attending surgeon is Sheri Slezak, MD and the resident is Dr.Saul Mondinger

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