6 Weeks Post Op and Glad I Had It Done at Last!! - United Kingdom

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I am 38 years old and have 3 children and live in...

I am 38 years old and have 3 children and live in the UK. I have wanted a tummy tuck since having twins 10 years ago as I was left with lots of stretch marks and a protruding belly. Despite, exercise (running a half marathon) and being a good bodyweight ( normal BMI) my tummy did not improve and a physio told me that a tummy tuck was my only option to repair the muscles and get rid of the sagging skin. So 6 weeks ago today(12th March 2012) i had surgery!!! I had a full tummy tuck and muscle repair but no liposuction. I stayed in hospital one night following the procedure and had a morphine pump overnight. The following day i had my drains removed and came home with 5 days worth of antibiotics, nurofen and paracetamol. Pain relief was excellent but had some discomfort from the muscle repair. Almost felt like braxton hick contractions at times and sometimes the muscles just burned and were a bit sore. I walked very hunched over for the first week- as per the instructions of my doctor then it has taken almost till now to try to fully straighten up. i still hunch if i try to walk fast but i can stand up straight now!!!! I had to wear my corset thing for the first week and wasn't allowed to take it off to shower. After the first week i was allowed to shower and wear some sort of shapewear- which i am still wearing. I like the flexees garments from maidenform. I'm using the tanks with hight waisted boyshorts and the 2 layers seem to give really good compression. My incision is low and healing ok. My belly button is in the correct position but looks a bit funky/ triangular at the moment but i'm sure will be fine once my swelling subsides. YES- I have some swelling- hey ho. The swelling is in my lower abdomen just above the incision and I'm sure will resolve with time. Some mornings my abdomen is lovely and flat but over the last week with being back at work etc I'm a bit more swollen. My job involves lots of standing, bending etc so I didn't go back to work until 4 weeks post op- there is no way i could have gone back earlier!!!! I'm very glad i had this done!!! No pics at present as will have to get my surgeon to e-mail me my 'pre' photo's and then i'll post some 'post' photo's later. Happy healing to everyone who has had it done. To anyone thinking of having it done - making the decision and the anticipation is the worst bit- i was very tearful and scared but i'm very glad i went through with it.

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