Pain and Dissapointment After Liposuction for Gynaecomasia Correction

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Hi I'm Steve from the UK.I had two liposuction...

Hi I'm Steve from the UK.

I had two liposuction procedures for gynaecomasia correction around 8 years ago when I was 43 years old and weighed 184 lbs at 6'1".

The operations were performed by a qualified plastic surgeon with the UK National Health Service . The first operation did not make any noticeable size reduction but I had no complications. I was not happy with the appearance and the surgeon repeated the operation which did reduce the breast somewhat but not in proportion. After the operation I had severe burning pain for several weeks in the skin around the pectoral area. When the skin pain subsided I could feel lumps and bumps all around the front of the chest and ribs extending almost down to the hips and around the lower rear ribs. Some of the lumps and bumps were painful for several months so I went back to the hospital. The surgeon had left the hospital but another surgeon told me that the area had 'contained a lot of scar tissue' and that there would be pain. He offered me no advice on pain relief or other treatments. My GP told me there were no painkillers for the condition that would not cause nasty side effects.

The condition improved somewhat after 6 months or so but I continued to experience periodic pain, crushing and burning pains around the upper front ribs, stabbing pain like pin pricks and general discomfort and sensitivity in the entire area.

The condition returned with incresed severity last year after contracting a chest infection (the bug seemed to attack the damaged area) and since then I've suffered badly and the condition seems to be a painful as ever. Thought not an expert in this discipline, my new GP thinks it could be nerve damage causing the pain and has prescribed me Gabopentin anti-convulsants but they just made me ill and I could not take them for long enough to have an effect. I've tried OTC medication such as co-codamol and iboprofen with no success.

The gynaecomasia operation was sought after to correct this embarassing condition. I did not consider this as persuing vanity but looked forward to an improvement in my life. Unfortunatley the operations were largly unsuccessful as most of the excess fat was left in place and I've now been left with chronic pain and discomfort.

From what I have read the complications from the operation are very unusual. I've reconciled myself to the fact I've probobly been permanently damaged but does anyone know: > what are the tender lumps and bumps under the skin likely to be? > why the damage would extend over such a wide area when the fatty deposits were in a radius of no greater than 3" from the nipple? > why am I still suffering after 8 years? Finally have you any suggestions as to what options are available to lessen the pain? Non of the health care services seem to know what went wrong and how, if possible to fix it. I would be extremely grateful to you for any advice as this is driving me to distraction. Thanks in anticipation
National Health Service in UK

Not warned of complications I am now experiencing.

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