Approaching 70 Yrs Old and Tired of the 40+ Year Battle with my Weight! - Birmingham, AL

Had a consult in mid-September with a weight loss...

Had a consult in mid-September with a weight loss surgery center, but was unhappy with the negative attitude of the doctor, as well as the lack of information regarding insurance coverage from the staff, so I let them know I wouldn't be back. Discovered a major university hospital nearby has a bariatric surgery department, and have had nothing but a positive experience with the staff and the surgeon. My first appointment with them was on October 17. I was scheduled for fasting blood work and then an appointment with the surgeon. The meeting with the surgeon was what I originally expected. He is very personable, took the time to answer all my, and my wife's questions, explained in detail the process, including his timeline for recovery, and made us feel very comfortable. On October 19th, I received a message from him that my labs were A-OK; and yesterday, I received a call from his office that they've scheduled my barium swallow and cardiac clearance for mid-November. I am very busy the last three months of the year, and asked that we not look at surgery until after the first of the year, so we're proceeding on a relaxed time schedule. The only requirements I'll have to complete after the November appointments (both on the same day), will be to meet with the nutritionist and attend make an initial meeting with their clinic support group. After fighting the see saw battle with weight for the past 40 years, I have a very positive attitude toward having the surgery and hopefully watching the hypertension, diabetes, not being able to climb stairs, aching knees, not being able to get down on my knees, or get up off of them; and most importantly, not being able to have the mobility and energy to keep up with my wife and my two grandchildren. I have no estimate of the cost, as it's all covered by Medicare and my supplement. I am 69, 6' 2" and weighed in at 326. "Before" photos will be uploaded soon.

and the walk to better health continues

I've now got a couple of dates circled on the calendar - November 21 I'll have the Barium Swallow test done at 8 AM, and the cardiac clearance at 10 AM. On December 5 I'll attend the first of several required support group meetings.

All pre-op requirements almost done...

Had the barium swallow on November 21st, and all is well. The cardiac clearance turned out to be a meeting with the cardiologist, where we discussed my previous labs and history. He also scheduled me for a treadmill stress test on December 13th, which will complete all pre-op requirements. It will be just a matter of setting up the date in January for surgery....
Birmingham Bariatric Surgeon

Initial visit was very positive. Dr. Stahl is very personable, and took all the time needed to answer any and all questions and concerns. He explained the procedure very clearly, and I felt very comfortable moving forward under his care.

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