32,3 Kids, Size 36 F Est. Reduction 36D - Columbia, MO

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I have always been large breasted even in high...

I have always been large breasted even in high school, the smallest I can remember was a 34DD. I looked into having this done before children and decided it was best to wait because I was wanting to breast feed. I am now the proud parent of 3 beautiful girls and ready to take on this journey. I am very excited and very nervous as well, I have never had any surgery ever so this is new to me. I have a lot of neck and upper back problems and I am a cosmetologist who has her arms up all day.

1 day before pre-op

Beginning to get very nervous, I am having my preop appt. tomorrow and surgery on Monday. I'm very excited but also am wondering is this the right decision.

On the other side finally!:)

I got home about 3 hrs. ago, and so glad everything is done and over. Not really in any pain at all . I got to the surgery center at 9:00,checked in and got I.V.s in around 10:15 and headed back to the OR at 11:00. Was out pretty quickly and it was over before I knew it. I finally came to about an hour after in the recovery room which was around 2. Dr.Puckett was great. I have a follow up tomorrow morning. As far as being nervous beforehand, you should not be it really isn't so bad. I was terrified something was gonna go wrong but it went smooth and not in much pain at all. If your contemplating doing this procedure, do it was worth it. This was also my very first surgery.

One day post

Feeling pretty good today. Took 2 pain pills and was able to take ibuprofen this afternoon. I think the anesthesia is beginning to wear off I am having hot flashes Nausea and dizziness a couple of times. The cloud is starting to lift and I feel more with it. I got put in a surgical bra today, and doc says everything looks good and healthy!



4 days post

Got out for a bit today and did some walking. Was a great day. Beginning to get a little itchy underneath today. Can't wait for the swelling to go down more.

4 weeks.. Very happy!

Well it's been 4 weeks today, and I am soo happy and thankful I did this. It's a slow healing process when you try and do everything your not supposed to, but way worth the wait. I had my stitches out last week and in 2 weeks I will go back for a check up. I still have on the paper tape for extra protection til week 6.

1 year post op

I'm am very happy with my results from this surgery! My neck, shoulder, and back have never felt so good! I can go to V.S. And buy normal sized bras, my clothes fit so much better and I'm more confident in myself! I would do it all over again if I had to!
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